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VacuCast Plastic’s Bantam Jeep Prototype 1 Model

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This 1/76th scale plastic jeep represent one of the few commercial models designed based on the original Bantam BRC.  Eventually, I’ll remove it from it’s packaging to better take pics of the parts and the directions.


bantam-brc-model-vacucast-plastic1 bantam-brc-model-vacucast-plastic2

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1945 Wood Jeep

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This wooden jeep popped up on eBay last week. After reading the description “To my Wife — Love Joe 5/20/1945 “. I decided to purchase it (Joe-in-Mesa, you didn’t make this for Jan, did you?). I supposed it’s possible that the message isn’t real and it’s less that 75 years old, but I prefer to think it was assembled for someone’s loving wife.

The jeep has been assembled from a few different pieces, but doesn’t look like any kit jeep that I’ve seen or own. The steering wheel is loose, but not broken. The nail needs to be pressed back down. The jeep is 5″ long by 2 1/2” wide.

1945-05-joe-wood-jeep-carved1-lores 1945-05-joe-wood-jeep-carved2-lores 1945-05-joe-wood-jeep-carved3-lores

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1943 Article Buy A Jeep Campaign

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This photo and article appeared in the April 16, 1943, issue of the Los Angeles Times. Kids at the State Street School sold enough war bonds ($12,773)  to purchase 14 jeeps, so the Army sent 5 jeeps to the school’s field.

Natalie Mastavoi is pictured climbing into the jeep. She was the first pupil that got to sit in it. Help her into it is Sgt. Louis Gade. Principlal Frank Wells and Mrs. T.D. Harrington of the local P.T.A. are standing to the right of the jeep. I tried to find out more about the young girl and the Sargent, but had no luck.

Clipping from The Los Angeles Times - Newspapers.com

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Photo of a Davis County Utah Jeep Patrol Wagon

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UPDATE: JoeB notes that his image is from the family photo collection of Ryan Ward/”Dr Moab”.

See the full collection at: https://www.oldwillysforum.com/forum/index.php?threads/vintage-willys-pictures.2634/page-74#post-158826 and https://www.oldwillysforum.com/forum/index.php?threads/vintage-willys-pictures.2634/page-74#post-158879


Steve spotted this image that was posted to the Justacarguy website, that originally had been posted to Japlopy Journal, but despite the included link I couldn’t find it at that site. The wagon was likely related to David County, Utah.


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1953 & 1956 Auburn Jeep Club Tahoe Trip Articles

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images, Old News Articles

These two article show how quickly the Auburn Jeep Club’s annual trek to Tahoe grew in size. The Auburn Jeep Club was founded in 1951 and it’s first trip to Lake Tahoe via Wentworth Springs included seven jeeps and twenty participants. By 1953, reservations were required. By 1956 it had grown to 33 jeeps and 116 people.

April 30, 1953, article in the Auburn Journal:
Clipping from Auburn Journal - Newspapers.com

July 19, 1956, article in the Auburn Journal:


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1950 Photo of Soldier Removing Snow in Korea on eBay

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I suspect that PFC William Wilson would have rather been back in Arkansas at that moment. That just looks cold. I tried to learn more about William, but had no luck.

View all the information on eBay

“This is an original press photo. North Korea — PFC William Wilson, Little Rock, Arkansas, jeep driver of the Corps scoops out some of the 5 inches of snow that accumulated overnight on his jeep.Photo measures 6 x 8inches. Photo is dated 12-06-1950.”



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1960 Australian Jeep Ads on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features, International

These three ads were all featured in Australia’s Power Farming and Better Farming Digest magazine in 1960. Each one is 18cm x 24cm (7in x 9.5in). I wish the pics were better.

  1. April 1960 Ad “Willys ‘Jeep’ GOES WAY AHEAD”:
  2. July 1960 Ad “Go further … do more … at less cost”:1960-07-power-farming-mag-cj3b-australia-images-ad
  3. September 1960 “That’s the value you get with the new Willys Truck”:
  4. December 1960 “That’s the extra value you get with the Willys Family of 4 wheel drive vehicles!”:
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July 1955 Article on 5th Annual Tahoe Jeep Trip

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This July 14, 1955, article from the Auburn Journal (Auburn, California) highlights the upcoming two day trip from Auburn, to Wentworth Springs and on to Lake Tahoe. It also includes a lists of some of the folks participating in the event. You’ll note there is no mention of it being a Jeep or Jeepers Jamboree.




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1967 CJ-5 w/ Stratton Lift Delta, CO $7000

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Here’s a rare lift-equipped CJ-5 with a rear PTO, Meyer hardtop and PTO winch.


“Acquired at an estate sale in Wyoming.
Too rare to part out.
Motor runs and does have a title

Farm Jeep, Meyers Top, Stratton Lift, Twin Stick”






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Ed’s Approved Willys Service Sign Lima, OH $325

• CATEGORIES: Features

Roger Martin spotted this unusual Willys Service Sign at a Portland, Indiana, Tractor show today. If you are interested in the sign, we can get you the seller’s p#.


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2021 Holy Toledo! Calendars are Now in Stock

• CATEGORIES: Features

The 2021 Holy Toledo! calendar is now in stock and ready for your holiday purchase. I don’t know about you, but the sooner 2020 is over the better! So, for me, this calendar is a welcome sign that 2021 is right around the corner.

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Turner Mower Match Company Cover

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Chris added this unique and undoubtable rare Turner Mower matchbook cover to his already extensive collection of jeep-related matchbook covers.

A Turner mower brochure can be seen under #3 on this post. http://www.ewillys.com/2017/03/03/mowers-for-the-early-jeeps/

And, more info on additional Turner jeep-related products: http://www.ewillys.com/2020/06/10/1948-turner-stationary-hay-baler/


turner-mower-matchbook-cover3 turner-mower-matchbook-cover1

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1952 or 1953 Photo of Billy Graham Korean War on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

Though this photo of Billy Graham smiling in a jeep is undated, Billy Graham’s website indicates he arrived for his visit in 1952, then stayed over Christmas into 1953, as another photo of him in Korea is dated 1953. More Billy Graham Korean War pics can be viewed here.

View all the information on eBay

“This is an original press photo. Graham, Billy. Billy Graham in jeep in Korea.Photo measures 10 x 8.25inches. Photo is dated –none.”

1952-billy-graham-korean-war-jeep1 1952-billy-graham-korean-war-jeep2

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August 31, 1946, Jeep Wagon Lady-Like Ad

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

UPDATE: Steve shared this link about a ‘Lady Jeep’ article written for the Heinz Center, which led me to Amazon. That listing included a date and magazine for this ad … August 31, 1946, issue of the New Yorker. And, there’s a better pic on Amazon.



Originally published May 19, 2019: This ad was on google image search, though it was gone from the actual destination page to which Google directed me. So, I have no date or magazine name to identify when this ad was published. It treats the Army jeep as a tomboy and the wagon as a Lady.


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Dualmatic Twin-Lever Hub Variations

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UPDATE: Here’s a related post of a rough history of Dualmatic and Selectro and Husky, as their histories intertwine.


You’ll note that the patent number 2854111 is the same one connected to this single lever design: https://patents.google.com/patent/US2854111. Read to the end, as this patent number appears connected with an odd looking, Dualmatic-related hub.

This post is all Scott Gilbert’s fault. We got talking about the different color of Dualmatic hub labels on Sunday and, suddenly, my Sunday afternoon vanished into research!

This post leverages the great work from the CJ-2A.com’s dualmatic twin-lever page and the ih8mud hub forum about Dualmatic twin-lever hub variations. For the record, I’ve never owned any of these hubs, so I’m leveraging pics and the internet as best I can. It is a working post. If you have corrections or comments, please let me know!

If only I had each set of hub in front of me I might have a better shot at highlighting the differences (height and faces), but I do not have them. So, I’ll just do my best with the faces and some documentation for dating purposes.

I was going to use the CJ-2A page’s nomenclature, but after studying the different faces, I think it’s better, as I hope you will see, to expand the styles types:

Design A: Recessed center, full ribs, sharp-ended ribs
Design B: Raised center, full-ribs, sharp-ended ribs
Design C: Raised center, full-ribs, round-ended ribs
Design D: Raised center, one-end of both ribs recessed from the edge, all round-ended ribs
Design E: Raised center, both-ends of ribs recessed from the edge, all round-ended ribs
Design W: These were marketed by and stamped as Watson hubs (hence why I call them Watson hubs), but also stamped and sold by third-parties like Sears unstamped and unbranded.

Before we begin with the twin-lever design, let’s look at the single lever design. Dualmatic’s founder Charles Simonsen’s original patent was for a single lever design.

dualmatic-single-lever-charles-simonsen-patent1-lores dualmatic-single-lever-charles-simonsen-patent2-lores

This photo may highlight why that design didn’t hold up well and why support was needed for the cam levers:


This photo was found on a G503 forum. You can see that the lever has been highly stressed.

CONJECTURE: If the bending of the single lever was even a somewhat common occurrence, then it would explain the shift to a dual lever, rib-supported design. One of those early designs may have been the Design W or the Watson hub seen at the bottom of the post, but it seems to me that when full of mud and small debris, that loosening the levers would have been difficult. So, my theory is that the next idea was Design A, which is the earliest one documented with a specific date.

DESIGN A: The earliest example of a Dualmatic hub with a date comes in the form of this April 1958 advertisement in Popular Mechanics. For our purposes, this would be Design A. It has full, un-rounded ribs and a recessed interior


Design A hub with recessed center, full ribs, sharp rib ends.


Design A hub with recessed center, full ribs, sharp rib ends.

Design A can also be seen in this undated brochure, most likely pre-1963 given the lack of full-size jeeps:

Curiously, Design A was still around in 1964, as evidenced by this 1964 Montgomery Wards catalog ad below, but a new type of style appeared, which I call Design C, with a raised center (for branding I assume) and full, but rounded-ribs (and around as late as August 1965 in a Four Wheeler Ad):


Designs A & C Dualmatic hubs. Lower pic — Design A hub with recessed center, full ribs, sharp rib ends. Design C Dualmatic hubs with raised center, full ribs, round-ended ribs.

DESIGN C: Here is a better pic of Design C. You’ll note that the sticker branding is colored black. So far, the consensus is that there were three different colors of stickers, black, blue and red. Again, when each was used and why they changed is uncertain:


Design C Dualmatic hubs with raised center, full ribs, rounded-ended ribs.

DESIGN B: At some juncture, Design B was introduced. Design B had a raised center and full, sharp ribs like Design A. You’ll also note that this has the red center branding sticker: Continue reading

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Jeeps in the Classroom

• CATEGORIES: Features

Mark and Carl both shared this article about jeeps in the classroom. Sure, the jeeps are a few tines short of a full grille, but I think we can cut the teachers some slack; they have enough headaches to overcome.



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Holy Joe Movie

• CATEGORIES: Features, videos, Willys Wagons

Mike pointed out that the 1999 movie Holy Joe, starring John Ritter and Meredith Baxter, included a Willys wagon. I believe the moral of the story is that if you do good in the world that someone will restore your wagon for you? At least, that’s what I got out of it!

Based on various angles, I believe this was a 1961ish 2WD Maverick, but I am open to other thoughts.You’ll note the ‘restoration’ of the wagon does not reflect an original paint scheme. The wagon makes several appearances. Here are the three longest ones.

The 11:09 minute mark before ‘restoration’: 


The 51.25 minute mark before ‘restoration’:

The 1:31:37 minute mark (near end of movie) after ‘restoration’:


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1950 Photo of Chinese Pilots in Jeep on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

This is a cool photo of Chinese Nationalist pilots piled on a jeep in front of P51s. Following WWII, the Chinese Nationalist Government renewed it’s civil war against Mao Zedong’s communists. The Nationalists lost enough territory over the succeeding years that in 1949 they were forced to abandon the mainland for the island formerly known as the Formosa Republic (until 1895, when the Japanese took control, not seceding control until 1945). This 1950 photo displays the Nationalists continued effort to thwart control by the Chinese communists.

View all the information eBay

“1950 Press Photo Chinese pilots ride jeep by P-51 planes at a tarmac in Formosa. This is an original press photo. Formosa (Nationalist air pilots). Kaohsiung, Formosa. The scene might be on a typical United States Army Airfield instead of on the nationalist bastion. A jeep load of P-51 pilots is on the tarmac as the Chinese version of the bright blue yonder boys head for their P-51’s to take off on a mission over the Chinese mainland. Photo measures 9 x 7inches. Photo is dated 6-5-1950.”

1950-06-05-formosa-china-pilots-jeep1 1950-06-05-formosa-china-pilots-jeep2

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NOS Dualmatic Hubs on eBay

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Scott spotted these NOS Dualmatic hubs on eBay. I am not as familiar with the red stickers, but this looks to be a later version of these lever-activate hubs, solely based on the style of ribs.

View all the information on eBay

“NOS Dualmatic Locking Hubs Willys Jeep 10 Spline, Willys Mb, GPW, CJ2A Cj3a M38. New in the original box, I’m guessing from the 1950’s, or 1960’s. Some storage wear. All mounting bolts are there. Shipping $16”

dualmatic-selective-hubs-red-sticker3 dualmatic-selective-hubs-red-sticker4



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1956 FC-150 Introduction

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images, Old News Articles

This late 1956 ad introduced the FC-150 its Longview, Washington, audience.

Forward Control Jeep Willy's jeep - Newspapers.com

December 06, 1956, in the Longview Daily Times.

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1966 Scenic Tours Photo w/ Flattie on eBay

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Cool photo and a nice shot showing Scenic Tours on the back. I imagine this the Ouray area?

View all the information on eBay

“This is an original press photo. Colorado’s high mountain country is custom made for the rugged individualist who likes to get off the beaten path into areas where man is seldom seen. Many communities rent jeeps, and some schedule jeep cavalcades that take you into areas of breathtaking beauty that have been hidden from the eyes of man since the beginning of time.Photo measures 8 x 10.25inches. Photo is dated 12-30-1966.”

1966-12-30-tour-jeep1 1966-12-30-tour-jeep2

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1955 News Article on a Lake Tahoe Jeep Trip

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images, Old Images Jeeping, Old News Articles

The July 14th, 1955, issue of the Auburn Journal, Auburn California, highlighted events from a recent  jeep trip in the Sierra Mountains from Wentworth Springs to Lake Tahoe.


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Anyone Recognize This Tin Toy Jeep?

• CATEGORIES: Features, toys

Andy mentioned he didn’t recognize this tin toy jeep. Neither do I. It looks similar to a Marx. The toy is about 4″ long. The grille’s uneven-ness suggests it is home made, but the rest seems manufactured to me. Any guesses? It sold for $29.99.


tin-toy-jeep-4 tin-toy-jeep-5 tin-toy-jeep-6 tin-toy-jeep-7 tin-toy-jeep-8

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1953 No Roads Needed Ads

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

These two “No Roads Needed For a ‘Jeep'” ads appeared during the late spring of 1953 in two different California newspapers. I don’t know if this was just a regional or a national campaign.

This first ad appeared in the April 29, 1953, issue of the Sacramento Bee, sponsored by the Winter Willys Company:

Clipping from The Sacramento Bee - Newspapers.com

This second ad appeared in the May 12, 1953, issue of the Santa Cruz Sentinel, sponsored by Mosso & Puccinelli:

Clipping from Santa Cruz Sentinel - Newspapers.com

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1986 Frankston, TX $26,000

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This custom build is a little different.


“86 Stainless steel Willis jeep 9 inc Ford Rear end 4 speed transmission 350 motor bord 30 over with a 280 comp cam”

1986-stainless-steel-flattie-frankson-tx0 1986-stainless-steel-flattie-frankson-tx1 1986-stainless-steel-flattie-frankson-tx2 1986-stainless-steel-flattie-frankson-tx3

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