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1942 GPW & Willys & a trailer Bishop, Ca **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was No Price.

Here’s some early jeeps and a trailer and some parts.

My dad is selling his Jeeps a 1942 Willys and a 1942 Ford. They are both located in Bishop. Call Darrel for details”


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Builds: Eric’s 1942 GPW

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Born in Normandy (near Saint-Lo), France, Eric says he always wanted to have a Jeep.  While serving in the French Marines, he got the opportunity to drive Jeeps — In Africa and other places — which only only served to worsen his desire for a Jeep (yes, became a victim of the ‘Willys Sickness’).

Finally, in 1997, he found a 1942 GPW in the town of Carentan that needed restoration.  If Eric is like the rest of us, he probably felt it would only take a year or two to restore it (I don’t have any pre-restoration pics); instead, the restoration took 7 years.  However, the results speak for themselves — it’s a beautiful Jeep he named the Belly Flopper and in which he travels the countryside whenever he gets the chance.

While Eric’s family still lives in the Normandy area, Eric has moved to the central area of France, which is a bit cooler, especially in the winter.  The reason Eric and I exchanged emails initially was because he was searching for a heater.  I gave him some links on some newer heater options, but had no luck with any early heaters.  If you know of any for sale, he still might be interested in purchase them.  Just add a comment below and I’ll contact you.

Thanks for sharing Eric!

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1942 GPW Minden, Nv **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2200.

It runs and drives.  That’s the good.  Unfortunately, the seller won’t find a ‘Ford’ logo on the back because the body has been modified with the back of a CJ-5 body.  I should have started tracking these, because I’ve seen around 10 of these modified flattie/cj-5 bodies.

“I purchased this jeep last year to restore. I’ve found that I don’t have the time and it has just sat. It runs and I drove it around the block. The starter was rebuilt by the past owner but I think the starter bendix is sticking?? This is a project at this point. It needs alot of TLC but is drivable. I have the title in hand. If you have any questions please email or call. I will be as helpful to you as I can but I don’t know that much about it. It does have the Ford plackard on the dash but no ford stamp on the rear of the tub? You ask the questions and I will look and try to answer.”

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1942 GPW Quincy, Ca $4500


I’d like to see some more pics.  It appears in good shape, but the color is a bit blurred.

“1942 gpw military jeep in real good condition new tires new seats 4500.00”

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Reader Builds: John’s 1944 GPW

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John spent this past fall and winter doing some cosmetic restoration to this great looking GPW.  John says he’s keeping this GPW for a while, so please don’t send him any sales inquiries.  Thanks for sharing!

See all of the images of his GPW here

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1942 GPW McHenry, IL **SOLD**


UPDATE: Was $2800 **SOLD**

(11/04/09) “42 GPW, Ford jeep- ex military, was going to be a future project, was purchased in Colorado from the owner who had obtained it from his uncle and was ulitized on both of their farms, I had the vehicle shipped to Illinois- has clean frame ( no road salt used in state) main reason I bought the vehicle. GPW runs but has untill recently has been in inside storage, and is parked outside and needs a little work. Unit is missing original gas tank and support strap but I will donate a cj2a fuel tank to get you going.”


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1943 GPW Everett, Wa $700


For $700, this might be a decent price.  That front sure looks a bit twisted though.

“1943 cj2a Ford Flatfender (willys) Much more rare than the willys. Ford produced some of the flatfenders for the military during the war to keep up with demand…. HAS TITLE Decent body. Excellent Front Fenders. Ford 2.8L V6. No Tranny or t case. Excellent candidate for project. $700.00 OBO CLINT 253-820-2484 I work nights so please no calls betwwen 2am and NOON”

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Rusting Jeeps in Okinawa, Japan, and Puson, Korea

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UPDATE: I added this post in January of last year with just the single image (the first one below).  Today, David pointed me to the website that has a few more images, which follow the first image.  You can learn more about these pics at that site.

(01/31/09) Robert pointed me to a collection of Life Magazine photos of old jeeps hosted at Google.  Click on the photo and then click on it again to see all kinds of details.


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1945 GPW Sarasota, Fl $19988


Someone traded this in for a Jag perhaps?

“Rare Numbers Matching Ford GPW Military Jeep!  This Jeep has been very well cared for and captures history of WWII Much More Information.  Call Zachary Blaugh, Internet Sales Manager at 941-232-4236 OR 800-791-4271.  VIN  GPW261030”

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1942 GPW Sacramento, Ca $2000


UPDATE:  This looks like a very good price.

(11/17/09) “1942 flat fender Ford Jeep Willys, F Head, T 90, model 44 rear end, 25 in front, 33’s call Max @ 916-203-7931


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1943 GPW, DJ-3A, And Other Parts York, Pa


This seller has a variety of items for sale.

“I have for sale 195? Willys Dj3a two wheel drive column shift Mail jeep for sale only asking $400

Also i have for sale a 1943 Ford GPW for sale this is a WW2 Jeep it is taged a titled and ready for the road or play engine and transmission rebuilt most original parts asking $5000 call 717-817-7413

I also have mant parts for vintage jeeps Willys CJ2a and some M38 I would like to sell the parts as a lot or mini lots but will sell individual parts.”


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1942 GPW Milwaukee, WI **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was priced at $4000.

There’s a square pegs .. well lights … in round holes.  I can’t tell if this runs or not.


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1942 GPW & CJ Flattie Selma, OR **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $500.

I’m not sure if the price is a random number or if the seller will take $500 for both.

“1942 Ford GPW & Jeep CJ. Both for one money. No reasonable offer refused. NO TITLES. Being sold as parts donors. What you do from there is up to you. GPW has combat rims. CJ has overdrive. Both radiators missing. Drive train conditon is unknown. Email for phone number.”


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1945 GPW Willows, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE:  **SOLD** Was $2900

It appears in good condition.

“1945 flat fender gpw, origonal willys flat fender motor,was made for the military by willys subbed out to ford during WWII(what I was told).  Set up for hunting .Has off road mud tires , gun rack ,tow bar, 8000lb warn winch,full cage roll bar and rack on rear It is regestered till aug 2010 .Needs some work. E-mail with offers, trades or questions.Must Go!Make offer!


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1944 GPW Berkeley, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $8000.

No obvious rust.

“This jeep was purchased from the Oakland Army Base in 1953 by my father. Has clear title, I.D. plate attached to the glove box, two extra wheels and tires, gas tanl under drivers seat, f/r suspension has been replaced with factory equip. new carb. The jeep is a 1944 Ford, with a 1941 willys engine, Very good condition NO TRADES.CASH OR PAYPAL ONLY, NO SHIPPING PRICE FIRM,also the jeep was primed for paint in 1956, that accounts for the rust color,”


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3 Jeeps = GPW, CJ-3A, M-38 Davenport, IA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

The GPW looks in the best condition, followed by the M-38 (incorrectly listed as a CJ-3A) and then the CJ-3A.

“I am selling my hobby because of a line of duty accident that has left me with no other option. these jeeps were bought at an estate auction and they only have a bill of sale, because they have always been government owned before the last owner. The CJ3A was started on a off frame overhaul and the body was set back on to sell. The GPW is as I purchased it they both ran and drove off the trailer. the last one is just parts. thank you for your interest, this pains me to do this but I have no other choice.”




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1943 GPW Westwood, NV **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $5000

It’s got some minor updates.

“1943 GPW ford jeep. runs great all orginal except motor, bucik v6. run great, all orginal running gear. brand new 31 wildcat tries, clean title”


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1942 GPW Dublin, Ca $3500


UPDATE:  Price dropped to $3500

(03/27/09) I can’t tell if the body is rough or it’s just reflecting stuff due to its high polish.

“1942 ford gpw flat fender military jeep, like willys. $5000.00, might consider interesting trade. 925-918-1187 days only”


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1944 GPW Bryan, Tx **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $6700.

This is a long, but detailed post.  I’ll show the links, the pics and then the description.


1944 Ford GPW WWII Jeep (Similar to Willys MB Jeep)

This was a west coast vehicle (I moved it to Texas this summer) and is fairly good in terms of rust and dents, but there is definitely work to be done. The worst part of the body is the fuel tank sump, which is totally missing. Also, there are the usual sections of the hat channels that will need addressing. There are dents in the rear floor and fender wells, though the steel is in good shape and could be straightened. Same with the rear panel. The chassis has the standard-issue bubba treatment on the front bumper gussets, which are attached to a makeshift front bumper. I think the lower gussets could be salvaged, but the uppers will need to be replaced. The left rear of the chassis has sustained damage and has had a brace welded onto it. The rear crossmember and pintel plate will need to be repaired or replaced.

Okay, so that’s the bad news. The good is that I’ve been collecting a whole bunch of parts over the past couple of years to bring this closer to being a correct restoration.

Among the components I’ve got are: one complete GPW engine and a spare block. The engine is serial number 259468 and the casting date is b28522 (February 28, 1945). This was a running motor when I bought it, but is currently not operating because I took off the Willys head that was on it and have only temporarily bolted on the correct Ford head to keep dirt out of the cylinders. I purchased that engine to transfer all the components over to a November 10, 1944 block, which is dead-on correct for an early December 1944 GPW. (The estimated DoD on this GPW is either December 11 or December 12, 1944. These dates are based on GPW 240211, which is a numbers-matching GPW located in Northern California with a DoD of 12-12-44 on its original data tags. The casting date on GPW 240211’s engine is November 11, 1944.) On the spare block I cleaned up the serial number pad and restamped the “GPW <->” in the correct font, leaving the number blank after that. (There is a cartouche on the manifold side, which identifies this as a replacement block.) I haven’t had the engine tested, but there are no apparent cracks. Three of the holes for the head bolt studs, however, are oversized and will either need to have special studs or be helicoiled. (These are the three studs that are located underneath the oil filter mounting bracket.)

I’ve also acquired a bunch of the peripherals for the engine, including an NOS Autolite GEG 5101 generator (April ’48, with a spare used February ’45 that has the correct SP 484A pulley); a GPW water pump and GPW thermostat housing; GPW exhaust and intake manifolds; a correctly dated 1944 fuel pump with primer handle; replacement tags for all the electrical components (generator, distributor, starter motor, voltage regulator); and the GPW head that I mentioned above.

In terms of the body, I put on all the script-marked grab handles and rear footrests (one footrest will need to have rust welded in the lower center section); original F-marked bumperettes; correct Stimsonite No. 12 reflectors in Guide A2 No.415 A bezels; a matched True Temper axe and shovel set; the correct Stewart-Warner gas and oil gauges; a correct block F amperes gauge; a correct King Seeley speedometer; a 1944 Gerry Can; five original combat rims; an ANCO Rainmaster tandem wiper set (NOS); an original F-script pintel hitch; a pair of NOS Hall grille marker lights; an NOS Corcoran Brown blackout driving light; original rifle rack; and much more. The driver’s seat is F marked, but the spare driver’s seat, passenger and rear seat are not. There is also a complete set of original cushions with steel springs and horsehair inserts.”

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1943 GPW Denver, Co $4200


Jay went to go look at this jeep and provided the following description.  Thanks Jay!

The frame horns are a little screwed up in frontand has a rebuilt studabaker straight 6 in it instead of the ford motor.correct tranand transfer, runs good. The tub is the cleanest gpw tub ive seen except 1 hole that was cut in dash for a radio??. easily repairable. Very little rust except for a little by the axe/shovel location.Still has tool box lids, data plates on glove box, gas tand and sump, two original front seats. Frame number was “welded over” when motor mounts were changed for motor. Front crossmember was modified to drop radiator a little. I don’t think he is that negotiable.

Here’s a description from the sellers:

“Rebuilt 6 cyl. flathead engine. Rebuilt trans, Rebuilt transfer case. New brakes. New wheel bearings,New springs , has traction Bars.(for show) New Shocks. New steering linkage. Brand New tires. Custom Gas tank.  Has been all rewired and new gauges. Heater. Painted light Metallic Blue.Top is from a CJ -5 made to fit. This has been in AUTO SHOWS  in 1986,87,88,and 89. New Battery.. I am the third owner of this jeep. There is some rust by driver door where the shovel use to be  mounted.  303-433-7928”







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1942 GPW Sacramento, Ca $2500


UPDATE:  Stick Available

(10/1/09) I’m not sure if this runs or not.

“1942 flat fender Ford Jeep Willys, F Head, T 90, model 44 rear end, 25 in front, 33’s”


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Jeeps for sale Spring Valley/Lemon Grove, Ca


UPDATE:  These were for sale back in July.  Chris sent these updated pics (which are close to what Simon sent) and writes that the seller is not interested in parting them out.

“I have around 10 to 15 original WWII Willy Jeeps for sale. The have original engines and are fixer uppers. If you are interested email me for pictures and more info.”










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1943 GPW Portland, Or $750


UPDATE:  Price dropped to $750

(10/02/09) The body looks decent at the very least.

“WWII 1943 Ford GPW jeep. This jeep has been parted out. What is left is the ront & rear axles, frame and body tub with front fenders & windshield. The front fenders are post WWII and the windshield is off a CJ2A. No engine transmission or transfercase. 503-774-4103 leave a message if I am not there.”


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1942 GPW Tacoma, Wa $16,500


This generally looks good.

“1942 Ford GPW in great condition. A definite collectors piece. It runs and drives. Good for parades. Accessories included are shovel , axe, fire extinguisher, rope, canvas water bucket, 5 gallon gas can and helmet. Jeep is F- stamped all over. Original tub, frame, motor and transmission. New top, windshield glass and brakes. If interested call John. 253 381-9287”


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1942 GPW Fresno, CA **SOLD**


1942_gpw_fresno2UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $4000

“I am selling a 1942 Ford GPW from WWII. It has a chevy 350 motor with a t18 and is very smooth running!!! Locking front axle flat black! Runs great give me a call text or email me for more information or if u want to come see it.”