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Jeep Parts Rocking Chair

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Roger shared this jeep-themed rocking chair that he saw on Facebook. Anyone know whose it is?


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The Jeep Tamer by Arthur Bartlett

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images, Old News Articles

This article about Charles Sorenson was published in the Evening Star in conjunction with “My Life with a Jeep” on July 15, 1945. The issue also included a photo of the newly release CJ-2A (which didn’t scan well into black and white).



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1945 Cartoon “An Episode at Cape Gloucester”

• CATEGORIES: Artists/Drawings, Comics, Features

This February 08, 1945, cartoon published in the Roanoke Rapids Herald shares the tale of four GIs in Cape Glousester, New Britain.

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1948 Ad for the Jeep Station Sedan

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

This advertisement for Willys-Overland’s newest ‘Jeep’ Station Sedan was published April 18, 1948, in the Sunday Star.


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4-Corners Postcard With Wagon Towing Airstream

• CATEGORIES: Features, Postcards

That looks like a big trailer for that wagon. It must have tested the brakes.

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“A Vintage printed postcard as described in title



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1949 Voice of America Jeep

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UPDATE: Terry pointed out that this same vehicle, a SPEN self-sustaining motion picture unit, appears in a Willys Industrial Equipment book brochure. Here it is below:



Talk about a rare jeep. Anyone ever seen one of these (if there are any left). It’s a specially outfitted jeep for the State Department for carrying the story of America to the world. The first pics below were from a September 1949 issue of Popular Science, while the newspaper article was carried in the Sunday Star on Sunday, April 17, 1949.

From the September 1949 issue of Popular Science:
1949-09-popular-science-voice-of-america1 1949-09-popular-science-voice-of-america2

From the Sunday Star, April 17, 1949:


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Postcard of CJ-5 at Beaver Lake Lodge on eBay

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This Beaver Lake Lodge CJ-5 in Marble, Colorado, was setup for tours. I wished there was a better photo of the jeep.

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“This is a Vintage Original Postcard, all the cards we sell are in VG or better condition, there are no tears or creases, unless otherwise noted in the item description. The MATCHSETS mark on the listing image is an online watermark only, never on the original item you will receive . All the postcards listed are STANDARD SIZE CARDS 5 1/2″ by 3 1/2″ unless otherwise noted”

beaver-lake-lodge-cj5-jeep-trips-postcard-closeup beaver-lake-lodge-cj5-jeep-trips-postcard1 beaver-lake-lodge-cj5-jeep-trips-postcard2

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Our Gang Ice Racers Get Some TV Exposure

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The local Denver CBS Affiliate covered the Our Gang Ice Racers.

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The ‘Jeep’ Caravan Ad from 1947

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features, Old News Articles

This ad for a ‘Jeep’ Caravan was published in The Wilmington Morning Star on November 04, 1947.


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Barrett Jackson Surrey MB

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Colin spotted this Surrey-fied MB at Barrett Jackson yesterday. He also saw the “Tender” that was posted last month there.


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1941 Article about the New Jeeps

This article was published in the May 20, 1941, issue of the Evening Star. It’s rare to see a Willys MA in newspaper photos.



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1944 Photo of MacArthur Returning to the Philippines

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

This photo was published in the November 12, 1944, issue of the Evening Star.


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1947 ‘One Versatile Vehicle for 1001 Jobs’ Ad

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

This ‘One Versatile Vehicle for 1001 Jobs’ ad was published in the March 28, 1947, issue of the Wilmington Morning Star.


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1945 Photo of Toy Jeeps w/ Real Jeep

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old News Articles

This is all for today (well this and the two videos below). We are still out camping.

These toy jeeps were part of the Seventh War Loan drive. Given the date this was published (July 19, 1945), could these have been the early Al-Toy jeeps?



And, here’s a video highlighting the Seventh War Loan Drive (that includes the Iwo Jima sculpture unveiling).

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Alan Hassell’s 1955 M-38A1

• CATEGORIES: Features, videos

Panama City, Florida’s, News Herald featured this video and story about Alan Hassell’s M-38A1.


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New Industry at Willys Overland’s Former Property

• CATEGORIES: Features, videos

This news report from Toledo shared the news that Willys Overland’s former plant property is now being used by the Dana Corp and others.


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Mac Wood’s Dune Shooters

• CATEGORIES: Features, Postcards

They aren’t jeeps, but these rigs surf the Silver Lake sand dunes with passengers, and have been doing so since 1930. I’ve included some post cards of older dune tour vehicles below. To see all pics, or to schedule your next dune ride, check out Mac Wood’s Dune Rides here.

  1. **SOLD** Was on eBay.
    macwood-dune-rides3a macwood-dune-rides3b

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macwood-dune-rides2a macwood-dune-rides2b

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Ford Authority’s Ford Jeep ‘History’

• CATEGORIES: Features

This article takes some liberties with jeep history.



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1943 American Car Company Ad

This May 23, 1943, American Car Company Ad was published in the Evening Star, out of Washington, D. C.. Given Bantam lost the production contract in 1941, it seems an unusual ad, especially many folks probably hadn’t heard of nor seen a Bantam vehicle.


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1950s Postcard of Salty Johns, Junior and Their Jeep on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Postcards

UPDATE: Here’s another postcard of Salty Johns on eBay.

This postcard shows Salty Johns, his dog Junior, and his “Flashy” jeep. Salty’s real name was Vernon Johns. He worked as the Audubon Society Wildlife Warden for Lydia Ann Island. He also brought some color to the Port Aransas, Texas, beaches. That sure is an unusual bumper setup.

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salty-johns-jeep-postcard1 salty-johns-jeep-postcard2

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1945 “Jeep is Here” Announcement

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images, Old News Articles

This October 3, 1945, ad from Willys-Overland was published in the Evening Star, based in Washington, D.C.. The ad announces the appointment of Willys of Washington as an area distributer.


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Jeep Motor Powered Weed Cutter

• CATEGORIES: Features, Magazine

A Popular Science March 1954 photo and caption highlighted the use of a jeep engine as the driver of a centrifugal pump that creates a water jet capable of powering an aquatic mower.


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1959 IKA Wagon Brochure on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

The price has been dropped to $11.25 (plus $4.95 shipping) for this 4-page brochure.

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“1959 Willys Jeep Estanciera Sales Brochure & Specifications In Spanish Text.
The inside pages have several illustrations of the Jeep doing various jobs.
The back page has a list of specifications.
Pages: 4
Details: W 8.5 x H 11 x D 0.1”




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A Kaiser-Jeep Bolide XJ-002 Video

• CATEGORIES: Features, videos

I stumbled onto the below video of the Bolide XJ-002 after doing some searches based on the post related to the XJ-001. The video is part of a larger All-Par article (see more photos here).

Now I’m wondering if the Parmely body was based originally on this XJ-002 body design. The Parmley looks like it’s a little more practical, convertible version of the XJ-002.

Unlike the XJ-002, which was designed on a Jeepster Commando chassis, the XJ-001 was atop a CJ-5 chassis. The Parmely was also designed to fit a CJ-5 chassis, so its lines couldn’t be as long nor sleek as the XJ-002.

The video isn’t the most compelling piece of work, but it manages to record some unusual history. As of 2010, this vehicle was reportedly undergoing restoration.

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1971 Photo of the XJ 001 Jeep on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

This is a press photo of the XJ 001. If you don’t remember, this prototype jeep was built on the CJ-5 chassis and power by the 360CI AMC V-8. Essentially, it was a 4WD muscle car. You can read about the vehicle on Hemmings. Unfortunately, the prototype was destroyed in an accident as it was being transported. The article also indicates some folks called the 1998 Jeepster prototype the ACT II of the XJ-001.

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1971-xj-001-jeep1 1971-xj-001-jeep2

Here’s a photo from the internet that shows the front: