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Early MB/GPW Parts Jeep Denver, Co $150


If you are looking for that MB/GPW parts jeep, then here it is.  No doubt it has seen better days.

"this is a early 50s willys jeep, no title, no engine trans and t case are there but in pieces, do not have much info on it call chris at 303.450.2380 american auto. the jeep is in rough shape"


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1945 MB Palermo, Ca $18000


The seller of this jeep wants $18000, though the jeep is not completed yet.  Whether you agree with the price, you'll probably enjoy looking through the 40+pics of the jeep and its various parts.

"This is a 1945 MB, WWII military jeep, that has been meticulously restored over the last 15 years. It is 85-90% finished, with boxes and boxes of parts, and everything needed to complete it. The parts used have been predominately NOS (New-Old-Stock: vintage parts still in the boxes), as when the project was begun there was still a supply of original vintage parts, and if a person was patient and willing to pay – could seek them out. This jeep is solid, and great care was even used to preserve all of the original spot welds, which as this is a military vehicle built for combat – it has plenty, and wears them proudly!"

http://sfbay.craigslist.org/nby/car/717664544.html or skip straight to the pics

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1945 MB Yakima, WA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3500.

Between the tires, gears, winch and roll cage, this looks trail ready to me.

“This is a 1945 militay jeep 4X4 machine it has 5.38 gears, 9000lb Warn winch, warn hubs, buckshot tires, 350 Chevy motor and and cooling system out of a race car recently built but valvue covers leak a little i took the seats out cause they are not in the best of condition but still get the job done the front axle is welded solid roll cage needs a little work but is a jeepers dream come take a look at it im asking 3,500.00”

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1944 MB Renton, WA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3000

“Wedding and new home forces sale of my toy. This jeep is in very good condition. I recently put a 4″ lift and brand new 33×13.5 Super Swampers on it. It has a Ford straight six in it with a 3spd and 538 gears so it gets along well. I believe the engine is a 200 out of an early 60’s Ford. Runs, drives, and has collector vehicle license plate so it never needs license/tabs. Title in hand. I will try to post some pictures soon, but I am hoping someone will save me the trouble. Joe”

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1944 MB Tukwilla, Wa No price listed


I don't know if the seller has a specific price in mind or not.   By the looks of it, I'm guessing this MB is in perfect or near perfect shape.  

"ALL ORIGINAL, JIM 206-243-2531"


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Builds — 1943 MB

• CATEGORIES: Features, MB

Andrew McGraw (and friends) gave new life to a beat up 1943 MB (to the right is an 'after' pic).  The only before and after pics are of the engine compartment, but the differences in those two pics is pretty dramatic.

"The Willys MB project was a feat in that it was completed in about 2 months. Having been in my friend’s family for many years, they were looking to do a restoration/upgrade on it.

It had undergone so many repairs and body modifications over the years. That fact, combined with the cost and relative impracticality of a full authentic restoration led to the decision to rebuild and modify. If I were in charge of the finances, I would have at least upgraded the powertrain/drivetrain to that of a YJ, at the minimum. A fuel injected 5-speed MB would be awesome. However, I wasn’t in charge of the finances or major decisions…."


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2 Jeeps in Minden, NV **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** was $3500

These two jeeps have been for sale for a few months, though they haven’t been listed in a while.  Both jeeps have full cages.  One jeep comes with a winch.  Both bodies appear in at least decent shape.  Unfortunately, Minden is a bit out of the way.  Given the price of gas, I doubt too many people are going to drag their haulers down to Minden unless the price drops further.”

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Builds – 1942 GPW


This 1942 GPW has been extensively rebuilt into a rock climber.  No hack job here as the builder documents his efforts through a series of words and pictures.  The builder writes that the jeep was featured in the December 2006 issue of 4 Wheel Drive & Sport Utility Magazine; however, I couldn't locate the article nor the builder's name.  

 "I stripped the Jeep down to the bare frame and started work. The frame was a stock GPW frame that had some previous 'fixes' done to it and it had a few cracks. I completely boxed and strapped the top and bottom of the frame. If I were to do it again I would definitely make my own frame from scratch using 2"x4" box tube. To strap the frame I used 2"x1/4" steel and stitch welded it along the length of the frame. I made cardboard templates of the sections to be boxed and then cut them out of some plate steel."

Learn more about the details of this rebuild here. He also details how he turned a Pro Tools 105 HD bender into a hydraulic bender.

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1945 MB Los Angeles, eBay — the last MB produced? (link now works)


UPDATE:  Oops, that was programmer (and QA control) error .. now check out the pics — thanks Mitch! Note the bid price, already at $15k.

With a starting bid of $10k, this is one restored jeep whose price might just rise beyond the $10k bid.  The seller makes a strong argument that this was the VERY LAST WWII jeep to be made. It comes equipped with all kinds of extras and its pictures are worth browsing.

"Let me start by saying that this is the finest World War Two Jeep on the planet!!This 1945 Willys jeep is the last know jeep delivered in World War Two,if you look at the picture of the original dash plaque it is dated 8/20/1945.This is the last day of delivery and the last jeep KNOWN built that day!!!!So lets get past the early historic aspect of this jeep and lets look a little more at its more recent history.This Jeep belonged to Hillcrest Cadillac in Beverly Hills…."

View more pics on eBay 

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Mb-4 JEEP? $3500


Anyone know what the -4 designation means on the MB?  I'm thinking $3500 is way outside the ball park unless there's something I'm missing.

"This Jeep needs total restoration. It ran when parked a few years ago. fenders are missing. Clear title. this is an Mb-4 JEEP not a CJ2a. call 509-258-4542"


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Early MB Mods — The SAS

• CATEGORIES: Features, MB, Website

From day 1, adapting the jeep was a necessary part of using or owning one.  In my mind, this is one of the attributes of jeeps that differentiate them from most other vehicles, even from other 4x4s.  Andy Carter highlights early desert modifications in this story with pictures from jeeps used in Africa by the British Special Air Service (SAS) during WWII.  Check out the grille in the picture on the right.  If you read through the site, you'll note that this was a modification done to many of the jeeps, not just this one. They look like a boxer who has been through a few rounds!

Here's an excerpt from the website about SAS Jeeps:

"The jeeps were stripped of all non-essential parts including the windscreen, most of the radiator grille bars and even sometimes the front bumper to increase the effective load carrying capacity of the vehicle. Thus the large amount of fuel and water needed for fast long-range raids could be carried avoiding the need for slower support vehicles. A water condensing unit was fitted to the front to reduce loss from the radiator which would otherwise have had to be topped up from the limited drinking water supplies…"

Learn more at Andy Carter's Military Jeep Pages 

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1945 MB? Reno, NV $2500


The frame may not be original.


“Buick V6
Was running but he sat for years, missing title. Great project or scrap

1945-mb-cc-nev7 1945-mb-cc-nev8 1945-mb-cc-nev9

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1942 MB Warner Springs, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2500.

Not sure how much value is here. Has an interesting hardtop.

“1942 Willies Jeep. Needs work. We have extra parts.”

1942-mb-warnersprings-ca1 1942-mb-warnersprings-ca2 1942-mb-warnersprings-ca3 1942-gpw-warnersprings-ca4

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Year? Hotchkiss? Santa Fe, NM **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3500.

“This vehicle needs a ground up going over. After some research it appears that this Jeep went through the French Army rebuilding program first in the early 1950’s then again in 1962. This is a Willy’s. It belonged to my father and sat in a barn back East for 20 years. The engine is seized because of rust. It is complete with all parts. It has the oversize generator and battery box between the seats for powering radios. The body has some bondo under it’s last military paint but has no rust through and is solid. Hotchkiss.”

year-hotchkiss-santafe-nm1 year-hotchkiss-santafe-nm2