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2 FC-170 w/ Dump Bed Photos on eBay

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There are two photos of this FC from a 1959 show in Australia. Both are 8×10 photos.

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  2. View all the information on eBay
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Jeep Willys Matchbook From Brazil on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

This (probably) rare matchbook comes from Porto Elegre in southern Brazil. It’s priced at $39, but seller is willing to consider offers.

View all the information on eBay

“Jeep Willys rare antique matchbook advertising vintage USA
Good condition
Very rare and collectible
Good condition
Shipping with tracking number and protected package”





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Year? Bluff Mountain Postcard w/ CJ-5 on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Postcards

This is the first time I’ve run across this post card. The CJ-5 appears to have a bed extender on it. Bluff Mountain is in Northern North Carolina.

View all the information on eBay

“Unposted and in very good vintage condition. See zoom photos for detail. Back scanned white-actual color is vintage off-white. ”

bluff-mountain-nc-postcard-cj5-1 bluff-mountain-nc-postcard-cj5-2


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5 Ways You Are Destroying Your Engine Video

• CATEGORIES: Features, videos

Bill shared this video. Some good reminders that the flathead needs love and care.

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April 14, 1954 Issue of Kaiser Willys New on eBay

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This is priced at a ridiculous $275, so all I have are the pics from ebay.

View all the information on eBay

“RARE FIND, an original Kaiser-Willys News……Vol. 1, No. 3, published by the Kaiser-Willys Sales Division, Toledo, OH. Dated April 15, 1954 and featuring Kaiser-Willys automobiles of the era including Kaiser Darrin Sports Car, Kaiser Manhattan, Willys Aero, etc.”





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A Video of Nate’s Tracked CJ-5

• CATEGORIES: Features, videos

Nate shared a CJ-5 he put together for his tracks (he said it was a pain to remove them from his other jeep, so he has a jeep that will remain tracked. It sure looks like it works well!

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Rowdy’s Tracked Flattie in the Snow

• CATEGORIES: Features, videos

Mike shared this video show RowdyWelder’s track-equipped flat fender tackling the snow.

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Gevarm Frence Jeep Model on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, toys

Roger Martin shared this French jeep with a Gevarm mark on its underside. I haven’t seen another one of these. Given the box shows the jeep 1) in olive drab, 2) with a trailer, and 3) with armaments, I am wondering if this jeep should have those extras and be painted olive drab?

View all the information on eBay




french-model-jeep-gevarm0 french-model-jeep-gevarm1 french-model-jeep-gevarm2 french-model-jeep-gevarm3 french-model-jeep-gevarm4

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Mail Carrier Put 138,000 Miles on Wagon

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UPDATE: First posted October 15, 2017.

The February 1955 issue of Kaiser Willys News showcased a mail carrier who put 138,000 miles on a wagon in the Idaho/Yellowstone area.

1955-02-kaiser-willys-news-mail-carrier-wagon1 1955-02-kaiser-willys-news-mail-carrier-wagon2 1955-02-kaiser-willys-news-mail-carrier-wagon3

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Repairs To the Front Frame Rails

• CATEGORIES: Features, videos

Roger shared this Youtube video by RowdyWelder who shares how he rebuilt the badly damaged front frames rails on this old jeep.

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Willys Jeep Dealership Sign Salem, OH $5900

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

Tom shared this sign for sale.


“49 1/2″x 13 1/2″x 8″ 1 original Willys dealership flickering flashing sign”


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Merry Christmas

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Mike shared this photo of a jeep turned present with Santa. It’s not one I can remember seeing. I hope you all have. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!



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1949 Modified CJ-3A Lincolnton, NC $9450

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UPDATE II: **Status Unknown** Was priced at $9450. 

“1949 Cj3a fire truck one of a kind built by factory for fire protection then used by ambulance service runs and drives some work done”

1949-cj3a-oh3 1949-cj3a-oh4


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Willys Overland Christmas Song

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This Willys Overland Christmas song was performed by Ms. Ellie Stewart and sponsored by https://www.thejeepsterman.com/. According to the information, The Epic Willys Adventure folks & Jeep Hunters Productions were also involved.

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Fermel Utility Jeeps from South Africa

• CATEGORIES: Features, Fire/Police/Industry Vehicles • TAGS: , , , .

UPDATE: Originally published February 17, 2015, it now looks like these vehicles are no longer produced. Jim notes that Fermel is no longer in business.

After publishing the post about the Union Mine Jeeps, Marc found a website that features new ones. A South African company called Fermel makes four different utility vehicles. The webpage for each jeep includes a video of each respective jeep.

1. Mini UV Emergency Vehicle: A light utility vehicle with permanent 4 wheel drive and a maximum payload capacity of 1500 kg. Built on a unique Meccano Type chassis
Features Include :
Blue Flashing Light , Siren , Roller bed & locking point for stretcher , Lockable cabinet , Overhead oxygen bottle rock , Drip hooks, Defibrilator carring points , Rubberlined rear , Fabric Lattice tailgate , Foam cushions , Flourescent lights at rear.

2. MIni UV LDV: Categorized as a light utility vehicle, the MINI UV LDV is a 2 seater, 1500 kg payload capacity underground machine. The loadbay is ideally suited for materials transportation. The vehicle features permanent 4 Wheel Drive , a unique meccano type chassis and wet multi disc brakes inboard axles. Load area for carrying general materials.


3. Mini UV LWB: A permanent 4 Wheel Drive , light utility transporter with a payload capability of 1000 kg. A seating capacity of 4-6 passengers. Built on a unique meccano type mining chassis , the MINI UV is a mining vehicle designed for use in harsh operating conditions. The vehicle is equipped with a DEUTZ 4 cylinder air-cooled motor , COMII , EPA II Emission compliance and wet-multi disc. Service and failsafe service inboard axles.



4. Mini UV SWB: A permanent 4 Wheel Drive , light utility transporter with a payload capability of 1000 kg. A seating capacity of 4-6 passengers. Built on a unique meccano type mining chassis , the MINI UV is a mining vehicle designed  for use in harsh operating conditions. The vehicle is equipped with a DEUTZ 4 cylinder air-cooled motor , COMII , EPA II Emission compliance and wet-multi disc. Service and failsafe service inboard axles.


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Wood Rocking Jeep Apple Valley, CA $425

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models

This is unique.


toy-jeep-av-ca5 toy-jeep-av-ca6 toy-jeep-av-ca7 toy-jeep-av-ca8 toy-jeep-av-ca9

“1942-1945 military CJ-2A style rocking jeep custom made by High Desert wood workers association. One of six made. We gave one to our sponsor Lowes of Apple valley, and the rest went to call for life for kids for Christmas gifts as well as 24 doll carriages we made. We would like to sell this one asking price is 425 or a reasonable offer. It does rock and is painted with Sherwin Williams paint and all hand made by the members of our wood club. Please message us or text at [hidden information]. Would make a great collector item and or a gift. Located in Apple Valley, CA may consider trades.”

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1950 & 1950 Color Selector Brochures

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

I ran across these rare brochure on eBay. They aren’t in the best of shape, but  better than nothing!

The first one became effective April 1, 1950, for The Willys Station Wagon and The Willys Jeepster. It is a simple four-page brochure with a choice of six palettes.

1950-04-01-wagon-jeepster-color-selector1 1950-04-01-wagon-jeepster-color-selector2 1950-04-01-wagon-jeepster-color-selector3

The second brochure does not include the Jeepster. It also pairs the color choices down to three and (for marketing purposes?) gives a branding name to each color choice: Jamaica, Grand Canyon, and Caribbean. Note that this four-page brochure includes the Willys Makes Sense slogan from the Willys Makes Sense campaign the company implemented across it’s adverting in 1951:
1951-color-selector-station-wagon1 1951-color-selector-station-wagon2 1951-color-selector-station-wagon3


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CJ-2A Al-Toy Elletsville, IN $85

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models, toys

UPDATE: Price has dropped to $85.

Thanks to Tom for spotting this. Asking price is $150, but it lacks a steering wheel and is a little rough. This is the tow-seat version. It has a casting number of 8.


“Very rare antique 1946 metal toy Willys CJ 2A Jeep. All wheels move freely when rolled and have no cracks, color is light tan, hood opens, windshield folds down, IS missing the steering wheel. Have found the exact same one on a antique toy website for $275 (pics 7-10). My asking price is very fair, so please no lowball offers. Reasonable offers considered.”

cj2a-altoy-ellettsville-in4 cj2a-altoy-ellettsville-in3 cj2a-altoy-ellettsville-in2 cj2a-altoy-ellettsville-in

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1944 Photo of Modified Jeep

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Mario shared this photo of a highly modified jeep on Facebook. “A field modified up-armored jeep from the 17th Airborne Division, ca. 1944.”


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Hanging Wood Jeep CA $85

• CATEGORIES: Artists/Drawings, Features

Roger Martin shared this interesting, kind of quirky, unusual bit of jeep wood art.


“Jeep made of wood for wall hanging for man cave or garage”


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Glenn’s Decorated Flatfender

• CATEGORIES: Features

Thanks to his grand daughter Kim and other family members, one of Glenn Byron’s jeeps in Maine is now a Christmas lawn ornament.


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Hay, Time for a Workout

• CATEGORIES: Features

Tom Cruze helping with the hay

It’s been a busy week this week (and just another example of why jeep work has been delayed). With temps hovering in the 20’s and cold fog making it even colder, on Tuesday morning we had an opportunity to improve our garage gym by buying two Precor Cardio items–a strider and a treadmill– from a local Gold’s Gym for $500 a piece. At 400-500lbs per unit, most folks likely can’t move them nor have the room for them. So, we feel like we scored price-wise.

Now, you might think with all those strong folks inside the gym that we could get some help moving the items, but no. So, two female employees and I moved the equipment out to the truck, then I winched them up the trailer (thank goodness we bought a tilt trailer!).


Precor AMT 885 Strider with a P80 display on the left and a Precor Treadmill 885 w/ 4hp motor (though I discovered it needs a dedicated 20amp circuit, which we happened to have in the garage).

We’ve also added a functional trainer, which I used to use all the time when I had a gym membership. Unlike the rest of our equipment, we bought that new as a Christmas present for us both. Ann simply doesn’t have the hand strength to manage the free weights.

Here are the pics of our new setup. We are going to get some flat mirrors to place next to the posters  along the wall and add some more barn mats under the rack in the back, but this setup will really help keep us in functional shape. All the weights, the bars and some other items were mostly from Dad, as he lifted weights for almost 40 years.

2022-12-17-gym-garage1 2022-12-17-gym-garage2

After sliding the machines off the trailer on Tuesday, we then drove an hour west of us to pick up 4500lbs of hay (Alfalfa and some Timothy). We got back late, so, I waited until Wed morning to unload the hay, but, of course, it started snowing. So, as the snow fell, I unloaded as quickly as I could, because I had to make another run to get another 4500lbs of bales that afternoon.


It was snowing and slick as I unloaded the truck and trailer.


Our life here would be impossible without a tractor. Those tractor forks are invaluable!


I can stack seven ables on the front forks and add one to the lift in the back, for a total of eight, which I then moved to our “barn”, which is really just a series of lean-tos.

Having returned on Wednesday with the second load, and having learned my lesson early in the morning, I decided that since it wasn’t snowing, I ought to unload the hay that night. So, working into the dark, I eventually got the trailer unloaded and the remaining hay cleaned up.

The 140 bails ought to help us make it through the winter, especially as the warming temps next week will melt the snow, which will allow the cows to once again grave the neighbors pasture.

Turning to jeeps, I’ve been planning out my roll cage for the racer over the past few days. The cage’s major requirements include: 1) protect the driver and passenger, 2) support the seats, 3) provide the upper shock mounts, 5) support the flimsy fiberglass body 6) support the steering column and brake/clutch system, 7) the rear gas tank, and 8) some electronics.  I hope to reposition the racing chassis in the shop this coming week so I can more easily work on it.

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Kubota Swapped Willys Video Update

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Bill shared this update for a satisfied Kubota engine owner.

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1950-51 Master Parts Book Rhode Island $75

• CATEGORIES: Books, Features

Steve spotted this one. Maybe someone can use it?


“WILLYS 1950-1951 JEEP MASTER PARTS LIST 4-73 SW, 6-73 SW, 4-73 VJ, 6-73 VJ”1950-parts-book-ri7 1950-parts-book-ri8 1950-parts-book-ri9

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Field Modified Airborne Jeep

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

Mario shared this photo on Facebook of a 17ty Airborne Division jeep circa 1944.