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CJ-3B Coffee Bar in Colombia

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Oscar shared these pics of a CJ-3B coffee bar from his friend Ron, who accompanied him to Colombia. Oscar shared his own pics in this post.

The jeep looks to have some type of pop top to create more room.


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Willys MB in Netherlands Museum

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Hugo spotted this 1944 MB at the Louwman Museum in the Netherlands. Here’s the museum’s link to the jeep:


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Oscar’s Visit to Colombia

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Oscar Skold was in Colombia last month. He shot these photos for us (at least that’s the way I’d like to think of them).

He reports, “I know most of these are not actually Willys jeeps but nevertheless a very cool encounter while I was visiting Colombia a month ago. They use most of these old jeeps as taxis and you see them everywhere. Unfortunately I didn’t have a camera to shoot all that I saw but these pics gives you an idea what a great country this is to travel around in. We were mostly in the Medellin area and south, down to a town called Roldanillo.”

P1010703 P1010761 P1010780 P1010781P1010664 P1010665

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1948 Photos of CJ-2As in Israel

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

Marc found these photos of Israeli Commandos in CJ-2As





3. View all the information on eBay



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Jeeps on Flickr from Around the World

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Marc found these interesting photos on Flickr.

The first is a photo of the Italian police from 1947:

italy-police-flickrHere’s a more recent photo from Ravenna, Italy:

2010-ravena-italy-red-jeep-flickrThis photo was taken in Iran in 1997:

1997-persia-flickrTaken in October of 2013, this photo was taken in Japan:

2013-japan-cj3b-fire-jeep-flickrI’m guessing this photo of a late model CJ-2A from the Netherlands was taken in the late 1940s:


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Yipao News on the BBC

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Bruce spotted this article on the BBC about Colombia’s Yipao Celebration. More pics at the website.


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Doron’s 1942 GPW Tribute to his Father

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Doron Segal from Israel shared these photos. In memory of his father, Doron has rebuilt a 1942 GPW with the number “4062”.  His father served in the “Samson Foxes“.

The two photos below are from a fifteenth club event in Israel, 2010 (see more current photos here).  Doron can be seen driving his GPW in the first one:

doron-segal-1942-gpwdoron-segal-1942-gpw2Here are some vintage photos. They jeeps shown are a mix of MB/GPWs, CJ-2As and a Lefty CJ-2A. It looks like the rear extension was a must-have modification. Note the number on the jeep in the first photo.

samson-foxes-israel-doron3-lefty samson-foxes-israel-doron2 samson-foxes-israel-doron1

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1962 Photos of Captain Harry Wilson’s M-38A1s in Egypt

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Ed Wilson wanted to share some unusual jeeps photos from Egypt. They were taken in 1962 by his father Captain Harry Wilson during his United Nations duties in Egypt, while serving with the Canadian Army.

Ed notes that a few years ago his father searched for a tiny place called Sharm el-Sheikh where Harry and a fellow officer served during 1962. Their job was to look after a desalination plant. Instead of locating the hut where the two of them and a local family that cooked for them had lived, Harry was blown away to discover a billion dollar resort. No doubt the hut and the family are long gone.

egypt-wilson-UN7 egypt-wilson-UN6 egypt-wilson-UN5 egypt-wilson-UN4

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TARE: The Wild Rumanian 4WD Vehicle

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Glenn pointed out this unusual 4Wd jeep-like vehicle that was offered for import back in 1972. I can’t imagine too many of them made it to the states.


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Sausages and a Toy Jeep

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Hugo in Uruguay spotted this video. Like peanut butter and jelly, ying and yang, Fred and Ginger, Sausages and toy jeeps are a natural fit, right? Well, if you didn’t believe it before, check out this ad that celebrates 100 years of Ottonello sausages. The toy jeep appears at the 15 second mark. After viewing the video, Hugo suddenly remembered that he’d owned a red toy jeep when he was a kid.


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Wildenberg Parts, Netherlands

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wildenberg-partsDavid Wildenberg from Wildenberg Parts emailed me. They will soon be celebrating their 60th birthday! They deal in Jeep (MB, GPW, M38, M38A1 and cj models up to the CJ5) Dodge WC series and M37, GMC 352 and 353. Spare parts and vehicles. If you are in the Netherlands, drop by their warehouse.

Learn more at their website or on facebook

Here’s a great photo from their early days. Look at all those jeeps!


Some History:
Wildenberg BV was founded in 1954 in Zeist, the Netherlands, by Wildenberg Sr. The son of Mr Wildenberg, Etienne Wildenberg, also worked in the company, and took over in 1988.

Recently David, Etienne’s son, also joined the company. He is the third generation involved with the company, which makes Wildenberg BV a real family-business.

How it went further:
Selling parts was a beginning but the sale of military vehicles also became a part of the business. The company grew steadily and soon outgrew the location in Zeist, and relocated to its current location in Rhenen. The inventory kept growing and eventually the warehouse had to be expanded. This created more space for the enormous number of parts and military vehicles.

The warehouse:

All these years of experience have resulted in a stock of over 2300 square meters! All parts are cataloged and displayed by type.

60th year anniversary:
In 2014 our company exists 60 year. And we are going to celebrate that! With as start the new years drink on January 18 from 2 am to 6 am. The rest of the year we got lot’s of discounts. Package deals and free merchandise. We are also planning a party weekend and a Army-verhicle tour.

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Tour de France Jeep Toy on eBay

• CATEGORIES: International, toys

Craig spotted this rare jeep. I wish I had the extra nickels to compete for it. It includes four plastic bicycles, too.

“Up for auction is a very nice old unused Tour de France car with 4 bikes. It is in Original Box. The Jeep with the bikes is 5.25 inches long x 2.75 inches at the front fenders. The front of the windshield says Tour de France with 2 French flags. It is a very pretty mint green color This toy shows no signs of any use. The box and toy are in very good condition. The box shows 2 figures in the front seat, but it does not appear to have them, not that they are missing. There are no marks where they might have been. Ask questions and bid carefully. Paypal ships fastest. Thanks”

View all the information on ebay

tour-de-france-toy-jeep1 tour-de-france-toy-jeep2 tour-de-france-toy-jeep3 tour-de-france-toy-jeep4

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From Mexico: More Photos from Juan

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You might remember Juan’s jeeps and his story from a post in October 2012. Well, here are some more photos.  I love this first photo of Juan and some friends that are shown with his truck. He was part of a movie shoot.



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From Belgium: A Jeep Then and Now

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Charles forwarded these photos. The first shows a jeep from 1944. Fast forward to 2013 and we have another jeep (not the same one) being rebuilt in this same location. It’s a nice bit of history.

fosses la ville 1944

fosses la ville 2

fosses la ville 1

fosses la ville 3

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From Greece: Christos’ M-151A1 **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: International, M-151


Here’s a M-151A1 for sale from GPVC in Greece.

“Full restoration on body, engine and electrical parts, front and back seats tapestry.
Water repellent canvas rooftop and doors
Water fording kit
Between front seats storage box
Radiator cover
Koni Absorbers
Shovel-Axe-Tank set
Front windscreen frame-A2
Original-Authentic 100%
Guarantee 10.000 Km”












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CJ-3B Paddock Bomb From Australia

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I happened upon this unusual CJ-3B from the Weekly Times in Australia. The paper requests folks send in their ‘paddock bombs’. You can read about this CJ-3B from Bona Vista in Gippsland.


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A Couple Pics from Antioquia, Colombia

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Sebastian writes, “Here are a few pics that my dad took last Saturday on a trip he did to “Puente Pelaez”. This is in Antioquia. As you can see it is a nice rural area where the Willys fits perfectly.”



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1955 M-38A1 Brainerd, MN **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $9500

There can’t be too many Israeli jeeps in the US. I wonder if there’s paperwork as well?

“We have just acquired a very unique jeep for sale it’s a 1955 Willys M38A1 once owned by the Israeli army. This is an extremely rare vehicle to be imported back from Israel all the markings are correct to the time. It is my pleasure to offer it for sale for $9500 delivered anywhere in the US.”


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1947 Australian Newspaper Article

• CATEGORIES: Features, International, Old News Articles

Here’s a 1947 short story in “The Land” about the importance of the ubiquitous jeep to at least one farm in Australia.



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A WWII Jeep and a ?

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Buz forwarded these photos showing a WWII jeep at play. He was wondering what the silver vehicle was (see third photo). Is that some kind of jeep from India or Pakistan? My brief searches yielded no clues.

Here are a couple links Matt forwarded related to the pics:

DSC_7765_zps4f689721 dsc00457_ika_pakwheels28com29_XLE_P img4279a

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Christo’s Jeep Restoration Shop in Glyfada, Greece

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UPDATE: George cleared up the 10.000 km issue.

Christos’ operates a restoration shop in Glyfada, Greece. You can learn more at his site:


He’s currently selling this nice looking M-38. No Price indicated. I thought the price was 10,000 Km, but George got me straightened out on that..

“Μ38 Restoration works carried out on the vehicle.
BODY WORKS :Sandblasting-Antirust protection-Paint
ENGINE PARTS: Motor repair , gear-box and auxiliary.
Differentials front-back, breaks, suspension.

Electric installations, lights, instruments, fuses.
Brand new seats and roof
Full restoration with new authentic spare parts .
Original/Authentic 100%
Guarantee 10.000 Km”





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Story about UK MB Barn Find

• CATEGORIES: Features, International

A story about a MB barn find appeared in April at It’s been accompanied by some forum posts with more pics at HMVF.

The Story:
The Forum:


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1984 CJ-10 from Sweden

• CATEGORIES: International, Other 4x4s

Magnus wanted to share his beautiful CJ-10. I can’t think of a nicer one I’ve seen.

“Hi! Here is a pic of my CJ-10: 1984,3.3l diesel, dana 45,60,complete restored, probably unusual in usa.”


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1950 French Army Prototype Photo on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, International, Old Images

Is this some type of Hotchkiss prototype?

“1950 French Army jeep driving near Paris Press Photo 90
You are bidding on an original press photo See Scan Below ~ Photo is 8 x 10 in size.”

View all the information on ebay



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Photo’s from Claus’ Trip to Namibia

• CATEGORIES: Features, International

Claus recently moved from South Africa to Namibia. As part of the move, he drove his restored CJ-2A to his new home. Reminds me of the Southwest.

He writes, “I drove my 48 all the way from Cape Town to my home town of Windhoek along dirt and gravel roads for a total of 1822km (about 1100 miles). Stunning adventure. The first 600km odd km’s up to the border was on tar road and mostly at night. I did that stretch, 589km to be exact in 11 hours with plenty of night driving, but I had to push it to escape bad weather which was following us from the south. The other 1200km odd km were just gravel road and I have a lot of pics. A friend joined me on the trip, didn’t think she would survive as it was wet and very cold at times but we had a blast. My jeep performed so well and I was so proud of her. Went at a slow pace no rush generally we were doing 100miles a day, find a farm were would could camp and off we went again – trip took 7 days.”

claus-namibia-trip1 claus-namibia-trip2 claus-namibia-trip3 claus-namibia-trip4

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