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Another Report from Willys Am Tegernsee

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Christian and his group of jeep enthusiasts gathered together once again. He reports they had fun, despite some heavy rain. Joining them was a couple from the UK, James and Annie, who are traveling around Europe in their Willys MB. I’m hoping to find out if James and Annie are reporting on their adventure online.


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3 Interesting Jeeps from South America

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This first wagon is from Uruguay and was shared by Christian del Manya. It’s an early three-row IKA Rural wagon built on a pickup 4×4 chassis. He included an ad for it down below.



Photos of the second and third interesting jeeps were found in this collection of photos:

jurassic-wagon-southamerica11 jurassic-wagon-southamerica22


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2016 Willys Am Tergensee Head to Italy

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Christian shared the news that the jeep-group he started is heading to Italy this year. He wrote, Right now we’re about to prepare for a trip down to Italy, where they celebrate the Liberation (Liberatione) on April 25th and a group of Jeep-enthusiasts started una colonna della liberta in 2006. Every year it takes place in a different region of Italy. This time it’ll be in the Padova area. We’ll roll down to there with a group of 11 Jeeps to join the Colonna with its about 150 WW2-US-military-vehicles.”

You can learn more here (in German)


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1948 Photos of International Refugee Jeep

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These images of an International Refugee jeep in West Germany were part of Barbara Reinfeld’s journal. Journals were provided to refugees to document their experiences. You can learn more about the young woman’s diary here:

1948-international-refugee-org-jeep-german1 1948-international-refugee-org-jeep-german2

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Yue Loong Chinese Jeep Brochure on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features, International

This CJ-6ish jeep has no fuel inlet on the driver’s side. It also appears to have some kind of Tuxedo Park package (front bumper for example). Price is a crazy $99! It’s listed as a 1958 CJ-3B brochure.

“Original part color folder , 7.5 x 10.5 folded , 15 x 10.5 unfolded , has 2 horizontal folds , text in Chinese and English .”

View all the information on eBay





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Dutch Couple Drives from India to Lebanon

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In 1966 the Jeep News Magazine reported on a 14,000 mile trip by Mr. And Mrs. J. Th. van Reijsen of the Netherlands.


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Casa Willys Restaurant in Colombia

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Gayland forwarded these pics from a co-worker of his who visited Colombia. It’s a Casa Willys Restaurant (notice the sign in the upper right of the first photo) located in Salento, Colombia. It’s well rated by Trip Advisor.

cafe-willys-coffee-restaurant1 cafe-willys-coffee-restaurant2cafe-willys-coffee-restaurant3cafe-willys-coffee-restaurant4

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MBs & GPWs at Tegernsee

• CATEGORIES: Features, International

This article out of Germany includes over forty photos of restored MBs and GPWs. They all gathered at Tegernsee.


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Unique Colombian Jeep Bike

• CATEGORIES: Features, International

If you weren’t convinced yet that Colombians are jeep crazy, check out this unique bike. There are a some other jeeps and a few jeep trucks also shown at this link.


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Jeeps Article from 1953 Cars Magazine

• CATEGORIES: Features, International, Magazine

These old car magazines are such fun to explore. The August 1953 issue of Cars Magazine had an article about jeeps. The magazine also contained a strange story from Idaho about the Brink and a Half Club, which seems to involve dunking your vehicle into the Clearwater River. While the article claims US95 hugs the Clearwater River for 150 miles, according to wikipedia the Clearwater is only 75 miles long. I think the author may have confused the Clearwater with the Salmon River.

Finally, I’ve also included an odds-n-ends page which includes a Ford automobile testimonial by noted criminal John Dillinger and the earliest example of a double-ender vehicle I’ve ever seen.


This is the full two-page jeep article blended together. The text can be read in the image below.


Page 1 of the article.


Interestingly, no mention of any asian companies jeep efforts mentioned.


No mention of Vic Hickey made in reference to the top photo. This article from Car Craft does a much better job of covering Hickey.

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1981 Viasa CJ-6 Italy 12,000 Euro

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Seth found this Viasa CJ-3B/CJ-6 for sale in Italy. Good condition and nice top.

1981-viasa-cj6-italy1 1981-viasa-cj6-italy2

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Dutch Army M-38A1 Photos

• CATEGORIES: Features, International, Old Images

Charles shared a variety of Dutch Army photos with M-38A1s in them.

m38a1-dutch-army1 m38a1-dutch-army8 m38a1-dutch-army7 EPSON scanner image

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French Diesel CJ-3A Ad

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, International

Charles shared this ad for a diesel CJ-3A.


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Australian Review of the 1958 CJ-3B

• CATEGORIES: Features, International, Old Images, Old News Articles

The August 11, 1958, issue of the Sydney Morning Herald featured a long review of the CJ-3B, whose parts were imported into Australia and then assembled there. You can review the article at Google news as it original appeared or read my re-arranged version (for space purposes) below. The reviewer’s biggest complaint was due to the way the jeep is converted from left to right-hand drive, leaving the gearshift to the left of the transfer case shifters.



From the August 11, 1958 issue of the Sydney Morning Herald Page 5.

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Santa From Australia

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One more Santa post. Jalopnik posted this rendition of Santa driving a ‘jeep’ that was painted by Australian James Higgins Quirk in the 1950s. The original image is part of a digital collection at the Museum Victoria.


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Swedish CJ-3A Jeepen Brochure

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features, International

I may not be able to read this brochure from Sweden, but I like the pictures :-). I guess no one else on eBay could read it either, which is why I got it for next to nothing.

swedish-jeep-brochure1 swedish-jeep-brochure2 swedish-jeep-brochure3

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Jeep Duriez Ads

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UPDATE: These were sold on eBay.

Marc found these vintage Duriez Ads from France. Duriez used the jeep platform (and other vehicles) to create more transportation options.



3. View all the information on eBay



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1950 M-38 Balangas, Philippines $10,000

• CATEGORIES: International, M-38

Looks like a line up of jeeps behind the M-38.

“Frame off restoration, All Original; less than 20 Kilometers since restoration; T90 3spd, 4wd; runs perfectly; kept in garage; canvas in good shape; black out lights.”


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1969 Photo of Haifa Israel Factory on eBay

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Provides a good look at the dash assembly.

“This is a Type I Original News Press Wire Service Photograph.”

View all the information on eBay


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Pics From Charles

• CATEGORIES: Features, International, Museums

Just a few posts tonight.

This jeep is featured at a Brussels military museum (Royal Armed Forces Museum?)



Here are some miscellaneous photos:


wilrec_09_22 wilrec_09_19 ddhrsw aGun

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Jeeps Produced in San Paulo

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This photograph is part of a Popular Mechanics article from October, 1959. The article highlights the success American car manufacturers were having by producing cars in the San Paulo region, which the writer describes as the ‘Chicago’ of South America.

You can read the entire article here


Lined-up Jeeps await delivery outside the Willys-Overland of Brazil factory at Sao Bernardo do Campo, Sao Paulo’s industrial suburb. This expanding plant will soon be producing 250 Jeeps, cars and station wagons per day.

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Vintage Ike Estanciera Ads

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features, International

These were located in Argentina.

1940´S/50’S – JEEP 12 ADS !!!.-
MEASURES APPROX: 7.5” X 5.5” / 19 CM X 14 CM (EACH PAGE).-”


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1955? Alfa Romeo Matta Brochure

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features, International

UPDATE: This brochure sold on eBay.

I don’t know just how rare these brochures are, but this is currently priced at $93 and there’s already a bid! The vehicles were only built between 1952 and 1954, so I’m not sure there was a 1955 brochure?

“Pages: 12 (fold out)
Language; specs in English, German, Italian, French
Print code: –
Size: 27 x21 cm (10½x8½)
Condition: good (4 out of 5, if 5 is mint new). Please notice, light miscolor on front is due to photo.
Remarks: 2 clean binder holes
Ships w/ top-quality airmail at 7$ within EU (European Union) and 11$ rest of World (including US/North America) (NEVER experienced any shipment problems). Combine with 1 or more of my other auctions, and it gets quite inexpensive. Shipment will get to you within 1 week or less. If you prefer, we can also arrange special shipping.”

1955-alfa-romeo-matta-brochure1 1955-alfa-romeo-matta-brochure2 1955-alfa-romeo-matta-brochure3 1955-alfa-romeo-matta-brochure4

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1979 Mitsubishi J-54 Vancouver, BC, Canada $9900

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Blaine spotted this one.

1979 Mitsubishi Jeep J54 with the 2650 cc Diesel motor. This is a one of a kind in Canada
Willys Style Jeep from Japan It is in fantastic condition for the year and a perfect candidate for 
Collector plate. It is super clean with a rust free body and great paint.
It Has a solid axle front end and it runs and drives like new It has a super low gear in 4 low and it will take you virtually any where.
BC Registered and ready to go.”


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CJ-3B Coffee Bar in Colombia

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Oscar shared these pics of a CJ-3B coffee bar from his friend Ron, who accompanied him to Colombia. Oscar shared his own pics in this post.

The jeep looks to have some type of pop top to create more room.