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Bruce Finds Some More Las Brisas Surreys

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Bruce forwarded me these unusual and rare posts cards of some unusual Surreys (here’s a compilation of Surrey & DJ info). Bruce has attempted to contact the Las Brisas Manager to learn if they have a historian of sorts for their jeeps in use, but he hasn’t had any luck. If anyone has any Las Brisas connections, please let me know!  Thanks for sharing Bruce.

Check out the guy driving the jeep, a stick no less, carrying a tray of food!

Brian writes, “These 2 jeeps offer clues but also leaves one with more questions. The extended tub, tailgate, baby moon hubcaps, valance panels, and an absence of chrome bumpers.  Also, there was no date stamp on the card, but it looks to be from the late/early 50-60s.

On the back of the postcard, written in both English and Spanish, it reads Room service by jeeps- unique at hotel Las Brisas in Acapulco where every room a has it’s own pool.”

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Sebastian Returns from Colombia

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I hadn’t heard from Sebastian for several months, so it was a nice surprise to get an email from him.  It turns out he just returned from a trip to his native country of Colombia.

Among his exploits on vacation was a 2 day trip in a CJ-3A with his dad that took them from Medellin to Bogota, covering nearly 400 km (about 250 miles) with elevations varying between 1300 ft to 8500 ft.

Sebastian provides images from his trip as the Flat Fender Club of Butler’s website.  I’ve linked to a couple below.  I’m hoping to sneak into his luggage on his next trip to Colombia — it’s a beautiful place.  Thanks for sharing Sebastian!

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1958 IKA Jeep JA-3UB Godoy Cruz, Mendoza, Argentina eBay

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The shipping on this from Argentina would be a killer — However, I can’t say I’ve ever seen these for sale in the US. You can learn more about the JA-3UB here (though the translation is rough).

View all the info on eBay

Here is an example of a IKA Jeep with an unusual soft top.

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1967 DKW Munga Troy, MI **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2995.

“Selling a 1967 DKW MUNGA jeep. These jeeps were manufactured by DKW, 1 of the 4 rings of the Auto Union. this car was imported from Europe a few years ago, it has a 1000cc 3 cylinder 2 stroke motor and is 4 wheel drive. the engine was running but was low in power ( and you need all you can out of the 1000cc engine to move the beast!). My mechanic tested it and the seals need to be replaced, i ordered the parts from Europe and they will be included. many in Europe were fitted with Ford V4 engines, Renault 12 engines or Opel 4 cylinder engine for more power.  You will surely be the only one on the block with a Munga. Also delivery can be made by plane, they were equipped with a parachuting hook! just in case! selling for $2995, that is less than the shipping and importing fees from Europe, must make room. Thank you for looking, contact me for more photos or info. Happy motoring. John”

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1977 Mitsubishi CJ-3B RHD Eugene, OR **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

These don’t appear very often.  I’m not sure how easy, or not, they are to import into the US.

“This is a no-reserve auction for a super rare 1977 Mitsubishi Willys Jeep J54 Diesel  right hand drive in Immaculate condition. It has a professionally installed dual tank fuel system which means it can run on diesel or vegetable oil. The system was professionally installed and runs exceptionally  well. The Jeep also has new TA’s with less than a 1000 miles. The title is clear and clean. No rips or tears in the seats. No dents or body damage. Runs and drives excellent. Bikini top and doors included.”


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Mitsubishi J-52 Jacksonville, NC **SOLD**

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UPDATE: Was $9500 **SOLD**

This is an interesting jeep.  I am not familiar with the J-52, though I haven’t researched the early history of Mitsubishi.  The seller of this has been doing research of his own on this jeep for several years, as a post on the Willys M Jeeps forums as early as 2006 notes his search efforts.  The photos of this jeep are worth reviewing as it is a combination of some unusual features.  A quick search did reveal the J-53/54.  Finally, I found this table that shows the J-52 had the KE47 engine.

“Before I can get into the specifics of this little jeep, I feel I need to explain a little about it because there is very little information about the Mitsubishi J52 on the internet, and there are no photographs I can find depicting the body style like the one you see here. I found this one at a little jeep lot on Okinawa around 2006.  The dealer said it had come with a shipment of used jeeps from Tokyo.  I bought it and restored it there on the island, and the Government shipped it to the US as part of my household goods when my family and I returned from overseas.  I have had it since then and it has enjoyed local acclaim, appearing in several parades and winning “Best All Around” at a local car show.  All guys — and all little kids — absolutely love it!

It is my OPINION that this was one of the original Mitsubishi/Willys collaboration after WWII.  It’s a very early model J52, serial number “J52-00261”, and from this I believe the production number to be #261, or that this jeep was number 261 off the production line.  Because there are radio mount holes and radio table holes in the right rear fender, and because of the rifle mount racks present on the windshield frame, I believe this jeep to have been actually used and maintained by the Japanese Self-Defense Forces after the US stopped occupation in the early 1950’s.  It is also my opinion that they continued to use this jeep until 1973, when it was sold to the civilian market.  I believe this for two reasons:  first, the title says it’s a 1973 model; second, I can’t find a photograph of a 1973 Mitsubishi J52 that looks like this one.  (I also can’t prove a bit of this!)

This jeep was fully restored in 2006, everything was taken off the vehicle and repaired/restored/repainted; however, we did not take the tub off the frame.  I wish we had, because the channels are beginning to rust, and there are a few rust spots beginning to show around the door seams on the tub.  There is also some rust on the inner windshield frame where water collected underneath the glass and rusted it from the inside.  Other than those, there are a few very small bubbles beginning to appear, which I can point out to a serious bidder.  There is no rust on the floor pans or in the bed, the footpads are solid, the frame is undercoated and protected.  This is a solid jeep.

The engine is a Mitsubishi KE-47 gasoline powered four-cyliner.  It runs like a top and purrs like a kitten.  There are no oil leaks, compression is great.  Manual choke.  Transmission shifts great, three-speed with reverse.  Four-wheel drive and high/low transfer cases all work.  All lights work, although it has recently developed a dislike of high-beam headlights – sometimes they won’t come on and lows will have to do.  Front blackout lights work!  Fender-mounted blackout light is not connected.  Vacuum-powered wipers.

Canvas top was made on Okinawa by Mr. Shima, who used the old torn-up one as a pattern.  Seat pads are cordura and were made by Mr. Scott of Texas.

This jeep has been either carported or garaged since it’s been in the States.  Being in the military means moving a lot and sometimes it has had to do its “military share” by spending some time in the elements, but we have taken care of this jeep and it has meant a lot to our family.  We are headed back to Okinawa for another three years, and I think it’s time to send it on its way to another owner who will value and care for it.  If that’s you, you’re getting a good one and you can count on truthful answers to any questions you might have.”

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The Mitsubishi Prototype “Pajero”

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This is the 1973 Mistubishi Prototype “Pajero”.  Unfortunately, I can’t remember where I found the photos.  Next to the wagon, is what I call the CJ-3B Wagon, but what Mistubishi called the CJ3B-J11, created in 1956. You can see a full version of it below.  Click here to see the Mitsubishi virtual museum.

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Shed of Dreams

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A shed of dreams?  I came across the phrase while, as usual, searching for something else.

As best as I can put together, the shed was located in Greece and was full of old MBs, GPWs, Parts, and more. The Jeep Draw website has a large number of images showing rows of old jeeps. One pic shows at least 20 jeeps sitting 3 rows high.

According to Thomas Jacobson’s jeep website (which has some good jeep info), the  shed of dreams existed as late as 2001, as that is when Thomas visited the shed and took a whole bunch of pictures.

According to a discussion thread on the Steel Soldier’s website, the shed no longer exists as the jeeps have been sold.

Here is an example of one of Thomas’s images:

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1953 CJ-3B Hunter, NSW, Australia eBay

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UPDATE:  This is back on eBay

(01/26/2010) Here’s a right hand drive CJ-3B for all of our Australian readers .. if there are any?  This looks great.

“This is our 1953 restored Jeep, runs great,We live in the bush and it is not registered.New body,tyres,electrics,windscreen, fuel pump .radiator,canvas,brakes, plus many other parts.Always stored inside.A big box of spares available”

View the ebay ad here

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Toyota’s Jeep AK10 and Jeep BJ

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As usual, searching for something unrelated to Toyota lead me straight to the Toyota BJ (I was searching through some automobile history).  I knew very little about the Toyota Land Cruiser history, so the threads I’ll share below were very interesting to me.  The pics all came from the website, where there are plenty more pics of both the AK10 and the BJ.


According to Wikipedia, in response to a request by the Japanese government, Toyota developed the AK10 in 1942.  Apparently there are few surviving images and no surviving vehicles.  You can view the AK10 discussion thread at the website.


Again, according to Wikipedia, in 1950 the Korean War created demand for a military light duty vehicle.  The United States Government asked Toyota to build 100 vehicles based on Willys specs.  The following year, Toyota designed the BJ prototype.  While longer and more powerful (6cyl) than the 1/4 ton jeep, the BJ had no low range.  The National Police Agency (NPA) was impressed enough to put in an order for the Jeep BJ’s, which became their official patrol vehicle.  The BJ would have 3 different Models, a Touring model (BJ-T), a Radio model (BJ-R), and a Fire Engine Capable Model (BJ-J) [technically, I suppose these would be the english equivalent translations …].

In 1954, Willys-Overland put pressure on Toyota to cease using the “Jeep” name.  Technical director Hanji Umehara had the responsibility to rename the vehicle.  Interestingly, rather than compete with the Jeep label, he chose to compete directly with the Land Rover label.  He notes, “I had to come up with a name for our car that would not sound less dignified than those of our competitors. That is why I decided to call it ‘Land Cruiser’.”

Here are several images of the BJ that I found on the IH8MUD site.  You can see many more here The Toyota BJ ‘Jeep’ thread at the website.

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A Few Images from a Modeling Contest in Spain

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Roberto‘s friend Javier de Luelmo took a few images of a scale modeling contest held at Torrent, Valencia, Spain (9 to 11th April 2010).  You’ll note Robert’s t-shirt design was a centerpiece!

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Jeep Images From Cuba via Tim

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Many thanks to Tim from the site for sharing these unusual images. He notes he has many more.  I suspect over the next few months as the site grows it will become an important library of information.  Thanks Tim!

The timing of these photos is fascinating, as early 1959 was the ending of the Cuban Revolution and the assumption of control of Cuba by Castro.  Based on a few searches I just completed, it appears Fidel was a fan of jeeps and there are multiple references of him riding in a jeep.

And, in the last photo, that is Fidel himself.

Here’s a pic I’d like to get.  After recieving the pics from Tim, I did a little research.  Here is a video of an image of Fidel and Che Guerva posing in a Jeep in April of 1959. Unfortunately, I do not understand what the narrator is saying.


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Sebastian Visits Colombia and Brings Back Pics

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As the eWillys Senior Envoy to Colombia, Sebastian continues to bring back some great pics and information. This time he’s posted them at the Flat Fender Club of Butler’s website.  Below are a few of them. Thanks Sebastian!

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Jeep Clubs in Pakistan

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Right in the middle of drafting a post about DJ-3As vs Galas vs Surreys, the internet managed, once again, to derail my efforts.  In the middle of doing a picture search,  I stumbled upon the Islamabad Jeep Club.  Hmm .. that’s in Pakistan … could that really be a jeep club?   Not only is it a jeep club, it is one of the three clubs from Pakistan on the internet with sites published entirely in English.

I admit, this is something I didn’t expect.  I admit, despite my attempts not to preconceive, my entire conception of Pakistan is desert, Camels and a mirror of Afghanistan — a montage of movies and news footage.  That was my view of Pakistan.

Here’s a video from 2008:

Now I’ve learned there’s more. So, for your educational pleasure, below are snapshots from each of the three websites I found in Pakistan and a pic of the wide range of 4wd vehicles that attend the Islamabad Jeep Club events.  You’ll see a wide mix of old flatties, new 4wd vehicles, and everything in between. Finally, while checking out the Offroad Pakistan websites, I ran across a wonderful post about the rebuilding of a Ford F1 from California, which I cover in the post below this one.

Lahore 4wd Jeep Club


4×4 Offroaders Club Karachi


Islamabad Jeep Club:


And, from the Islamabad Jeep Club, comes this photo that shows the wide range of vehicles that are in their club and/or attend their events.  You can view more photos here.


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Here’s some pics from Europe

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I never get tired of looking at old jeep pics.  These came from this Italian site:





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Ebro Trucks from a Jeep Pickups website

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Here’s some a couple great pics of an early Ebro Cameador.  You can view more images at

Jeeps first started being assembled in Spain in 1952 by a company called VIASA, which means Vehículos Industriales y Agrícolas, S.A in spanish. I am not sure if VIASA ever made pickups, as I cannot find any records of them being produced. However, in the late 1970’s VIASA was absorbed into EBRO, another spanish company. The only pickup that I know of produced by EBRO was called the Campeador. It was a forward control pickup available in either single or double cab version, which was called the Duplex, as well as a van, called the Toledo/Furgon. At some time, Hotchkiss in France also produced these vehicles, but I can’t find any pictures of them. Production of these vehicles was from 1971-1985 in France.  The Ebro name was discontinued in 1980.



To Top — One Family’s Jeep Collection

• CATEGORIES: GPA (SEEP), International, toys, Website is a great little website that features a French (?) family that is busy collecting jeeps (GPA, GP, Hotchkiss …) and more.  It appears to be a total family affair.  Their collection of jeep pedal vehicles is particularly interesting.  The collection of book titles is worth reviewing as well.

Below are a few of the pedal jeeps. Note the last pic where they are hanging in a garage above what appears to be the Seep covered in canvas.


To Top — has moved

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1942_mb_davidUPDATE: David wrote to tell me he is moving his website to So update your bookmarks.  His move is a result of the geocities shutdown.

The website snuck up on me.  I didn’t think there was much here, but the more I dug, the more I found.  There’s an extensive book list, link list, a list on the differences between a GPW and MB, a list on the differences between an MB and a Hotchkiss M201, pics and more.

The website’s owner, David appears to live in the Netherlands. He shows many pics from a jeep he restored, but it doesn’t appear to be the same jeep that’s on the front page.

I tested a few of the links for the list of links, and at least some were out of date.

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Builds: Filandia, Columbia

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Sebastian has forwarded a couple great pics from Columbia.  I love the colorful jeeps against the colorful buildings.  Thanks!

He writes, ” I received these Pictures from a very good friend. They are from a small town called “Filandia”. This is a typical picture of these kinds of towns, many Willys (especially CJ-3Bs) group in the middle of the town, next to the stores so people use them as taxis after buying groceries. As you can see they are pretty much stock even though some modifications have been done to improve performance. Keep in mind this is not a Willys ride, a car show, or anything like that; it is just s typical day in Filandia. The pictures only show a few, but you can usually see more than 20 together. Their drivers have been doing this for so many years and usually with the same vehicles. They always tell you they will never sell their Willys since they have provided a way of living for almost 50 years. Finding a Willys in Colombia is no problem, finding someone willing to sell it is a different story. Enjoy.



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Willys Colombia

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Sebastian forwarded me the Willys Colombia website.  I realized I couldn’t find it because I was spelling Colombia wrong (my spelling:  Columbia).  I have now corrected all the other posts as well.  Ooops.

Anyway, there’s lots of great pics.  One section includes the official Guinness Book of Records Photos from the parade are there too.  However, one thing I haven’t determined is exactly how many jeeps were there.  I have seen the figures of approximately 300 jeeps and of approximately 370.  I tried to search Guinness, but had no luck.  Here’s a few of the pics.


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Camino de la Muerte

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I’ve been sick the past couple days and have been watching way too much poor quality TV.  However, I did manage to find a great Discovery Channel show about the Camino de la Muerte (the Road of Death) that runs from La Paz, Bolivia, to a height of 15,000 feet and then downhill into the Yungas region of Bolivia.  In 1995, the Inter-American Development Bank listed the road as the most dangerous road in the world, with an average of 100 – 300 deaths a year (various sites were reporting differing averages). This page has a large number of pictures of the road.

Based on the Discovery Channel show, I can see why it’s dangerous, but I have to say it was hard to take the driver/narrator of the show seriously when he indicated being frightened.  After all, it is a flat road, albeit with a steep drop off to one side.  Just drive slowly and you’ll be fine. I guess I’ve been on enough hair raising, difficult jeep trails that I find it hard to take the ‘fear’ portion of the road of death seriously.

That said, if I ever do my round-the-world jeep trip, it will be high on my list of must visit roads.

Below is an image that was part of an article about Bolivia, however a reader named Allen identified it from a Warn Winch Ad, as seen on this page.  It was taken on a formerly narrow section of the Black Bear Pass Road.


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The German Schwimmwagen

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On the heals of yesterday’s GPA, I thought I’d do a brief shout out to the Schwimmwagen.  You can read more and see more pics about the Schwimmwagen at Brian’s site. Here’s a pic (below) from July 12 1944 (from Brian’s site as well).  Here’s some youtube videos.


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Builds — 1945 MB Navy/Shore Patrol Resto from Argentina

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willys_argentina_logoI’m assuming this is a 1945 MB based on the title of the forum.  I found these pics from a spanish website I stumbled across called Willys Argentina.  I thought they had a pretty cool logo, so I’ve included a copy of that.  There’s plenty more pics and information about Flatties.

Here’s some 1945 MB pics I’ve linked to from the website.  You can see more pics on this forum page.

Continue reading

To Top Website — Some Great Pics

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I believe the author of this bilingual (french/spanish) site ( about a 1942 MB is from Europe, though I didn’t get a sense of exactly where they were located.  Neither my French nor my Spanish will save me in an emergency, let alone let me navigate a site about jeeps.

Fortunately, the excellent pictures make the site worth visiting even for the most linguistically challenged of us.  I especially liked the pic below (there are other pics that provide similar comprehensive views of parts).  If anyone knows who operates the site, I’d gladly add their name here so i can properly credit them.

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The History MB-CJ3B Willys-Viasa

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Here’s a good history of the MB-CJ3B Willys-Viasa with a variety of pics.

In the late 50’s, Willys Overland gave the rights to the V.I.A.S.A. firm to allow them exclusively to build the Univesal Jeep in our country. In 1959, the first permit to import parts and machinery is given by the Trade Ministry, in order to assemble the first units  in the V.I.A.S.A’s factory located in Zaragoza. These units weren’t launched until 1960.

It seems that that permit let V.I.A.S.A build the CJ3B model, with different engines and features from the original American model …”

Learn more about the Viasa here