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1960 Jeep Family Cartoon Brochure w/ Woman

UPDATE: Anyone have an original of this brochure? I’ve got someone who would like a scan of the page showing the woman. The pics below were part of an eBay auction and subsequent post from 2013 (I bid, but didn’t win the brochure).

“original part color catalog , 5.5 x 8 , 16 pages , interesting cartoon type catalog which concerns the word “Jeep” and its use as a registered trademark . Apparently the word “Jeep” was being commonly used generically to describe a Jeep type vehicle and the company thought it important enough to protect their property rights and trademark to produced this interesting catalog . It also lists countries around the world where “Jeep” has been registered .”





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All Breed Jeep Swap Meet Kingston, GA June 29th

• CATEGORIES: Event, Features

There’s a jeep swap meet in Kingston, Georgia, Saturday June 29th. I don’t know anything about it.


“This is open to ANYONE OR ANYTHING Jeep related.
$20 bucks to set up and free to come look around.
Plenty of room. Rain or shine”

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Allstate Standard Cab Manual

• CATEGORIES: Features

Maury discovered this instruction manual hidden inside one of his Sears Jeep Parts catalogs. A very useful find!

Allstate-Jeep-Standard-Cab-Manual-1 Allstate-Jeep-Standard-Cab-Manual-2 Allstate-Jeep-Standard-Cab-Manual-3

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Cuban Key Chain

• CATEGORIES: Features

I snagged this unusual key chain on eBay (thanks Maury). It appears to be from Cuba.

A google search suggests the dealership was active as early as 1955 and as late as 1958. That’s all I could find.

cuban-jeep-keychain1 cuban-jeep-keychain2

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Romantic Jeepish Story

• CATEGORIES: Features

Not much about jeeps, but at least they are in the photos. Still, it’s a heartwarming tale of love. Thanks to Maury for sharing it.



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Photos from the 2019 Great Willys Picnic

• CATEGORIES: Event, Features

The heater looks like it was perfect for this years Great Willys Picnic. Thanks to Craig, we’ve got some photos.

He also wanted to mention some details about the “Camel Towing” pickup: Under the hood was a 4 litre engine from a Wrangler, converted to carbs. Except for a small cut in the firewall and a notch into a cross-brace, you’d think the engine was original equipment. He even retained the engine’s cooling fan, without having to switch to an electrical fan set up. I thought I took a picture of the engine compartment, but apparently did not. He did have to raise the suspension a few inches to clear the bell housing without having to resort to re-doing the transmission tunnel, but raised pickups are so common that no one batted an eye at it. All in all, it was very cleverly done.


“Camel towing” truck

2019-great-willys-picnic1 2019-great-willys-picnic2 2019-great-willys-picnic3 2019-great-willys-picnic4

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1972 Photo of CJ-2A(?) at the Albany, NY, Landfill on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

A hard working CJ sporting a Kelly hardtop a the Albany, New York, landfill.

View all the information on eBay

“1972 Press Photo Jeep with plow at landfill on Rapp Road, Albany, New York. This is an original press photo. Albany Sanitary Landfill, Rapp Road, Albany, New York – jeep purchased by North End Photo measures 9 x 7.25 inches. Photo is dated 12-16-1972.”



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Chevrolet Tailgate Table Pasco, WA $300

• CATEGORIES: Features

This is on our local craigslist. Nothing jeep about it, but I thought it worth sharing. That tailgate is pretty much enshrined in the table. Perhaps Chevy folks like that sort of thing??


chev-table2 chevy-tailgate-coffee-table3 chevy-tailgate-coffee-table

“Rustic man-cave style coffee table made from a Chevy tailgate. Lots of cool features. Would look good at home or business. Makes a great gift for the Chevy lover in your life. Smoked glass top. One of the pictures shows it with out the glass.”

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Olympia Beer Themed Ford Bronco Pullman, WA $44,000

• CATEGORIES: Features, Other 4x4s

You’d have to be a fan of Olympia Beer to appreciate this Bronco (not that the beer was all that good, but it was a local PNW beer out of Olympia, Washington.


“On frame restore. New paint and upholstery. 5.0 liter EFI.”



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1954 Ad with a CJ-3B

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features, Old News Articles

This October 14, 1954, advertisement from the Heppner Gazette out of Heppner, Oregon, by the Farley Motor Company included a CJ-3B. You can see that the WILLYS ‘Jeep’ branding made a comeback not too long after Kaiser took over. KW also appears in the ad, along with Kaiser Willys Sale Division and  Willys Motors.


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CJ-5 Authenticast Aluminum Model on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models, toys

The buy-it-now price is $139.95. Jarek wrote an article about these for the CJ-3B page; some painted ‘gold’ were given to employees. The hood opens and the windshield folds down.

View all the information on eBay

“RARE 1955 to 1962 Willys Kaiser Jeep CJ5 promo model in 1/25 scale. Well scaled with fold-down windshield and opening hood.Has the famous Jeep Hurricane engine. Missing steering wheel. All tires are good including the side-mount spare tire. Overall,not perfect but very nice. Displays well.”








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Jeep w/Top in Europe

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images, Wood bodies • TAGS: , .

The writing on this photo indicates this jeep with a wood top was located in Europe. It was odd enough I thought I’d buy the photo, which was on eBay.

odd-topped-wood-europe-jeep1 odd-topped-wood-europe-jeep2

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Rotabuggy Test Documents on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Documents, Features

It seems a shame that these documents are released for public consumption. The price on these is quite high. It looks like the earliest tests on the theory of the Rotabuggy occurred in August of 1941, which is earlier than I would have thought.

View all the information on eBay

“1941 to 1944 – Original RAF confidential and restricted file of the most bizarre World War II invention, a “flying jeep”, which became known as “Hafner Rotabbugy”, or “Hafner Gyroplane” in honour of his chief inventor Raoul Hafner (1905-1980), Austrian born British helicopter pioneer and engineer, known for his major contributions to the aerospace industry.”


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Snow Plow Setup

• CATEGORIES: Features

Anyone know who manufactured this snow plow setup?Charles wrote me to ask,

“I purchased a CJ3A that has a double acting hydraulic valve. Engine runs Hy Lo pump that runs thru valve to power up and down and side to side. It also has a rod that runs out front of hood that you can raise and lower plow for hooking it up from outside. Seen one? Manufacturer?”


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Hoosier Machine Products’ Jeep Conversion Kits

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

In the early 1960s, Hoosier Machine Products out of Pendleton, Oregon, (just an hour south of me) began selling conversion kits for jeeps. The company’s kits allowed the repowering of jeeps using Ford, Chef, GMC, Mercury, Dodge, Studebaker and Pontiac engines. That’s a pretty impressive, wide range of options, especially for a company out of Pendleton, which was pretty remote at the time. But, given the long distances Pendleton owner’s jeeps had to travel to reach other towns and the existence of the nearby, steep Blue Mountains, which provided endless jeeping possibilities, perhaps there was a reason Pendleton jeeps need more power?

Also, a big thanks go to Maury for spotted this brochure for me!

1964-08-18-hoosier-machine-pendleton-brochure1 1964-08-18-hoosier-machine-pendleton-brochure2

1964-08-18-hoosier-machine-pendleton-brochure7 1964-08-18-hoosier-machine-pendleton-brochure8

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Palamino Roof 60 Mower Reproduction Manuals on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features • TAGS: .

UPDATE: Currently on eBay there’s a reproduction Instruction Manual and Engine/Parts Manual for the Roof Palomino Model 60 Mower. 

The Roof Palomino Instruction manual:

View all the information on ebay

roof-palomino-lawnmower-pages0-lores roof-palomino-lawnmower-pages1-lores roof-palomino-lawnmower-pages2-lores


Roof Palomino 60 Operations Engien and Parts Manual:

View all the information on eBay



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Roof Palomino Mower Greeneville, TN $6800

• CATEGORIES: Features • TAGS: .

Haven’t seen one of these for sale in a while. No mention of the mower parts.


“It is time for me to sell my Roof Palomino. It was restored several years ago and still looks good. It is located in Greeneville, Tn. I am asking $6800.00.”
roof-palomino-tn3 roof-palomino-tn4


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Mobile Coffee — CJ-3B Beans in London

• CATEGORIES: Features • TAGS: .

Carlos Torres opened a mobile coffee stand in London using a CJ-3B that he rebuilt into a mobile coffee stand like those he’d seen in his native Colombia. He also offers tailor-made “Colombian Experience” packages where he’ll provide the mobile coffee jeep plus salsa dancers, live music, and more. If you are in London, make sure to hunt down his jeep and get a proper cup of Colombian coffee! You can learn more at these links:

  1. At the CJ-3B Page: http://cj3b.info/World/ColombiaPortland.html
  2. On his website: http://www.cj3beans.com/
  3. On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CJ3-Beans-202254626980769/

cj3b-beans-mobile-coffee-london4 cj3b-beans-mobile-coffee-london3 cj3b-beans-mobile-coffee-london1 cj3b-beans-mobile-coffee-london2


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Carroll Shelby Video

• CATEGORIES: Features, videos

Ann’s cousin’s name is Shelby, named for Carroll Shelby. Apparently, they are distant cousins. Yesterday, Shelby (the cousin) made a reference to a new movie trailer, Ford Vs. Ferrari, on Facebook. So, I checked out the trailer ….

I was never a big car guy and never knew much about Shelby (neither the cars nor the designer), but after watching the trailer, I thought the movie could be a good one.

At the trailer’s end, youtube automatically flipped to another video. It just happened to be a video of Carroll Shelby in his own words. It it he very succinctly explains his life, including the period captured by the movie when he was asked to build turn a “mom’s car” into a sports car. It’s twenty-two minutes, but worth a view in my opinion.

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Ted’s Handy Yard & Boom Jeep

• CATEGORIES: Features

Ted shared a couple pics of his CJ-2A with a boom/rear winch assembly.

“Did a major yard cleanup — scrap iron haul after a dreary wet flooded basement winter here. The freezer is a 1948 IH that I hauled out of my basement with the boom and rear winch setup. Worked well except the damn freezer weighed a lot and had the front of the Jeep teetering a bit once out in yard on uneven ground. Gonna have to put a little counter weight out front next time!! Works great and is a big help around the yard picking stuff up pulling motors, and body’s etc. That 46 is my wheeler/yard Jeep with four speed, original flat head, overdrive, rear pto winch and old school warn front winch. Crawl ratio with the 5:38s and four speed is about 95 to one; Painfully slow on road but off road it’s unstoppable.”

2019-06-02-ted-yard-cleanup-boom-31 2019-06-02-ted-yard-cleanup-boom-32 2019-06-02-ted-yard-cleanup-boom-3

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Dualmatic Selective Drive Brochure

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features • TAGS: .

I’m way behind on my document scans. I thought I’d catch up today, but between our search for a new bed (Ann’s back is giving her issues) and the fact that Ann accidentally left the plastic bbq brush (why???) in the bbq, which melted into an ugly mess when I turned on the bbq, forcing me to clean the whole thing, all meant that I didn’t have time once again for scans.

Anyhow, here’s the promised Dualmatic brochure. The brochure is directly and has some stains, so they aren’t the best scans. But, they’ll do for now.

dualmatic-hub-brochure-lores1 dualmatic-hub-brochure-lores2 dualmatic-hub-brochure-lores3 dualmatic-hub-brochure-lores4

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A Few Pics from Charles

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

Charles is currently vacationing along the Belgian coast. During his trip he spotted these photos on the window of a shop. He noted that “the advertisment NESCAFE on the jeep is belgian coffee – first one liberation of Belgium.”




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Mounting a Hi-Lift Jack

• CATEGORIES: Features

Running out of room to store your Hi-Lift jack? Tom spotted this creative solution.


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Saturday @ The Willys Jeep Rally

• CATEGORIES: Features

(Ooops … I meant this to appear on Sunday morning)
Tom Payne and Roger Martin both share some pics from Saturday’s Willys Jeep Rally at Heuston Woods in Ohio.

The first two are from Tom. This one is John Ittel’s CJ-3B:

And this CJ-6 has a Willys industrial powered air compressor in the back:


Roger sent these pictures. According to Rick Riley (the owner), this cool vehicle is a “1979” C-o-m-a-n-d-o (one M) manufactured in Spain. He purchased it from an ex-military gentleman who was stationed in Sicily. When his tour of duty was up in 2006, he had the Comando shipped to the Norfolk VA. The vehicle was stored and not in service from then until Rick purchased it in 2019. The engine is a four-cylinder Perkins, four-speed transmission, full floating rear differential, Model 30 closed knuckle front and 488 gears. It is similar to the U.S. version of this body style Commando which ended in 1971, but there are many large and small differences between the two versions.

willys-rally-hueston-woods-day2-22 willys-rally-hueston-woods-day2-26

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Willys Am Tegernsee’s

• CATEGORIES: Event, Features

This year’s Willys Am Tegernsee convention in Bavaria will be July 13, 2019, I’m still hoping to attend this some day.