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1956 T-Man Comic with Ford GP on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Artists/Drawings, Comics, Features, Women & Jeeps

Strangely, this 1956 Comic book (#31) on eBay features T-Man (Treasury Man) Pete Trask fighting a “Red Agent” in a Ford GP, while four issues earlier T-Man raced bad guys in a more traditional WWII jeep (see bottom photo). I wonder why the comic switched to an older jeep? Maybe we have to read it to find out??


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This was for sale on eBay in 2013.

“This lot is an original September 1955 T-MAN (#27) from Quality Comics, nice solid VG condition, 36 pages including The Great Assassination Plot, The Underground Press, Commie Fire Bomb Plot, and Red Riffs Of Morocco. Violence and good girl content. Very early code comic! Complete, nothing missing. I will update this with more info as needed! US bidders only, please.”


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1951 Jeep Family Brochure

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

This brochure highlighted the Hurricane Engine. It folds out to a colorful overview of all the models.

1951-jeep-family-brochure-hurricane2-lores 1951-jeep-family-brochure-hurricane3-lores 1951-jeep-family-brochure-hurricane4-lores 1951-jeep-family-brochure-hurricane5-lores

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1954-1955 Dealer Price Sheets

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Documents, Features

I bought these on eBay as part of another purchase. Perhaps the most interesting about them are the ambulance prices and standard equipment included (last set of docs), as there seems to be very little info about those left.

Issued November 1954:
1954-11-dealer-pricing1 1954-11-dealer-pricing2

Issued May 1955:

Issued November 1955:
1955-07-dealer-pricing1 1955-07-dealer-pricing2 1955-07-dealer-pricing3

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1962 CJ-3B Dept Agriculture Photo on eBay

• CATEGORIES: CJ-3B, Features, Old Images

This is a cool photo.

“1963 Press Photo Willys Jeep modified for the Department of Agriculture. This is an original press photo. Willys Jeep modified for the Department of Agriculture. Photo measures 10 x 8.25 inches. Photo is dated 01-06-1963.”

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A Few Pages From Sears Jeep Catalogs

• CATEGORIES: Catalogs, Features

Peter Debella shared these two images from an old Sears Catalog he has. Not everyone remembers that Sears and Montomery Ward used to have Jeep-specific parts catalogs. These old catalogs are pretty interesting to look through. I’ve got both Sears and Montomery Ward Jeep parts catalogs and have added a couple more pics. Here are a few pages from our collections.

1964-sears-replacement-parts-catalog1 1964-sears-replacement-parts-catalog2 1968-sears-replacement-parts-catalog5


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1982 Jeep Jamboree Belt Buckle **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Features

UPDATE: This sold for $175 on eBay. I was wrong about how high this would go!

“Jeep Jeepers Jamboree 1982 Brass Belt Buckle 30th Anniversary Limited Edition. look at the tread on the tires no wear.

For sale is a RARE, collectible item; A Jeepers Jamboree 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Belt Buckle. This is from the 1982 Jeepers Jamboree event; Georgetown to Tahoe Via The Devil’s Playground. made in england…..

This belt buckle is in great very loved condition; It is marked on the back, “Limited Edition” #1624

i bought this from an estate sale in which the husband and wife had one this is the wifes hardly or never worn detail is incredible it has been in a drawer since 1982 great shape for being 35 years old. i did not want to clean it the patina is there.”



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1950s Postcard of Jeeps Pulling Floats on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Postcards

The first jeep is a later model CJ-2A. Behind it and the band is a second jeep. I think there is a 3rd jeep way in the back. This is part of the Annual Festival of States Parade in St. Petersburg, Florida. The festival began in 1913. In 1958, the festival’s name was changed to Sunshine Festival, so I would guess this is an early 1950s parade.

“The photo(s) help to show the condition. MGK110379 {USAFloridaPinellas County} TK69 IT10. FINE PRINT. The item has no edge wear and very minor corner wear.”

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1950s? Jeep Tour Postcard **SOLD**

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This CJ-3A has been extended in the rear to accommodate passengers. It looks pretty comfy!

“A new color advertising postcard probably of SAN JUAN SCENIC JEEP TOURS of their early 1950’s Jeep CJ-5 with a lunch and coffee box mounted off the tailgate, very lightly bumped corners, no creases, no postmark. Crisp and clear. Nothing written on the back. About 3 1/2″ x 5 1/2″. Any glare or distortion is from my digital camera.”




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Perris Valley Four Wheelers Badge on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Artists/Drawings, Features

This club badge would have been mounted on a jeep. I tried to learn more about this club, but had no luck finding any info.

“Perris valley jeep club badge. In great condition. 8″ metal sign with painted graphics and great detail. Great for a jeep enthusiast, or in your man cave. Please see pictures for condition. If you have any questions, please message me.”

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1963 Magazine Review of the “New” CJ-5

• CATEGORIES: Features, Magazine

Desert Magazine reviewed the “new” CJ-5 in 1963. Click on images to enlarge them. Spoiler alert .. the author concluded the jeep is a “man’s car”.

1963-02-desert-magazine-cj5-review0-lores 1963-02-desert-magazine-cj5-review1-lores
1963-02-desert-magazine-cj5-review3-lores 1963-02-desert-magazine-cj5-review4-lores

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1960ish Las Brisas Jeep Rental Card W/Map

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Artists/Drawings, Features • TAGS: .

I found this neat little card from the Las Brisas resort on eBay. Folded up, it’s about the size of a post card. The illustrated side advertises pink jeep rentals in English and Spanish. The other side shows a map of the area (here’s a google map link). It’s meant to sit on a table or desk.

las-brisas-map-placard1-lores las-brisas-map-placard2-lores

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Article about Sale of Willys MB

• CATEGORIES: Features

PHOTO CREDIT: Rick Kintzel, Photojournalist.

This article about the sale of a 1945 Willys MB appeared in Pennsylvania’s Bucks County Courier Times. The new owner is a U.S. Army Colonel who hopes to use the jeep to support Wounded Warrior projects.

This seems a worthy cause; however, it is ironic that he’s using the jeep to support an organization that in turn doesn’t support (and arguably has worsened the situation of) wounded and disabled members of WWII and the Korean War (and any other wounded veterans before 2001), folks who might have actually used this jeep during their tours of duty.

One example of this is the Caregiver Support program, promoted by Wounded Warrior, and available only for the caregivers of wounded veterans post 9/11. Ann’s shared with me other examples of programs and opportunities given to new wounded veterans that’s created two classes of wounded, those before and those after 9/11. That’s a shame.


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1950 Photo of Jeeps in Korea on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

Hopefully the actual photo is clearer!

“1950 Press Photo American Jeep Crosses 38th Parallel Going Towards Seoul. This is an original press photo. An American Jeep is shown crossing the 38th Parallel, going toward Seoul, as the US 8th Army retreats southward. Under pressure of Red China’s Million Man Invasion Army, UN forces in North Korea have been put to flight with it still indefinite whether they’ll make a stand in North Korea or be evacuated by sea. Also, the UN is awaiting an answer from Peiping on its request that Chinese troops stop short of the Parallel. Photo measures 9 x 7.25inches. Photo is dated 12-10-1950.”

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Las Brisas Brochure W/ DJ-5s

• CATEGORIES: DJ-5 & DJ-6, Features • TAGS: .

UPDATE: The DJ on the lower right is not a DJ-5, but a DJ-3A. Thanks to Steve for pointing out the obvious to me!

This 1966 brochure for the Las Brisas resort included some pics of Surreys.


Here’s a DJ-5 with hubcaps.

We’ve seen this “bar jeep” featured in a photo from another angle.1966-las-brisas-dj5-surrey1-lores

This is the booklet’s cover. 1966-las-brisas-dj5-surrey3-lores

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1945 Photo of Ledo Road on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

I’m going to guess that Pvt. Green is not inspecting the sign for any fine print ….

“1945 Press Photo Pvt Oscar Green in Jeep on Ledo road in Burma jungle area. This is an original press photo. Pvt Oscar Green of Taylorville, Illinois, stands on the side of his jeep to get close up view of this caution sign, one of many which dot the Ledo road forming junction with the Burma road and breaking Japanese land blockade of China which has officially been named the Stilwell Road.Photo measures 9 x 7.25 inches. Photo is dated 02-17-1945.”

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Jeep 75th Ann. Windshield Shade Medford, OR $5

• CATEGORIES: Features

Blaine spotted this. We tried to find an online source for more of these, but didn’t have any luck.

“I have a brand new windshield sunshield cover that unfolds to cover the inside of the window. About 26 inches tall. It has 2 suction cups with it.”



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Can Anyone Identify This PTO Winch?

• CATEGORIES: Features

I’m having some trouble identifying this PTO winch. Does anyone else recognize it? There appears to be an “N” stamped on the end (not easily seen on the bottom pic). 
winch-dinesh3 winch-dinesh4


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Wormobile Denmark, WI No Price

• CATEGORIES: Features, Other 4x4s • TAGS: .

This jeep-engine-powered screw-tractor called the Wormobile was spotted by Aaron. There’s a third photo of this here.

“one of a kind screw type vehicle built in 54 has willys jeep motor and transmission a complete overhaul 2 years ago
willing to trade for a black stripe ten or a good utility tractor 3 pt and hydraulics a must”




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1946 Testimonial Maine Fish & Game

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images • TAGS: .

The “it can do what others can’t” message of this testimonial pretty much defines the jeep’s niche at this point.

-testimonial-fish-and-game Scan10038-testimonial-fish-and-game

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1945 CJ-2A Memorial Press Brochure

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

I thought I had a good chance to win this one on eBay, but it slipped away at the last second buy a second bidder. Anyway, it’s a souvenir program of the first national press event for the CJ-2A. Here are some photos.

1945-07-17-cj2a-press-sounvenir-program 1945-07-17-cj2a-press-sounvenir-program0 1945-07-17-cj2a-press-sounvenir-program1 1945-07-17-cj2a-press-sounvenir-program2

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1950 Photo of Troops in Taejon, Korea on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

This was taken a month into the war.

“1950 Press Photo American Troops in jeep with 50 Caliber Gun in Taejon, Korea. This is an original press photo. American troops take a rough Caliber as they advance in jeep armed with 50 caliber machine gun. Communist troops were reported smashing into and around Taejon as battle action see a wed on the Western Korean Front Photo measures 7.25 x 9.25 inches. Photo is dated 07-20-1950.”

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1955 Jeep Journal on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features

Seth shared this Wheatfield High School newsletter called the Jeep Journal and named for the high school’s mascot. The school appears to have closed. According to this source, the high school became known as the “Jeeps” in the 1930s, preceding the introduction of the Jeep.

“For sale is a vintage booklet, Jeep Journal, from Wheatland High School in Wheatland, Indiana. This is the April 7, 1955 “Junior Issue.” It is filled with 10 mimeographed pages of school news. This publication measures 8 1/2 by 11 inches and is in very good condition. It is extremely hard to find”

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1946 Testimonial Toledo Baseball Company

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images • TAGS: .

Not the most enthusiastic testimonial we’ve read for the new jeep!

Scan10035-testimonial-toledo-bball-company Scan10034-testimonial-toledo-bball-company


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1945 CJ-2 Press Photo on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

UPDATE: S. Giraud correctly noted that this is a CJ-2 rather than a CJ-2A. 

Taken before the official press demonstration July 17th & 18th, 1945.

“1945 Press Photo Postwar Jeep Unveiled to the Public by Willys-Overland Motors. This is an original press photo. This is one of the firsts photos of the Postwar Jeep, especially adapted for peacetime work, combining the four basic functions of tractor, light truck, mobile power unit and passenger conveyance. Here, the new Jeep, just unveiled to the public by Willys-Overland Motors, operates a spring tooth cultivator. Photo measures 9 x 7.25 inches. Photo is dated 07-10-1945.”

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1968 Jeepster Comparison Booklet on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Books, Documents, Features

This publication was designed to teach the sales force and dealers about the new Jeepster Commando and Jeepster Convertible. Looks interesting.

“This is a vintage 1968 Jeepster Comparison Data Brochure, measuring approximately 5.75×8.5” and is 20 pages long. It is an original piece of literature from Kaiser Jeep not a reprint and is in very good to excellent condition. Dated April 1968. Carefully stored since new, minimal handling, center staples tight, clean with no smudges, tears or folds. “7-68″ written lightly in pencil on bottom left of back cover. Contents include b&w photos, competitive vehicle comparisons, exterior and interior comparisons, general appearance, engines, frames, electrical, suspension, drive line, body, safety features, etc. Models covered include the 1968 Jeepster Convertible and Commando.”

View all the information on eBay

1968-jeepster-convertible-commando-booklet1 1968-jeepster-convertible-commando-booklet2 1968-jeepster-convertible-commando-booklet4 1968-jeepster-convertible-commando-booklet5