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Bantam BRC-40 @ the Pennsylvania Military Museum

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Don visited the Pennsylvania Military Museum a couple days ago and discovered it houses a Bantam BRC-40. Had I known this we would have made an effort to get there during our trip in 2013. Thanks to Don for taking some photos for us!


The Pennsylvania Military Museum is located on Business 322 in Boalsburg; three miles east of State College.  It is one of 26 historic sites and museums on the Pennsylvania Trail of History, administered by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (PHMC).




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Jeeps @ Fort Eustis in Virginia

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The United States Transportation Museum in Virginia has a few jeeps. With a 50,000 square-foot building and four outdoor parks there’s plenty of space for vehicles of all types. I’m sure some of you have been here?

fort-eustis-rail-museum fort-eustis-jeeps

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Pre-Jeep: The Belly Flopper

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I didn’t know this early Belly Flopper was still around. It’s housed at the National Infantry Museum and Soldiers Center in Columbus, Georgia.

Read more about it at Foxtrot Alpha


This great photo was taken as part of Dick ‘n Debbie’s Travels.



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CJ-2A from the Alaska Aviation Museum

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Gerald Colletz spotted this CJ-2A at the Alaska Aviation Museum and submitted it to Four Wheeler Magazine. Check out all the photos here:


Photo by Gerald Collatz

Here’s another look from the front of the jeep. This photo was taken a few years ago when it was inside.

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Pics From Charles

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Just a few posts tonight.

This jeep is featured at a Brussels military museum (Royal Armed Forces Museum?)



Here are some miscellaneous photos:


wilrec_09_22 wilrec_09_19 ddhrsw aGun

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Yelvington Jet Aviation’s Jeep Collection

• CATEGORIES: Features, Museums

John shared some pics from the Yelvington Jet Availation‘s Jeep Collection at the Spruce Creek Airport in Florida. It includes the following along with a North American P-51D and various other artifacts.





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Jeeps from Fort Bragg and Quantico Museums

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John took some photos for us from the The 82d Airborne Division War Memorial Museum in North Carolina and National Museum of the Marine Corps in Virginia.

The 82d Airborne Division War Memorial Museum, Fort Bragg, North Carolina:

fort-bragg-airborne-museum-nc2 fort-bragg-airborne-museum-nc4 fort-bragg-airborne-museum-nc3

National Museum of the Marine Corps, Quantico, Virginia:

fort-bragg-airborne-museum-nc0 fort-bragg-airborne-museum-nc00

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CJ-5 at Omaha’s Doorly Zoo

• CATEGORIES: Features, Museums

Anyone know if this jeep is still there? This photo came from this page (though I removed the kids). The photo was take at Omaha Nebraska’s Henry Doorly Zoo.



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CJ-2A at the Baldwin County Annex in Alabama

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In 2010 the Baldwin County Department of Archives and HIstory purchased a CJ-2A. Earlier this month the put it on display in the lobby of the Baldwin Count Annex (22251 Palmer St., Robertsdale, Alabama). Why feature a 2A? They feel it’s a worthy representative descendent of the WWII jeep. The county’s goal is to build a state military museum and put the jeep on display there.


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U.S. Border Patrol Jeeps & the US Border Patrol Museum

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UPDATE: Steve let me know that the US Border Patrol Museum has an updated website with more photos. Below are a few historical photos. You can view more historical photos (with cars, jeeps, horses and more) here.

ORIGINAL POST 07/27/2012:

1. A cold day for guarding the

2.  Border Patrol Inspector observing sign of possible illegal border crossers encountered while on Jeep patrol duty near Del Rio, Texas – March 9, 1956:

3. High lookout point overlooking the Rio Grande River, June 29, 1961. [Location is still used to overlook Rio Grande River.]

This is the CJ-2A displayed in the Museum. It looks a little green in this picture, but it’s actually more gray in person.

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1946 CJ-2A Palmetto, GA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2000

I just did a post about this zoo jeep a few days ago. Now, you can own it!

FOR SALE is a 1946 Willys CJ-2A jeep with an interesting history. This came from the North Carolina Zoo in Ashboro, N.C. It was a featured exhibit there for a number of years. It was in front of the dinosaur exhibit. The zoo rotated it out of the exhibit and sold it to a zoo employee who I bought it from. The body is 100% Perfect without even a pinhole of rust. I was told that the zoo spent $4000.00 having it restored prior to exhibiting it. It needs some love now to restore it to it’s former glory but it would be a worthwhile project.”


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Ashboro Zoo Jeep in North Carolina

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Anyone get there photo in this CJ-2A yet? It’s located at the Asheboro Zoo in North Carolina. This may be located in the kid zone, but I can’t tell for sure.

Ashboro-NC-Zoo-Jeep-Photo-Prop3In 2010 this same jeep was located in a different part of the museum and draped with stuffed animals.

Ashboro-NC-Zoo-Jeep-Photo-Prop3 Ashboro-NC-Zoo-Jeep-Photo-Prop4


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Willys MB in Netherlands Museum

• CATEGORIES: International, Museums

Hugo spotted this 1944 MB at the Louwman Museum in the Netherlands. Here’s the museum’s link to the jeep:


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1943 MB in Lithuanian Museum

• CATEGORIES: Features, Museums

Charles spotted the of photo of this jeep from Lithuania. It turns out the jeep is in the Vilnius Energy and Technology Museum in Vilnius, Lithuania. According to the sign next to it the jeep is a 1943 MB. The facility also appears to have an interesting car collection. You might want to drop by the next time you visit Vilnius.


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The ‘Kruse’ WWII Victory Museum in Auburn, In

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UPDATE:  There was a report the museum might have closed, but Renee reports it is still open. 

(Originally post was from 2010) In early 2000, Dean Kruse purchased the entire collection of a closed Belgium museum. On September 4, 2000, the groundbreaking ceremony was held for the new 192,000 square foot American Heritage Museum that would house the former Belgian collection on a site in Auburn, Indiana. The museum complex opened in early 2003, with the WWII Victory Museum housed in the south wing of the complex.  Read the entire history here from cybermodeler. This looks like a big place with multiple museums.

These photos were shot by Rick and Orinda:

These photos were located at the cybermodeler online site

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GPAs from Around the World

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Mark asked about finding a SEEP in a museum. So, I this post reflects GPAs in museums and  around the world. I’m sure there are others. If you know of any more, please email me a link or add it to the comments.

In Bangkok, Thailand, this SEEP is housed with several other jeeps at the Chokchai Museum. This video shows a short walk around. That might be a M-606 next to it.

The Wheatcroft Collection, in Leicester, England, has a great collection of vehicles, including this GPA. Here are many more photos of the collection.


Wheatcroft Collection Ford GPA

The Moscow, Russia, Victory Park has a GPA stored outside. This website includes a variety of closeups as well.


Russia-moscow-victory-park-ford-gpa2Back in 2010 I posted this GPA that’s housed in the South African Military Museum in Johannesburg.

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Jeeps @ the California Automobile Museum

• CATEGORIES: Features, GPW (Ford MB), Museums

The California Automobile Museum (location) in Sacramento has at least three. I have been there yet, but it might be a potential stop on our California tour in March. The M-38 and CJ-2A were photographed by Jack Snell in August of 2013 (more great jeep photos by Jack in his photo stream).

This 1951 M-38 looks good:

Cal-Auto-Museum-m38-2 M-38 @ the California Automobile Museum

Cal-Auto-Museum-m38-1 M-38 @ the California Automobile Museum

This 1945 VEC CJ-2A looks very good:



The museum also has a 1943 GPW which was photographed and posted here along with other images from the museum. Below is the photo of the GPW:




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Fagen Fighters WWII Museum

• CATEGORIES: Features, Museums

Built as a tribute to his father who participated in D-Day invasion of Utah Beach in Normandy, Ron Fagen opened the Fagen Fighters World War II Museum in September of 2012 at his hometown of Granite Falls, MN,  Along with a collection of WWII airplanes, the collection also includes the GPW used by Omar Bradley during the Invasion. I’ve only found this one:

fagen-fighters-wwii-museum-jeepHere’s a neat overview of one diorama taken by Jody Phipps. The jeep isn’t shown.


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Silent Wings Glider Museum in Lubbock, TX

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Published at the Jurgen Chronicles:

Dallas Durham recently visited the Silent Wings Glider Museum in Lubbock, TX, and photographed some of the toy jeeps. After searching the internet, I learned that Silent Wings is the official museum of the National World War II Glider Pilots Association. It looks like an interesting place, so when we go through Texas (maybe after the FC-Roundup), we’ll definitely stop there.

Here are a few links related to Silent Wings.

They have at least one jeep. I’ve seen a photo of the jeep inside the glider and outside, so I can’t guarantee how it is currently presented. Here are photos published on the Jurgen Chronicles of it outside the glider:

silent-glider-museum-jeep-lores silent-glider-museum-jeep2-lores

Here are Dallas’ photos of the toys:

silent-glider-museum-toy1 silent-glider-museum-toy2

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More on the Crosley “Pup” Jeep

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UPDATE: The mystery Crosely at the bottom of the post has been identified as a Crosley Bull Pup thanks to L.C. Odin.

For those who haven’t read the article I posted on the lightweight jeeps a few years ago, Crosley built ‘extra-light weight’ four wheel drive vehicles called the CT-3 Pup and marketed to the military in 1942. The Pup had a 2-cylinder 13hp engine air cooled motor and weighed 1125 lbs. What I didn’t know was that a slightly different ‘hi hood’ version of the Crosley Pup was also built.  More about that in a moment.

The issue of the Pup came to my attention yesterday because Marc forwarded me a great photo of a CT-3 Pup being loaded onto US Navy Bomber May 5, 1942, on eBay.

View all the information on ebay

1942-crosley-jeep-quantico-va1 1942-crosley-jeep-quantico-va2

According to Hemmings thirty-seven Crosley Pups were built before the idea was abandoned, at least in part, due to some weak parts. As in the photo above, here’s another look at the ‘classic’ version which you can view at Mighty Eight Air Force Museum in Pooler, Ga. (more pics of it here) and check out these fantastic detail photos at the Comancheclub.

What makes the Crosley Pup jeep more interesting is that I discovered the following photos taken at the Cincinnati History Museum (Interesting note: the Museum offered a history program on Powel & Lewis Crosley in 2013) of a version of the Crosley that seems to have been ignored.

UPDATE: This has been identified as the Crosley Bull Pup. See L.C. Odin’s comment for more info .(Photos taken by Nicholas Massa)?

crosley-high-hood-cincinnati-history-museum1 crosley-high-hood-cincinnati-history-museum2

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1942 MB @ Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum

• CATEGORIES: Features, Museums

Bob spotted this MB at the Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum in Cleveland, Ohio. As he noted, the dents make this look a bit beat up.

1942-mb-crawford-aviation-museum not only had a couple of additional photos of the jeep, but it had a ton of other nice photos from the museum:

1942-mb-crawford-aviation-museum2 1942-mb-crawford-aviation-museum3

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Jeep @ Gippsland Vehicle Collection, Australia

• CATEGORIES: Features, Museums

Leigh forwarded this photo of a jeep from the Gippsland Vehicle Collection in Maffra, Australia. It doesn’t appear to be 100% correct restoration, but certainly looks in great shape. Photobombing to the left appears to be a Jeepster Commando.

This collection of motor cars is changed two to three times a year to keep the museum interesting. So, there’s not guarantee this jeep will be there during your visit.


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CJ-2A at Desert Queen Ranch

• CATEGORIES: Features, Museums

Roy shared a link on Facebook’s Jeep Thing. It was part of a Desert Queen Ranch at Joshua Tree National Park. If you want to see the jeep in person make sure to get reservations, because you have to be part of a guided tour.


From Wikipedia (

Here’s a neat link that shows a panorama which includes the jeep. Below is a partial photo from that panorama. It’s a perspective you don’t normally see.



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Jeep from the Pegasus Bridge Museum

• CATEGORIES: Features, Museums

Here’s a jeep that is featured at the Pegasus Bridge Museum in Ranville, France. Credit for the photos goes to “mr_lovebucket” and were posted on Flickr. Click on the pics to see the full photos.

pegasus-bridge-museum-ranville-france1 pegasus-bridge-museum-ranville-france2


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Montana Auto Museum in Deer Lodge, MT

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On our last trip to the East Coast it seems we blew right by a museum in Deer Lodge, Montana, that houses a GPW of some vintage. I ran across a reference to the jeep last night, but couldn’t find a picture until tonight. There also might be a jeep wagon, but I can’t confirm it.

The Montana Auto Museum is located in the Old Montana Prison Complex (1106 Main Street
Deer Lodge, MT 59722), which houses five unique museums inside its historic prison walls. The complex includes the Old Montana Prison, Powell County Museum, Frontier Montana Museum, Yesterday’s Playthings and the Montana Auto Museum. The complex is run by the Powell County Museum and Arts Foundation. One fee covers all five museums.

The “USA Today” once listed the collection, which totals over 100 vehicles, as one of the top ten must-see auto museums in the country. Here’s one ‘non-car’ person who really enjoyed the place.

I found photos of the GPW at Brian DeFree’s Flickr site:


Here are some additional photos:

montana-auto-museum-gpw4 montana-auto-museum-gpw3 montana-auto-museum-gpw2

Shannon Shorg has even more photos, but none of the GPW. Here is a picture of a couple dune buggies though.