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Soviet Russia WW2 Photo2 on eBay

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No details on when this photo was taken.  It is sold out of Kiev, Ukraine.


The auction on this photo by the same seller fetched a bid of $18.50. I was surprised it went that high.

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1945 GAZ Estonia eBay

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Here’s a rare GAZ out of Estonia. Might be good for a European collector.

“GAZ 67, Jeep, Militaria (Willys Jeep) 1945 ,

The vehicle is moving under its own power.
the car is not restored.
Still retains the original factory work. (80 %)
The car has been standing on the tenth garage.

EU Member States do not have customs and logistics companies to be transported. Transportation Estonia to Germany pays 400 – 500 EUR. –

Shipping will be paid by the buyer. Shipping outside the EU to clarify before you buy. I will help the buyer in dealings.”

View all the info and pics on eBay

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The Story of the Jeepy Pedal Car

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Even contacted me from Norway with a nice bit of history about the Jeepy Pedal Car.  Thanks Even!

He writes, “As world war 2 came to a close a Norwegian engineer name Sigurd W. Ødegaard was looking for products he could produce in his mecanical workshop.  One day during the summer of 1945 he was watching a military parade with a lot of jeeps when he got the idea to produce a small version of a jeep as a pedal car. A year later he produced his first pedal car, manufacturing them from 1946 until 1952.  During this time his company made about 3000 units of this popular car .  I was told they cost almost 100$ back then.

These small Jeeps are popular among collectors here in Norway and since Sigurd made them very solid there are still some around.  The car is 1/3 scale from the GPW and  are all steel with air filled wheels.

I have also heard that Sigurd W. Ødegaard was educated in the US  and worked for Mack International Motor Company. At some point he travelled to the US to start production of this pedalcar over there, but returned to Norway after failing to get production going because the Korean War made it complicated to get enough steel for the pedal cars.”

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Barfrosttreffet in Norway October of 2011

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These pictures could be straight out of a scenic shot from the Pacific Northwest, but instead were taken at the annual October Barfrosttreffet in Norway.  Even is part of a club called the Flatfender Fellows and shared these wonderful pictures.  This area shown below is about an hour north of Oslo.

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Photo from 1959 on the island of Tinian

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UPDATE:  From both emails I received and comments below, the consensus seems to be that the framework was built for pushing branches away, also called limb risers.  As Brett suggested, I googled ‘tree limb risers’ and found something similar at a hummer site.

Gary’s father shot this photo around 1959 on the island of Tinian, which is part of the Northern Mariana Islands.  He was wondering if anyone knows how the front rack was used?

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Paratroopers and Paratrooper Vehicles in Carentan, France

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Jeff was vacationing in France and Belgium when he ran across two businesses located in Carentan:  Paratrooper and Paratrooper Vehicles.  He thought I might have known about them, but nope I did not know about them.  Carentan is a small rural town near the north-eastern base of the French Cotentin Peninsula in Normandy.  If anyone else has been here (or can translate the website better than I), feel free to comment!

Jeff writes, “I was just in northern France and Belgium with the family on vacation and was in the Normandy area which incorporated a D-Day beach tour. Stayed in Carentan and came across Paratrooper. I am sure you may have known about them. I visited both businesses which are in different locations. I took some photos of the restoration location, Paratrooper Vehicles and thought you would like to see them.”

Thanks for taking these.  I will add this to my list of must visit places when we do our Great European Jeep Tour.  When are we doing this tour?  I’m hoping in time for the the 70th anniversary of DDay.

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A Fire Truck from Kvalsund, Norway kr45,000

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Here’s a 1957 fire truck from Norway that is still in great shape.  This jeep is located in the far north of Norway.

Here’s the Norwegian ad (click here to translate):

Veteran/brannbil fra 1957 selges pga plassmangel. Flott bil og samleobjekt for den interesserte. I 2011 ble den kjørt fra Sarpsborg til Hammerfest uten et feilslag, Har desverre ikke tatt bilder innvendig men di kommer om noen dager det er tank i bilen tror det er plast nyere rør og kuleventiler følger med en bensindrevet pumpe til å kjøre trykk fra tanken, det er slangetrommel i bilen og to sitteplasser helt bak samt hjelm fra den tiden…har også satt inn 3 brannslukkere fra 60/70 tallet av typen Nu Swift bak i bilen, det er også gammeltypen hampslanger både 2 1/2 ” og 1 1/2″ med nord kupplinger.

Har tatt bilder under bilen og det er ikke rust, startet forøvrig på første forsøk etter å ha stått ute sin første vinter.  Har redusert prisen dersom hurtig avgjørelse på salg. Det er en 6 sylindra motor Flatsix Hurricane”

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Custom 6-wheeled Jeep in India

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This looks like a well done rig.  The Mahindra MM540 was phased out in 2000.  You can read about Julian and his jeep in the Hindu Times.


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World’s Largest Jeep

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UPDATE:  Mark pointed out that Jalopnik has updated the pictures shown below with background information about how why the “Chuck Norris of the Middle East” built the world’s biggest jeep.  

Here is the newest link with the full story:

(Originally Published 04/10/2010) Thanks to Rich for finding this information on JalopnikWe saw an early pic regarding this jeep, but here’s the final product.  Note the other large 4x4s as well. Ahhhh, the life of a sheik .. so much money, so little time!

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Fire Jeeps out of the Netherlands

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I was trying to locate some more interesting willys-related museums, but instead stumbled across the atlantic, landing in the Netherlands (back in time no less).  The result were these 2 great images of old Fire Jeeps with extended rears and wonderful details.  There are a few more smaller images of these jeeps at the Netherland focused website Brandweerforum.  They have some other non-jeep firetrucks there as well.

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Lars’ Jeep Service in Sweden

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DC forwarded Lars’ website.   Lars runs “Willys Service” in Sweden and has been working with Willys for over fifty years.  He has some beautiful jeeps, too.

Willys Service Lars Svensson

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Colombian Flatties from Flickr

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Here’s a nice shot of a jeep  that looks like a statue of some kind.  I don’t think she is a statue though.

This looks like a photo of a postcard maybe?

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Front Page News from a Colombian Yipao

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Sebastian was in Colombia last month and saw this amazing picture from a local Colombian festival.  I have got to see one of these festivals for myself sometime 🙂

Unfamiliar with Yipaos?  Check out these videos:

Or view these pictures:

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Colombia Jeep 360 degree Panorama

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Warren forward this fun link.  Click on the pic.

According to the website that holds the panorama, “This is image was taken in Circasia Quindio Colombia. Its the place where the cattle is sold every weekend. It is also a place where all the farm people go and sell vegetables and meat. The Fire Department is located there. The jeeps are the famous Willys that take people into the mountain to work their farming.”

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War Museum in Pyongyang, North Korea

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In case you plan a trip to North Korea, you won’t have to leave behind your love of Willys, for the War Museum in North Korean Museum has a captured one there.


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Mitsubishi Right Hand Drive J54 Milburn, Tx $7500

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UPDATE:  Price bumped to $7500

(03/19/2011) This looks like a real nice Mitsubishi, but the description had me scratching my head  Now, I’m no expert on Mitsubishi jeeps, but I’m pretty sure there are some inaccuracies in the description.  As a side note, here are a variety of Mitsubishi Jeep brochures that I found.

For example, ‘Diesel engine means long life, biofuel or runs on French fry oil’ — sure, a diesel ‘can’ run on vegetable oil, but it does require some non-trivial modifications.

Or ‘This is an Mitsubishi produced M38A1’ — this is not an exact version of the M-38a1 (not even close). Instead, this appears to be a J-54.

Or even ‘It has High/Low 4×4 & 4×2 Tranny & Transfer case. (3 levers)’ — unclear how it has a 3rd, separate lever for the transfercase when the first two levers represent the entirety of the transfer case.  Below is the description:

“USED WILLYS JEEP CJ3B (High Hood) PRODUCED BY MITSUBISHI CORP JAPAN. This is an Mitsubishi produced M38A1 VIN # J54-16629

Mitsubishi bought the rights to produce the exact Military version M38A1 Jeeps back post WW II They continued production until 1990

There are identical other than some major improvements.
Differences are Mitsubishi installed there 2760cc 4 cylinder Diesel Engine & put in a 4 speed transmission.
It has High/Low 4×4 & 4×2 Tranny & Transfer case. (3 levers)
Has a posi-trac rear end.
Fuel economy is exceptional. (Approx. 25-30 MPG 2×2) (In 4×4 & extreme conditions less)
Pre-Heat standard , WE were starting it this winter during the ice & snow when it was 0’ outside & the windchills at 15 below.

24v system. Dual batteries

They are right hand drive. (Can be converted) Other than engine, tranny & related most other parts interchange. Tops & other accessories are available new today. We carry a full line of service & replacement parts in our inventory.

This Jeep is equipped with a 3″ lift, free flow exhaust, 32″ tires, aluminum mag wheels, bucket wrap around contour seats,
Chrome Bull Bar,. Bikini Top, Roll bar .

We have been completely thru this Jeep & found it to be in excellent mechanical condition. With No Rust.

The engine will out perform even a 6 cylinder & even V-8’s in most any terrain, …. “well other than flat out”
It has a throttle set for climbing the steepest grades with ease & no bouncing accelerator pedal.
Diesel engine means long life, biofuel or runs on French fry oil dependability & less braking desending the steepest of grades.

Willys required there Logo to be on all of them. Other than the Engine & Tranny you cannot tell them apart.
These will last past your Grandchildren.
They will simply out perform any Jeep you are currently familiar with Off-Road. I have had 24 of these over the years & everyone that got one of them just loves them you will to I am sure.

I sold most of them between $8000 & $10000.
I will take $6500 cash money or trade for something that I like or you think is worth more than 65. Please be real , no junk, & send pics. I like man toys, street rods, & would trade for a Rhino in nice condition.

Call or text 580-371-5355”

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1945 GAZ 67B Russian Vehicle

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UPDATE: Steve notes the original GAZ was built in only 50 days based on a newspaper clipping.  Here’s additional information:


Darrel wrote me recently noting that he has a 1945 GAZ-67B living in his garage. He said it was also known as an Ivan-Willys, which is similiar to a real Willys, because it has a Ford-A engine that was made in Russia under license.  It is cool! Thanks for sharing Darrel!

Darrel writes, “The GAZ 67 World War Russian vehicles were produced from 1943 to 1953. There were only 5000 of these models made during the war, but in total there were  92,843 of these models produced. It had a 4-cylinder 3280 cc gasoline motor and a top speed of 90 km/h (56 mph).”

And here is a GAZ 67 and GAZ 67B  video with some strange music …

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Women and Jeeps From Flickr

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Here are some fun pics from Flickr.  The last one is an illustration that isn’t a great pic.

This image is from Colombia.

The step has been modified, but this is a nice looking flattie.

She’s King of the World (that would be a Titanic reference)

I do not know the artist or name of the painting.

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All Dressed up for a Wedding

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Claus forwarded this story and pics today from South Africa. As I told him, marriage can be a rocky road, so it only makes sense to start out newlyweds in a jeep!  You might remember Claus’ brother’s build, which can be seen here.

Claus writes, “The past weekend my brother was asked, by one of his friends, to provide his jeep as their wedding car. Apparently the jeep was centre of attraction and completely shadowed the newlyweds hehehe :-). It even was part of the decor at the reception hall.”

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Who Needs a Road? A 1960s Trip around the World

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Harold Stephen loves old jeeps.  He loved them so much he spent time exploring the world in both a CJ-5 and a Landcruiser during the 1960s.  In 1965-6 Harold Stephens, along with Al Podell, picture editor of Argosy magazine, formed the Trans World Record Expedition and set the world’s record for the longest non-repetitive miles motor trip around the world (42,500 miles). They captured their trip in their co-authored book, Who Needs a Road. I just bought a copy and you can find a paperback copy for sale here.

Prior to their joint trip, Harold purchased a CJ-5 and shipped it with a small trailer to Europe.  He writes, “Three months in Europe, and no accommodations to worry about. I camped in the shadows of medieval chateaus and age-old monasteries. When I could find none of these, I camped in farmers’ cow pastures. Many times I awoke to discover cows nibble at my shoes outside my door. If farmers came, they were usually friendly, providing I had closed the gate behind me, and often invited me to the farmhouse for coffee and homemade bread.”  You can read more about his CJ-5 European adventure here, including a two month stay in a Russian Jail.

He eventually made his way back to Spain, parked his Jeep and returned to the US. He sold his story to Argosy Magazine and then his editor asked him if he would be interested in an around the world tour in a Toyota Land Cruiser (I tired to find the argosy article, but was unsuccessful).  He said yes, so he and a few others went pack to Spain, picked up a Landcruiser, snagged his jeep, and then started off on their journey.

This is Harold with his CJ-5:

Here’s a good pic of the Landcruiser

Read all about their Trans World Record Expedition at the website

Here is Harold’s Personal Site

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The British Jago Geep (now Sandero) Kit

Pronounced “Jay-Go”, the Jago Geep was brought to my attention by Robert, who had never seen one either.  So, I warmed up my googler this weekend to learn more about them.

According to this Sandero website, British Business Partners Geoff Jago and Richard Park launched the Jago Geep Kit car in 1971, making it one of the first kit cars in the UK.  In the same way a dune buggy kit was sold in the US to be placed atop a VW Chassis, the Jago Geep Kit was initially intended to be place onto a Ford Anglia 105E and then later atop the Ford Escort MK1. There were five general variants of the Geep kit produced, but because they are all kits, it is doubtful that any are exactly alike once assembled and individual builder details were added.

In the 1980s, due to illness, Park sold the remainder of the company to Jago.  In 1985, 25 specially manufactured kits were produced to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Geep.  Sometime in the 1990s, the company changed from the Geep model to the Sandero model, but I haven’t learned why.  Most recently, and in the post below, a Series II Land Rover was used as the chassis.  You can learn more at the Jago Owners Club.

From the 1984 through 1990 Jago produced a kit car called the Samuri, a four seat utility vehicle designed to fit atop the Ford Escort.

Here’s the nicest looking Jago Geep I’ve seen (so far):

Here’s a Jago Kit used as a drag jeep:


See Dave’s Kit Car Here:

Here’s an image of the Jago Samuri:

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The World’s Best Coffee Jeep

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Here’s another reason to travel to Colombia.  Sebastian’s father spotted this gem.

Sebastian writes, “My dad took these pictures today in Rio Negro, Antioquia, Colombia. I have seen Willys being used for almost everything in Colombia, but I never saw this before, a moving coffee shop. Look all the details, the art on the doors and on the tailgate, the speakers (stereo) on the roof, the coffee machine inside, the ketchup on the side, it has everything! The name displayed on the sides reads “Camperito del Café, lo mejor del mundo”, which roughly means the coffee jeep, the best of this world. No doubt about that.”

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More on this unusual CJ-?A/MB Wagon in Bali

UPDATE:  Rudolf sent some additional pics of this rig. Steve gives a good analysis within the comments section.

Rudolf forwarded me this unusual CJ-?A/MB wagon.  Rudolf reports that this is titled a 1944 and was used for public transit in Bali.  Given the full floating rear end, the rearend might have been from a MB.  It reminded me of another vehicle with a similar wood rear end that is located in France  (see the red image below).

From France (CJ-3B Page,

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WWII Jeep at Small Museum in Auchonvillers, France

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If you happen to be in France and staying at the Avril Williams Guest House, in Auchonvillers, France, you must take a trip across the street and visit the small museum.  There you will find a set of compact dioramas from several wars.  In the World War II diorama sits a restored MB or GPW of some vintage.

I found a pic of the jeep at this website, which follows someone’s journey through the battlefields of France.

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Mahindra History Overview

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Thanks to Brian for spotting this video.  Though the music overshadows the narrator in many instances, there are a wide variety of images presented that make it work a look.