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The Willys Motor was repurposed for a variety of uses, including Welders, Generators, Mowers, Auxiliary Power, Boats, and more.

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King Seeley Governor for Industrial Engine Conway, MA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Industrial-Welder-Generator, Parts

UPDAATE: **SOLD** Was $20.

The Seller has more than one for sale. I imagine these are pretty rare?

“Vintage King-Seeley V54S-126D governor from Willys industrial engines. New in the box. Several available at $20 each.

king-seeley-governor-industrial-engine1 king-seeley-governor-industrial-engine2 king-seeley-governor-industrial-engine3 king-seeley-governor-industrial-engine4

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General Supply Generator w/ Willys Engine Coquille, OR $350

• CATEGORIES: Industrial-Welder-Generator

Blainse shared this General Supply Company generator. More on these here.

“Portable Air Compressor
General Supply Company 260 gasoline powered air compressor.
Jeep 4-cylinder engine.
Has not been started in a few years, so will require some TLC.”

general-supply-260-generator-coquille-or0 general-supply-260-generator-coquille-or2 general-supply-260-generator-coquille-or3 general-supply-260-generator-coquille-or4

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Industrial CJ-3A? L-head Engine Pocahontas, MO **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Engine, Industrial-Welder-Generator, Parts

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $450.

Could be worth a look. Given the oil filter bracket, this may be a CJ-3A era engine.


“Here is a Willys Jeep Industrial engine that originally powered a welder. The welder was bad and scrapped. This engine is loose and turns over but I’ve never heard it run; it was supposedly running when the welder unit failed. Should make a good engine for parts or might be restored. I understand these were used in the early Willys Jeeps including the CJ2A. Asking 450 or make an offer. It will part out for more than my asking price, so if it doesn’t sell soon I’ll just part it out. Text is best. If you are reading this ad then it’s still available; please be serious as I’ve dealt with all the deadbeats I want to.”

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1940s Hobart Welder Catawba, NC **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Industrial-Welder-Generator

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $925.

This looks in good shape. It also has a 110 volt outlet.

“1940’s Hobart G-261 welder. Good running Jeep CJ2A industrial engine. Purchased several months ago at an estate auction where it had been neglected in back corner of a garage for decades. Rubbed on it a little, installed new battery, poured water in radiator and in just a short time it started. Engine sounds great, good oil pressure. No water leaks, no oil leaks. Still working out kinks. Gas tank needs good clean out, will require sheet metal removal and I just have not gotten revved up for that yet. Have not tried to weld, have not attempted to test for weld current output. Have plugged a grinder in to 110 volt outlet and that did work.”

hobart-welder-g261-catawba-nc01 hobart-welder-g261-catawba-nc0 hobart-welder-g261-catawba-nc1

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1943 Willys-Overland Fire Pump Little Rock, AR $400

This Willys-Overland Fire Pump needs an L-head, but it seems an unusual item. It looks like the trailer was not original to the unit, based on these two photos from G503:

willys-fire-pump1 willys-fire-pump2

“1943-dated Willys American fire pump. US Army Corps of Engineers, 250 GPM.
“Willys American” cast into the pump body. Enclosure is gone.
The base is the fuel tank. Mounted on a 2 wheel trailer chassis with antique tires and 2” ball hitch.
No suspension and old tires so needs to be hauled on a trailer.
Has WWII OD paint under the red paint.
I removed the engine and bellhousing for use in WWII jeep restoration. Selling with the engine front plate, manifolds & carburetor, governor, oil filter & bracket, fan and fan shroud and generator. You will need to supply a Willys L-134 motor and bellhousing to put this back in operation.”





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Hobart Welder Southbury, CT $650

• CATEGORIES: Industrial-Welder-Generator

Seems like a good price.

“Hobart Welder – run by Willys Jeep Motor – $650 OBO”


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Hobart Welder and Generator Easton, PA $500

• CATEGORIES: Industrial-Welder-Generator

Welder does not work, but the engine worked last year.

“Old Hobart welder (Welder part is no good) with Willys Jeep CJ2A flat head engine and governor. I had the engine running a year or so ago. Held good oil pressure but did smoke. Has antifreeze in it and no cracks in the block. Bring a trailer with a winch as the trailer that it’s on it not towable. The one wheel is frozen up and won’t roll.”



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Year? Hobart Welder Hudson, FL **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Industrial-Welder-Generator

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $500.

Still welds.

“This is an old but still functional Hobart wilder. It comes with the leads and an extra engine block. It has a Willies motor in it now and still turns over. It’s been in storage since my brother pasted. It was his.”

hobart-welder-tb-fl1 hobart-welder-tb-fl2 hobart-welder-tb-fl3

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WWII Generator Mariposa, CA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Industrial-Welder-Generator

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $500.

Includes an MB engine #253438

“Willys MB engine in a WWII generator set. Engine serial number MB 253438. Engine oil clean and antifreeze in
the radiator. Generator was used up to a few decades ago until wood rats inflicted damage on the generator wiring
and controls. Engine turns freely. This is sold as an engine only as I do not think the generator is worth repairing.
I am not sure how correct the carburetor is.
$500 or offer”


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Willys Powered Generator Kensett, IA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Industrial-Welder-Generator

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $350.

Sounds like it still runs.

“Military generator. 120/240 single phase or 120/208 three phase. Name plate is difficult to read but I believe it to be either 13.8 or 15.8kw. Has a flathead 4 Willys engine,antifreeze good to -40, Gasoline. Uses 2 12 volt batteries for start and generator field. Very reliable,but we havent used it in several years so it needs new batteries . Like all military equipment, very heavy.”


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Year? Hobart Welder w/ Willys Engine Seeley Lake, MT $500

• CATEGORIES: Industrial-Welder-Generator

Seems worth a look.

“1960’s Welder, ran fine, but has not been fired up for 10-plus years, but kept under cover.
$500.00… OBO”


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CJ-2A Engine in Welder Alexandria, VA $300

• CATEGORIES: Industrial-Welder-Generator

UPDATE Still Available.

(05/01/2020) There could be some parts value here.

“Complete Willys CJ-2A 4 cylinder flat head engine with all accessories and governor. This item sat in a shed for about 25 years and has been covered by a tarp for a couple of years after going out of service for fuel tank reasons. Item is stuck from sitting and is still attached to the arc welder it powered and on the trailer it is transported on. Sold as is. $300.00.”

cj2a-welder-alexandria-va1 cj2a-welder-alexandria-va2

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1953 CJ-3B, Year? M-38, Generator Manhattan, KS $4500

• CATEGORIES: CJ-3B, Industrial-Welder-Generator, M-38, Parts

Lots of parts, but unclear just how much value is here. Has a Sears Deluxe Hardtop.

1953-cj3b-manhattan-ks0 1953-cj3b-manhattan-ks2 1953-cj3b-manhattan-ks3


“1953 Jeep Cj3b · Suv · Driven 99,999 miles. 1953 Willys cj3b tub with fenders, with windshield with glass, F head 134 motor with starter and gen, trans, radiator, rolling chassis, new leaf springs new fender supports for front a tub support, seats including rear seat

Not sure of year but willys M 38 tub with left fender, L head 134 motor with starter and gen, trans, radiator, 2 windshields one I have glass and rubber, rolling chassis with good brakes excellent under carriage, Continue reading

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2 1946 Hobart Generators Columbia City, IN $1000

• CATEGORIES: Industrial-Welder-Generator

UPDATE: Still Available.

(05/22/2020) There could be value here.

“I have 2 hobart GP-258 generator welders for sale both complete the one on the trailer has the arc sense throttle linkage NEITHER OF THEM RUN but wouldn’t take much to get going both engines are free and have compression uses a Willys CJ2A engine parts are easy to find at any auto parts store just lost motivation. Trailer included sells as a set will not separate”

2-hobart-generators-welders-columbiacity-in1 2-hobart-generators-welders-columbiacity-in2

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Year? Hobart Welder/Generator Dorchester, WI $650

It runs. Could be a good price.

“D.C. Generator/ Welder.needs a switch & cables,WILLY’S Jeep motor runs, a definite great buy. Located east of Colby”


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Willys-Powered Hobart Welder Helena, MT **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Industrial-Welder-Generator

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $450.

Could be a good price.

“Good Old Working Welder”


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Willys-Powered Fork Lift Lebanon, OR $2000

• CATEGORIES: Industrial-Welder-Generator

If you like to have all your toys Willys-powered, this might interest you.

“Gas forklift has willys motor 4 cylinder. Cold blooded. Runs good has minor oil Leak but otherwise works good”


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Willys Powered Hobart Welder Sarah, MS $600

• CATEGORIES: Industrial-Welder-Generator

No pics provided.

“Hobart Welder 1940’s dc generator willys jeep 4 cyc. Industrial motor liquid cooled with trailer.”


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1946 Generator? Silver Springs, NV $400

• CATEGORIES: Industrial-Welder-Generator

It’s an industrial engine with a large saw attached to it.


“MUST SELL– 1946 Willy’s Engine SN:638632 W2, in front of serial number is 1-11 and after serial number is N1-CR. We are asking $400.00 obo

It is in running condition except it needs a little work. Needs some hoses and the radiator needs replace(new one sitting there for it) I am selling this for a friend (who has passed away) I don’t know much about it so it is best that you come look at it at the Antique Link store in Silver Springs. It is mounted to a trailer with a large Buss saw setup attached.

It can be towed as is. Trailer has an attached hitch.”

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Hobart Welder/Generator Roseville, MN **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Industrial-Welder-Generator

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $800.

This industrial engine also has the heat shield atop the carb.

“For sale is a Hobart G310 welder/generator. This unit has a Willies Jeep motor that could be pulled and used in something else. The welder/generator doesn’t come with leads”

hobart-generator-mn1 hobart-generator-mn2 hobart-generator-mn3 hobart-generator-mn4

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Navy Generator Norwalk, IA $750

• CATEGORIES: Industrial-Welder-Generator

This Navy generator circa 1942-1944 includes a rare heat shield.


navy-sk-radar-equipment-generator-norwalk-ia1 navy-sk-radar-equipment-generator-norwalk-ia2 navy-sk-radar-equipment-generator-norwalk-ia3 navy-sk-radar-equipment-generator-norwalk-ia4

“complete Navy military self contained Power Unit, about 1942 – 1944
Generator is powered by a Willys Jeep 4 cylinder gas engine
Filed the points, hot wired the distributor, attached oil pressure gauge, poured gas in the carb
Started right up, made oil pressure,
I did not try to get power from the generator.
Has all the steel panels to keep it dry.
Call to see it, if it’s listed it’s for sale.
15kv, 3 phase, 120 volts, General electric
Hour meter reads 0133.5
serial number 70
call to see/buy it,”


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WWII Generator L-134 Santa Cruz, CA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Engine, Industrial-Welder-Generator

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was Make Offer.

Seems worth an offer.

“Nice engine with less that 500 hours on it. It cam from a WWII generator that had little use. Was running when disconnected and comes with the radiator. Make me a fair offer.”


heat-shield-industrial-engine-wwii2 heat-shield-industrial-engine-wwii3

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1944 Signal Corps Generator Chico, CA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Industrial-Welder-Generator

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1600.


“1944 pu-58 g Signal corps. Okeef &Merritt 3k generator
Powered by 4cyl jeep L-134
Runs good and puts out plenty of power 120-240 vac
Can easily run a house if the power goes out.”


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2 Arc Welders Windfield, KS **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Industrial-Welder-Generator

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $600.

Both for $600.

2-arc-welders-ks1 2-arc-welders-ks2

“2 old Arc welders
They have the old Willys 4 cylinder flat head motors
They need work
$600 for the two of them
502 E 6th Ave.”

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Hobart Welder Wallace, MI **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Industrial-Welder-Generator

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $800.

It welds and rolls on a trailer. Has a CJ-2A engine.

hobart-cj2a-engine-mi0 hobart-cj2a-engine-mi1 hobart-cj2a-engine-mi2

“welder runs good and welds good, has 110 volt outlet to run a hand grinder,with long welding leads on mobile home axle for easy transport”