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Year? GPW? Fruita, CO $2000


This may be a GPW, but it’s listed as a 1946.

“Old Jeep very cool old Jeep”


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1946? GPW Reno, NV $7000 or $6500


UPDATE: It’s listed at $6500 on Facebook (thanks Terry).

Listed as a 1946, I think I see a hint of a GPW cross member.

“Runs good, clean, new paint. Must see.”

1946-cj2a-ren-nv1 1946-cj2a-ren-nv2 1946-cj2a-ren-nv3 1946-cj2a-ren-nv4

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Year? GPW Le Sueur, MN $9500


Seller notes you’ll need a trailer; perhaps it needs some work?

“1944 Ford GPW Military Jeep, good shape for 75 years old. Runs, drives, stops. Dreamers and low ballers don’t waste my time. 9500.00 cash/ bring a trailer.”

1944-mb-mn1 1944-mb-mn2

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1943 GPW Vista, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** was $4950.

“Restoration project with the original Ford engine. Not running or driving.”

1943-gpw-sd-cali1 1943-gpw-sd-cali2 1943-gpw-sd-cali3

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1944 GPW Auburn, CA $8500


Has some mods.

1944-gpw-auburn-cali1 1944-gpw-auburn-cali2 1944-gpw-auburn-cali3 1944-gpw-auburn-cali4

“1944 Ford GPW Jeep.
Serial # 241158.
Odometer reads 14,086.
Powered by a 1960s 90 HP Chevy 4 cylinder that runs good (these are very good engines).
T90 3 speed with 2 speed transfer case.
Correct WWII Ford GPW chassis with larger steering box moved forward on the frame.
All of the sheet metal and the combat wheels are new reproduction.
The tires are new.
This Jeep was being built and was not completed.
The wiring will need to be completed, some peripheral like trailer plug and the paint needs to be completed.
It is a good looking Jeep and would make for an easy project and a nice looking WWII Jeep.”

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1943 GPW Christiana, TN $16,000


UPDATE: As Rob points out in the comments, this is a 1942, not a 1943.

This GPW is was recently bought and now is being resold. It’s in good shape, though it lacks some correct details.

1943-gpw-christiana-tn0 1943-gpw-christiana-tn1 1943-gpw-christiana-tn3 1943-gpw-christiana-tn2 1943-gpw-christiana-tn4

“Up for sale is a 1943 Ford GPW with “Willys Jeep” L134 Go Devil engine. I recently purchased this vehicle with the idea of leisurely traveling around town/country side. However, after taking my wife out in it a few times, she’s not “in to it”. Minimal safety features and people into their phones more than driving have given her reservations about about setting foot in it again. Listed below is a description and history.

Bought recently from a man in Franklin, Tn. He had it for 2-3 years and drove it infrequently, stating that he might have put 40 miles or so on it. It mainly sat in his large garage. It was professionally restored not long before he purchased it, approximately 4-5 years ago. It starts, runs, drives, and shifts nicely. Has numerous and desirable “F stamps” scattered about. The authentic-looking oil pressure gauge is inaccurate so I have a universal gauge to show the oil pressure is good. A few blemishes scattered, but looks great. Everywhere you drive, heads turn. I hate to sell it, as I have always wanted one, but wife wants it “gone”. Videos can be sent if requested.”

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1942 GPW Eaton, CO $4000


Jay shared this GPW. It will need a little work before it runs.

“Helping my parents sell their 1942 Ford Military Jeep. Has all new whe bearings. Comes with a wheel cylinder kit. Has a 1967 Ford 200 engine. Manual 3 speed. 4×4 with lockout hubs. Needs a starter, gas and antifreeze and will work. Is rough for its age but would make a good hunting vechile or mountain trail. Unsure of miles. Asking $4000 obo.”

1942-mb-colo1 1942-mb-colo2


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1942 GPW Shipshewana, IN **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $5500.

Nick’s got this GPW project for sale.

1942-gpw-shipshe-in1 1942-gpw-shipshe-in2 1942-gpw-shipshe-in3 1942-gpw-shipshe-in4

“$5,500 w/o title $6,000 w/title, process would take approx 3-4 weeks to receive. I have already done the state police VIN inspection. Now a matter of sending in documents to the state, wait, then take that info to license branch and wait again. I would need a nonrefundable down payment before proceeding. Logistics: You may pick up the Jeep, or arrange transport and I will load onto a trailer with forklift.

All the spare parts can fit inside the Jeep if necessary. Overview: This is a survivor worth saving. Matching numbers 4-21-42 Script Ford GPW. Engine, frame, and data tags all match. Body is in pretty good shape without much rust. Rolls and steers very easily. Frame is solid. Will need the bumpers/horns and machine gun piece replaced as they are bubba.

The previous had the engine machined then passed away. It will need machined, however there do not appear to be any cracks between water jackets/cylinders nor in the matching GPW head. -Matching numbers survivor -Original data tags -Decent body without much rust -Solid tool boxes and fuel tank area -GPW transfercase -Extra MB trans+tcase -Extra postwar engine complete -Lots of misc parts to go with I spent an hour looking for F-script parts, and found these below. I’m sure there are more but I haven’t looked at everything: Filter bracket Timing cover Bellhousing Dipstick Flywheel Front driveshaft Rear driveshaft Pedals Axe bracket Axe handle Driver headlight bucket”

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MB/GPW Body? Bainbridge Island, WA $250


It’s missing the tool indents.

“Willys MB Crawler tub; not for the purest.”

mb-gpw-flatfender-bi-wa1 mb-gpw-flatfender-bi-wa2 mb-gpw-flatfender-bi-wa3

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1943 GPW Metamet Saloon Body £14,995

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Here’s a rare Metamet Saloon body jeep for sale in the UK.

“Just one owner since military release, genuine 28,400 miles.
Metamet Saloon body fitted early 1950`s.
A very unique vehicle, chassis no gpp82293, supplied to a Mr HJ Odell the on 30/04/1952 and the only owner since.
Trade advert.”

1943-gpw-metamet-saloon-body0 1943-gpw-metamet-saloon-body1 1943-gpw-metamet-saloon-body3 1943-gpw-metamet-saloon-body4 1943-gpw-metamet-saloon-body5 1943-gpw-metamet-saloon-body6

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1942 GPW Upper Saddle River, NJ $15,000


TJ shared this one. Needs a little more work to be finished.

“Date of Delivery 1/19/43.
1942 Ford GPW, I worked at Sarafan Auto Parts (Spring Valley NY) in the 80s and 80% restored the GPW with many NOS parts, new tires and an engine rebuild but never finished it. It needs some love (work) to put it over the line

Most everything is there, including canvas top. Gas tank is the only major missing part. Hood and left fender have surface rust. Seat cushions are reproductions, but I have the original spring and straw cushions (covers are unusable.)

Unique parts include tow bar and maintenance chart holder (under hood), lots of “F” parts, extra split wheels, $4000 of extra T-84 parts (see list — NOS and used) and more.”

1942-gpw-nj0 1942-gpw-nj1 1942-gpw-nj2 1942-gpw-nj3 1942-gpw-nj4

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1943 MB/GPW Milton, FL **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3000.

It’s a project with a mix of parts.

1943-mb-gpw-milton-fl1 1943-mb-gpw-milton-fl2

“Willys frame with GPW axles, Ford GPW tub, postwar engine hot tanked and such with some machine work done ready to rebuild, and a T-90 Transmission with transfer case. Grille and fenders as well. Needs alot of work and is a project obviously. The frame tag was missing when I got it but the frame was stamped and matches the Montana title. Worst parts of the frame are shown in the pictures. Looks like they put a rear bumper on the front. Pictures should show enough details for ya. The T-90 I know nothing about except it came with another Jeep I bought. Seems to be complete with transfer case and emergency brake. What you see in the pictures is what you get. Thanks for looking. Located near Milton, FL right off I-10.”


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1942 GPW Louisville, KY $1800


Project or parts.

“1942 Ford GPW built in Chester PA. Has original glove box door with data plates that are rough but readable and matching frame serial #. Clear KY title. I disassembled it. Obviously it needs body work and new floor. Frame needs to be repaired in spots. Fenders and frame have F’s. Has MB engine with gpw head, trans and transfer case, axles, fenders, hold, grille. Missing firewall, but I have one that goes with it. I bought it with another one as a pair. Only have time and room to restore one. WWII Jeeps are getting hard to find. If interested let me know.”
1942-gpw-ky-8 1942-gpw-ky-9



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1942 GPW Lake Ariel, PA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $5500.

It’s a project.

“Genuine unrestored GPW World War 2 Army Jeep with PA title.Needs restoration.Has Ford script on tailgate, matching numbers.Early 14000’s serial number.”

1942-gpw-lakea-pa1 1942-gpw-lakea-pa2 1942-gpw-lakea-pa3 1942-gpw-lakea-pa4

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1944 GPW Cle-Elum, WA $6500


Has engine and steering mods.

1944-gpw-cleelum-wa21 1944-gpw-cleelum-wa22 1944-gpw-cleelum-wa3 1944-gpw-cleelum-wa4

“New tub, fenders, grill, split rims, tires, body accessories, leave springs, all marker lights NOS. Close to all back together. Still needs some brake work, wiring for gauges, steering column shortened little more, gear shift cover.
Owned since 2000 and always ran well with 1963 153cid 4cyl. Not for purist. Title clear, original placards and new placards. 4WD with original Warn hubs.”


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1942 GPW Deer Park, WA $9500


The rear tools boxes have been gutted. The rear bumper is attached to the bumperettes.

“1942 ford gpw. Looking to trade for a 4×4 diesel tractor with a loader.”

1942-gpw-deerpark-wa7 1942-gpw-deerpark-wa8 1942-gpw-deerpark-wa9

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1942 GPW Chassis Western NC $1000


Don’s got this rolling GPW chassis for sale.

“1942 Early Willys rolling frame with three digit GPW serial number. Very nice early style Willys frame with Ford axles, steering box, and rear springs. Front springs appear to be the Willys style. Could be used as a Ford GPW or Willys Slatgrill rebuild. Pick up in western NC. $1000”


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1944 GPW Elgin, OR $10,000


Listed as a 1942, the serial number puts this as an early 1944 GPW. It has a CJ grille.

“This is an all original 1942 Military Jeep with winter hard top. I am second owner and was told it was originally shipped in crate and assembled by first owner. It has the original 4 cyl motor, 3 spd transmission, and 2 speed transfer case. It is 6 volt and wiring will need to be redone. It is 99% complete and has very little rust. The gas tank is missing. It is a candidate for a full on restoration”

1942-gpw-elgin-or0 1942-gpw-elgin-or1 1942-gpw-elgin-or2 1942-gpw-elgin-or3 1942-gpw-elgin-or4

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1942 GPW Ventura, CA $4200


Seller is moving and can’t take it with him.

“1942 Ford gpw. Not running, needs new ignition switch. Replaced carb intake and exhaust manifold. Weeks of grinding to remove unknown number of layers of paint. Still needs lots of love. Moving and this project must stay.”

1942-gpw-vent-ca0 1942-gpw-vent-ca1 1942-gpw-vent-ca2 1942-gpw-vent-ca3 1942-gpw-vent-ca4

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1943 Modified GPW Bozeman, MT **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

Thanks to Roger Martin for sharing this unusual vehicle. The buy-it-now price on this highly modified GPW/truck is $14,995. I’m not clear how the seller arrived at the price, but the vehicle itself is a whimsical item that seems to need some work.






“This is a very special vehicle I found a few months ago that came from a ranch in eastern Montana. Perhaps some handy rancher wanted a Jeep pickup before Jeep ever offered one. Perhaps he could not afford or justify the cost of one and decided to build one from a WW II Jeep, an extra WW II Jeep frame, an early Dodge pickup cab and the front of an as of yet unknown early steel pickup box.

This truck appears to have a chassis made out of a pair of WW II Jeep chassis that were cut off and butt welded together in the center to make a chassis that has a wheelbase just over 2 feet longer at 105-1/2”. That is 25-1/2″ longer than the stock WW II Jeep chassis that has an 80″ wheelbase. Someone then added a cab from a 1933 to early 1935 Dodge pickup or 1-1/2 ton truck so they would have some weather protection from the sometimes wild weather here in Montana.

What really impressed me about this truck the moment I first saw it is the amount of work some reasonably skilled craftsman went to to build a 4 wheel drive pickup out a tiny WW II Jeep. I have seen literally hundreds of WW II and later Jeeps in my life so far that have had cabs added to the original Jeep body but I have never seen one that had a pickup or truck cab installed on it like this truck has. Add to that the fact that the cab on this truck has the very attrractive backward opening “suicide” doors from the early 1930’s and one has a very special vehicle.

Not only was a completely different cab installed on this “stretched” Jeep chassis, but that cab was subjected to some very interesting modifications. The most obvious modification is the very special rounded cowl that adapted the cowl of the Dodge cab to the back of the flat Jeep cowl right bvehind the Jeep hood. I am very sure that that cowl adapter was not hand formed but I have not yet figured out what that specially formed piece of sheet metal may have been used on originally.

Please also notice the very significant fact that the as of yet unknown Jeep builder adapted a “V” windshield to the front of the Dodge cab that originally came with a flat whidshield. I have yet to figure out what vehicle that “V” windshield originally came in. Please help me here if you possibly can. Another modification to the Dodge truck cab would be the fact that it has a steel insert in the top of the roof rather than the original fabric roof that it came with when new. I have seen hundreds of Model A Ford and other similar vehicles from the 20’s and 30’s that had similar steel roofs installed when the original fabrick roofs went bad.
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1942 GPW Onalaska, WA $5000


This was formerly for sale in Milton. Engine isn’t original.

1942-gpw-onalaska-wash0 1942-gpw-onalaska-wash2 1942-gpw-onalaska-wash3

“Runs Great, Origional motor. Good Tread. New LEDs,wench,electric fan,gas pump,battery. Comes with spare tire. Will need to be trailered, not street legal. For rock climbing or wheelin. Have trailer please inquire.”

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Several Jeeps Pelham, Al

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No pics provided.

“Old collector is selling his vintage and historical Jeeps including M38A1, GPW, MB, CJ-3A and a CJ-2A parts car.”

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1945 GPW and Trailer New York City, NY $31,000


Hamza’s sold his MB and now is selling his GPW and trailer. Contact him in NYC at 917-822-0433.







For Sale: 1945 Ford GPW and TC3 Bantam Trailer
Price: $31,000 negotiable

1945 Ford GPW and TC3 Bantam Trailer.

Bought from Red Bluff California where it was for 30+ years.
The GPW and trailer are in amazing condition with lots of original parts and canvas. It is a trophy winner and has been used in many re-enactments.

Feel free to come check out the GPW and Trailer in NYC or call,text, or video call me.
I am willing to help the buyer in arranging transportation but the buyer is responsible for paying.”

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MB/GPW Tub Cornelius, OR $500


Has mods.

mb-tub-cornelius-or2 mb-tub-cornelius-or

“mid 1940’s
tub, grill and hood

the dash is unmodified and so is the grill, everything else is reproduction or modified
Great wheeler or rock crawler projec”


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1943 GPW Granbury, TX **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3400.

Could be worth a look.

“43 willys, ford jeep. 99% original ran when I parked it.”