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Flat Fender Frenzy in Southern Ohio (other updates not til later)


I’ll be busy tonight until late tonight, so expect updates later than usual.  In the meantime, John forwarded me this link about the Flat Fender Frenzy from the website. I’ve pointed readers to the mightymo website in other posts, but I guess I hadn’t explored the entire website.

As I understand it, Flat Fender Frenzy is a weekend event that occurs near the end of August in southern Ohio.  It looks like a fun little get together with some camping, jeeping and relaxing. Sounds like a perfect weekend to me.  You can view a variety of pics from the last few years here.

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Various Flat Fender Parts Wenatchee, Wa


This ad has been posted since April 2;  I just discovered it.  There’s a ‘complete’ jeep without a frame.

“I am looking at moving and have numerous old 1940’s jeep parts and trasfercases and other parts that I am clearing out in hopes of making more room. Will not sell for nothing since these things are getting harder to find. I even have a 1940′ flat fender that just needs a frame all else is pretty much there and in good shape $1200. All other parts depend on condition and how hard to find.”

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Brief History of the CA4WDC

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Here’s an article from the BlueRibbon Coalitions’s website.  The California Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs (CA4WDC) is celebrating its 50th anniversery.

Here’s an excerpt:

1959 was a momentous and pivotal year. Fidel Castro became prime minister of Cuba. Alaska was admitted to the Union as a U.S. state (with Hawaii soon to follow). Rock’N’Roll was heating up the airwaves, and the California Association of Jeep Clubs was formed in April in Tulare, California.

Steve Morris, a member of the Sacramento Jeepers, was elected as the first president of the Jeep Association, an organization that would retain that name until 1962, when it officially became the California Association of Four-Wheel Drive Clubs.

Read the rest of the story here

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No updates this evening


I’m busy on a project this evening (family history).  I’ll do an update around 2pm MST tomorrow.

Thanks — Dave

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Follow-Up Comments to Posts are Now Emailed


When readers comment on a post, I always get a copy of the comment emailed to me.  I had thought that readers who post a comment also received an email anytime there is a followup comment to a post.

Well, it turns out I was wrong about this feature (thanks to Robert for making me aware of the issue). So, I did some research and found a plugin for wordpress that solves the problem.

Now, if you post a comment related to a post, you’ll be sent an email anytime someone posts a follow up comment.  This should help mightly with cross reader communication on posts.

Thanks, Dave

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Bill Mauldin’s Willys Cartoons

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smithsonian_cover_1992As I mentioned in a post when I first launched eWillys, which appears to have disappeared in last year’s database disaster, one of my favorite Jeep Cartoons was drawn by Bill Mauldin and placed on the front of the November 1992 issue of the Smithsonian Magazine.  You can see that one to the right (or see a larger version here).  No doubt many of you have seen this before.  At the time I wrote the post, it never occurred to me to search for any other cartoons by Bill.

However, for mystical reasons that remain unclear, it occurred to me tonight to search for other ‘Willys’ cartoons by Bill.  Here’s the results of my search. (send me others or links to others if you know of more ….

billmauldin1Th’ hell with it, sir. Let’s go back to the front.


billmauldlin3Why ya lookin’ so sad? I got out of it okay.

billmaudlin4 I’ll never splash mud on a dogface again (999) … I’ll never splash mud on a dogface again (1000) … Now will ya help us push?

billmaudlin6It’s a habit Joe picked up in Rome.

Here’s more links about Bill

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1945 MB? Fenders New City, NY $225


1945_fenders_newcityHere’s a couple of MB? fenders. I’m not sure ‘great shape’ is how I would describe them.

“1945 jeep fenders. shed stored. great shape.”

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A Brief History of the Cannonball Run

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cannonballToday, as usual, I was browsing CNN when I came across a list of the ‘10 best’ car chases on film.  I’m not sure if these really are the best 10, but one item that did catch my eye was the note attached to #10, the Cannonball run about George Baker.

I’d  heard of the Cannonball Run, but didn’t really know anything about it other than the casual reference to a movie by that name until last summer.  One day last summer I was browsing the new books section of my library and came across a book called The Driver, by Alexander Roy.  That provided me some background on the race, with which I’ll end this post.

Note:  I’m no expert on rally racing or it’s history, nor much of an expert on anything at all, but I’ve never let that stop me from writing anything else.  So, here’s a brief Cannonball history for those that like this sort of thing.

Mr. Cannonball Express:

In 1915, Erwin George Baker drove a Stutz Bearcat across the country in only 11+ days (this was one of 143 driving records of various kinds he set).  The next year he drove a Cadillac 8 from LA to NY in only 7 days.  This feat earned him the nickname (or a reference of) the Cannonball Express.

The Cannonball Express was a reference to the fastest train, at least at the turn of the century, that motored between Chicago and New Orleans.  It’s the same train that was operated by the immortalized Casey Jones, who would be killed at the reins of the train, attempting to slow it before it crashed into boxcars.

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Problems solved & site back on track


UPDATE: AHA!  Somehow, I had changed the file permissions on a single folder, which apparently caused some havoc with the ajax comments, maps, the contact form and more.   It took a while to hunt it down the problem (probably because I was half watching tv too). While messing around, I took the opportunity to do some general maintenance as well, which is always good.

So, I’ll pick back up Monday late afternoon with a story on the very rare MB half-tracks and information about more rare jeeps owned by Fred Smith of the UK.

– Dave

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Lack of Vitamin D a Warning Sign for Heart Disease? Cmon …


Ok, this has nothing to do with jeeps, but until I setup my nutrition blog, I will record this here as I need to get this off my chest.  It has to do with nutrition, critical thinking skills and causal relationships.

I saw a headline that declared “Lack of vitamin D linked to teen health problems“.  As a follower of nutritional information over past few years, when I see a headline like that, I can’t help but wonder what type of study was done to determine how the lack of a single vitamin could be responsible for all the health woes of a generation of people.  It seems to good to be true (the natural corollary is that adding vitamin D to the diet will solve the problem .. yeah, right).

So, I go to the link.  I read the article.  I wonder if anyone else is as confused as I am.

Let’s look at the logic.

  1. The study evaluates 3600 boys and girls 12 to 19.
  2. The researchers draw blood for blood tests.
  3. For some reason, not indicated, levels of vitamin D were measured (no other vitamin or mineral measurements or results were noted).
  4. Indicators for heart disease were measured (waist size, blood sugar, high blood pressure, high cholesterol)
  5. The sponsor of the research, not indicated (though one might suspect milk industry people given the focus on vitamin D — btw, I’m total fan of good quality, high fat milk, so no intentional swipe at milk producers is intended).  I searched for information on the study sponsor or original study information, but was unsuccessful.

Now, out of this data, the researchers discovered a pattern.  Teens with low levels of vitamin D had a statistically significant association with indicators of heart disease.  I have no qualms with that association (I’ve read studies a variety of studies indicating that large percentages of americans are vitamin poor.) and it makes logical sense based on what I know.

Importantly, a doctor in the article is quoted, “it’s likely that vitamin D deficiencies in teens stem from unhealthy diets and lack of exercise outdoors … If their diet includes chips and soft drinks, they’re probably not getting enough vitamin D.”  This makes total sense to me too.  I suspect this has less to do with exposure to the sun than ingestion of good quality products that contain fat soluable vitamin D.

So, I ask simply, is it the LACK of vitamin D that CAUSES the factors for heart disease to increase?  Or, is it the consumption of foods poor in vitamins and minerals across the board, that result in the low intake of vitamins and minerals in general WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY introducing high levels of sugars and carbohydrates (that are broken down into sugars) that result in increases in blood sugars in general (note that high blood sugars were also measured in the study).

Your body, in response to high blood sugars, produces insulin from the pancreas to lower blood sugars.  Of course, insulin also produces at least two byproducts: (1) weight gain due to the insulin secretion that causes the storage of fatty acids as tryglicerides within the adipose tissue of the body and (2) insulin which is excreted to deal with high levels of blood sugars causes increases in heart rates and constricts blood vessels which, over time, appears to raise the homeostasis of blood pressure.


Given the enormous amount of quality studies by quality people in this field, the stunning lack of reasonable conclusions here simply floor me. Let me simplify this further.  While different people have different tolerances for this formula, the basic formula applies:

Sugar (& flour and starches) >raise blood sugar levels > which causes a hormone called insulin secretion from the pancreas > which forces your body to burn sugar and save other products, including fats, for burning later.  This causes your body to operate in a manner you will not like!  One byproduct is weight gain: WEIGHT GAIN HAS LITTLE TO DO WITH OVEREATING AND CALORIES AND EVERYTHING TO DO WITH EATING POORLY NUTRITIOUS FOODS.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled jeep posts ….

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A Tucker ….. and the world’s largest auto museum


tucker_lemay_museumOk, I’m excited!!  Ever since I saw the movie Tucker: the Man and his Dream I’ve always wanted to see a Tucker up close.  I’ve never seemed to be at the right place at the right time to see one in person.  However, today I was innocently browsing the latest edition of Via Magazine (the AAA magazine) and noticed a review of several car museums in the west, including one from Spanaway, Washington, called the LeMay Museum.   Why someone would put (or leave) a collection of cars once listed as the largest on the planet by the Guinness Book of World Records in Spanaway doesn’t entirely make sense to me (not knocking Spanaway, just can’t imagine there’s a ton of traffic to support the museum).

Now, this really surprises me since I spent 4 years of my life haunting the Tacoma (Tacoma melts into Spanaway) environs while finishing my undergrad degree at the University of Puget Sound.  Yet, not once did I ever hear of the LeMay Car Museum the entire time I lived there.  Moreover, it’s not too far from my sister’s place in McKenna, Wa, so the next time I’m there I will grab my young nephew and go check out the cars.  And, among the cars, is the 7th Tucker ever made (pictured above).  Too cool :-).

lemay_museumHOLY CRAP .. I just checked out their About page.  Here’s their grand plan for a new museum adjacent to the Tacoma Dome on 9 acres: “Upon completion, this $100 million project will be the largest auto museum and attraction in the world …”  Make sure to check out the video at the bottom of the About page!

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1953 CJ-3A Denver, Co $3500


1953_cj3a_denverHere’s a 1953 CJ-3A that’s been changed to appear like an MB, but still has the ’53 parts.  It looks like it’s in good shape.

“I am selling my willys jeep project due to a divorce. I have over 3500 invested in the jeep. The jeep is a 53 made to look like a 45, I still have all the original 53 parts as well. It is not a flat head engine it is a 4 cyl not sure what type the jeep ran well before the restoration, has overdrive as well. The jeep and trailer were both sandblasted not a body off sandblast. The trailer comes with a pintail hook as well as a standard tow hook. The trailer also has a hill break it is a really nice trailer. Selling both as a set. call me at 303-588-4065”

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Reader’s Builds — Jim’s Barn

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A reader named Jim has been working with jeeps for quite a while, rebuilding roughly 70 jeeps over the years. He started rebuilding jeeps by adding v8s, lifting them, and hot rodding them a bit.  Over the years, he did something unusual, he paid attention to what customers seemed to want.  The result, as you will see, is that he has taken a variety of jeeps, provided a military theme, and accessorized them well without investing large amounts of time or money.  He said he found that people seem to really respond to the military theme.  In addition, he wrote to me, “I cant stand to see an old ranch jeep neglected in some field or some backyard; I have to make it run, make it fun, and bring it back to life again.”  He’s found a great niche, has fun, and gets to collect some jeeps.  We should all be as fortunate 🙂

Here’s got 9 willys, an m-38, m-38a1, aussie land cruiser troop carrier and plenty of extra parts.  Here’s a shot of his barn.  I’ll be provided some glimpses of his projects over the next few days (I’ve run out of time tonight).  Thanks Jim!


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Jeeps in Tahiti


Sometimes, you just gotta love the internet.  While searching for an MB dashboard image relating to an earlier post, I ran across a brief history of jeeps in Tahiti , which was mostly historical photos such as the one below, along with some images of a restored 1944 MB in Tahiti, shown at the bottom of the post.



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Zombies invade Austin, Tx … sort of


zombiesOk, so this has nothing to do with jeeps and it wasn’t really zombies, but I thought it was funny, soooo ….. hackers had their way this morning with commuters in Austin, Texas.  An electronic road sign that normally reads “Construction Area Ahead” was updated by some hackers to read “ZOMBIES IN AREA!  RUN”.

While drivers interviewed were amused, a City of Austin Spokesman was less amused, saying “Even though this may seem amusing to a lot of people, this is really serious, and it is a crime and you can be indicted for it, and we want to make sure our traffic on the roadways stays safe.”

I suspect this won’t be the last electronic road sign we see hacked.  Read more here ….

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Award Winner — shortest Ad I’ve ever seen…


UPDATE:  I have discovered a theme. There’s an Ad from Los Angeles Craigslist and an Ad from Orange County Craigslist to go along with the original San Diego Ad I show posted at the bottom.  I’ve put them all together, as a suspect the seller is the same for each, and I think I’ve got a bigger picture now ….

San Diego Ad –> Title =  Willys Jeep  …………………. Ad Text = “non op”
Long Beach Ad –> Title = o]]]]]]]]]o ’46 willys ……. Ad Text = “bring your truck, lots of parts I need to clear out.”
Orange County Ad –> Title = ’46 willys ………………. Ad Text = “you put it together”

So, the seller has a non op 1946 willys cj-2a that’s in many parts.  The seller expects you to put it together.  The seller suggests you bring  a truck.  I suggest you offer the seller very little cash for all the effort you will expend putting humpty dumpty back together again.


My original post is below:
This Ad which comes from of San Diego is for a “Willys Jeep”.  The text of the ad, in its entirety, is  “non op”.  There’s no pictures, no year, no model.  Maybe it’s a deal? Maybe it’s a waste of time?  It made me laugh …

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1947 CJ-2A Caldwell, Id **SOLD**


UPDATE:  The price on this jeep has dropped to $2500. **SOLD**

I was driving through Caldwell the other day and the dealer was just parking this jeep as I sped by the lot.  So, I couldn’t resist turning into the lot to take some pics.  Of course, after walking up to the jeep, it took only a couple seconds for a sales guy to come over and offer his help.  He tried making a couple points about the jeep, which I gently pointed out were incorrect.  I then provided him with some information about the year of the jeep and how it differed from a military version.  He got quiet after that. Though I didn’t tell him, I would say it’s way over priced.  I wouldn’t pay more than $1500 for it as, for starters, the front of the frame at the point of the grille on both sides has been welded, re-welded, and cross welded.  Here’s some pics.

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Barrel Racing in the Tacoma Dome Jan 16 & Jan 17, 2009

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racejeep_tacomadome2008This weekend, Friday January 16 & Saturday January 17th, 2009, members of  the PNW4WDA will be holding barrel races as part of a Monster Truck show at the Tacoma Dome in Tacoma Washington.   As you can see from the 2009 schedule, most of the races throughout the year tend to be in fairly remote locations, making them pretty private; This race provides a unique opportunity for the general public to see these unusual jeeps.  To the right is a link to a myspace video shot last year by a spouse of the racer  (I assumed it was from a spouse considering the ‘dumb ass’ comment heard in the accompanying audio).

Here’s a link to a TON of pictures from 2008 Tacoma Dome races on the Moonshiners’ Jeep Club website (though lots of dark and blurry ones too 🙂 ).

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Happy New Year


first_birthdayHappy New Year everyone (at least somewhere it’s the New Year).   New Year’s day marks the official one year anniversary of eWillys.

Over the past year I’ve met lots of new friends from all around the world, written about 1400 posts, nearly finished my own jeep, and only pissed off one reader (that I know of :-)).  I feel like I’ve successfully hit my goals this year: to create a website that follows the older jeep & jeep parts market so that I and others can better understand the market demographics — what’s for sale, how much they cost, and more.  Along the way, I’ve tried to make it interesting, amusing and educational.

Based on the feedback I’ve received, you all seem to be enjoying the site thus far.  My 14 year old son swears to me that one day he was walking down the street in downtown Salt Lake City and heard two guys talking about the eWillys website and how much they liked it, which he thought was pretty cool.

Over the next year, I hope to continue to deliver interesting information,  improve the site (especially those drop down menus which stick within firefox), and expand the content in new directions.

Finally, I really really appreciate all the readers who have provided endless helpful feedback, suggestions and information.  I try to keep this site updated on 24/7 basis as best as possible and sometimes I make mistakes in the process, so always feel free to drop me a line, and I’ll respond as quickly as possible.

Have a wonderful 2009 everyone!

– Dave

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County Line 4×4 Offroaders Event Jan 24th Elbe Hills, Wa


countyline_4x4_logoI found this event notice in the parts section of Craigslist, so for those near Eatonville, Wa ….

“County line offroaders 4×4 club is having a snow jam rally sat jan 24 in Eatonville on scott turner road to elbe hills . door prizes,raffle, 10.00 to sign up includes 1 hand. 5.00 per extra hand. chilly feed with all the fixins! starts at 8am. last rig out at noon….bring the whole family! qauds welcome!more info call:360 458 0644 or 253 350 2584”

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Reader’s Build: Michael’s 1957 and 1955 Trucks

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Michael writes that he’s owned several jeeps through the years.  Currently, he’s got two willys trucks he’s fixed up, a ’55 and a ’57 .  As you can see from the right and the first large pic below, the ’57 seems to have wings.  Most recently, he’s purchased a couple slat grille jeeps and is looking for info about and parts for them.

“Just wanted to say thanks for all the awesome info on your website! I learned to drive at the age of 10. My parents had a 1969 Jeep Gladiator Pickup. I used to fourwheel all over in it. It was given to me on my 12th birthday after I had blown up the motor wheeling in a rock canyon very similar to the Rubicon. What a time. We towed it back with a 56 Willys Wagon.

I currently own a couple Willys pickups a 55 and a 57. I’ve owned a couple 2a’s in the past and always kick myself for selling them! I am back though and looking for any info. on parts for a couple of slat Willys. That’s how I found your website. Thanks again. I’ll send you a picture of my 57′ “treading lightly?” Also pics of both are posted on car domain under the user name of UNIVERSALWILLYS1 (although it was hurriedly done so not very prof. looking.I need the time to fix them)”

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South Webster High School “Jeeps”

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Who woulda thunk it?  It turns out South Webster High School in Ohio adopted the Jeep mascot more than 50 years go.  Though it’s not jeep the vehicle, rather it’s Jeep from Popeye, it’s still cool in my book.

“Before 1940, South Webster High School athletic teams had no official name, although local sportswriters sometimes referred to them as the “midgets.

However, in 1940 the rules of basketball, by accident, helped to produce the mighty JEEP. By the rule in 1940, coaches were not permitted on the playing floor to instruct players. Coaching had to be done prior to the start of the game or at half-time. During rest periods between the first and third quarters of play the team manager at South Webster would roll a small box onto the court to supply players with refreshments and first-aid materials. However, the coach at South Webster was accused (and rightly so perhaps) of sending in plays and instructive notes in this little four-wheeled box. Local fans were positive that when that little box was sent onto the floor, players were getting more than refreshments. Everyone knew that the box contained answers to the problems being presented by the opposing team.

Also in 1940, a favorite comic strip contained a character who knew everything. In 1936, the charater of “Eugene the Jeep,” a small bright-eyed creature from Africa who was all-knowing, was introduced into the “Popeye” comic strip. Popeye gave the Jeep to his girlfriend, Olive Oyl, as a birthday gift. The Jeep, whose diet consisted of orchids, helped popeye solve many difficult situations in his comic strip career.

Since the JEEP was all-knowing, some local South Webster people associated the coach’s box, containing messages to his players, with the comic strip character.

According to, what is now legend, the late Mayor of South Webster, Mr. Gilbert Havener, is credited as the first person to label the box as the “JEEP BOX.” The sports editor of The Portsmouth Times (now Daily Times), Lynn Wittenberg, picked up the term and used it in describing South Webster’s 1940 Scioto Country Tournament team.

The mascot was never officially adopted, but has been, since 1940, generally accepted….”

Learn More Here

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Military Jeep Prices

Production #s
CJ-2 25
MB Slat 25,808
M-38 61,423
CJ-3A 131,843
CJ-3B 151,494
CJ-2A 214,202
GPW 277,896
MB 335,531

A reader asked about the price regarding a restored military jeep he was interested in purchasing.  I responded with the following info:

Below is a link to some sales from a Military Vehicle resaler, though I can’t verify the sales prices are real or when the sales occurred as I don’t know anything about the website (I just found the link today).

These prices are less than the recent high bid on an M-38 ebay auction that ended Nov 18, which reached $25k.  The seller had an even higher reserve price, so it did not sell.   I’m a little surprised at the high bid as well as the $50k buy-it-now price listed by the seller.

Here’s a rundown of production numbers of flat fenders (though I dont’ have production number of DJ-3As yet).  Given this list, I’d expect CJ-2s, MB Slats and M-38s to command higher values than the other flatties, everything else equal, with CJ-2s significantly higher than all the others.

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Flatfender Brewing Company

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Here’s a jeeper who turned 2 passions (beer and jeeping) into a business.  Learn more about Flatfender Brewing.

“We are an online,  local, & delivery service for all of your homebrew needs. We are located in Crescent City Ca . This is 15 miles south of the California Oregon border & about 1 mile from the pacific ocean. Our town is surrounded by huge redwood trees & one of the cleanest rivers in the United States. We can order anything you might need that we do not stock.  I am Brian & i am know as “jeepguy” on forums & in a pc game i play called battlefield 1942. I also like jeeps & like to build & wheel them.”

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Increasing old Jeep Sales and the Economy

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Christopher made an interesting point in one his comments.  He mentioned that he’s seeing more jeeps for sale.  Well, oh boy, did this get me thinking ….. and while this is tangentially related to jeeps, it more about my thoughts on the economy.

I agree wholeheartedly with Christopher.  I believe the number of flat fenders appearing for sale is greater now, and the prices better, than I’ve seen since I started following them (which is only 2 years mind you).  Most of the ads appear to have the same theme, ‘don’t want to sell but need the money’.  Now, I don’t keep actual stats on this, but I have been pondering ways to do this without it being a time burden …

Combing Trends

When I combine the jeep sale trend I see with the recent October filings for unemployment insurance (highest in 16 years) and the record drop in October US house sales (worst in 50 years), plus the number of job applications per job here in Boise, I get the feeling the economy is still heading downward.

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