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1952 M-38 Missoula, MT **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3500.

“Must Sell 1952 flat fender Jeep. 231 v6 auto. comes with 4 33-14.00-15 super swampers on wheels.. also have soft top and mech. jeep winch. offers and trades considered..”

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1958 M-38 Idaho Falls, Idaho $6800


Looks very nice.

"1952 Military Jeep Original with upgrades ( see Photos)  Runs Great!  Call John 208-552-4955 or Cell 208-589-1452"


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Mitch rolls his CJ-3A on ‘flat’ ground

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To make me feel better about cutting my brake line, Mitch sent me this series of images of him rolling his jeep last year at Rimrock (Washington State) on 'flat' ground. It kind of looks like Mitch's jeep rolled over and played dead to get out of the mud.  Another way to look at it is that, if you are going to roll over, smarter to do it on flat ground rather than on a steep hill …. but right in front of a no parking sign? (see last pic)

Here's Mitch's take on it:

"Here's the series of pics…..That mud was real thick….In the process of rocking it back and forth I was making good progress of getting out….When the front end finally pulled the rear out of the hole, it immediately slid to the left and dropped the left front tire off the little ledge you can barely see in the pics. I had enough momentum and it was enough of a drop that the jeep just slowly flopped on the left side. No damage at all. The cage and tires were the only things that touched ground."

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1950 M-38 Seabeck, Wa $2450.


This jeep's been for sale for a while.  I believe the price of $2,450 is lower than previous listings.

" 1950 Willys Jeep M-38, Lots of work done. Needs some work,new parts Too much too list. Have reciepts.
Have top bows & Rear seat. 4+4 means off road. Yes, it needs work. But for some who can truly appricate a 1950's Jeep. No it doesn't do 60 mps on the Highway. But is meant for off road use. It takes the right person.
This Jeep run's. Great Winter project. Fun 4+4 Projct. $2,4500. O.B.O. Call Bob for more info. (360)830-9211 will not reply back"


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1952 M-38 San Diego, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2500.

This seller has plenty to say about this jeep.  The seller states “Value with basic OD paint and canvas for the top and seats and some basic parts ($2000 invested). —$6000 – $8000 on ebay.”  This may be true, but it underestimates the amount of work necessary.  That said, it sounds like there is a good deal of original m38 here.

“Here it is: 1952 Willys M38 (not M38A1) All original data plates intact – The Good: Original Motor 4cyl, flathead Go Devil, No modifications to the frame – body – running gear or anything, Had 95% of the stock trinkets – ie: blackout lights etc., Still set up as a 24V system, Never painted other than the yellow over OD green, Body is 95% sound ( I removed most of the paint to verify this)…”

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Builds — Craig Ellis’ M-38

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I don’t know whether Craig is finished with his jeep or not, but he certainly had some terrible rot to deal with.  I’ve linked to the ‘Golden Triangle Jeep Club’s’ bulletin board for this Build story.  Below is the pic of Craig’s M-38 body:

you could draw a line down the middle of the body and replace all of the driver’s side floor to be safe. i’m gonna avoid catalog bought floor panels and construct my own from 16 gauge sheetmetal along with new crossmembers. i got a pair of Wagoneer Dana 44s last weekend and am working on the suspension, which will be stock waggy leafs in the front and YJ leaves out back. I picked up a Chevy 4.3 V6 to use and can’t decide on which tranny to go with, but i’m thinking SM465 b/c Novak offers a really short adapter to the Dana 18 case….”

View all the rest of Craig’s pics and related comments (10 pages) as he works through various issues.

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Builds – 1951 m38 Glendale, Az on Ebay — The Rhino Hunter

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This build is for sale on eBay.  There are plenty of pics.  Note the m606 in the background of one of the ebay pics.

“This is a really unique combination of old and new and we’ve had a ton of fun in it. This rig started it’s life as a military M38 until the previous owner started modifying it as a back country rock crawler. When we got it, it had wasn’t much to look at, was missing a windshield but ran and drove so well we had to have it. It is heavily modified to be a safe, comfortable, go anywhere ride. We call it The Rhino Hunter as it has effortlessly shamed a few ORVs in the mud and rocks…”