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3 Trench Art Model Jeeps on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models

One of these sold in 2011 for $142.

“trench art jeep made by me. wwii 50 cal shell for wheels 30.06 for steering wheel. 30 carbine for head lights, all head stamped from wwii I am rebuilding my collection. witch I sold. I am building 3 at a time. takes for ever to find shells.i will be years befor i make any more.”

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Jeep Wreck by Barry

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models

Blaine discovered a thread at SCALE MOTORCARS about a guy named Barry who builds scale car wreck dioramas. Included in the different dioramas is a pretty neat scale model of a jeep graveyard. Barry built it based on photographs of an actual location. The setting and condition of the jeeps look a lot like the photo I shared earlier this month from Price of Wales, Papau New Guinea.

Click here and scroll to the bottom of that page to see all the photos

wreck-by-barry8 wreck-by-barry9 wreck-by-barry10 wreck-by-barry11

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Carnival Ride Jeep Franklin, CT $225

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models

UPDATE: Still Available

(10/06/2014) Even has racing stripes.

“This is an early carnival ride car. This is a small one for one little child. It is about 53 inches long by 24 inches wide. It has almost a Jeep look to it. It was made in Germany and has the manufacture logo on the front and sides. The tail lights are glass Hella (yes the same ones VW used on Busses). The side ones are replacements. There are posts on the front corner that were for a top which is long gone.
The body is wood and the floor is weak (and may be replaced way back). The paint looks worse than it is. There is a missing hubcap.

Great piece of early carnival or amusement park history and it is small enough to fit anywhere.”




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EZ Kraft Model on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models, toys

I don’t know if all the parts are there or not.

“Ez Craft model J111 with box. Beautiful red, white and blue box with model parts loose but several not punched.”

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World’s Smallest Jeep 6″ long x 2″ high

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models, Old Images

The model builder was supposed to be working on a motor for this tiny jeep at the time this photo and caption were published.

“1943 Press Photo The world’s smallest Jeep, 6 inches long and 2 inches high”

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‘Jouncing’ Pulltoy Jeep Plans

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models, toys

These pull toy jeep plans were published in the January 1944 issue of Popular Science by C.W. Bertsch.


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Box from a CJ-2(?) Model

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models

There’s no model inside this box to verify, but the picture on the cover looks like the experimental CJ-2 (not the CJ-2A). Note the military grill, the tool indents, not gas inlet, and the bow holders on the side. Anyone know if the photo matched the model?

“Great dusty old relic from our WW2 past. Empty Civilian jeep “ACE” model jeep box.The Willy’s Jeep evolved into the CJ Jeep “The Civilian Jeep” because of it’s popularity during WW2. The box is discolored from age, and has a bit of paper peeled from one end, please view all photos as they are part of the description. The interior of box is pretty sound structurally. The box measures 8 1/8″ long, 3 1/8″ wide and 1 9/16″ tall. This little survivor would fit in well with a WW2 Collection.”

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WWII Jeep Model on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models

This model is a project, in that there’s no instructions. I looked over the parts and it seems like there’s enough here to make most of the jeep. However, I don’t see passenger seat nor a driver’s side fender.

“WWII Jeep scale unknown (parts only) no box or instructions/decals package”

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Bill’s Half Scale Jeep

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models

Bill Shaw is looking for some five lug tires for his 1/2 scale jeep project. If you comment below, I’ll make sure he get’s your info. Here are a couple links I found:

Bill writes, “I am working on a ½ scale jeep, mounted on a John Deere garden tractor. The engine fits well and I am now working on the axles which I am lowering 6” (if you look on-line, most of these projects have an odd out of kilter high on running gear look). We (my son-in-law, grandson and I) are looking for 4.80/4.00-8 military looking non directional tread tires, 5 of them. If anyone has a lead please let us know – Kanda used to make them, I think. The photos are of a correct size wheel in place, the engine (just fits) and the front steering axle as I am lowering the spindles. We are going to use 5 lug trailer spindles and hubs on the front and on the rear I am going to modify 6” chain sprockets with wheel lugs for the drive axle.”


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Parade Cart Scranton, PA Make Offer


Made for parades.



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WWII Pin from the Netherlands on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Artists/Drawings, Features, Models

Joe forwarded this unusual pin story. Anyone familiar with it?

This unique ww2 jeep brooch is handmade in ww2 by hiders (refugees from the Nazi) in The Netherlands.
The production took place in secret in a factory in De Meern, a small Dutch place. The same factory where the first laundry pegs with an iron spring were produced. The owners operated in the resistance working together with The Allied Forces.

Production history
Many hiders worked in this factory. An underground was available, where they could hide in case of danger and where the brooches were stored. All metal pieces of the jeep brooch were made at the metal department. The owner’s mother transported these pieces in secret to hiders in the environment. They soldered the pieces together for a small amount of money.

These hiders had little to do, due to their circumstances. ‘Putting the jeeps together’ was a useful spending of time while waiting for their liberation by the Allied Forces.
The brooches got lightly silver or gold plated afterwards but it is not known where this was done. It was the hiders’ goal to sell these jeep brooches during the liberation days for a combination of remembering, celebration and rebuilding purposes.

They did not sell them all
It happened that they did not sell them all. Family of the factory owner recently discovered some of these brooches. I wish you a happy wearing.
And please think of the hiders, the veterans, the Allied Forces and your freedom now and than. In this way the brooch gets a good destination. And the hiders realize their goal at last, despite some delay…”

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Box Only: Hotchkiss Model Recovery Jeep on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models

Here’s a neat old box, but it doesn’t include the model.

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Hand Painted Models on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models

Steve shared this eBay auction. There are several jeeps in the mix.

“This lot features a very large lot of military models. They have been in storage for quite some time so they are dirty and some are missing pieces. I have taken more than 12 pictures, so see below for all of them. Some other small pieces may fall off during shipping. The paint job on these pieces is EXCELLENT, whoever did the painting did 10 times better than I could. Some of the rubber treads have dry rotted.

We have other lots from the same owner available if you like the paint job (and some of the loose parts may be mixed into other lots) so bid on them all ;)”

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Hogan’s Heroes Model Jeep on eBay


Looks like a good project for someone.

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Damon’s Pinewood Derby Jeep

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models

Damon built this Pinewood Derby CJ-2A. He says it wasn’t the fastest model, but I’ll bet it was the coolest!


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Kempro Wooden Model on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models

Marc spotted this unusual model.

“Kempro Large Military Jeep Wooden Kit, complete with prints, full scale prints, completed jeep is 11 in. long, mint condition in original box, box is 14 in. x 6-1/4 in.”

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MINI-BEEP Kit from Struck-kit

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models, Website • TAGS: , .

UPDATE: Blaine forwarded the video for the Mini-Beep:

Struck-Kit offers what they call a Mini-Beep Kit, which you can use to build mini jeep-like vehicles. You can even build an amphibious version.

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WW2 Model Jeep Seattle, WA $30

• CATEGORIES: Models, toys

Anyone recognize this model?

“I have this vintage looking WWII Army Jeep Model up for sale in excellent condition. It measures 4.75″ tall x 8″ long x 4.5″ wide and is

First come, first served. I will not hold without a deposit. I’ll delete this ad when it’s sold. Please no low ball offers. All gmail, live and hotmail e-mails will be considered SPAM if not accompanied by a phone number.”

ww2-model-jeep1 ww2-model-jeep2

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Ford GP Model on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Bantam-FordGP-WillysMA-EarlyJPs, Features, Models

The cover of this box shows a Ford GP, so it might be a Ford GP model.

“Mego model kit, builds wooden US Army Jeep M-10, 1944, box is 8-1/2 in. x 6-1/8 in.”

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Wooden Model Jeep on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models

The jeep is made of Ron Ron.

“Beautiful Jeep Willys model made from exotic woods of Costa Rica.
This is an appreciated souvenir from Costa Rica and a great conversation starter.
Size is approximately 1/18 scale. This collectible car model is not a toy, so wheels don’t turn.

The Jeep Willys model in this auction is made from an exotic wood named “Ron Ron”. There are other exotic woods used in our models as “Cocobolo”, “Guayacan”, “Guapinol”. The whiter wood inserts are made of “Teca”.

Please see the wood colors of the other cars in the last photo. These cars only have lacquer clear coat protection ! Costa Rican exotic woods colors are beautiful and vibrant !

Please note that our models are very different than the $1 imported chinese toys, mass made from tinted pine, widely available in US and other countries. These are original products from artisans of Sarchí, Costa Rica, of a family owned shop.

This shop is owned by members of famous Eloy Alfaro family from the artistic city of Sarchí.

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1980s Banana Republic Jeep Gift Box **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features, Models

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

Here’s an neat box.

“Unique Banana Republic Safari Jeep Gift Box. Assembled, but never used. 3-Dimentional Box Army Green Color with Stand-Up Windshield, Safari-1 License Tag, Accented with Leopard Print, Purple and Orange Accent Colors. Per Old Banana Republic Catalog, This Box Measures 15″x4″x10″ and Will Hold Shirts, Pants, Shorts, Dresses, Skirts, Handbags, Sweaters, Shoes, Etc. Box is in Mint Condition…No Tears.”

1980s-banana-republic-giftbox2 1980s-banana-republic-giftbox3 1980s-banana-republic-giftbox4

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1963/4 Western Auto Jeep Kit

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models, toys

The owner of this unusual jeep kit from Western Auto would like more information. Anyone ever seen or remember one of these? I spent some time trolling through “western auto” ads from past years on eBay, but didn’t have any luck

Here is a collection of scanned Western Auto ads on Flickr, but no jeep like the one below.

1963-kit-jeep-western-auto3 1963-kit-jeep-western-auto2 1963-kit-jeep-western-auto1

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Vintage Wagon Resin Model

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models

UPDATE: These models were on eBay in 2013. Check out to see if the have any more.

“AAM All American Models Resin 1950’s Willys Jeep Wagon — All American Models is no longer in business, but they produced some very nice resin kits, and they have become very difficult to find today. In fact, they are quickly becoming collector items, with modelers scooping them up every chance they get. This 1/25 scale All American Models resin ’50’s Jeep wagon includes the body, hood, floor pan, seats, dash, interior side panels, windshield frame, vent window frames, firewall, unplated rear bumper and front bumper with winch, unplated grille, headlights, parking lights and taillights. Nice clean casting with no pinholes.


Courtesy of Spotlight Hobbies

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Wood Jeep Lawn Decoration Wichita, KS **Status Unknown**

• CATEGORIES: Models, Wood bodies

UPDATE: **Status Unknown**

I’ve never seen a jeep advertised as a lawn decoration (even a fake jeep).

“Homemade wooden 1940’s Jeep/Ford/Willy’s lawn decoration. Built approximately 2 years ago, it is displayed 3 times a year, Memorial day, Veterans day, and the 4th of July, the rest of the time it is garaged. It is approximately 8’L x 4’W x 53″H, it sits on 2 cut to fit trailer axles with 12″ wheels, it is wired with 7 fluorescent lights that are easily accessible, it is wired for 110vac and has an on/off switch and approximately 10′ of plug cord. This is a decoration, it is not powered to move, and has no steering mechanism’s, however, it is more than sturdy enough to support a couple of adults/children for photo’s, which it has been used for a lot. Only serious enquiry’s please, there is a lot of money in this decoration and the price is firm, I am only hoping to free up some space in my garage, I will really hate to see this go.”

wood-jeep-wichita-ks1 wood-jeep-wichita-ks2 wood-jeep-wichita-ks3 wood-jeep-wichita-ks4

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Marc’s 1/2-Size CJ-2A

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models • TAGS: .

Marc’s from South Africa and forwarded a link to the latest photos of his 1/2-Size CJ-2A project. As you can see, he does some beautiful work. He hopes at some point to tackle a full-size jeep, but for several reasons he’s starting with this project.

You can view all the photos here:

Marc writes, “A quick history. I started the drawings last December to make this, spent months, give or take 6 just doing research for all the related stuff. All the drawings were done the old fashioned way on a drawing board with pencil and set squares. Umpteen trips to a local CJ-2A to measure up. Also got info from all the various jeep sites but I met some if not very harsh or if I may use the word unwelcome altitudes (attitudes) with regard to help for dimensions or tech info to make this from scratch.


Almost all of the structure will be constructed from 0.6 mm cold rolled mild steel, welded where required but most of the assembly will be using airplane fasteners for the ease of assembly thus eliminating the use of any facilities other than my workshop at home. Everything made thus far has been built here at home with forming tools, blocks, press tolls, tuck shrinking and good old fashioned sheet metal work (I am a airplane structures engineer/technician by trade). All joints are primed and wet assembled to eliminate corrosion/rust.


The chassis/frame I have drawn up but will only start once the body/tub has been completed. Wheels will be either 8-inch or 10-inch, I would prefer 8-inch though. As for the power plant a 13Hp Briggs & Stratton will do just fine. All the rest as when I get to them as well.

I painted some internal parts (top hat sections in the tub attached to wheel well) before assembly yesterday in a colour, which is a local colour from the 80″s made by Plascon Paints called Karoo (which is similar to British BS 381 dessert camouflage sand x 2 off & FS 20313, for  “Jam” (her name, Jarred and Marc). Trying to get Harvest Tan here in South Africa or a sample to mix to here  is near impossible, I would have liked Harvest Tan but looking at historical images and current restorations there is no real “this is what it should be”. But the colour as I now call it ‘dessert pink’ looks good.I will take some pics of the ‘dessert pink’ in natural light and artificial light today or tomorrow. Opinions will certainly vary on this one.

Also I have drawn up the plans for a 1/2 scale Bantam trailer to go with this.

1/2 or full size the memory and history behind this great (if I may say) little vehicle must be kept alive for all to enjoy.”

marc-half-cj3 marc-half-cj4