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1944 GPW Frame San Jose, CA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $700.

Someone ought to be able to use this.

“1944 Ford Jeep frame ser# 222076”


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1942 GPW Frisco, CO $2000


Looks like a good price.

“Good rebuilt project or for parts, needs body work, started 2 years ago but haven’t tried since. 1942 Ford with a 1947 Willys CJ-2A Engine, converted to 12v, have carburetor rebuild kit, 4 extra tires, clean title”

1942-gpw-frisco-co-0 1942-gpw-frisco-co-1 1942-gpw-frisco-co-2 1942-gpw-frisco-co-3 1942-gpw-frisco-co-4

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1942 GPW Shoreline, WA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was listed at $10,000.

This may be in pretty good condition, but the tires look flat. Hasn’t run in twenty-four years.

“Vintage 1942 Ford Jeep in great condition. Hasn’t run since 1992 but all parts there and looking good. Newer top. Price negotiable. You tow or drive out. One owner since they bought it in war surplus. Owner was in Auto rebuilding so was in good condition.”

1942-gpw-shoreline-wa1 1942-gpw-shoreline-wa2 1942-gpw-shoreline-wa4

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Year? MB Yakima, WA Make Offer


Listed as a 1946, looks like an MB/GPW.

“I have a 1946 willys jeep for sale. Has fresh rebuild on the ford flathead 4 cylinder in it. Its in rough shape but window frame is strait. Bought as a project but don’t have time to do it. Looking for a new project now. Make offer and willing to trade. Lost title but can get one once sold.”

year-mb-yak-wa-1 year-mb-yak-wa-2 year-mb-yak-wa-3 year-mb-yak-wa-4

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1942 GPW Missoula, MT $6800


Has an f-head.

“1942 Willys Ford Script GPW (General Purpose Willys) If you know Willys you know this one is rare and hard to come by! It was only made the first few months of 1942. I’m not an expert but it does have the Willy’s Grill and possibly a Ford stamped Willys frame. The engine is not original but starts and runs perfect. I think it is an early fifties F-head. Starts runs and drives great, 4×4 works and the tires are in Nice condition. Like most Willys 70 plus years old it has had modifications including a fuel cell and selecto hubs. The Body and Frame seem to be original and mostly unmolested. It has a few minor oil leaks but you can drive it down the road today! Clear Montana title in hand. If it were original it would be a $40,000 rig unfortunately those are very hard to come by! I believe the price is fair at $6,800 but will consider serious offers”





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1945 GPW Lincoln, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3900.

Seller honestly describes this as a 20 footer, meaning it has got a few body issues up close, but it runs and drives.

“Up for sale is my little Ford Jeep… It is registered as a 1950 but it is a 1945 with a 46 Willys grill (looks better)
It also has a Ford 2.3 4cyl motor that runs great. This is a great little Jeep. I just mainly used it for running around Twelve Bridges with my family. Out of room now with too many projects. Runs and drives great…top speed around 45-50. Some rust in pass lower fender and some that has been covered over with sheet metal on the driver side floor. It’s a 20 footer. Just a fun little jeep to drive.”

1945-gpw-lincoln-ca2 1945-gpw-lincoln-ca3 1945-gpw-lincoln-ca4

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1942 GPW Atlanta, GA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2500.

There appears to be value here.

“For sale is a 1942 Ford GPW military jeep. This one is a restoration project or a very complete parts jeep. The price is a give-away if you’ve kept up with the values of genuine WWII jeeps lately. What you see is what you get. I also have a 1951 M-38 military jeep that has some restoration started. Many other jeeps and parts.”

1942-gpw-palmetto-ga1 1942-gpw-palmetto-ga2 1942-gpw-palmetto-ga3 1942-gpw-palmetto-ga4

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1942 GPW Rohnert Park, CA **Status Unknown**


UPDATE: Status Unknown. Was $12,500.

Looks like an interesting build.

“Built by papola off-road 350ci 400hp 4 speed, welder, air compressor, power steering, tilt, chrome everywhere, 35’s call for more info way to much to list $12,500 obo or trade”

1942-gpw-rohnertpark-ca1 1942-gpw-rohnertpark-ca2 1942-gpw-rohnertpark-ca3 1942-gpw-rohnertpark-ca4

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1942 GPW Brentwood, CA $3000


Looks like it has good potential.

“1942 Ford GPW modified, needs some work. 68′ 327 Corvette motor that runs good. Needs wiring harness installed. Have all the parts. New polished Edelbrock intake, carb, valve covers. New polished water pump, New chrome headers. Chrome grille. New BFG mud terrain tires. Original body, frame, 3 spd trans and axles, roll cage. Cadillac power steering. Lifted with new front shocks and stabilizer. Was running great prior to wiring failure. 3 sets of seats. Still has original s/n tag welded to frame. Hood has been modified to accommodate the V8. Body in good shape.
Excellent project for someone that has a little time to spend on it. Won’t take much to make her purr again. Have extra parts also. Registered State of Ca. non op”


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1942 GPW SLO, CA $2000


It’s a project.

“Contracted by Willys Overland during WWII, this Ford built relic is dripping with patina and ready for your next project. It has had an F head motor swapped in in place of the original L head.

This Jeep has been sitting for a long time and it will take some work to get it running again, but everything appears to be there. Bill of sale only, but registering it is as simple as a DMV VIN inspection and a brake and lamp inspection at a certified mechanic. Check out the pictures and schedule a time to come take a look at your next Jeep project.”

1942-gpw-slo-ca-1 1942-gpw-slo-ca-2 1942-gpw-slo-ca-3 1942-gpw-slo-ca-4

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2 1942 GPWs Spokane, WA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2900.

(05/25/2016) Both are projects.Neither have the correct hubs in back.

“I have two 1942 ford gpw military jeeps.

The green one is a hard to find ford script tub. It has a T90 transmission and a transfer case installed in it and has an L134 engine in the back of it that needs to be installed. It is set up with power brakes and power steering. Its a good solid tub and good project. $3,500

The yellow one has a T90 transmission and an L134 engine installed. None of this jeep has been tested and is being sold as a project as well. $3,500”

1942-gpw-spokane-wa-442 1942-gpw-spokane-wa-443 1942-gpw-spokane-wa-444 1942-gpw-spokane-wa-44

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1942 GPW Brainerd, MN **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $4995.

“For sale 1942 Ford GPW jeep this jeep is started being restored about 15 years ago. About 95% of the parts needed to restore this jeep are included. Not many of these world war two jeeps left to sell these days and this is a very good project for the price. Well I appriciate all the phones and emails for the jeep. Some updates, bad news some corrison caused by the battery leaking on the front floor pan. The mice have made a mess so I need to power wash it out. Good news, it has many new parts including, T-84 tranny, new wiring harness, side handles bumper gussetts, gages, bumper, tub handles, bumperettes, tire mount. Ford marked parts are seats front, hood, fenders, after I wash it I will be able to tell more first come first serve.”

1942-gpw-brainerd-mn1 1942-gpw-brainerd-mn2

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1942 GPW Spokane, WA $7000


I’ve never seen the bottom tool indent taken all the way back to the wheel well.

“My Step Dad is selling his Ford Jeep he has owned for many years. Ford only made Jeep for 6 years. This vehicle has been very well taken care of and always been maintained. My Mother and Ray are selling everything they own to hit the open road to travel. Vehicle runs great!

1942 Ford Jeep,350 C.I. Motor, ODOM Less then 10,000,Recently invested $11,000 dollars into it for restoration,Sale price $7000.00

**PLEASE ONLY SERIOUS INTERESTS** Will not trade! CASH ONLY! No payments!”

1942-gpw-spokane-wa-71 1942-gpw-spokane-wa-72 1942-gpw-spokane-wa-73 1942-gpw-spokane-wa-74

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1945 GPW Savannah, TN **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2850.

It’s a project.

“This jeep needs full restoreation, it has motor,trans in it.It is a quarter/ton utility jeep I have a clear tn. title.’

1945-gpw-savannah-tn1 1945-gpw-savannah-tn2 1945-gpw-savannah-tn3 1945-gpw-savannah-tn4

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1942 GPW Griffin, GA $18,000


UPDATE: Was a sealed auction. Now priced at $18,000.

“This GPW has been garage kept and is about as rust free as you’ll find. Accompanying the Jeep is an article showing where a similar jeep was presented to Admiral Nimitz by the military at Pearl Harbor so the Jeep in the article matches this one right down the year, make, model and military number on hood. There is no way to verify this so one has to assume it is a clone to commemorate this event. Starts and runs like it should. Has a few cosmetic flaws as you can see in the pics but is mechanically sound. If you would like to make offer but will be unable to attend you may send offer via email. This vehicle does not have a Georgia title so ownership will transfer via bill of sale.”

1942-gpw-griffin-ga2 1942-gpw-griffin-ga3 1942-gpw-griffin-ga4

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1943 GPW Akron, OH **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

It’s a GPW that hasn’t been started in a while.


“IMPORTANT UPDATE: Upon further inspection, research and some expert advice (thank you!), I believe this is a 1943-ish Ford GPW. I have included more pictures. Some just for your additional information and some show the details that positively identify it as a Ford GPW as opposed to a Willys MB. For example, the frame under the radiator is an inverted U as opposed to a tube on the Willys.

The one picture is the engine serial number which is 3059695. From what I have read, that’s not the original Kaiser motor.
Continue reading

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Year? GPW Craig, CO $5000


UPDATE: Still Available.

(11/04/2014) Listed as a 1946, this has GPW tool lids and other military elements. A tailgate has been added. The pics below are from the ad in 2014.

“1946 Willys Jeep. Original motor and drive train. Runs but does smoke.”

1946-cj2a-craig-co1 1946-cj2a-craig-co2 1946-cj2a-craig-co3 1946-cj2a-craig-co4

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1942 GPW Salida, CA $3200


UPDATE: Still Available. Has a DJ-3A hardtop.

(07/07/2015) Thought it has some odd mods, there is still some WWII GPW left on this one.

“1942 Ford Jeep Phase 1 military. All original engine is included but is pieces. Hard to find .”

1942-gpw-salida-ca1 1942-gpw-salida-ca2 1942-gpw-salida-ca3 1942-gpw-salida-ca4

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1942 GPW East Wenatchee, WA $3800


Looks like a good price, assuming the projects aren’t too big.

“pretty solid old flat fender
Tub is good with very little rust
302 Ford
Toploader 4 speed
PS, Front Disc brakes,
Full Cage
Rear seat
Extra front and rear end
Have a top and some half doors
Runs and drives well

Needs a couple oil leaks fixed…rear output seal for transfer case. one front axle seal and one rear axle seal……..can be driven home but these will need attention.”


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1942 GPW Auburn, WA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $6500.

Has a lift kit.

1942-gpw-auburn-91 1942-gpw-auburn-94

“Bought this b/c its a 1942 Ford Script GPW jeep and b/c it is cool.. runs great…its a great deer hunting jeep.. play jeep or just jot around town cool ride.. gets lots of looks b/c its looks cool… I was thinking I would go thru it and fix it to full stock.. .as a GPW Ford Script Jeep.. After full inspection it is beyond what I want to get into…

It has bondo in it… has been converted to power steering has a lift on it (only about 1.5”)… and is missing stuff that is needed … like the light buckets.. black out lights .. and things like that…. Continue reading

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Year? GPW Denver, CO $2300


Seller is listing this as a MB/CJ2. However, it looks like this has a GPW body and some military running gear.

“This is a 1948 Jeep/Willys MB/CJ2. As a WWII jeep, at the end of the war these were sold to civilians as a CJ2. As is common in these years, this one has MB parts (military) and CJ2 parts (civilian) as they used all the parts to put these in production. This has the L134 flathead-Go Devil-engine. The engine runs! You can hear it run when you come look at it. I had inquiries so I checked; I drove this jeep. It appears the tranny, etc is fine. I drove it around, however, it has no brakes (brake cylinder is dry). Floorboards are solid. No rust through.

This would be a good project. That was my intention, but other projects took priority. The body has bondo covering it. The “patches” (seen in the photos) are places where the thick bondo has flaked off. The metal underneath is in pretty good shape.

This has a working PTO winch, 4 hi, 4 low, etc. It’s a project, but it has good potential. Two extra military seats and gas tank go with it (not sure what they’re from). Engine has been converted to 12 volt system.”

year-mb-denver-co-1 year-mb-denver-co-2 year-mb-denver-co-3 year-mb-denver-co-4

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1942 GPW Concord, CA $800


Not sure how much value is here.

“42 gpw willys. is taken apart was going to build it into a buggy but don’t have the time. body is complete hood fenders ect ect. trans and t case all there needs work but would make a cool project. no papers was going to be green sticker off rd only. asking 800.00 obo. just need it gone.”


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1942 GPW Troutdale, OR **SOLD**


UPDATE:  **SOLD** Was $3500.

(03/11/2016) Runs.

“I have a 1942 willys jeep. f script military jeep
runs and drives can be restored or used as is. ”

1942-gpw-troutdale-or-6 1942-gpw-troutdale-or-7 1942-gpw-troutdale-or-8 1942-gpw-troutdale-or-9

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1942 GPW Divide, CO **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $8000

It runs and drives.

“I have a ford 1942 ford GPW jeep (like a willies) runs and drives, not original motor, but it is the same. body and frame numbers match, I have decided I do not want to spend the time to restore this jeep. If you are interested text me an offer. All gears work, 4×4 works, lights work.”





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1942 GPW Spokane, WA $2900


I don’t see any full floaters on the rear. The body may be sitting on a newer chassis.

“I have a very rare hard to find original ford script tub jeep. Ford was only able to brand their tub for a few months in 1942 before the government made them stop. There are very few of these original jeeps still around. I have a 134L engine for extra money. It comes with transmission and transfer case. Someone started putting power steering in it. No seats. It comes as you see it in the pictures. Its a full restoration project. Please call, text or email any questions. Clean clear title.”

1942-gpw-spokane-wa-41 1942-gpw-spokane-wa-42 1942-gpw-spokane-wa-43 1942-gpw-spokane-wa-49