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T-Shirts and Hats From Roger’s FC Event For Sale

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Roger’s hoping to sell some of his leftover t-shirts and hats from the 2018 SouthWest Ohio Forward Control Gathering. Here’s the information. All prices INCLUDE shipping/handling.

ITEMS Available:

M, L….. $27 includes s/h
XL,XXL,XXXL……$32 includes s/h
HATS….$15 includes s/h.
(Multiple items will have a reduced rate for
shipping…total amount due will be included in the package.)
To order…email: rogerjm55@gmail.com or FB Messenger for Roger Martin.

Let Roger know:

1) What size or sizes
2) How many
3) Your email address and phone number (for
questions regarding this order)
4) Your complete mailing address: street, city, state, zip
Shirts will be mailed when the order is received. A pre-stamped, return addressed envelope will be included with the order for checks or a money order.


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Throwing Wrenches Episode 3 — Saving the CJ-3A-Truck

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As Merlins explains at the beginning of this video, This crazy CJ-3A truck was something he saw listed on eWillys. It proved useful into it broke down a couple years ago. In this newest episode of Throwing Wrenches, the crew gets it running again.

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1943 Photo of Infantry Troops in Tunisia on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

Not a great photo of the jeep.

View all the information on eBay

“1943 Press Photo Jeep & US Servicemen Walking in El Guettar Valley Tunisia WWII”


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More 2018 Toledo Jeep Fest Photos

• CATEGORIES: Event, Features


Bob Christy shared the photos below. For more photos, check out Jef Price’s “Field Photographer” blog. An owner of old jeeps himself, Jef’s blog walks through his use of different lenses using jeeps as subjects.

The “When Wagoneers Roamed the Earth” display looked well done.

2018-toledo-jeep-wagonneers-roamed2 2018-toledo-jeep-wagonneers-roamed3Here’s a 3B for sale:

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1944 Article about a Bantam BRC-40 named “Old 72”

Mario shared this on Facebook.


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‘Four Generations” Jeep Video with Vintage Footage

• CATEGORIES: Features, videos

Steve shared this cool video that was posted recently to Youtube.

“This Video is some of the highlights of our memories with our 1946 Willys CJ2A Jeep – Was purchased in 1953 and 65 yrs later still on the road. Four generations and lots of memories.”

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Jeeps From Daktari

• CATEGORIES: Features

Just a few updates on Sunday

Prod DB © Ivan Tors Films - Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / DR DAKTARI (CLARENCE, LE LION QUI LOUCHAIT/CLARENCE, THE CROSS-EYED LION) de Andrew Marton 1965 USA avec Richard Haydn et Marshall Thompson afrique, safari, jeep, animal sauvage, casque colonial, fauve, rugir

How Daktari began … it was an offshoot of a 1965 movies called Clarence the Cross-Eyed Lion. I believe this image is from that show.

Mike mentioned the TV series Daktari in an earlier post, indicating that he thought one of the earliest episodes used a Willys Wagon. For those that don’t know, Daktari was a show in the late 1960s lasting four seasons that was set in East Africa. Full disclosure, I have never seen the series…

Well, the internet refused to yield a photo of a wagon, but I did find some other jeeps, along with a Daktari fan site. To give you a taste of the show, here’s a video of the opening and closing credits:

My search for photos was hardly exhaustive, but I did find a few jeep pics. The most difficult part was sorting the non-Daktari photos from the actual series photos (Google was lumping Daktari and non-Daktari photos together). Perhaps readers who watched the show remember other jeeps??

The first jeep I encountered was an MB. These two photos may have been from the same photoshoot:

daktari-mb1 daktari-mb2

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Roger’s Toledo Jeepfest Pics

• CATEGORIES: Event, Features

Roger shared these photos. More are on their way.
2018-08-11-toledojeepfest2 2018-08-11-toledojeepfest3


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Odd Ramsey Winch Plate

• CATEGORIES: Features

I saw this odd Ramsey Winch commemorative(?) plate on eBay and thought it was the oddest looking plate. After winning it and looking at it in person, this plate is even weirder. It turns out the thing is see through. So, when looking at it on a table, it looks black with gold and white designs of jeeps and winches. But, when held up to the window (we discovered this accidentally), it is see through and the illustrations stand out in a different way as you can see.

It is light, some type of glass, and pretty much useless functionally. Given the Gladiator, I would guess this was produced in the mid 1960s.
ramsey-plate2 ramsey-plate1

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Toledo Jeep Fest is This Weekend

• CATEGORIES: Event, Features

toledo-jeep-fest5Thanks to Roger Martin, we have some early pics from the Toledo Jeep Fest. It is happening this weekend.  You can see his FC with the Ottawa Factory Mounted Backhoe on it. He had to work hard to get it ready for this weekend’s event.

We’ll start with Bob Christy’s CJ-3B, which he posted to Facebook (thanks Bob!):


Here are Roger’s pics:

toledo-jeep-fest01 toledo-jeep-fest0


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1950 Photo of Troops Pulling Jeep From Water on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

This is the latest “floating jeep” training photo that’s I’ve seen. Anyone know how long troops floating jeeps as part of their training?

View all the information on eBay

“1950 Press Photo Troops haul floating jeep from water in training at Camp McCoy.
This is an original press photo. Troops of the pioneer and ammunition platoon of the 14th regimental combat team haul a floating jeep from the water in a demonstration of “flotation expedients” for civilian competent organizations training at Camp McCoy, Wisconsin. Parts of the team, a regular army unit on detached service from Camp Carson, Colorado, conduct demonstrations in all phases of infantry training for national guard, ROTC and ORC units at summer encampments. Photo measures 10 x 8.25 inches. Photo is dated 7-21-1950.”



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Roberto’s Latest Illustration

• CATEGORIES: Artists/Drawings, Features

Roberto shared his latest doodle, inspired by photos in a Four Wheeler Article from 2008.



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Piotr Ciechomski’s Jeep Photos

• CATEGORIES: Features

Piotr Ciechomski, of Warsaw, Poland, took these WWII throwback photos. Piotr appears to specialize in automobile photography: https://www.facebook.com/CiechomskiPhotography/









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Charles is Hunting for His Dad’s ’42 GPW

• CATEGORIES: Features

UPDATE: Charles mentioned the story of his father’s drive from Florida to Ohio in a post two days ago. Yesterday, he sent me a photo and article related to that adventure. I’ve typed out the article, as it is a little hard to read.



2,000 Miles And 38 Quarts of Oil Later

MARILYN CARLTON (Medina County Gazette)
December 21, 1970.

“Ohio or Bust” is what the sign on the back of the age Jeep (1942) said when two young men on leave left Jacksonville, Fla.

Airman Steve Brookover, 20, who has been in the Navy two and one-half years, and Airman Denny Kellham, 19, stationed at Cecil Field, took a lot of ribbing when they decided to come home on leave in the jeep.

Steve said “The guys started betting right away that we would never make it.”

“They called it ‘Kell-Brook Folly'” he added.

The four cylinder jeep has no heater, only half a canvas top and no back at all. It took 38 quarts of oil to make the trip and averaged only 35 miles per hour.

It was 57 hours after they left Jacksonville before they arrived at Hinckley, where Brookover’s parents live. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Roland Joy.

The airman spent 42 hours of the 51 driving, 15 hours in a steady rain. “I think it must ahve been the Monsoon season in Georgia,” Brookover joked.

The men admitted to some trouble with a slipping clutch when coming over the mountains and they ran out of gas on Interstate 71 — just nine miles from the Medina exit.

Brookover said they bought the Jeep about six months ago “just to run around in.”

“They wouldn’t let us bring it on the base, so we worked on it in town on our time off. I guess they thought it might be a hazard at Cecil,” Kellham added.

Future plans of the two Navy men do not call for a trip back in the kell-Brook Folly — they plan to fly back Jan. 3. They leave Jan. 5 on a Meditarranean cruise aboard the USS Forrestal for six months. They are in Attack Squadron 81.

Airman Kellham has been in the Navy a year and a half and hails from Toledo. His mother, Mr. Evelyn Kellman presently lives in Indiana.


Original post Aug 6, 2018 – Charles is looking for his Dad’s 1942 GPW. He writes, “My dad had a 42 gpw he bought during his time in the navy in the Vietnam years. He actually drove it from Florida to ohio during leave with my future moms cousin (also in the navy)and on that trip he met my mom for the first time. A jeep brought them together. He let it go sometime in the 70s but still always talks about it.”

He provided me with a serial number of GPW535301. That number has not been registered on the G-503 Database, but it appears higher than it should be, especially for a 1942. If anyone has any additional insights, he would welcome them. I suggested he add a post over at the G-503 site.


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Homer’s CJ-3B Fire Jeep & Trailer

• CATEGORIES: Features, Fire/Police/Industry Vehicles, videos

Alaska Paul shared this great story of how some citizens of Homer, Alaska, in the 1960s used General Mills coupons to purchase a new fire engine. As the story is being told make sure to spot the photo of the CJ-3B Fire Jeep & Trailer!


This is the photo (in case you don’t want to watch the story):


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Free-Lock Hubs and a Tool

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Two different eBay ads here, one for a set of Free-Lock hubs and another for the sale of a reproduction Free-Lock hub tool.

  1. Free Lock Hubs Roseville, CA $50 on eBay
    “Willie’s free lock hubs one is missing internal gear one is complete both spin free”
  2. Free-Lock Reproduction Hub Tool $35 on eBay:
    “This auction is for 1 each exact reproduction of the very rare Free Lock Wrench that came with Denver brand Free Lock locking hubs as used on various 4 wheel drive vehicles of the late 50’s and 60’s. Denver Free Lock hubs were high end locking hubs that were available as aftermarket accessories to fit many 4X4 trucks including Dodge Power Wagons. I had these wrenches cast for me many years ago using one of the only original wrenches I have ever seen as a pattern. This is an exact copy of the original cast in zinc as the original. It is approx. 7″ long and has the nubs to turn and lock or unlock the hubs. You may never see another one of these and I won’t be making a second run.” free-lock-tool-remake
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Willys Jeep Clock Toledo, OH $200

• CATEGORIES: Features

Not sure what these are worth, but a cool piece.


“Vintage Willys Jeep Clock.
Works great.
Maumee Pick up.”


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Chocolate CJ-5

• CATEGORIES: Features

My son spotted the Chocolate jeep shown below at Enstrom Candies in Grand Junction, Colorado. If it is cool enough on his return trip, he’ll bring it home, then ship it to me.


Here’s a similar (or the same one) at Uncle Sam’s Chocolates.


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Epic Willys Adventure

• CATEGORIES: Features

The Epic Willys Adventure is underway. It seems they’ve reached Green River, Wyoming. A couple folks have asked if I’ve been following it, but I haven’t been (I’ve mostly been resting this summer).

The adventure bills itself as having no GPS or cell phones, but the downside of that is that it is hard to report on the daily adventures (whether via FB, Instagram, or the web), so that can make it difficult for readers to follow.

You can visit the website here: https://www.epicwillysadventure.com …. and here is a realtime GPS map. The Facebook page is here: https://www.facebook.com/epicwillysadventure

Below is a rough map outlining their drive. The route looks to be a pretty one, something Ann and I might consider driving next year on our return from the FC Roundup.


If I were to do a return trip to Washington along this route, it might be something like this. However, I’m not sure if it would be late enough in the year to complete the northern section. I’d have to do more research.


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Newgren Hi-Speed Weeder

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

The documents come from to late 1940s binders. Both refer to the Newgren Hi-Speed Weeder.

Scan10096-newgren-high-speed-weeder Sca-10095-newgren-high-speed-weeder1


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Roberto’s Newest T-shirts

• CATEGORIES: Features

Roberto Flores has some new G503 related t-shirts for sale. Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXL. Price: 13 €uros, shipping costs to Europe 10.15 euros, USA 13.75 euros. Payment can be made through bank account or Pay Pal to robflores@robertoflores.com. Contact Roberto at robflores@robertoflores.com for more info.


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Photos From the 2018 FC Gathering in Ohio

• CATEGORIES: Event, Features

Roger Martin shared pics from his FC event last weekend. it sounds like everyone had a good time.



2018-fc-gathering-rogers10 2018-fc-gathering-rogers4

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Willys Wagon in a Steak n Shake photo

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

Brandon spotted a Willys Wagon in a photo hanging on the wall of a Bowling Green, Kentucky, Steak N’ Shake.


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1953 Wagon 8×8 Kingman, Az

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UPDATE: John spotted this video. This 8×8 was last listed on eBay and sold for $11,100. It was relisted in 2014, at which time the video below was posted. I believe this sold, as it is no longer listed on the seller’s website.

(08/11/2012) “Built by legendary fabricator Dick Cook out of California be sure this rig was was put together the correct way! Known for his collaboration on the mechanical side of cars built with legendary 70’s car builder “Big Daddy Ross” his name is synonymous with multi-axle vehicles. This build includes the following:

-2 Overland wagons and 1 Jeep used to build this amazing Overland Custom
-Rebuilt 327 Corvette engine powers ALL 8 Wheels!
-Fuel Cell inside
-2 Leather Bucket Seats
-White face gusges
-Working emaergency sirens and lights

In full disclosure, the items that are not 100% show quality as follows:

-There is a bit of overspray on the drivers side
-The interior could use some TLC to get to show quality

This Willys will literally go anywhere, and it has. Dick Cook personally drove this rig with his daughter from Crested Butte Colorado all the way over the pass to Aspen only a few years ago for a road trip. With the option of locking out the rear 4 wheels this rig will motor down the highway at 65 mph. Also has one of the best turning capabilities of any auto out there. It will “crab” down the road in a parade or 8 wheel steer itself out of any trail corner. Bid now and be the owner of this one of a kind WIllys 8X8 Overland before it makes its way to Barrett Jackson Las Vegas and goes for who know how much!”

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Willys Wagon at an Early In & Out Burger

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

Packrat shared this neat photo of a wagon at an In & Out Burger. I didn’t know In & Out featured Kentucky Fried Chicken (maybe for a short time .. I can’t find any history about that).