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1949 Directions For Building Toy Willys Wagon

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On August 04, 1949, the Wolcott Beacon out of Wolcott, Indiana, published directions on how to build a toy Willys Wagon for kids. The length of this toy is about 7″.



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Dale Model, Inc., Model Jeep

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models

Dale Model Co. Cast model jeep

Our normally dull lives were upended last week as a neighbor dog we watched during the day passed away, then our dog Zollie suffered a slipped disc, meaning he needs some special attention, and one of Ann’s relatives suddenly landed into the middle of a messy divorce, with Ann lending a hand in that process.

Amongst all of that, on Wednesday I spotted an unusual model jeep for sale for only $15. The seller lived a few hours away from me in Portland, so I expressed interest and sent her an email, asking if she could mail it. A 67-year-old woman named Jan responded with an email explaining that it was her deceased husband’s jeep and that she has some medical issues that would prohibit her from mailing it. This led to more emails between us, as it took me a while to identify the jeep (A Dale Model Co. jeep, which is a derivative of a Fromburg model jeep). As we got to know each other better, I decided to drive to Portland and meet her. She just seemed like a nice person.

I ended up spending a couple hours with Jan, learning about her much older husband (he was born in 1914), about his teenage years working in the CCC in Oregon, his Navy experience in Hawaii during WWII building plane hangars and his long work as an engineer with the city of Portland, erecting buildings, parks and fountains.

We also walked through some of the stuff she has left to sell (she’s downsizing), most of which isn’t really worth much. However, she does have an cool machete from her husband that has a leather sheath. I had a suspicion that it might be something of value, as it has a great weight to it. She was willing to give it to me and have me pay her once we figured out a value. I told her I was concerned that it was quite valuable and beyond my budget, but I took some pics and promised I would figure out what it was.


#128 Collins & Sons Legitimus Machete and a #13 Leather Scabarrd.

Last night when I returned home I did some research, discovering the machete is a Collins & Sons Legitimus 27″ Machete #128 with a number #13 leather scabbard. It was likely made around 1941. Values range from up to a couple hundred dollars, though that’s someone’s asking price on eBay. I reported my findings to her and we struck a fair deal, one that includes returning to Portland to help her with some more of her stuff.

So, in the end, that little $15 jeep will cost me more than $200 after gas, food and the cost of the machete! But, helping someone out and making a new friend seems worth the cost.


Size comparison between the Al-toy CJ-2A and the Dale Model Co WWII jeep.

dale-model-jeep-david2 dale-model-jeep-david3

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Adrian’s Electric Toy Jeep

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models, toys

Adrian provided some details on a 1/3 scale jeep model he built from Toylander plans. He bought the plans in 2008.


The jeep now pictured on the Toylander website appears to be an improved version, as Toylander’s MB43 looks like it is more jeep-like. Prices vary depending on how complete you want the jeep to be.


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Model Jeep Built by Chinese Prisoners

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models

This handmade jeep was made by Chinese Prisoners and presented to an American Gynecologist during the Korean War. It’s not completely clear, but I believe this was part of the Korean War Veterans National Museum & Library, which closed recently. Some (all?) of the collection was moved to the Truman Library. The photo and caption below was published as part of a January 2019 magazine article published by the Tru Magazine (a donor magazine published by the Truman Library Institute).


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Soap Box Derby Jeep Freeport, NY $250

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models

I’m not sure if this is really a soap box jeep, but still a neat vintage piece.

“Willys Jeep vintage wod soap box derby car! homemade very cool! Measures 52″ long. This is a great vintage piece that was made with pride, just imaging the father son team that raced this with pride for the US Army. Please take a look at the pictures, jeep has some missing layers of plywood, a broken bumper and one rail is missing on the back.”

soap-box-derby-wood-jeep-freeport-ny01 soap-box-derby-wood-jeep-freeport-ny0 soap-box-derby-wood-jeep-freeport-ny1 soap-box-derby-wood-jeep-freeport-ny2

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Auto Part Jeep Sculpture $94.99

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models

Roger Martin spotted this jeep sculpture on Facebook. I don’t see it as being “Authentic down to the last detail”, but still a neat little item. The price isn’t so neat though.

“Authentic down to the last detail a jeep is ready for off-road adventure. Armando Ramirez transforms recycled bicycle and automobile parts into a realistic miniature replica. His creativity is fascinating. Ramirez does not give his sculptures a fine polished finish therefore smudges and scratches may be present.”

auto-parts-jeep-2 auto-parts-jeep-3

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CJ-5 Authenticast Aluminum Model on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models, toys

The buy-it-now price is $139.95. Jarek wrote an article about these for the CJ-3B page; some painted ‘gold’ were given to employees. The hood opens and the windshield folds down.

View all the information on eBay

“RARE 1955 to 1962 Willys Kaiser Jeep CJ5 promo model in 1/25 scale. Well scaled with fold-down windshield and opening hood.Has the famous Jeep Hurricane engine. Missing steering wheel. All tires are good including the side-mount spare tire. Overall,not perfect but very nice. Displays well.”








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Philippos Jeep Models

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models

A French reader and modeler named Frederic turned me onto a Greek modeler named Philippos Ioannou who has created a number of beautiful jeep models based on historic photos (he builds non-jeep models, too). You can see many of his models on Facebook or on his blog.

Here are a few of his works.

  1. Walliy Cohn “Jeep King” jeep-sedan:
    wall-cohn-jeep-model-philippos wally_cohn_jeep_king2
  2. Target Practice Jeep:
    target-practice-mb-philippos target-practice-mb-philippos-photo
  3. Welding Truck:cj2a-truck-philippos cj2a-truck-welding-philippos-photo
  4. Note the original photo at the base of the model:
  5. Looks like an efficient jeep/trailer set up.

  6. I didn’t see an original photo for this model, but still it’s a neat one:
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Wood Toy Possible Kempro Kit? on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models, toys

This toy is about 8″ long. Seller thinks it might be a Kempro Kit toy.

View all the information on eBay

“Here is a nice sturdy toy car. Unknown maker. Quite possibly was a Kempro Co kit.
It is well made, and has been played with. I love Jeeps and have had a few. This sat on my desk at the shop. Unpacking some boxes the other day, I came across it again.
It shows some signs of age, but otherwise is in very good condition. Nice hardwoods used. ”

wood-toy-car-possibly-kempro1 wood-toy-car-possibly-kempro5 wood-toy-car-possibly-kempro6 wood-toy-car-possibly-kempro7 wood-toy-car-possibly-kempro8

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Odd Aluminum Model Jeep **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models

UPDATE: **SOLD** for $95 on eBay.

The price seems a reach and not sure I’d call it a beauty, but it is interesting.

metal-jeep-toy-flattie01 metal-jeep-toy-flattie0




ALL MY COMIC BOOKS and TOYS ARE GUARANTEED !!! Simply read and return if not satisfied!!!”


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Wooden WWII Jeep on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models

This looked like an interesting jeep.

View all the information on eBay

“Vintage WWII era hand made wood model of a U.S. Army Jeep. Missing front bumper blocks and one rear corner wire guard, overall good condition. Measures aprox. 5” x 2 1/2” x 1 3/4”, great bit of military folkart.”







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1944 Jeep Toy Project From Home WoodCraft

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models, toys

The November/December 1944 issue of Home Woodcraft featured this “realistic” jeep toy-of-the-year. If you need high resolution versions of this, comment below or email me.

1944-11-12-home-craftsman-jeep-toy-lores 1944-11-12-home-craftsman-jeep-toy2-lores 1944-11-12-home-craftsman-jeep-toy3-lores


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Readycut Sport Jeep Wood Model Owego, NY on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models

This is a curious model that Robin spotted on eBay.

View all the information on eBay

“You are bidding on a Readycut Sport Jeep Wood Model in the box. Box is there but has some staining from age and use. Box measures approx. 12 x 3.5 x 2 inches. Comes with instruction sheet and all parts are there that I can see from instruction sheet. You be the Judge and look at pictures. Has been put together and then disassembled.”

sport-jeep-model1 sport-jeep-model2 sport-jeep-model3

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Little General Ride On Jeep on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models, toys

This is a cardboard ride on jeep that was never opened. I imagine these jeeps didn’t last long. This particular package remains un opened. The seller has a pretty steep price on it.

View all the information on eBay



“UP for sale, I have a vintage 1960’s Little General Ride On Jeep. I can’t believe I have decided to sell this, as I have had it in my collection for over 20 years, and have never seen or heard of another. This is still mint sealed in it’s original bag package, which the package boost 2 toys, ride on Jeep and a free military poncho. Well guess what the poncho is part of the bag and you cut it out.

Toy was produced by General Box Co. of Illinois. The bag measures 40″long and about 13” wide. The toy was offered in the comic book ads of the 1960’s as a full ride on Jeep with a dress up military poncho. Who could forget those ads in the comic books? I remember wanting the Polaris Nuclear Submarine, but there were many others including a tank, spaceship and this here Jeep. They were all constructed of printed cardboard and companies like Honor House products seemed to advertise the heck out of these pieces at $4.98.
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Metal Earth Jeeps

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models

Steve let me know about Metal Earth’s metal jeep DIY kits. I knew about the B-2 model (Ann has one), but didn’t know about the jeep.

metal-earth-jeep2 metal-earth-jeep3


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Wooden Jeeps Evanston, IL $20/each

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models

I would have bought all four of these, but the seller hasn’t responded. My guess is they came from Colombia. Maybe someone else will have more luck.

“Different colors to choose. $20 each. Approx. Size is 3″ x 1.5″ x 2”

wood-jeeps-il1 wood-jeeps-il2

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U.S. Army Amphibian Jeep (Quack) Model & Video

• CATEGORIES: Features, GPA (SEEP), Models

I just picked up this U.S. Army Amphibian Jeep model (1/2″ scale). It’s dated 1943 from the Mod-Ac Manufacturing Company, LA, California. It looks complete. I’ve never run across a reference to these being called “Quacks”, but it makes sense given the larger ones are referred to as “Duks”.


Here’s a video of some “Quacks” in action during their testing dates at the Ford Rouge Plant. Lots of video shots I have never seen.

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E-Z-Kraft Army Jeep Model on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models

Usually these models have pics on the box, but this one doesn’t.

View all the information on eBay

“Up for auction is a vintage Scale E-Z-Kraft Model U.S. Army Jeep made in Evanston, Illinois. This particular model is wood and thick cardboard. It appears all the parts are present and none of the cardboard cards have had their parts punched out. Model also comes with the original instructions and box is open. Please take look at all the pictures as they are part of the description”





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Austin-Craft Wood Model Kit on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models

Shipping’s free on this jeep model.

View all the information on eBay

“This an Original, “U.S. Army 1/4 Ton Jeep” Kit, Produced by the Master Craftsmen of Austin-Craft Company of Burbank, California, Circa 1940’s or so. I BELIEVE this kit to be complete, but I have not done a parts check and I make no guarantees. So, I am selling this kit based ENTIRELY on the photos, so please look them over closely. The box is very nice, as is the instruction sheet.”




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1940s/50s Meow Model Jeep (Ford GP?) on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models

This model might be a Ford GP.

View all the information on eBay

“This is a vintage Megow Hobbycraft Construction Kit of a U.S. Army Jeep M-10 in original box. It has not been assembled and looks complete but I’m not sure. Includes instructions. The colored cardboard body panel sheet has the front grill panel punched out but it is there as pictured. Thanks for looking.”






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Riding Jeep & Trailer Gilbert, IA $400


Looks fun.

“For sale is a riding model jeep and jeep trailer. It is modeled after a 1948 army jeep. I built these items in 1985. The system works well but needs a 3HP engine.”

riding-model-jeep-ia1 riding-model-jeep-ia2 riding-model-jeep-ia3 riding-model-jeep-ia4

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The RC FC-170 (and Other RC Videos)

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models, videos

UPDATE: Well, there was supposed to be a post above this one (hence the “mutant supersized jeep” comment), but the post scheduler did not automatically post it. That’s a tech fail!

From a mutant supersized jeep, we turn to the Mini FC. Scott reminded me that I hadn’t shared this video of Headquake’s FC-170 RC jeep. A couple years ago I featured another of HQ’s projects, the RC MB. You can see other projects (200 videos) on Headquake’s Youtube channel, including a CJ-5, a Jeep Rural, a Cherokee, and a Wagoneer,

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Wooden Toy Jeep

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models

Geoff wants to let folks know about a friend of his who makes wood jeeps. If you are interested, email Fred at It looks good!

“The following pictures are of a wooden Jeep that I had purchased from a local gentleman.  He charges $30 plus shipping per copy for common wood.  Prices go up depending on the choice of specialty species of wood, to cover the cost of the raw materials.”

wood-jeep-alabama1 wood-jeep-alabama2 wood-jeep-alabama3 wood-jeep-alabama4

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FC & DJ-5 Model Resin Kits

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models

Roberto Flores forwarded these resin model kids. I am unfamiliar with the sellers or the product.

FC-150 Kit $45:

DJ-5 Kit $69:


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1/2-Scale MB Body Evans City PA $1000


Bill shared this one.

“1941 willys mb body in 1/2 scale with 12.5 briggs engine and the steel to build the frame”