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Norbert’s Campagnola

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UPDATE: You can see more at Norbert’s site:

Norbert wrote me from Germany yesterday. He wanted to share pictures of his Campagnola. It’s a great looking vehicle!





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Two Photos from Alex

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Alex, who directs Tahiti-Pacifique Magazine, forwarded these two photos.

For unknown reasons, the driver of this DUKW (thanks Bob) must have had quite a drive!

indochine commandos jeep 1953

Alex writes, “Photo of 1954 peace treaty delegation between the French and the Vietminh. The French army used mostly US WW2 surplus equipment in that war. The US took over after the 1954 defeat, Indochina became Vietnam, the Vietminh became Vietcong and the issue was the same 20 years later. “

indochine traite? de paix 1954

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Old Photos from the Netherlands

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Charles forwarded these photos.

These two photos are from a Venlo training school in the Netherlands.

106-42ea9800601ef55daba8fe51d009dc27 106-a8f40814eccd52ff6c2a184017101756

This is an old dutch army photo



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1975 CJ-6 Sweden

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Jerk spotted this unusual CJ-6 with what I assume is a custom bed. It’s another odd ball.

“Google translation of ad;
Willys Jeep pickup sold due to lack of time!
It is 4×4 and right hand drive. Is the course so no sms or e-mail hears
I was by myself for the end! Sincerely Tobbe”


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Surfer Roxy in Alex’s CJ-3A

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A US surfing celebrity called Roxy dropped by Moorea in Tahiti and borrowed Alex’s CJ3A  for some fashion shots. I personally think they cropped too much of the jeep, but I guess it is all about the model these days . . . On the bright side, he made a few bucks on the rental 🙂

Roxy Tahiti CJ3

To Roxy’s credit, she could drive the jeep well. You can see more pictures of Alex’s jeeps (without Roxy) here

Here are some additional photos from the photoshoot

Finally, you can catch a quick glimpse of the jeep racing through the pinapple fields. You’ll have to watch a bunch of women in small bikinis to see it though. I’m sure you’ll all suffer through it just fine.

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More Photos from Europe

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Charles forwarded these photos for our enjoyment.

1) entac rockets launched from belgian army jeep


2) belgian army – 5th Company Medical -Kassel (germany)


3) willys ran upto landmine – place ‘herkenbosch’ netherland


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1958 FC-170 in Sweden For Sale

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Jerk forwarded this unusual FC-170 for sale in Sweden. Note the unusual bed, rear window, and rims.

“Renoveringsobjekt, gammal bärgningsbil med frisk ram, rak 6-cyl sidventilsmotor isärskruvad + en extra motor också i delar, ny packningssats till motorn finns, rostig hytt, extra front och dörrar finns, original winch monterad på kraftuttaget, kraftiga axlar, Dana 44 fram & Dana 53 bak, reg.papper från landsarkivet finns då det gamla fallit ur registret.”


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Vintage Photo of a Fiat Campagnola on eBay

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This is a great photo of an Italian Campagnola.

“Photo size is 3.5×5″ inches”

View all the information on ebay

1953-fiat-campagnola-1 1953-fiat-campagnola-2

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Photos from Moscow’s Lend/Lease Museum

• CATEGORIES: Features, International, Museums

Charles discovered these photos taken at the Lend/Lease Museum in Moscow, Russia.









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Forward Control Van from HAMB

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Buz spotted these two photos from HAMB. The photos were taken by Jack Brands. I tried to identify this European FC van, but didn’t have any luck. Anyone know? Ambulance maybe?

jeep jeeplwb

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Jeep Train in Colombia

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Sebastian’s in Colombia for a week and forwarded this article regarding a jeep train in Colombia. Here are a few photos and the link to the article (it is in Spanish).

colombia-willys-jeep-train3 colombia-willys-jeep-train2 colombia-willys-jeep-train1

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1974 IKA 2WD CJ-6 **Status Unknown**

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UPDATE: This was on eBay last year. **Status Unknown.

(11/24/2013) This Industrias Kaiser Argentina CJ-6 is the first I’ve found for sale. The seller’s wife brought this from Argentina. According to the CJ-3B Page, about 600 of these came with diesel engines.

“This is a rare specimine of a 1971 Kaiser Jeep CJ6 that has been garage kept for many years. My wife brought it to the US from Argentina where it was maintained to the last degree by a master mechanic. The body has absolutely 0% rust. That may be hard to believe but it is truly the case. It was originally a Dual Fuel Natural Gas primary with Gasoline Reserve tank vehicle but the EPA forced my wife to remove the NG tanks. I have no idea why in this day and age of alternative fuels the EPA would make her do this but they did. The tanks re-installed if you can find them in the market. The EPA forced her to leave the tanks behind. We are both self employed and have very little time to work with it but as I understand it, here is what it will require to get it running: Rebuild the carb, Probably a new battery, and it will need a new Hydraulic clutch & mastercylinder. Otherwise, it should be good to go. As you can see from the pictures, it is in amazing condition cosmetically. If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them to the best of my ability. This “Fix-er-Upper” wont take too much “Fixin’-Up” to be an awesome collector for someone.”

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JeepFabrikken in Norway

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John forwarded JeepFabrikken, a Norwegian based website.


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Gaz 67 on Facebook

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Marc forwarded a link to a Gaz 67 Facebook page out of the Ukraine.Газ-67-Иван-Виллис/127567624024640


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State Archives of Ukraine

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Marc found these photos at the Ukraine State Archive website.

ukraine-archives3ukraine-archives1 ukraine-archives2

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1981 Dominican Republic License Plate on eBay

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

Ever seen one of these?

“Authentic License Plates as shown – This is the only place on the entire planet which has issued (and they no longer do it) A special class of plate for a jeep.”


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More Old Photos from Europe

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Charles forwarded these photos. The first one shows the former queen BEATRIX of the netherlands ( who just passed the crown to her son a few weeks ago).






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Belgium Resistance Photo on eBay

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The bidding on this ended, but I’m sure it will get relisted.

“Hi, and welcome! Thanks for stopping by. You are looking at a 5×7 photograph printed on FujiFilm Crystal Archive emulsion paper depicting one of the first American Jeeps to penetrate into Germany during World War II. Driving the Jeep is T/5 Charles D. Hiller of East Syracuse, New York. Sitting next to him is a Belgian patriot in an American uniform, holding an M1 Garand. His name was Henri Souvee of Liege, Belgium. The photo was taken in Roetgen, Germany on September 10, 1944.”

View all the information on eBay


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More Jeep Photos from Europe

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Charles forwarded these great photos taken in Europe.

The first is a ‘pension’ for Dogs and Cats . . . aka animal control.

jeep-with-unique-hardtop2 jeep-with-unique-hardtop1

Here’s a nice looking service jeep created from a MB or GPW.service-station-tow-jeep

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1961 Article about the Ramirez Vehicles on eBay

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I don’t know anything about these jeep-like Ramirez vehicles.

“original magazine article , 11.5 x 15 , Spanish text , has a horizontal fold , this article continues onto another page which is not present. Produced by Trailers De Monterrey , Mexico City , Mexico. This item is AutoLit Part #wg7786-IRPJFL.”

View all the information on ebay


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Overloon Liberty Park Museum in Netherlands

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UPDATE: I thought this was in Belgium, but Charles correct me (thanks!).

Charles shared these pictures from the Overloon Liberty Park Museum in Netherlands. The park contains over 150 vehicles and looks to consist of several different museums. You can see the museum’s location on this map.  Many more photos of the museum are viewable through google images.

overloon-museum-belgium1 overloon-museum-belgium2

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Canadian Army Photo from Italy on eBay

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This appears to be a Slat Grille MB.

Sicily: Canadian jeep passes by on its way to Enna.

note on condition:Photo top right edge has some bends to it, small edge tears and finish has come off in one place.

8 x 8 black and white original photo – Canadian Army official Photo with press release describing the photo in details, and dated. Press release is stapled to photo. “Jumping_Packrats” text is not on original photo. Back of the photo is stamped ” – Please Credit – CANADIAN ARMY PHOTO (Printed in Canada) and there is also a serial number penciled in. Photos are boarded and bagged and shipped in hard-board mailers.”

View all the information on ebay



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Charles Photos from Belgium

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1942 French Canadian Article Showing Ford GP

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At least I think that’s a Ford GP. I’m having trouble telling given the photo’s angle. The page is 14×11 inches.

View all the information on ebay


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The Chang 46

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George forwarded this blog post about the Chang 46. It started production in 1959 and ended in 1963. There weren’t many made. They started with 38 in 1959 and by 1963 only 1390 were produced.