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Elko’s CJ-3B Fire Jeep

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The “A1”, a CJ-3B Fire Jeep, served as Elko airport’s first fire truck. Still in good shape, it was recently put to use for the “fill the boot” Muscular Distrophy campaign.


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1958 FC-170 Ventura, CA $14,500

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UPDATE: Price dropped to $14,500. This was auctioned earlier in Washington State.

“This is a 1958 Jeep FC in good running condition, it spent it’s career as a fire department support vehicle. I am the second owner. It Has very low millage. It is currently licensed. Although the paint has scratches from being used it is a solid truck, no rust holes, no broken glass. Six cylinder gas engine.”

1958-fc170-sfv-ca-1 1958-fc170-sfv-ca-2 1958-fc170-sfv-ca-3

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1943 MB Fire Jeep Phoenicia, NY **sold**

• CATEGORIES: Fire/Police/Industry Vehicles, MB

Update **sold**

“I got this original fire jeep from VT. It’s all original with correct mb engine and 6v accessories including sparton horn! Needs restoration, but a good starting point. Engine should run, I need to tune it up.”




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1963 CJ-3B Mansfield, OH **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was auctioned.

Doug spotted this nice looking, recently retired, 3B Brush Fire jeep. You can see the auction page here:

“The City of Shelby Fire Department is accepting sealed bids for our 1963 Willy’s fire truck. The vehicle has 9666 original miles. The vehicle will be available to view on Saturday, June 10th from 10 AM to 12 PM at the Shelby Fire Department, 10 East Main Street, Shelby, OH  44875.  There will be no test drives.

Sealed bids will be received on June 23, 2017 at 12PM at Shelby City Hall, 43 West Main Street, Shelby, OH 44875.  A certified check or cash in the amount of 10% of the bid shall be included with the proposal form. This vehicle will not be sold for less than $5,000.  For more information, please view the Bid Documents.”


1963-cj3b-brushfire-truck3 1963-cj3b-brushfire-truck2

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1954 M-38A1 Brush Truck Mount Airy, MD $3000

• CATEGORIES: Fire/Police/Industry Vehicles, M-38A1

Needs some work.

“1954 Willys Jeep M 38A1 Brush Truck
need brakes and a gas tank
12 volts”

1954-m38a1-brush-frederick1 1954-m38a1-brush-frederick2

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The Horton Company Scrambler EM Services Jeep

• CATEGORIES: Fire/Police/Industry Vehicles, Other 4x4s

Buz shared pics of a Scrambler that has been transformed into an ambulance. Neither he nor I had seen one like it. A little research revealed that it may have been one of six the Horton Company built  in 1981. Derek Redmond wrote a piece on the vehicles and coined a nickname: the Scrambulance. You can read more on the CJ-3B page.

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1966 CJ-5 USDA AG Albany, GA $1250

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Gayland spotted this former government vehicle. It could use some loving. It has several neat data plates.

“1966 JEEP CJ-5 For Sale. For $1500.00. Engine is unassembled and in rear of JEEP. JEEP was built for the Government. Has a warranty sticker on dash from Kaiser Jeep to the Government. Has a Government Data Plate on the dash. It is equipped with a 540 PTO on rear. The previous owner said that the person that he bought it from said it was used to mow grass at a park. The paint has a nice even patina and would look good preserved as is. More pictures added. The rust near the Department of Agriculture decal is the worse spot on the out side of the body. If you were going to restore a 1960s Jeep this would be a rare and interesting one to restore. I have added a picture of the Kaiser JEEP Corporation’s Special Sales Order Plate.

Price reduce to $1250.00 before it goes into the woods for another 10 years.”

1955-cj5-usda-ag-albany-ga0 1955-cj5-usda-ag-albany-ga1 1955-cj5-usda-ag-albany-ga2 1955-cj5-usda-ag-albany-ga3 1955-cj5-usda-ag-albany-ga4

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1951 CJ-3A Fire Jeep Spruce Creek, FL $20,000

• CATEGORIES: CJ-3A, Fire/Police/Industry Vehicles • TAGS: , .

UPDATE: Still Available.

(03/19/2017) Looks good.

“1951 Willy Fire Truck. Completely refurbished in excellent condition. Fully equipped with fire equipment and hoses.”

1951-cj3a-firetruck-daytonabeach-fl0 1951-cj3a-firetruck-daytonabeach-fl1 1951-cj3a-firetruck-daytonabeach-fl2 1951-cj3a-firetruck-daytonabeach-fl3 1951-cj3a-firetruck-daytonabeach-fl4

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1947 CJ-2A United Kingdom **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: CJ-2A, Fire/Police/Industry Vehicles

UPDATE II: This jeep is now for sale in the UK on eBay for 10x what it was and it doesn’t include the spraying equipment nor the front hub caps. Price was originally $1500.

“Willys 1948 cj2a jeep
Runs and drives
New tyres, brakes etc
We have screen surround, seat covers and hood included
Fuel tank is present
Converted to 12v but all original parts kept
Original paperwork and nova certificate present
Based in chertsey surrey
Sensible offers considered
Any questions please ask”

1947-cj2a-uk1 1947-cj2a-uk2 1947-cj2a-uk3 1947-cj2a-uk4

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CJ-5 Fire Jeep Video

• CATEGORIES: Features, Fire/Police/Industry Vehicles, videos

It’s not a long video, but this is a fine looking CJ-5 fire jeep.

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Zamboni® Ice Resurfacers & the Jeep

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UPDATE: We had a busy, long weekend, Normal updates resume on Tuesday morning. In the meantime, here’s a rerun from 2010.

Eureka, Utah is a very small town.  I imagine it was even smaller when Frank Zamboni was born in 1901.  From those humble beginnings, Frank grew up to create one of the most iconic service vehicles ever:  The Zamboni® Ice Resurfacer.  I’m not sure why they have entered the public’s imagination in the way they have, but if you say Zamboni®, people know what the vehicle does.

In fact, the Frank J. Zamboni company is legitimately concerned about the name Zamboni® passing from being a description of an Ice Surfacer into a noun, which can spell death for a Trademark.  You’ll note on the website that Zamboni® is quickly followed by Ice Surfacer for that specific reason.  In addition, there’s an extensive discussion of the Zamboni® trademark here.

By now, you are probably asking yourself what all this has to do with jeeps? For about 7 years, from 1942 through 1949, Frank Zamboni attempted a variety of experiments to create a good ice resurfacer, mostly using different Jeep models. Below is a summary of the Zamboni® history from the company’s website coupled with pics I’ve found all over the web.  The CJ-3B Page also has some information.

  1. Model A was Frank’s prototype ice re-surfacer.  In 1949, he built the model below (which has been restored and still exists at Paramount Iceland in California):

2. Model B introduced the jeep to ice surfacing.  In 1950, apparently Frank decided he needed something more portable, so he came up with Model B, which used a War Surplus Jeep (I’m assuming MB?).  If you look closely below, you can see Frank connected a U joint to the steering column and then added another steering rod so that you could steer from behind the jeep.  According to the Frank J. Zamboni Corp:

In 1950, Olympic skating star Sonja Henie’s traveling ice show was practicing at Paramount Iceland, and she saw the Model A in action. She had to have one and asked Frank if he could build one in time for an upcoming Chicago performance. The deadline was tough, but Frank worked day and night, then loaded all of the resurfacer parts into a U-Haul® trailer. He towed the trailer to Chicago behind the Jeep he would install the parts on and assembled the Model B there.

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1955 Public Service Sales Brochure

UPDATE: This is form W-991-5.  You can download a pdf version here.

(first published 12/7/2010) Gerald scanned and forwarded these images from the  Jeep Family of 4-Wheel-Drive Vehicles in Public Service.  There are 25 images. Thanks Gerald!

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1951 Ad for Blitz Buggy Fire Truck on eBay

We know a couple of these exist. One sold back in 2014.The fire truck has “Blitz Wagon” on it, while the company marketed it as a “Blitz Buggy” The company that produced these was the Hi Pressure Fog Equipment Company.

“This is an original advertisement,NOT a reproduction, no rips or tears. Size of ad is app 5 X 5.”

View all the information on eBay


The same company also made this alternative version. Anyone recognize the vehicle? This ad also appeared in a 1951 magazine accord to the seller.

View all the information on eBay


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1974 CJ-5 Brush Fire Jeep Sunbury, PA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: CJ5, Fire/Police/Industry Vehicles

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $10,000.

The fire parts have been removed, but seller still has them.

“1974 Jeep CJ-5, odometer reads 59,000 miles. This jeep is unique it was a fire truck from new, has aluminum tank, hose reel, working pump, lights, sirens, PA loudspeaker, removable winch etc. I have taken the firetruck parts off the jeep and used it as summer fun with a bikini top, then cold season with metal hardtop! The jeep is not a perfect show vehicle but is in decent shape for an old jeep. It is curently titled as PA antique. Asking $10,000, please don’t waste our time with unreasonable offers.

jeep comes will all the original firetruck parts that can be easily reassembled in no time at all and all steel hardtop and doors.”


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1957 Brochure for Stahl Utility Boxes on eBay

UPDATE:  This is back on eBay

Stahl made utility boxes for both the FCs and the Trucks, as seen here.

View all the information on eBay

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Standard Oil Modified CJ-2A for Aviation Refills

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Blaine spotted this unique CJ-2A that was retrofitted to delivery aviation fuel to planes. This sold on eBay.

“U.S. Flying Service Standard Oil Co. Willys Jeep aviation fuel truck, at St. Petersburg, FL.”


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The Mystery Jeep Utility Body

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts, Features, Fire/Police/Industry Vehicles, Unusual

UPDATE: Ted got a hold of this a few years ago. No one seems to know who modified or for what purpose. Now he wants to let it go. If interested, email him at

He wrote, “I was lucky enough to a be in the right place at the right time and have some interesting items to trade towards purchasing this really unique Willys body. Not really sure on origin or history on this oddball as it came from a buddy of mine who also didnt have much history on it, but I knew it was really cool and thought it would be the ultimate foundation for a great Yard -plow Jeep.

I thought it would be a great Jeep to have all your tools, torches, jacks, etc etc in to minimize walks back to the garage to get something while working on stuff out in the woods or yard. I was going to start with a good rolling and running 2a frame and make it mechanically sound and mount a Plow or Snow Scoop on front with a rear mounted PTO winch hoisting Boom on back of Jeep for a great little Utility Jeep.

Unfortunately my unfinished projects and Jeeps that need attention have got me forced to part with some of my future projects that Im never gonna have time for. This Body is very unique and definitely deserves to be restored and put to use somewhere. I think with a good rolling and running 2a or 3a frame and some work it would be a great Winter project for someone looking for a cool Willys build. My loss is going to be someones gain.

Make me an offer !!! Email any questions and I will try to help

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CJ-2A Fire Jeep Brochure

This was on eBay a couple days ago. I was tempted to bid on it, but I figured the money is better spent elsewhere. It sold for $25 plus a $5 more for shipping. Neat brochure!


cj2a-firetruck-brochure1 cj2a-firetruck-brochure2 cj2a-firetruck-brochure3 cj2a-firetruck-brochure4

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Year? DJ-3A Albuquerque, NM **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: DJ-3A, Fire/Police/Industry Vehicles • TAGS: .

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1200.

Colin did some due diligence and determined that this is likely a former airport baggage conveyor DJ. Here’s a very similar conveyor DJ from the 3B page.

Here’s what Colin deduced: The mounts on the front frame rails are in a position where the front conveyor supports can be mounted.

The rear platform for the conveyor is attached to the rear corner of the tub on those DJ3As and on the sides of the CJ3B as well (see the CJ-3B page).  It would preclude the rear taillights, and  rear fuel filler that is standard on the DJ3A, but one photo of the DJ3A with the North Central Convair 500 shows the fuel fill tube low on the right rear corner, and the rear wheel opening is modified just like the one on 20796 (See the CJ-3B page for pics side and rearish

Also, the right rear corner of the tub is modified to clear the conveyor.I suspect the large holes in the rear panels helped support the bracing for the rear platform and also carried the hydraulic lines and controls for on the ground operation.  The Line lock was for the brakes and the chrome handle on the left side of the dash were no doubt for the governor.  The emergency brake T- handle was moved to a location where the driver could set it, otherwise it would have been under the conveyor apparatus.

“1950’s model DJ3A Military Willys Jeep DJ3A. Body in great shape, nearly rust free, have engine and transmission, 2 windshields, most of the major parts are there. Needs restoration or used for parts. Too many projects already so decided to move on.”

year-dj3a-albu-nm5 year-dj3a-albu-nm4

year-dj3a-albu-nm1 year-dj3a-albu-nm2 year-dj3a-albu-nm3

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1954 M-38A Fire Jeep Mooreland, IN $2500

• CATEGORIES: Fire/Police/Industry Vehicles, M-38A1

UPDATE: Price dropped to $2500.

(11/17/2015) This appears to be the same jeep that was sold a few years ago, but it’s condition appears to be worsened. If it has the “314” on the fenders, then it is the same one.

“1954 Willys Jeep it is actually a Mp38a it has a Buick 231 odd fire V6 with power steering also has headers. It is 3 speed manual with twin stick transfer case At one point it was the brookville Fire dept. grass unit. It is great running and driving jeep it has a lot of new front end parts on it. I took the gas tank out that sets under the drivers seat and put one underneath the back put its not hooked up yet I put a boat tank in the back just to be able to move it around you can drive it it could also use floor pans it has had all new rear tub section replaced with little work this could be a very nice jeep. ”


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1952 M-38A1 Sunnyvale, CA eBay

• CATEGORIES: Fire/Police/Industry Vehicles, M-38A1 • TAGS: .

Seller has never washed it. Great old converted fire department jeep.

“Hi, up for auction is my 1952 M38A1 Willys. The Willys has seen a very colorful life, starting with its tour of duty during the Korean War era to its rebirth as a rim fire Willys Jeep, putting out rim fires along the Northern Sierras in the Tahoe National Forest. Bumps and bruises tell the story of the life of this non-stop built to do service, Willys. All of the Military accessories are still on the Willys and intact.

I’ve owned this Willys for several years and have had a blast driving the Willys on and off road, mostly off road. The Willys has never let me down. Fresh tuneup, fresh rebuilt carb, This Willys is turn key and ready to go. I’ve never washed it, the Willys has earned the dirt and grime that this workhorse wears! Below is a bit of history in regards to the legacy of the Willys M38A1….Enjoy!”

View all the information on eBay



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1969 CJ-5 (TWA) Goleta, CA eBay

• CATEGORIES: CJ5, Fire/Police/Industry Vehicles


Thanks to Maury for doing the leg work on this one. The box behind the rear seat was used for gas, but we don’t know if it was to power the jeep or to carry aviation fuel for some unknown reason. It’s not a typical gas cap.

The seller provided some additional information:
The “box” behind the passenger seat is the fuel cell (gas tank). This jeep was equipped by LAX’s TWA. I bought the jeep through ebay some 5 years ago from the 3 owner who was a young plastic surgeon for the army he painted it green (I was glad he did a bad job, I brought back the red with on can of Goooff and found the red to be in very nice shape) and he added the passenger seat. However he never got it running and let it sit out resulting in the trans to fill with water due to the boot around the stick shift. I had to disconnect the drive shaft to be able to move it. I picked up the jeep in Southern Ca. Another Item not working is the speedometer, When rebuilding the trans, the speedo gear came out brittle and broke, Having not able to find one at the time of the rebuild, we left it out.


From the ad:
“1969 Jeep CJ5, Original California jeep, used by TWA at LAX (one of 3 they used that year).  Jeep was to be used by the “Fire Inspector” (you can barely read it on the dash) Has original fuel cell put in for the airport. Original 4 cyl motor. 3 speed trans, 2 wheel drive, (NOT 4X4) Great on fuel.

I have had the trans rebuilt completely $2500. Unknown to me at time of purchase here on ebay, but the trans boot was gone and the trans filled up with rain water and locked up with rust.  Had to find and buy, then rebuild a starter (450).  Rear end rebuilt with new seals and bearings (500). New tires and new battery.  Minimal rust not bad for a 47 year old jeep (see photo)  Now the bad news, due to injury at work, and health reasons, I am unable to finish  my goal to restore to original TWA days. All that is left is the body. I have over $5000 invested. My loss can be your gain.  Jeep is located in Goleta, California.  Clean and clear CA title.”

View all the information on eBay

1969-cj5-goleta-ca105 1969-cj5-goleta-ca6

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1961 Wagon Broomfield, CO **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Features, Fire/Police/Industry Vehicles, Willys Wagons

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3000.

“Runs, Rebuilt master cylinder. Winch works. Additional parts included. Fair to good tires.”

(From the previous ad) “Caterpillar yellow covers this real life piece of 60’s history. Formerly driven by the Director of Field Training for the National School of Heavy Equipment, Charlotte, North Carolina. The school was founded by Gilbert S. Shaw in 1955 and operated until 1976. Apparently it was the first school of it’s kind in the world! It was painted for the school, then sold, had a 1970’s “restoration” and then sat for another 30 years. The 70’s restoration included a dash modification & a coat of ugly, drab tan. Our “restoration” process included many steps of hand sanding and polishing the entire vehicle to expose the school’s door sign and yellow paint job. Plus of course, clean up, repair, and history research..”

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1956 Photo of Dispatcher at an Airport

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This photo of a DJ-3A Dispatcher at an airfield shows they went to work for the airlines not long after they began production. This was published in a 1956 issue of Globetrotter Magazine.


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1950s Aircraft Ground Support Binder on eBay

Can’t be too many of these Aircraft Ground Support binders around. Seller seems to think it has a largevalue.

View all the information on eBay