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CJ-3B, M-38A1, CJ-3A & More Southern Ohio

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This just appeared on Facebook. There appears to be a late model CJ-3B brush jeep, a CJ-3A, and a M-38A1. The dark 2A/3A is not for sale. There are supposed to be other parts as well. For those not on Facebook, the seller’s name is Barb watson number and her phone number is 513 304 0141

cj3b-cj3a-m38a1-southern-oh03 cj3b-cj3a-m38a1-southern-oh02 cj3b-cj3a-m38a1-southern-oh01 cj3b-cj3a-m38a1-southern-oh0

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1947 Photo of Police and Jeeps on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Fire/Police/Industry Vehicles, Old Images

This is a cool photo. Is that the Cleveland police?

“1947 Press Photo Part of new Police jeep patrol – cva73620
This is an original press photo. Photo measures 10 x 8.25inches. Photo is dated 09-09-1947.”

View all the information on eBay



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1954 M-38A1 Rudolph, WI **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Fire/Police/Industry Vehicles, M-38A1 • TAGS: , , .

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay

“This 54 M38A1 was repurposed by the Wautoma fire dept at some time.
It has a new fuel tank, points, condenser, and coil.
Runs and drives.
Very solid but has some rust under gas tank and storage compartment under passenger seat.
Missing tailgate.
Calls only no texting please.”

1954-m38a1-rudolph-wi02 1954-m38a1-rudolph-wi01 1954-m38a1-rudolph-wi0 1954-m38a1-rudolph-wi2 1954-m38a1-rudolph-wi3 1954-m38a1-rudolph-wi4 1954-m38a1-rudolph-wi5 1954-m38a1-rudolph-wi6 1954-m38a1-rudolph-wi7 1954-m38a1-rudolph-wi8

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1964 CJ-3B Fire Jeep Lake County, OH **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: CJ-3B, Fire/Police/Industry Vehicles • TAGS: , .

UPDATE: **SOLD** was $8000.

“Only 4,200 miles great shape. It has a PTO driven winch in the front and an PTO on the passenger side.Has an original non directional spare tire.Everything works and rust free.Price is firm. It was used by a Fire Department and stored in a heated garage that’s why it has such low miles.”

1964-cj3b-lakecounty-oh00 1964-cj3b-lakecounty-oh0 1964-cj3b-lakecounty-oh1

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Topeka Hiway Mower & Flattie Project Moyle Springs, WA

• CATEGORIES: CJ-2A, Fire/Police/Industry Vehicles • TAGS: , .

Blaine found a flattie project and a Topeka project for sale and some other parts.

1. Flattie is $500. Dogs are worn, but the steel rims may have life. It’s sat for a long time.


2. Topeka Mower has Jeep running gear (T-98 4 sp.) limited slip dif.

topeka-hiway-mower-spokane-wa1 topeka-hiway-mower-spokane-wa3

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Raffle: 1952 M-38A1 in Fryeburg, ME

• CATEGORIES: Fire/Police/Industry Vehicles, M-38A1

More than half the tickets are sold I am told: Tickets are $100 and only 100 will be sold. The raffle won’t take place until they are sold.

“WIN THIS JEEP! 1952 Military Willys Jeep M38A1 – Surplus military unit acquired by the Fryeburg Fire Department upon military retirement. All original, 24 volt system, blackout lights, and new batteries with all maintenance required to maintain readiness. Steel top is bolted on and is easily removable to return this Jeep to its original configuration. Gas can and spare tire mounts currently attached to the top will bolt back onto the tailgate as designed. Always stored indoors and climate controlled. This is a little-used time capsule that could easily be restored or enjoyed in it’s current condition. Includes original military records but no title as Maine won’t issue a title to any vehicle older than 1995.

We are raffling this Jeep off to the winning ticket holder. Tickets are $100 each and are limited to only 100 tickets. That’s a 1 in 100 chance if you buy one ticket or a 50 times better chance than getting a hole in one golfing. Buy more tickets and your odds increase! The drawing will be held as soon as all 100 tickets are sold. All proceeds will go towards the purchase of a new ATV Wildlands Firefighting unit. We’re replacing the old with the new and you have the opportunity to benefit while helping out a worthy cause. Tickets are available from the Fire Chief most weekdays at our Main St. fire station or from various members of our Fire Department.”

1952-m38a1-fryeburg-me1 1952-m38a1-fryeburg-me2 1952-m38a1-fryeburg-me3 1952-m38a1-fryeburg-me4

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Jeep Ambulances in Australia

This May 18, 1959, article from the Sydney Morning Herald announced the assembly of Jeep Ambulances in Australia.


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Wrecker from Jack Tipple Motors

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UPDATE: Paul Barry shared some photos of the truck shown below. The hamilton toy wrecker is cute.

Paul wrote, I kept asking about the tow truck. I guess the owners got tired of me asking and said if I wanted the tow truck I had to buy all the Willys stuff left over from the dealership. Shucks!

The story behind the truck is it was ordered from Toledo with a Canfield wrecker and was delivered in 1955 along with a new CJ-5. The truck arrived in red primer, as it was to be painted the yellow and blue AAA colors, the business was a AAA station since 1927. The pair of jeeps arrived very late at night and as was the custom the transport just dropped them off in front of the store. When morning came, only the CJ-5 was there, no tow truck to be found. I suppose phone calls were made and the truck was supposed to be right in front. Someone came into the station later that morning and said they saw a tow truck stuck in the riverbed back at the crossroads. So they took the old wrecker and recovered the new one In the Eel River (ed note Ferndale is just south of the Eel River). The local hooligans stole the truck and since it was delivered with only a couple gallons of fuel, ran out of gas while “wheeling” it.

tipple-truck-restored-paul-barry1 Willys America tipple-truck-restored-paul-barry-Willys America


A Ferndale Willys dealer originally used this truck wrecker to tow disabled vehicles. He also used it as a customer demonstration vehicle.



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1958 FC Fire Jeep Bay City, MI $6900

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677, Fire/Police/Industry Vehicles

UPDATE: Price dropped to $6900.

This Fire truck looks to be Jim Dobson’s FC. In the newest ad, there have been firetrucks from Dobson’s Antique Toy and Firehouse Museum that are now for sale. You might have remembered our visit to the museum in 2013.


1958-fc-fire-parts-baycity-mi1 1958-fc-fire-parts-baycity-mi2 1958-fc-fire-parts-baycity-mi3

Here are some other vehicles that appear to be for sale:

dobson1 dobson2

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Fire Jeeps in the News

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These two photos appeared in the June 1955 issue of Willys News.

1955-06-willys-news-pg3-steel-corp-fire-jeep 1955-06-willys-news-pg7-cj2a-firejeep

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Photos of an Air Force CJ-3B Fire Jeep on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Fire/Police/Industry Vehicles, Old Images

There are three different photos of this Air Force CJ-3B crash wagon / Fire Jeep being sold on eBay.

1. View all the information on eBay


2. View all the information on eBay


3. View all the information on eBay


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Charles Finds Some Unusual Photos

• CATEGORIES: Features, Fire/Police/Industry Vehicles, Old Images • TAGS: , , .

Charles forwarded an interesting collection of photos with rare implements or oddities:





mb%20agri 18_jpg5_.jpg1. forum_0022 441.JPG1.

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CJ-3B Fire Jeep Delivered Santa to Homer, Alaska

• CATEGORIES: Features, Fire/Police/Industry Vehicles

In 2004, no Christmas tree lighting was complete without Santa Claus. So, while Mrs. Claus and the elves readied the reindeer for Christmas Eve, Santa harnessed his backup sleigh, a CJ-3B fire jeep. Indeed, seeing Santa in his beautiful red jeep must have brought tears of joy to the little ones of tiny Homer, Alaska.

But, the grinches of Homer ended the annual event in 2005, thus the little ones cried tears of sadness for several years. Then, in 2012 the event returned. Yesterday evening, the tree was once again lit. Unfortunately, due to budget constraints, eWillys could not send a team to Homer to cover the event. So,whether Santa arrived via sleigh, Willys, or a red Ford Bronco shall remain a christmas mystery.


Photo by Michael Armstrong, Homer NewsIn 2004, Santa Claus arrives in Engine No. 1, a vintage Willys Jeep, at WKFL Park for the lighting of the community Christmas tree there.


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1962 M-38A1 Winchester, TN **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Fire/Police/Industry Vehicles, M-38A1 • TAGS: .

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $8500.

(11/18/2014) Looks like a solid Fire Jeep.

“For Sale: 1962 Willies Military Jeep. 12k original miles. Aside from upgraded wheels/rims, roll cage and seats. Everything is original. 6 volt system has been upgraded to a 12 volt system. No rust, runs great. Originally was OD green. It was painted white when put in service by the civil defense. It has been used as a small brush truck. Winch and tools not included. We received an AFG grant and need to sell this to help pay for the grant. Asking $8500 or best offer.”

1962-m38a1-firejeep-winchester1 1962-m38a1-firejeep-winchester2 1962-m38a1-firejeep-winchester3 1962-m38a1-firejeep-winchester4

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1955 Service Station Brochure on eBay

This mailing brochure looks targeted toward service station owners. Neat piece.

“Part Color Folder , 8.5 x 3.5 Folded , 8.5 x 14 Unfolded , Slightly Soiled”

View all the information on eBay




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CJ-3A Fire Jeep Auctioned for $68,750

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Joe alerted me to the sale of this Fire Jeep through Sotheby’s. Joe thought it was used as en emergency vehicle at the Mrs. Paul Mellon estate (4,000 acres) in Upperville, VA west of Washington, DC.

“A 1950 WILLYS JEEP CJ2A FIRE TRUCK with Howe Fire Apparatus, VIN 44609-3J43290, serial number CJ-3A, currently with 1,440 miles listed on the odometer. Together with a pumper, an equipment trailer, a compressor and assorted fire fighting furnishings.
height 7 ft. 5 in.; width 5 ft. 5 in.; length 12 ft. 3 in.; height of trailer 6 ft.; width 5 ft. 4 in.; length 7 ft. 10 in.226.1 cm; 165.1 cm; 373.4 cm; 182.9 cm; 162.6 cm; 238.8 cm”



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Custom CJ-10 Tug Porterville, CA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Fire/Police/Industry Vehicles, Other 4x4s • TAGS: .

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $8000

(03/06/2014) This CJ-10 has been kept in good shape.

“Selling a Willy’s Jeep C-10a Custom Spray Rig. You will not find one like this, one of a kind. This is a CJ10a tug with less than 3000 total produced. It came from factory with a ¾ ton front axle and a 1 ton rear axle. It has a great running six cylinder Nissan Diesel Engine (from factory) with a 727 Heavy Duty Automatic Transmission. This was originally an small and light airplane tow truck. We added a heavy duty bed, diamond plate, front weight, Schaben spray unit with a 5 HP Honda motor. Has all electric actuators to raise, lower, and adjust the spray booms. Currently has (2) broadcast nozzles in the rear, spray wand, and all electric controls and gauges inside. Sets on nice flotation tires that have a great amount of tread. Too much too list.”

cj10-spray-truck-porterville-ca1 cj10-spray-truck-porterville-ca2 cj10-spray-truck-porterville-ca3 cj10-spray-truck-porterville-ca4

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1958 CJ-5 Fire Jeep Red Wing, MN Auction Nov 15

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Check out this beautiful 1958 CJ-5 Fire Jeep that appears to have been owned at one time by Douglas Aircraft Company, which merged with McDonnell Aircraft in 1967 to become McDonnell Douglas. It will be auctioned Saturday, November 15, in Red Wing, Minnesota.





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1942-43? Photo of first Fire Jeeps

UPDATE: Originally I listed this as a 1941 article, based on a database date stamp. Richard pointed out the stamped grill would make this unlikely. It’s a good point! Additional research suggests the paper was from the 1942-43 time frame.

This photo documents one of fifteen jeeps transformed by the Canadians into fire jeeps. I don’t have a date on the newspaper, but it was published in an issue of the Flesherton Ontario Advance Newspaper.



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1952 M-38A1 Fire Jeep Nashua, NH **Status Unknown**

• CATEGORIES: Fire/Police/Industry Vehicles, M-38A1 • TAGS: .

UPDATE: Was on eBay. Status Unknown. Last bid was $7400.

Everything works.

View all the information on eBay

1953-m38a1-fire-nashua-nh1 1953-m38a1-fire-nashua-nh2 1953-m38a1-fire-nashua-nh3 1953-m38a1-fire-nashua-nh4

“1952 Willy’s Jeep Forest fire truck;
This is a unique fire truck in that it is a Willy’s Jeep AND easily fits in your garage! Former military unit (ex Marines, I believe). Runs and drives great- needs some TLC for the true Willy’s Jeep detail. It appears to be “shop built” either by military or a fire dept. as a fire pumper, but used a “Barton” front mount 500 gpm conversion kit of the day. The side compartments are ex-ammo boxes!

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1947 CJ-2A Howe Fire Jeep St. Joseph, MO **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: CJ-2A, Fire/Police/Industry Vehicles • TAGS: , .

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay

“You’re looking at a 1947 willys jeep cj2a with a Howe firetruck apparatus (5 known to exist)… This jeep has 1423 original miles, not even ready for a oil change yet, but has been totally gone through. My grandfather bought this 15 years ago from the local stockyards that closed a long time ago. His dream was to fix it up and drive it in the local parade while advertising for his grocery store, he did just that. Grandpa died in 2007 and since then, I’ve been carrying on the tradition in driving it in the local parade with my family.. The time has come to let another family enjoy this thing, the decals are vinyl and can be removed easily. As long as you have a good 6volt battery, she fires right up and purrs like a kitten. A aftermarket CD player and speakers have been installed using a separate 12 volt battery and everything is removable with 0 screws to get back to 100% original in 5 minutes. The brakes stop just fine but are hard to apply(67yrs old and no power brakes) has a high and low transfer case, and 4 wheel drive that both go right in and work as they should. Windshield folds down and I believe everything works on this thing as it should. Comes with a lot of old fire fighting tools and adapters.”






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1954 M-38A1 Winchester, MD $5800

• CATEGORIES: Fire/Police/Industry Vehicles, M-38A1 • TAGS: , .

UPDATE: Still Available

1954 Military jeep runs and drives in great condition for 60 year old jeep body has very little rust is garage kept.It was used be a fire dept for years that it is the reason for the yellow paint.”

1954-m38a1-winchester-md1 1954-m38a1-winchester-md2 1954-m38a1-winchester-md3

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1959 CJ-5 Fire Jeep Topeka, KS **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: CJ5, Fire/Police/Industry Vehicles • TAGS: , .


Interestingly, this jeep has a 1969 DJ-5A tag. Bids must be submitted no later than 11:59pm on 9/14/14. Bids received after this time period will not be considered.

1959 CJ-5 Willy’s Jeep Fire Engine. 4 Wheel Drive, 1502 Mileage 4 cylinder VIN #57548-93180 (VIN for interested parties research only) This vehicle was used by the Goodyear Fire Department and retired earlier this year. Please Call : Leon Hahn show contact info
Vehicle is available for inspection at the Main Security Gate at Goodyear Tire & Rubber — NW US Hwy 24, Topeka, KS between the hours of 7am — 7pm Monday, September 8 through Saturday, September 13, only.

Vehicle is sold “AS IS”. No title is available. According to State of Kansas Dept of Motor Vehicles, vehicle maybe registered and licensed with Bill of Sale, which will be issued to buyer at completion of sale.

Bids must be submitted via email or a sealed paper bid may be submitted at Security Gate. No other form of bid will be accepted. Requests for additional information, etc will not be responded to at this email address. Questions should be directed to the phone number provided above. Vehicle you are bidding on should appear in the subject line. Bids should include dollar amount of bid, your name and phone number. Should attempts to contact winner not be successful within 48 hours, sale will go to the next highest bidder.

Bids must be submitted no later than 11:59pm on 9/14/14. Bids received after this time period will not be considered. Seller reserves the right to refuse any and all bids. Bids will be reviewed and winning bidder will be contacted via phone on 9/15/14. Vehicle must be paid for and picked up by no later than 9/17/14 — unless prior arrangements have been made. Should vehicle not be picked up by specified time, vehicle may be offered to next highest bidder, or re-listed for sale.”

1959-dj5-fire-topeka-ks0 1959-dj5-fire-topeka-ks1 1959-dj5-fire-topeka-ks2 1959-dj5-fire-topeka-ks3 1959-dj5-fire-topeka-ks4

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1953 M-38A1 Galeton, CO $1999

• CATEGORIES: Fire/Police/Industry Vehicles, M-38A1

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1999

Looks like it may have been a brush or fire jeep.

1953 M38A1 Jeep
Kansas Title
Needs work”


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California State Park Rangers and Jeeps

• CATEGORIES: Books, Features, Fire/Police/Industry Vehicles

First published 09/17/2012: I ran across this book about “California State Park Rangers” written by Michael G. Lynch, which includes several pictures of Rangers and Jeeps.  I’ve included three images below and don’t know if there are more.  The book covers the history of California State Park Rangers, beginning with the first Ranger Galen Clark at Yosemite State Park in 1866.  With a career of thirty-five years in the California Park system, Michael plans to donate some of the proceeds to the parks.

According to the author, many of the images come from the state park archives, which you can view online here.

Click here to learn more about the book at Amazon