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1945 MB Manassas, Va **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2500.

This looks rough.

“email for more details, Nearly 100% original, Restoration project, rough body but repairable. mid ’45 production, mid ’44 GPW engine, Titled.”


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1942 MB Walla Walla, Wa $1500


1942_mb_wallawallaUPDATE:  Price dropped to $1500

(06/08/09) This is an MB mixed with an 80’s Toyota of some type?

“1942 Willys with Toyota running gear (Engine a 22R, 4 speed manual tranny, tranfer case and axles are all out of an ealry 80’s Toyota). Tires are 38 inch Gumbo Monster Mudders Radials, siped with 60-70% tread left. This rig is open front and rear with stock gears and keeps up with fully locked, re-geared rigs. It is a pure mountain machine, its light, very flexy and extremely capable in mud and snow. I would consider selling the jeep for less without the tires but will not sell the tires without the jeep.”


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Builds: Boomer’s 1942 Slat Grille

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If  you weren’t following it, Boomer, James and I were have a short conversation about Slat Grilles and how there are only a few Slat Grilles buit with a Glove Box.  Apparently, early MBs (1941 dated slat grill) did not come with a glove box (maybe I was the only person who didn’t know that …). Glove boxes were not added till ser# 120680 (early to mid Feb. 1942).  It made realize how little I actually know about Slat Grilles beyond the slat grille itself.

Boomer mentioned that he has a MB with the serial# 122723 born  February 26, 1942.   Glove boxes were added about a week before his was built.  Of course, at that point I said ‘tell me more & send me pics’!  Thanks for sharing!

Boomer not only sent some pics, but provided some nice history.  My slat came from the original owner, who bought it 1946. It was originally bought from an Army Air station in Maine.

Total slat grill production was approximately 25,000 units or  approximately 3  percent of total WW2 jeep production. Of those, only about 10 to 15 percent were equipped with a glove box. My research suggest there are barely 150 running/restored slat grills left in existance world wide.

Regarding the trailer, it was saved by me from a local farm. It was being used as a horse trough. Date of delivery was June 1943.  It was made by Willys, otherwise known as MBT.

This is how I found it;



Nearly finished,

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1941 Slat Grille MB Yuba City, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3500.

“first production run, original running gear, runs and drives great, $3500.00 obo or possible trade for boat or 4×4 truck”


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1943 MB Redding, Ca Status?


1943_mb_reddingUPDATE: Status Unknown.  Was listed at $4000

It’s priced a bit high for a project, but a lot has been done already on it.

“1942/43 willys mb jeep needs more work then I have time for .lots already done paint repairs to the axles,body and chassis, new tires,Brakes hoses, lines etc. Needs engine rebuilt,has t 90 trans.drive lines seats all the goodies to get you almost there. photos on photo bucket see link http://photobucket.com/mitymite99


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1942 MB Fresno, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2099.

It doesn’t run at the moment, but might not take much.

“42 Willys Jeep 4×4, 289 engine, T-10 trans, off-road tires. It has been in the garage for the last 25 years. I drove it in myself, so I know that it ran just fine. It will need a battery and the old gas drained. Other than that it needs lots of cleaning.”


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1942 MB Boise $1200


Joshua, one of yours?

“1942 or 43 Willys mb project jeep. Engine turns by hand serial # MB- 240927 Transmission/transfer seem good. Body is very rough but has a good grill and fender. Throw a replacement body on get it running and enjoy. Even has bullet holes in the windshield (I didn’t put them there; so who knows) Also some original paint and markings and showing through. Great project. please call for more information 208-830-2226 $1200 obo. I also know of another gpw parts jeep for sale locally if you need more than one.”



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1943 MB Williamsburg, NM **SOLD**


1943_mb_williamsburgUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3000

It doesn’t look in good condition. No additional information on the condition.

“Will trade for 4 wheel drive. Big enough to pull 4 horse trailer.”

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1944 MB Fairfield, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3250.

This might not be a bad price if the body is in very good shape.

“Pictured below is a 1944 Willys MB Military Jeep. It has what I believe to be is the original T84 transmission and Spicer 18 transfer case. The engine is not the original L head. Someone has replaced the original engine with a Willys F head. The windshield frame is from a M38. Overall the vehicle is in pretty good shape for its age. It runs and drives really well. I received this vehicle as payment for a debt. I’m looking to get $3,250 or best offer. Cash only please.”


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1944 MB Aloha, Or $2000


The seller lists the good, bad and ugly about this jeep.  Visit the Ad to learn more.

“This 1944 Willys MB Jeep is a great project car. It ran for me throughout high-school (1995-1997), but it’s been garaged for the last decade and no longer starts. I just tried to get it going, and with a jump, it rolls over but likely needs a carb-kit/cleaning to get the fuel going. In 1944, they didn’t make them complex, just durable. Anyone with a week of evenings could likely get this running….”



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1942 MB Concord, Ca **SOLD**


UPDATE: Was $1500. **SOLD**

This is rough.  It does include some early manuals as well.

“must be able to tow. needs quite a bit of work. have all the original papers, and pink slip. doesnt run. wouldn’t take much work to make it run. I’m asking 1,500 obo”


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1942 MB East Bay, Ca $1000


1942_mb_eastbayHere’s a fixer upper.  It looks like it has a roll cage from either a CJ-5 or CJ-3B.

“I have a 1942 Willy’s jeep. The body has no dent, it has rust, and has been sitting for years. It’s a real “fix me upper”.. Everything is attached except it lacks a gas tank. I have the title and pink slip to it as well, along with all the original paper work. I also have the data plates for this vehicle. This would be an excellent project for someone with the time and money to restore it.”


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A buyer looking for a ’42 – ’46 MB – Ohio


Here’s a potential buyer:

“I am looking for a Willys MB 42- 46 mod. It might be a restoration project, or if the price is good an already restored jeep will be considered. Please send me an e-mail, and I will contact you.”


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1942 MB Brookings, Or eBay


UPDATE:  Seller has posted the jeep on eBay with many pics.

The seller would like to get at least $1700, but the reserve is $1300.  Based on the pics, this is definitely an MB that has been modified to look CJ-2Aish (grill modified and tailgate added).

“The jeep runs and drives. It has newer front and rear seats. The data plates are missing, on the glovebox. It also has a 6 point roll bar, and later model rims and tires. It has a unique one of a kind front grill. I have a tow bar that comes with it. Great for restoration or custom mod rock crawler. Oregon title in hand. Need to sell due to job loss.”

View the pics on eBay


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1945 MB Palatine, Il $3000


1945_mb_palatineIt kind of looks like a leopard paint job.

“up for sale is a 1945 willys MB , it does start good, it has title. it does have lots of rust on the tub. but can be restored easily, for additional detials and pictures email me or call me on 2242171823.”


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1945 MB Gilroy, CA **SOLD**


1945_mb_gilroy2UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $8500

“For auction is this 1945 Willys MB, it runs and drives great. I acquired this jeep about 2 years ago from a gentleman in town who had it for years. I thought at the time I would do a thorough restoration, but unfortunately I have alot on my plate and no time  to invest in this task. Overall this jeep is in wonderful condition, engine is extremely strong as well as drive train, there are no rust issues to speak of, body is in super good shape, tires are basically new, seat cushions are new, also equipped with a PTO driven winch in working condition.To put it simply if you’re looking for a good, solid, very clean MB here you go. It’s not a text book restoration by any means however it represents itself extremely well and if so inclined you could finish to whatever degree.”

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1945 MB North Bend, Wa $700


1945_mb_northbendUPDATE:  Priced dropped to $700

“1945 WWII Willys MB in need of complete restoration. Most of the major items are there except for the seats, windshield frame and glass. The body is rusty, but restorable and the engine is frozen, but rebuildable. It is a rolling chassis with aftermarket tires and wheels. $700 OBO For more info email: cdhunter@centurytel.net ”


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1944 MB Yorba Linda, Ca $8200


UPDATE: Either the seller is misinformed or explicitly misleading people, but this isn’t “all original” and I’m mad at myself because I didn’t check it out more carefully!  Thanks J.R. for getting me to re-evaluate this one. I should have realized this the moment I saw “12 volt”.

“1944 Willys MB Military Jeep 4×4, flat head 4 cylinder, 12 volt electric system, all new brakes, new carb, equiped with a Thompson Submachine gun holder, air raid siren, original spare tire lock. fun to drive. and all original except carb and alternator. comes with manuals and books for jeep. $8200 obo 1(714) 970-8704”



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1942 MB Chico, Ca $3500


1942_mb_chicoThis jeep could use a serious makeover.  But, everything appears to be there.

“1942 Willys MB, Has tow bar and winch. Runs and has a good title. Both ID tags on the frame and firewall and all brass tags are still there. $3500 or best offer. If interested call 530-680-355”


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1942 MB Lake Tapps, Wa $2000


1942_mb_laketappsUPDATE:  Price dropped to $2000.  There’s some good stuff in this rebuild.

“42Willys flat fender PROJECT 302 ford 4spd twin stick transfer case front disc brakes allsteel some rust 33×12.50×15 bfg mt alum wheels like new 2under seat fuel tanks 2sets of seats soft top with doors new windsheild frame and pivot hardware needs brakes gone through have new brake and clutch master cyl new clutch slave cyl new electric fuel pump 2000.00 obo call 253 370-3477 ”


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The White Mice

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This excerpt is from an article title White Mice, which is about policing European highways during and after the war.  Included is a MB painted in the distinctive colors:  White vehicle with a black hood.  If you go to the website article,  you will see a variety of cars with this motif.  This would make an unusual restoration project.

The 62nd Military Police Company was created on November 30, 1943 and activated in North Africa a day later. Originally, it was a standard combat MP unit, and participated in the campaigns in France, the Rhineland and Ardennes-Alsace. Following the end of the war, the unit was reorganized twice, first as the 62nd Military Police Service Company in June 1948 and then as the 62nd Military Police Highway Patrol Company on September 20, 1951, when it was reattached to the regular Army forces occupying American Zone of Germany.

Corporal Edward Olson in a Highway Patrol Willys MB. Note the permanent roof and the large combination siren-warning light on the fender.

Unlike standard military police units, the Highway Patrol was created not only to enforce laws and regulations, but to handle other duties typically handled by civilian police agencies. These included assisting motorists and promoting traffic safety. On a given day, a trooper might work traffic, investigate a crime, or perform escort duty for a convoy. Or all three, just like his civilian counterpart.”

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1942 MB Longview, WA **SOLD**


1942_mb_longviewUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2500.

There’s some mb parts, but I don’t think the body is an MB as I don’t see the jockeybox in the dash pic.

“Good running driving willys jeep, new tires, recent carb rebuild and new fuel pump. Has F head motor in it right now, comes with original L head and another L head for parts. No top.”


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1945 MB Phoenix, Az $3000


1945_mb_phoenixUPDATE:  Price increased to $3000

It almost looks like it has a tailgate.  I can’t quite tell.

“Original 1945 Willys jeep with new battery,Ignition switch,Rear Gears,Roll bar and original front and back seats! Clean Arizona Title,Street legal,Updated motor but runs like th original and 3 gear tranny 4×4, Pictures are of the actual jeep call or email me anytime (520)518-2122”


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Year Specific MB & GPW Sites

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I found a website called 1943MB.com the other day and thought that it had some useful information.  I didn’t realize it until now, but there’s a list of similar sites.  While they look similar, they appear to have at least some different information (I didn’t investigate too closely). For example, the 1941MB.com site has a link to a slat grille rebuild.

One cool feature is the Napa Online Website Link for parts.  Here’s a snapshot of it below.


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1944 MB Cairo, Fl **SOLD**


1944_mb_cairoUPDATE: Was $13,800. **SOLD**

Looks good.