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1942 MB Sweet Home, Or $5000


1942_mb_sweethomeUPDATE:  Price rose to $5000

I just not certain what a ‘lockup 35 in the front split transfer’ is?

“Nice willys jeep with a powerful chevy 327 turbo 400 locked up dana 44 rear end also has a lockup 35 in the front split transfer bran new best top payed 800.00 for power stearing power brakes swinging peddels tilt stearing wheel nice seats also has a newer springs and shocks with good tires about 85% tred also have original aluminum hard top with doors has all glass.All trades considerd Please call Jake At 541-409-3230”


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1940s MB Richford, NY $250


1940s_mb_richfordHere’s a parts jeep out of Richford that has seen better days.

“Old Willys Millitary Jeep………….. Rough Shape……………. NO TITLE………………
What you are buying is a parts vehicle. The axles are free turning, the transmission and transfercase are all right. The motor is complete, but has set up since comming here. The body is rough, So what you are buying is the running gear. 30 years ago the hedge rows and back lots were full of these old jeeps ……. Find one today….. The Transmission Alone….. Would cost what I’m asking for the whole unit. (607) 539-6899”


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1945 MB West Plains, Mt **SOLD**


1945_mb_westplainsUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1000.

It appears complete, but looks awfully rough.

“1945 Willy’s Overland Motors Army Military Jeep, still intact and restoreable. Looking for best cash offer over $1,000. The one blurred photo is of the data plates that gives detailed information about the jeep – was unable to get a sharper picture.”

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1945 MB Orland, Ca $2200


UPDATE:  Listed at $2200 on one Ad and $2300 on a different craigslist Ad.

The body doesn’t look too bad.  The hood is a bit twisted.  Some good pics taken.

“This is a 1945 Military Jeep INCOMPLETE, i have the orginal engine, no tranny one combat rim grill and other misc items and parts in the jeep mostly all there some rust here and there, all guages, i have title.  call max or tony @ 530-865-3900.”


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1945ish MBish Sault Sainte Marie, MI **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

“This jeep use to be a 1947 cj2a. (title still reflects such) My father is a WWII vet and we decided to strip the cj2a down and replace the frame with an original 1944 mb machine gun mount frame. We rewired her with the original wwii cloth wiring, converted her to the original 6 volt system and put the cj2a’s (same as a wwii1945) “go devil” motor back in her. Rebuilt the 47’s transmission and kept her (instead of finding the T-84) as they are a little better heavier trans. Bought a brand new wwii replacement tub (metal). She has been painted wwii olive drab and we put my fathers outfit #’s on her with original jeep #’s off a picture of an 82nd airborne photo. The motor was never rebuilt as she continues to run strong. The od listed 82k (but who knows what was actually on it.) New brake lines, brakes and muffler system. has the cats eye for combat.(not hooked up) …”


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1942 MB/GPW Boulder City, NV **SOLD**


1942_mb_bouldercityUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $14000.

This looks like a really well built flattie.  I’d love to take a closer look at it.

“1942 Willys Jeep, 225 odd fire Buick v-6 Dana 44s, Warn full floater with hubs on rear, Dana 20 transfer, T-15 trans all synchro 3 speed, centerforce clutch, ARB Lockers F&R Advanced adapters bell, Borgeson Steering shaft. Metallic Silver paint New Diamond plate, new tires. Much more! No tire kickers please”


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1941? MB? Roseburg, Or **SOLD**


1941_mb_roseburgUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1350

It’s not running.  Nice tires and rims if you need some like this.

“41 Willys Flat Fender Jeep, not running but probably could, I was going to small block it. “

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1945 MB Fresno, CA **SOLD**


1945_mb_fresnoUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $5000

I suspect this body is a bit rougher than it appears in the pictures.  Otherwise, it looks pretty complete and has a few extra goodies, such as a winch.

“1945 willys jeep runs good new rear end gears and new flywheel asking 5,000 willing to trade 4 classic car or truck of equal value”

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Various Early Jeeps Arvada, Co **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: CJ-2A, GPW (Ford MB), M-170, M-38, MB • TAGS: .

1945_mb_arvadaUPDATE: **SOLD**All the stuff must go (probably in violation of a county ordinance or something)

  1. 1945 Willys MB jeep (NAVY?) – Flat head four 134 cid. engine, T-90 tranny, it has a tailgate cut in but the panel is still there.
  2. 42 Ford GTB
  3. 42 Willys MB
  4. 42 Willys script body tub
  5. 42 Ford script GPW
  6. 47 CJ2A
  7. 2) 48 Willys jeep pickups
  8. 52 Willys M-38
  9. 54 Willys M-170
  10. 60 Willys utility wagon
  11. 3.5) 61AMC mighty mites
  12. 62 Willys FC-150
  13. 2) 71 jeepsters
  14. trailers and miscellanous jeep parts.”


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1943 MB Sacramento, Ca $2000


1943_mb_sacramentoThis might be a good price.

“Tow bar and winch included, 4×4, 4 wheel drive, 283 Chevy. 916-927-4999”


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Last Ride: 194? MB/GPW Mailbox — Secaucas, NJ

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1943_mb_secaucus2UPDATE:  I suspect this jeep is on it’s last ride. It’s now a mailbox.

A reader submitted this unusual find.  Yes, the seller of this old jeep somehow used it as a mailbox (I think the mailbox is on the back of the jeep), though technically I’d argue the jeep is more of a mailbox pole. While I firmly believe that the jeep has earned the reputation as one of the most modified vehicles in history, the use of a jeep as a mailbox pole is particularly rare.

“Willys jeep. Military, of about 1944. No engine, no trans, no papers, but lots of rust. For a long time I used this old jeep as a mail box; if you buy it, I won’t be getting bills anymore. For $400., you can be sure that your bills will find their way to your door.”

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MB or GPW Tulsa, Ok $3000


year_mb_gpw_tulsaUPDATE:  Price dropped to $3000

It’s probably a bit much for a non-running project.

“WW2 jeep project includes your choice of MB or GPW frame. Both in good restorable condition. Older ” new” body kit with new tube, fenders, and hood with original grille and complete windsheild. Running WW2 era engine, T-84 transmission, all 3 seat frames and misc. parts. A very solid project. $3500. Call 918-836-7583 or 918-231-2133″


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1943 MB Los Gatos, Ca **SOLD**


1943_mb_losgatosUPDATE: Was $4000. **SOLD**

It’s running, but needs a little upholstery.

“I have ajeep that is all original runs good delivered to fort ord in 1943 during WW II needs upholstery and a top other than that you can drive it away or tow it (it has a tow bar attatched at the front bumper or make an offer thanks”

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1942 MB/GPW San Diego, Ca $1000


1942_mb_gpw_sandiegoThis looks like a rust bucket.

“1942 jeep willys not running 760-415-3668”


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1940s MB Whitmore, Ca **SOLD**


1940s_mb_whitmoreUPDATE: **SOLD** Was listed at $1000.

Here’s an old MB with a very heavy Bebe Brother’s winch on it.  Apparently, these hand crank winches were used across a variety of applications.

“Willys Jeep For Sale 1942-1945 (Not sure of year of manufactuing) Former Army Use Vehicle, Needs lots of TLC Has a Bebe Brothers 2 Ton Steel Winch (Serial # 58)”

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1942 MB Slatgrille Holcombe, Wi **SOLD**


1942_mb_slatgrille_holcombeUPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

Here’s a slatgrille MB out of Wisconsin. It appears in good shape.

“I bought this jeep in 2000 from Houston TX and had it shipped to Wisconsin where I had it restored.  I have invested $14,000 into this vehicle but willing to part with it for less…. I am not a jeep expert by any means, but I believe this jeep is largely origional with a few exceptions… It has been upgraded to a 12 volt system, and the windshield is not original. Like a lot of old jeeps, it does drip a few drops of oil after driving, but this jeep looks and drives GREAT! I do not have a top for the jeep. I do not have a title, and this will be sold with a bill of sale only.  Please dont hesitate to ask me with any questions you may have.”

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Follow Me Jeeps

• CATEGORIES: Fire/Police/Industry Vehicles, MB

UPDATE: I keep seeing the ‘follow me’ jeep from Portland for sale, so I thought I’d rerun this post from last year …

While looking for something else, I stumbled upon a website showing a model of a “follow me jeep”, which is shown to the right. The website notes:

Follow Me jeeps were jeeps that were used at airfields to help control ground traffic of airplanes at an air base.Follow Me jeeps used close to the front remained the normal olive drab paint color, but at bases farther to the rear, the jeeps became brightly colored.

I’ve never heard the term “follow me jeep”, though I did know they were used at airfields.  However, I had never seen a jeep painted this way before.  So, I wondered if the paint job was someone’s fantasy of what a “follow me jeep” might have been.

However, after doing a little searching, I found a page on Brian’s Military Jeeps Site that discusses, in depth, some of the unique characteristics of a “follow me jeep” plus some very specific restoration information, including an image of a jeep with the “gas attack” paint:  portions of the jeep could change color if certain gasses were present.

And to the right is a black and white image of a checkered jeep and checkered trailer.

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1942 MB Portland, Or Make Offer


1942_mb_portland2It’s a parts jeep.

“has orig. engine runs no trans or t-case body is complete has some rust damage but fixable good projecthas tow bar and is towable i had plans for it but have another project and need the room and money best reasonable offer takes it”


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1943 MB/GPW San Antonio, TX **SOLD**


1943_mb_sanantonioUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1300.

“1943 Willys Jeep. I was told by the previous owner that it was a WWII general’s jeep. Can’t confirm that, but it’s possible, and a cool story … Previous owner rebuilt the engine, I can’t say exactly when … The thing starts up and runs. It’s a bit rough — probably just a timing thing — but it gets around.   Body is surprisingly straight and rust free….  It’s missing the original fuel tank and fuel pump, and instead has a boat tank and hand pump! Works great for general use .. A friend of mine took a liking to it about a year ago and put in new spark plugs, wires, distributor, rotor and battery ..”

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1942 MB/GPW Tenino, Wa $1800


1942_mb_teninoI’m not sure if this runs?  It looks like there’s been some work on the body as one of the driver side cutouts is missing.

“Body Style ASM2D.  Need a project? Well here it is! It’s an oldie but could really be a goody!
LOCAL ONLY! CASH ONLY!! please contact me at tigerbeauty07@aol.com. please use ONLY “JEEP” or CRAIGSLIST” in SUBJECT LINE . Thank you.”


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1942 MB/GPW Oregon Coast, Or $2650


1942_mb_oregoncoastNote the interesting modifications to the grille.

“This is a Jeep that I purchased a little while back. I was going to restore it to look like the old Military Jeeps. It features a one of a kind grill which has two half vents on each side, as well as 4 indicator lights, instead of just 2. This one has a tailgate, which I think may not be original. It has the flathead motor or the “Go Devil” motor. The other parts of the drivetrain, I believe are original. The body has a military style dash, with the military style glovebox….”


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1945 MB Morganton, Ga $2500


1945_mb_morgantonIt’s not in the greatest of shape, but it is a running MB that doesn’t look all that bad.  This seller has this CJ-2A and this M-38 for sale.

“1945 Willy’s MB Military Jeep, Complete Engine and Running Gear, Engine and 4 Wheel Drive Runs Good, $2500.00, Call Todd – Please Leave Message, 706.633.6072”


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1945 MB NAPA County, CA **SOLD**


1945_mb_napacounty1UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $7500

Lots of updates with this MB, but the shovel is still there.

“what we got here is a 1945 willys mb jeep , it has a buick 231 v6 , t-98 four speed trainey , dana 18 t-case with a warn overdirve, dana 30 front axle with cromoly axle shafts, warn outers, with warn hubs, wfo outer knuckles, high steer, disc brakes, dana 44 rear axle, with warn full floater kit, drum brakes , arb air lockers front and rear , 5.38 gear ratio front and rear”


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Willys Parts Jeep out of Forks, Wa $1500


willys_fifeUPDATE2: This jeep is in Forks, Washington.  Price dropped to $1500.

I’ve lightened up the pictures, so now I can at least tell it’s a Willys of some kind. I can’t tell much more than that. There’s no information in the ad about it, just a picture.


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1942 MB/GPW La Place, La eBay


1942_mb_gpw_laplaceIt looks like it needs a good cleaning, but I think it will clean up well.

“This Willys jeep was commisioned to Fort Polk. It had a rebuild in 1985.
Owner died in 1989 and the jeep was stored in a barn until four months ago.
I acquired it in an estate sale. Everything was said to be original when I bought it from the sale. As seen in the photos it is dusty from all the years being stored. The jeep was  licensed and driving in the late eighty’s and has a clear title. I have extr tires, rims, and other parts that go with it. Any questions please call Mike at (504)417-4535.”

View all the pics on eBay