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4 Turbine Rims Tri Cities, WA $250


No pics provided. They are near me somewhere if anyone is interested.

“5×5.5. ford, jeep, dodge, zuk. some raiders. 15″ classic turbine wheels. 40 spokes. $250. no text366 6296”

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Jeeps along the Way


I might have mentioned we were going to camp with my two younger kids, Kasia and Colter, but my daughter was too afraid to drive the four hours to meet us to camp. Regretfully, I told her not to worry and we’d meet them after we camped for a couple days. That led to our three day trip through the middle of Utah on Saturday, Sunday and Monday (to be told on Thursday).

Yesterday, It was my daughter’s birthday, so we spent some time shopping for clothes in Salt Lake City with her. After finding some cute outfits we said our goodbyes and drove to Boise. We have lunch plans for Wednesday and then we’ll head for Pasco Wednesday afternoon.

In lieu of pictures of our Utah trip . . . during our drive through Arizona and New Mexico, we saw a number of jeeps in fields, but couldn’t always stop or get pictures of them. Here are a few we did capture.

In only a short while in Holbrook, AZ,  we saw this poor CJ-5 hiding sadly behind a mixer. It’s a project!

cj5-near-safeway-holbrook2 cj5-near-safeway-holbrookI wished we could have gotten better pics of this truck’s bed it was unusual.


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More updates tuesday


By the time we arrive in Pasco on Wednesday night, Henry will deserve some rest. Besides thousands of roadway miles since the start of the trip, for the past two days he has been fording streams, battling dust, crawling up hills, tip toeing over rocks, and carrying us faithfully through many less-travelled roads in the Capitol Reef National Park/ San Rafael Swell area of Utah.

Even better, we spent the past two days disconnected from the inter web. For 48 hours I didn’t touch my computer, which is certainly a record for 2013. We saw some neat stuff and have hundreds of pics, which I’ll be sorting through tomorrow and sharing over the coming days.

I’ll be doing more updates throughout the afternoon.

– Dave

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Henry Keeps Rolling


Henry at overlook of Moab and La Sal Mountains

Gerald asked about our 2012 Grand Cherokee’s performance during our trip. He also asked if our jeep had a name yet. Yes, the jeep has a name: Henry. It was Ann’s idea, since most of her life she’s owned a Ford. We even traded in her Ford Mustang for the jeep (now there’s a great wife — willing to trade in her car to get a jeep!)

Henry has the basic Laredo GC with the 3.8 with the towing package upgrade. It has fulltime all wheel drive, but doesn’t have low range. We bought it with approx 4k miles for $28,500. Our goal was to have a mildly off-road, a snow, and a camping capable vehicle.

Having put 6,000 miles on Henry in the last five weeks we have found the jeep has exceeded our expectations. Rated at 23mpg we regularly get 25mpg at 75mph without air conditioning (it hasn’t been warm enough to run the air). The jeep handles well enough that I don’t miss touring with my BMW 540i. My BMW has better passing power, but I can live without that.

The jeep is well equipped for working in the passenger seat. Two electrical outlets allow me to keep my computer / phones/ broadband device powered. The windows could use some tinting to help reduce computer screen glare.

Not only are their cup holders in the middle, but the doors have auxiliary cup holders, which work well for bottles of water or empty cans. We really appreciate the door cup holders!

The jeep has the push button starter, which I’d never used, but really like! I keep the key in my pocket and Ann keeps one on her. There is no fumbling with keys to open doors or start the jeep. As long as the electronics and computer work over the long term I will continue to like this feature!

The packing capacity seems good. We’ll know just how good it is when I try to pack 2 terra tires into the back. My wife is convinced they won’t fit. I am convinced I can make them fit!

Here are a few pics of Henry offroad.


Testing Henry out in the sand. We didn’t want to get into sand that was too deep, but it drove through without issue.


To get here I had to drive over rocks and branches. Even without low range there we encountered no problem.



Of course the hill doesn’t look steep in the picture, but it was. We went down and up without any slippage. Now, if it were wet at all, we would have had problems.


Waiting for us at White Sands.

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1942 Hobart Generator Willsboro, NY **SOLD**


UPDATE: Was on eBay. **SOLD**

This looks very restorable.

“This M5 generator was built for the US Army in World War II, by the Hobart manufacturing Company.  It is built on intergrated steel skids. The generator has a four cylinder ZXB Hercules engine.  From online research, this engine was sometimes used in the Willys Overland Jeep.  The output of the generator set can be field set for either single or three phase operation.  The output is rated at three kilowatts.  This unit has sat for many years, but I believe can be rebuilt to operate correctly, and could be used as a functioning display.  Just to make clear, the unit does not run at this time.  This unit is rare today, and from research, provided electrical power for the BOFERS anti-aircraft gun setups in WWII. I have found similar generators for you to look at on you tube, but I have not been able to download a link due to ebay rules. Type in M5 generator on the you tube search bar.”

View all the information on eBay


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Toy Jeep Collection Orting, WA


No pics provided.

“Toy Jeep Collection – All or part – Marx, Tonka and more more. Pictures do not show all I have.
Chuck 360-893-8554”

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Roberto’s Jeepster Illustration


Roberto just completed an illustration of a Jeepster. He’s thinking of creating some black t-shirts with the Jeepster on it. If you are interested in having him do that, comment below or contact him at


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We have arrived in Moab. It looks like they are getting all ramped up for Easter Jeep Safari Week. More updates later.


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New Emperor Movie


Mark forwarded this movie poster for the new movie Emperor.


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VEC Bow Bolt Brackets


Someone asked me about bow bracket windshield bolts, but I forgot who.

Claus found the answer. Up to S/N 22xxx the bolt heads(?) were square. After S/N the bolt heads were rounded. He can confirm that he had a CJ-2A of 225xx that had rounded ones, so it had to be before that 2A.

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1946 CJ-2A Thurston, OR $4600


That’s one thick roll bar tube. This jeep has a variety of mods, including non jeep axles.

“46 jeep willy. 4600.00 call for details 541 -852-3758”


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CJ-3B Soft Top Denver, CO No Price


No pics and no price.

“Willyz CJ-3B soft top, doors and bars good condition
call Matt

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FJ-3 Fleet Van Shop Manual Supplement on eBay


Someone might find this useful.

“US POSTAL JEEP FJ-3 SERVICE SHOP MANUAL Supplement… 124 pages.. has wear/ stains.. all then info is still good..”

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Bantam Jeep Festival: The Joys & Hazards of Buying a Vintage Jeep



The folks at the Bantam Jeep Festival have asked me to participate in this year’s history series.  I will be presenting “The Joys & Hazards of Buying a Vintage Jeep”,  appearing on Friday, Saturday and Sunday with an official book(s) signing following each event. I don’t know the times just yet.

I shared this news with Paul and he responded with some words of wisdom for potential buyers of vintage jeeps. He wrote:

Please remember that sometimes a free Jeep is still too expensive. Normal people just don’t realize how much money, time and space a disassembled Jeep can suck up. Many clueless males have sadly discovered just how quickly Breaking Up Is Easy (not hard) To Do after becoming the owner of a project Jeep. Don’t even get me started on relationship problems after the Jeep is finished, just be ready for the “Why can’t my car be parked in the garage” vintage whine which is soon followed the always popular “I’m cold and rain soaked, why doesn’t this thing have a top” snivel. For a single guy taking a date out in a vintage Jeep will become an educational experience so long as no police are involved. Many women simply don’t understand that a Jeep really does have shock absorbers, it’s just that they are called passengers. Also a women with a sense of humor and adventure is mandatory to make it thru those events that seem like a good idea at the time and will provide many hours of crazy stories in the future for the grandkids but only if everyone survives.

I simply can’t argue with any of that!

On the BOOK 2 front, after writing all day I completed Draft 2 this evening. The book is approx 450 pages, when properly formatted. Ann is sitting next to me gleefully and busily bruising this draft with a red pen. She’s on page 22 already and hasn’t fallen asleep yet, so I take that as a good sign 🙂  My goal is to have it published in time for the Bantam Festival.



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XL T-Shirt with photo of wagon in Hawaii on eBay


This was just too odd to pass up.

“Wagoneer wood-sided Station Wagon
Brand – Jeep
Color – Orange
Size – XL XLarge
Measurements in inches and centimeters, measured flat:
Chest – 23″ (58,4cm)
Length – 29″ (73,6cm)
The shirt is short sleeve, 100% preshrunk cotton.

Wood-sided Jeep vehicle on the front of the shirt.
In used, not abused condition.
No rips, holes or stains.”

View all the information on eBay

wagon-t-shirt-hawaii-lores wagon-t-shirt-hawaii-lores2

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1946 Ad for the Jeep Wagon on eBay


I like this ad.

“This collectible magazine advertisement is original, not a reprint or photocopy. It measures apprx. 10 1/2″ wide by 13 1/2″ tall and is in good condition ready to mat and frame. Due to the nature of vintage paper, most advertisements will show some minor signs of aging and wear. All of our ads are packaged in plastic sleeves with a cardboard backing inside of a mylar mailer.”

View all the information on eBay


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New Server


eWillys is live on the new server. Now that I’m on the new server, I can finally complete the changes and updates to the site, as well as add some new features. I have also set up a twitter feed which I’ll use to send out updates or announce problems or more.

I will re run a few posts tomorrow. New posts will start Monday.  Enjoy your weekend!

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It’s gonna be an oolie Weekend


Ann’s family is arriving this weekend to celebrate Oolie Christmas. Yes, it is Christmas in February. Why Christmas in February? Because her family (large family) was too busy to gather at Christmas. What’s an oolie Christmas? It’s a family celebration of Christmas started by Ann’s grandmother, who suffered a brain injury in a car wreck. After the wreck, she couldn’t do a lot, but one thing she could do was go to thrift stores. So, she’d go to thrift stores all year around until she had a huge collection of pretty bizarre presents (they’d fill half a bedroom). The presents weren’t addressed to anyone; instead, they were passed out until everybody had one. Then, everyone shouted OOLIE and opened the presents all at once. Then they would hand out another round of presents, yelling ‘oolie’ together again and unwrapping commenced once more. The goal is to have ten rounds.

After Ann’s grandmother passed away the tradition died. However, last year the family decided to restart it. Everyone bought ten thrift store items or made presents from scratch. We all have so much fun, we thought we’d repeat it. This year, as I mentioned, we put it off until February. In fact, we still have the christmas lights on the house, the tree still stands, and decorations still line the banisters. I admit it is strange having christmas decorations up so long you have to dust them. 🙂

Because of all the activity, I’ll be rerunning some old posts and maybe a couple new ones during some down time.

Happy OOLIE Christmas!

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How to stop a Jeep with a Ping Pong Ball …

• CATEGORIES: Features, News, Reader Stories

This was first published July 2, 2010.

A reader named Sam called me today.  He told me he had a great story to share.  Hopefully, I’ve remembered most of it correctly.

For a little background, Sam is retired after a lifetime of building hotrods, drag racing and owning a shop in Sacramento, but now operates a small flattie-oriented shop in Arvada, Colorado, where he fixes, modifies and maintains Willys (and probably a few other vehicles) for fun.  I’ll be explaining more about Sam (and some of his great suggestions) in a future post, but for now you have enough information to understand why a Jeep owner, in some distress, had his Jeep towed to Sam’s shop to investigate a problem.

And now to Sam’s story … The owner of this willys had tried to drive his jeep to work, but the jeep stopped working while driving down the road.  So, the owner pulled to the side of the road, waited a moment, and started it up again.  Sure enough, it fired up and the owner drove onwards.

Another few miles down the road the jeep shutoff again.  So, the owner repeated the process:  pull over, restart, and continue onwards.

At some point, this re-occuring process became too much for the owner to bare, so he called a towing company and had his jeep towed to Sam’s.

So, Sam looks the jeep over.  He starts it up and, sure enough, after a little while it shuts down.  He knows it has an electric fuel pump and suspects that could be causing a problem, so he unhooks the hose from the carb and points it into a gas can.  Then, he turns on the fuel pump.  Sure enough, after a little while, the fuel dribbles to a stop, yet he can hear pump still pumping ….. hmmmm, Sam thinks to himself.

He decides to try an experiment.  He knows the owner only fills the tank to half full, because if the tank gets too full gas leaches out of somewhere (I can’t remember where Sam said  it leaked).

Sam decides to fill up the tank all the way, because he suspects there might be something in the tank.  Sure enough, he fills up the tank and out pops not one, not two, but three ping pong balls.

As Sam explains it,  the sucking power of the fuel pump was pulling the ping pong balls to the outlet area of the tank(where the fuel line connects), stopping the fuel from exiting the tank, which shut down the jeep.

How’d the ping pong balls get there?  Well, that still remains a mystery ….

So, the moral of this story is that even the mightiest jeep can be humbled by an even mightier ping pong ball.  And, a side moral, is that buying a locking gas cap is a pretty good idea.

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1957 Farm Journal Ad featured the FC-170


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

The Farm Journals have a variety of interesting Willys/Jeep stories and ads like this, but finding a free or cheap source of them has been difficult.

“This magazine advertisement features the Forwad Control Jeep FC-170 manufactured by Willys Motors, Toledo, OH. The copy boasts that The Newest addition to the 4-wheel-drive ‘Jeep’ family!”. The piece is 8 1/4″ x 11 1/2″ and is in good condition (see photo).”


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Photograph of CJV-35U from Florida Memories


I was looking for an interesting jeep photo when I ran across the rarely photographed CJV-35U at Florida Memories.  The photo’s caption reads, “Oklahoma Seminole Indian Webster Talmsey Wise sitting in a Jeep”


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Steve’s Jeep Shirt collection


Last month when I share pictures of my ‘jeep’ shirt that horrified my wife, Steve sent me a variety of pictures showing his jeep shirt collection.

1) My most “busy” Jeep shirt.   It actually has several types of 4×4 on it, including Scouts and Broncos. This has to come in a close second place to,  “OMG, are you really going to wear that in public?”


2) Here is my favorite FC Roundup Shirt, because it has an FC Wrecker on it. I don’t own a wrecker (yet), but I came close to owning one.


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Karson Joins Fema Corps Tomorrow


Pardon the brazen shout out to my nineteen year-old son, Karson.  Tomorrow he begins a ten month stint with Fema Corps.  He will start in Sacramento, where he will go through ‘boot camp’.  Once he completes his training he’ll start working somewhere in the western US.

Fema Corps is a Fema specific arm of the Americorps NCCC program. The FEMA Corps members focus on disaster preparedness, response, and recovery activities, providing support in areas ranging from working directly with disaster survivors to supporting disaster recovering centers to sharing valuable disaster preparedness and mitigation information with the public.

It should be quite an adventure for him; the start of making his own way in the world. Here’s a pic of him sitting on the bumper from 2011 (remember that time I ran out of gas . . .). Good Luck Karson!

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New Desert Dog Tires? West Virginia


These look more like Mini Terror tires rather than Desert Dogs. Still, finding brand new, rather than retreads, is unusual.

“new desert dog tires 92.00 free mounting call 1-304-387-2869”


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Hong Family Jeep: Story out of Minnesota


I happened across this story by Rob Hardy about a 1942 MB? that was purchased and owned by Howard Hong until 2010, when he passed away. In 2012 it was donated by his son to the Northfield, MN, VFW.