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June 1943 Popular Science “This Jeep Can Swim” Article

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Popular Science published a January 1943 article with a variety of GPA / SEEP pictures, including a nice breakdown of the dashboard (handy for my description of a seep dashboard in my upcoming book).

You can also find this issue for sale on eBay




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1945? Wood GPA Toy

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UPDATE: Status Unknown. Was on eBay and located in the UK.



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Half Safe Toy GPA


UPDATE: Was on eBay. I never knew someone made a Half Safe Toy. This looks like Half Safe following the rebuild in the UK.





SIZE 9-1/4″ LONG, 3-1/2″ WIDE, 3-1/2″ HIGH”


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1943 DUKW Castle Hayne, NC Status Unknown


UPDATE: This was on eBay. Status Unknown.

If your GPA is too small, here’s the upgrade you have always wanted!

“Iam selling this 1943 Amphibious military vechicle ,it is in great shape , runs drives an floats.”

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Ford GPA Anchor **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was priced at $1700.

You can buy this now for only $1700. I have no idea what these are worth, but I suspect this works as well as the nine inch brakes.

“You are bidding on a R.S. Danforth Mark II 30lbs anchor for the Ford GPA. The center bar is marked “R.S DANFORTH BERKELEY CAL. U.S.A MARK II M 30” on one side and “PATENT NO. 2249546 LBS.” on the other.

When I received the anchor it did not have the rectangular holes cut in the fluke for the hold down straps specifically for the GPA application. It was also missing the botom cross bar. Using an original anchor from my GPA I had the holes precisely machined by a professional shop and the cross-bar cast in bronze.

These anchors are extremely hard to find so don’t miss this rare opportunity to put this ready to go anchor on your GPA. The anchor is in good shape and can be shipped world wide. This is the last extra I have so don’t miss your chance.”

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March 1944 Popular Science on eBay

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The March 1944 issue of Popular Science has an article about the “Seagoing Jeep” and an article about the Tugg.

View all the information on eBay

You can also view this issue at Google books. This is the link to the Sea Going article:

This is the link to the Tugg article:


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1950s? Plastic Toy Seep on eBay


I don’t know how old this is, but thought someone might like it.

“IDEAL TOYS US ARMY WW2 AMPHIBIOUS VEHICLE 1950s hard plastic about 7 inches long, very light playwear, otherwise, VERY GOOD CONDITION as shown. We have many other vintage vehicles truck jeeps boats, planes, made of tin, cast iron, paper, cardboard up this week so check out or other auctions. We will combine lots to save you shipping costs.”

View all the information on eBay

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Seep Pulling Trailer

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I ran across this photo of a Seep pulling a trailer from the water at the Army’s website.  The vehicle is pretty deep in teh mud.  I wonder if it made it out of that.

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1942 GPW West Plains, MO **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1000.

Is seller selling the original radiator to this jeep separately for $500? Or is a GPW radiator that never belonged to this particular jeep?

“1942 ford gpw for parts . Engine,transmission ,xfer case,driveline,.body rough .have original radiator for 500$ extra”

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1942 SEEP/GPA Postcards on eBay

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Brian from Brian’s Military Jeeps is selling these postcards of a SEEP on eBay

View all the information and the entire postcard here


View all the information and the entire postcard here

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Paul gets some early shots of Crazy Ralphie’s GPA

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UPDATE:  I’m reposting this February 2010 post in honor of the SEEP that appears in my next book.  Ann and I spent Wednesday on a journey to review some of the places I will mention in the book.  I’ll report on our research tomorrow.

Apparently, Paul cornered Ralphie in his garage today and refused to leave until he got some pics for us.  Ralphie’s GPA is well on its way to being a great looking rebuild.  Thanks to Paul and Ralphie!

Paul writes, “Crazy Ralphie’s garage suffers from the usual garage problems, no matter how big your garage is it still isn’t big enough to hold all the tools and projects you want to stuff inside so the work area becomes a bit cramped.  I’ll be able to get better pictures this summer when things can be moved outside but for now these pictures will have to due.  The poor little GPA is sandwiched next to the chassis of a 1934 Ford four door sedan which is tight against a 1956 Caddy convertible undergoing restoration and every flat surface becomes a parts storage shelf until the pile becomes a pyramid towering towards the ceiling.

Crazy Ralphie is in the background of a couple of photos working on the body of the 34 Ford but he’s locating missing parts and doing some work on the GPA in the meantime.

The UPS guy just delivered my new Buick 225 V 6 radiator and I didn’t anticipate it’s arrival until the end of the month so it looks like I’ll have something to work on tomorrow what with building a mount and fabricating brace rod/hood prop combinations.  I got my taxes done and Uncle owes me money, it just doesn’t seem right to put that money into a savings account when I could buy Jeep parts instead so I was on the phone ordering and the tax return has been killed.”

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1943 GPA Des Plaines, IL**SOLD**


UPDATE:  **SOLD** Was $160,000.

(09/30/2011) For $160,000, a person could buy a pretty cool boat and a pretty cool jeep!

“1943 WWII GPA amphibious jeep. Extremely rare and totally cute! Fully restored, no rust and in MINT condition. Drives, swims $160,000 firm”

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Around the World in a SEEP called Half Safe

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half_safe_9FEATURED IN MAY 2009

The next time you are in Perth, Australia, make sure you stop by and see Ben Carlin’s SEEP named Half Safe.  Ben Carlin and his wife navigated their SEEP around the world back in the 1950s.  I found two website’s that chronicle the adventure:  David Brooks shows pictures along with the story and Leisure Wheels has a large article with a single pic.  Below is the beginning of the story and below that are a few pictures.  Ben Carlin also wrote two books about his adventure “Half Safe” and later ““The Other Half of Half-Safe”.

half_safe_8FROM DAVID BROOKS WEBSITE:  “Ben Carlin (1912 – 1981) was born and attended school in Western Australia. While awaiting demobilisation after service in India in World War II, Ben noticed a US amphibious jeep among other war debris, and remarked “You know, Mac, with a bit of titivation you could go around the world in one of these things”. For some never-explained reason, Ben was not certified insane on the spot, and eventually fulfilled his dream ….”


Half Safe Pages

SEEP Pages:

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Long Island or Bust


Neither rain, snow, sleet or hail will stop us as Ann and I begin our trek across the US with Long Island and the retrieval of some paintings for my parents as our ultimate goal. Ok, maybe the snow and sleet will slow us a bit, so I hope to see none of either!  On Saturday we arrived in Salt Lake for a quick visit with my kids.  We begin the trek west on Monday.

As we passed through Idaho on our way to Salt Lake on Saturday we made a quick stop at Josh’s for my first ever chance to drive a GPA!  Even though it doesn’t go anywhere just yet, it was still fun to pretend. Josh has plenty of work left to restore this rare vehicle and continues a search for parts.  So, if you have or know of any GPA/SEEP parts, please add a comment to this post and let him know!  Thanks Josh!

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1942 GPA St. George, UT **SOLD**


UPDATE:  **SOLD** Was $100,000.

The perfect holiday present ….

For comparison, I found a few for sale over at the G503 site. Here is one that was listed at $35,500 this summer.  I’m not sure what it finally sold at …

Here is another one that sold for $29500 this summer.

1942 ford amphibious jeep serial # 4717 date of delivery 12-15-42 99% original but not restored.”

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History of Willys in South Africa from the NFI

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Regular readers will remember Claus and his brother from the CJ-2As they restored in South Africa.

Claus also made contact with the Northern Flagship Institution, a national museums institution that falls under the auspices of the Department of Arts and Culture in South Africa.  The NFI provided Claus with a detailed response that lists, based on their research, the jeeps that had entered the country.

Curiously, they don’t mention the SEEP (shown below) that is located at the South African Military Museum in Johannesburg.  Gavin Walkers Willys MA site has a couple photos of it.

Based on Claus’s suggestion, I did a quick search of the CJ-2A Page Forum and learned here are a few other South African CJ-2A owners as well.  So, I thought I’d publish this NFI historical information in hopes it helps others.

Thanks for sending it on Claus!


From the NFI to Claus —

Thank you for your email query of 14 July 2008.   The South African National Museum of Military History, a component of the Northern Flagship Institution does not have complete records of Willys Jeep purchases by the Union Defence Forces or by the later SADF.  We have found some information which might assist you.  Much research is still required to fully answer your query.

Since the Willys Jeep was manufactured in the United Sates of America, all issued American equipment to British Commonwealth countries came via the Lend Lease agreement.  The Union Defence Forces had to work through the British War Department to obtain American Equipment via the Lend Lease.  The first Jeep, a Willys MB seems to have arrived in South Africa in about October 1943.  This Jeep was allocated the Union Defence Forces (UDF) number U 47505 and was used by Capt A A van Niekerk MC, Officer Commanding the paratrooper company of the newly formed SAAF Regiment undergoing training at Premier Mine, Pretoria.

During November 1943, a Willys MB Jeep – U 46-04, was used as a command vehicle during  training in the Barberton district, by the Officer Commanding, S A Armoured Brigade, Brigadier C L de W du Toit.

At about the same time (November 1943 – April 1944) some Willys MB Jeeps were allocated to the 6 SA Armoured Division (6 Div) in training at Khatatba in Egypt, the numbers were small but unknown.   We believe that 6 Div drew more Jeeps from British stores at Bari at the end April 1944, once they had landed in Italy.  The numbers are unknown but this information may be at the SANDF Archives in Pretoria –

Photographic evidence shows that the following units used Jeeps in Italy:

During the advance of 6 Div from Cassino to Rome – end May to 6 June 1944:

6 Div Postal Unit
12 Field Squadron, South African Engineer Corps

North of Rome and into Gothic Line:

6 Div Headquarters
11 South African Armoured Brigade Group Headquarters
Prince Alfred’s Guard
First City / Cape Town Highlanders reconnaissance platoon were issued with Jeeps
The Natal Mounted Rifles also had Jeeps by October 1944

During the spring of 1945 and after 6 Div had broken through the Gothic Line the following units are known to have had Jeeps:

7/64 Battery of the Transvaal Horse Artillery
Imperial Light Horse / Kimberley Regiment

The war in Italy ended on 2 May 1945.  On 14 May the 6 South African Armoured Division held a Victory Parade at the Monza Racetrack in which all their vehicles were paraded.  After the parade the vehicles were handed in to the transport park.  Later the vehicles were railed to Genoa to the 6 South African Armoured Division Vehicle Park.  A small number of men chose to stay on in Italy after the other servicemen had been sent home to the Union. Many of these men had girlfriends and wanted to stay on and prepare the vehicles for shipping to the Union.    The first ship left Genoa for Durban at the end of April 1946.  The ex British equipment was shipped first in eleven ships.  The American equipment was last to leave Genoa on SS Standridge on 3 May 1947, after much discussion on numbers and payment to the USA.

Only two Willys Jeeps and two 10cwt General Service Jeep Trailers were shipped to South Africa.  A third Jeep, purchased by Captain D C Clarke under authority dated 23 September 1946 was shipped on the SS Samarina on 24 September 1946.  This Jeep had the British War Department number WD 5662164. These are the only Jeeps to officially come from Italy to the Union.

In 1948, the UDF ordered two hundred and eighty nine Willys Jeeps, the model is unknown.  These were allocated the U numbers . U 75800 – U 76088.

Forty three, 1951, Willys 7 seater station wagons were also ordered by the UDF and allocated the U numbers  U 76177 – U 76219.

In 1960, twenty-five CJ-3B Jeeps were ordered as well as sixty-one of the more modern CJ-5s.  Of the total eighty- eight ordered, only eighty-five were delivered at first, the rest arriving at a later date.

In about 1963/64 the SADF purchased one hundred and nine CJ-6 Jeeps.  It is not known if they were manufactured by Willys Motors Incorporated or by the Kaiser Jeep Corporation.

In 1992 there were fourteen CJ-6 Jeeps at 4 Vehicle Reserve Park, Walmanstal, north of Pretoria.  These had the following registration numbers.

BCL 953 M             BCL 948 M   BCL 941 M   BCL 952 M   BCL 939 M   BCL 944 M
BCL 943 M             BCL 937 M   BCL 938 M   BCL 945 M   BCL 934 M   BCL 950 M

The above listed Jeeps were powered by 4 -cylinder engines.

BDF 775 M and BDF 760 had 6-cylinder engines.

The Museum would appreciate any information you may find regarding Jeeps in South African service.

Yours sincerely

Incorporating — Transvaal Museum, National Cultural History Museum, SA National Museum of Military History, Kruger Museum, Pioneer Museum, Sammy Marks Museum, Tswaing Crater Museum, Willem Prinsloo Agricultural Museum.

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Seeps: These Sea Jeeps Get Ready to Serve

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Paul (of stainless M-38 friend) told me a couple days ago that he has a friend (whom he calls Crazy Ralphie) who has been restoring a GPA.  He’s promised to provide us with some pics once the Alaska winter subsides a bit.  In the meantime, here are some SEEP images I found at the Library of Congress.  I have seen a few of these in books, but none as crisp as below.

Ice is no barrier to this prototype Ford-built amphibian car. According to Mark Askew in his book Rare WW2 Photo Archive 1940 – 1945 which shows this image and other prototypes of the SEEP, this photo was taken in February 1941 near the Ford Plant in Dearborn, Mi.   Library of Congress

After breaking through the shore ice, the Ford-built amphibian car makes its way through ice floes and water at a good speed.  Library of Congress

The Ford-built amphibian car can handle itself on rough ground. This picture shows a test driver putting one of them through its paces.  Mark also features this image in his bookLibrary of Congress

Here’s a photo of tests on the Rogue River near the Ford Plant.  Library of Congress

Here’s another shot from the Rogue River. Library of Congress

Below is a production SEEP.   Note the ribs on the side. I believe this photo is from maneuvers held in the Detroit area, when soldiers from Fort Wayne in full combat dress manned the machines Library of Congress

The picture below shows maneuvers held in the Detroit area, when soldiers from Fort Wayne in full combat dress manned the machines. Library of Congress

The two photos below were taken by Arthur Siegel.  During WWII he worked for the Office of War Information (OWI).  These two were taken in April of 1943.  Library of Congress

Library of Congress

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Gavin Walker’s Willys MA Website

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I’ve had the Willys MA Website as a “Link Worthy” Link for much of the year.  I thought I had done a post on it (I’m still sure I have), but after searching for it to add it to the “Early Jeep” Section, I couldn’t find a post about it.  Gavin has got a variety of MA & GPA Images and more.


To Top — One Family’s Jeep Collection

• CATEGORIES: GPA (SEEP), International, toys, Website is a great little website that features a French (?) family that is busy collecting jeeps (GPA, GP, Hotchkiss …) and more.  It appears to be a total family affair.  Their collection of jeep pedal vehicles is particularly interesting.  The collection of book titles is worth reviewing as well.

Below are a few of the pedal jeeps. Note the last pic where they are hanging in a garage above what appears to be the Seep covered in canvas.


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The German Schwimmwagen

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On the heals of yesterday’s GPA, I thought I’d do a brief shout out to the Schwimmwagen.  You can read more and see more pics about the Schwimmwagen at Brian’s site. Here’s a pic (below) from July 12 1944 (from Brian’s site as well).  Here’s some youtube videos.


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Vehicles of the Red Army – Oliver Missing’s Website

Oliver Missing operates a unique website out of Germany.  He is drawing all kinds of vehicles of the red army, whether they were built, borrowed or hi-jacked from other other countries.  Started in 2003, Oliver now has over 1,000 drawings, including 5 different ‘jeeps’:  a Bantam BRC-40, Willys MA, Willys MB, Ford GP, and the Ford GPA. The drawings are created using Jasc Paint Shop Pro and Xara Xtreme.  He plans to do many more drawings as time permits.

Here’s a couple of drawings:

Bantam BRC-40:


Willys MA:


Go to this web link to see all the different truck drawings (scroll down to US to see the jeep drawings)

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Fred Smith, Rare Jeep Collector

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While reading through the extensive history of the half track, I stumbled on the fact that the owner of the rarest of these half tracks was Fred Smith of the UK.  Having recently read that Fred Smith also owned and nicely restored the Ford Budd prototype, I got curious about who Fred Smith is.  At this point, I don’t know anything about him other than he’s got quite the jeep collection.  Here’s an approximate list (this list is a guess based on what I’ve read online):

  1. 1940 Ford Budd Prototype
  2. T-28 Half Track
  3. Willys MT-TUG 6×6
  4. 5 or 6 Ford GPs
  5. Ford GP four wheel steering
  6. Ford GPA (seep)
  7. Willys MA
  8. Willys MB

Not a bad collection!  Apparently, Fred shows these on occasion (or often) at the War and Peace Show at Beltring in Kent, UK.