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1947 Empire Tractor Hanover, NH $5000

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UPDATE: Still Available.



“The Empire tractor consisted of military power components from World War II-era jeeps. It had a 4-cylinder, 40 hp Willys-Overland engine, a Model T-84 Spicer 3-speed transmission, Spicer transfer case with high and low speeds, Willys rear end, steering column and gearbox. It also had PTO, individual clutch-type rear brakes with a stop provided for parking and a rear belt pulley. The fuel tank and an Empire-style seat were mounted on a large operator’s platform (made from Navy ship decking). Its simple, basic gauges (ammeter, oil pressure and temperature), ignition switch and starter button also came from the jeep. The Empire tractor was originally made for exportation in the Lend-Lease Program after World War II.

If I had to mention a couple of things that made the Empire Tractor really unique, one would be the straight bar hitch that pulled from under the center of the tractor (patented) thus making an overturn nearly impossible. The other selling point was, of course, the Willys engine and drive train made famous in the Jeep during World War II. The Empire was a well equipped tractor, very reliable and versatile with its wide range of speeds. Today this tractor draws a lot of attention at shows and is very sought after by collectors commanding higher than average prices. “.

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2004 Wrangler “Surrey” Sandy, UT $34,995

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TJ shared this unusual Wrangler. In terms of a DJ-3A Surrey throwback attempt, it doesn’t quite work for me.



” This 2004 Jeep Wrangler Surrey very nice customization has brought this Jeep to look as though it came straight from the ’60s, displaying many of the signature themes seen on the original Surreys. The base for this re-creation is a 2004 Jeep Wrangler that is equipped with the much loved inline six-cylinder engine, an automatic transmission and four-wheel drive. The exterior has been finished in a light shade of blue with matching wheels and whitewall tires. The interior is finished with blue and white striped upholstery, blue door panels, blue dashboard; and a blue and white steering wheel. The Jeep is tailored with a rollbar, removable side curtains, a striped fringed top and a rear-mounted spare tire with a striped cover.

Along with the many aesthetic customizations, this Jeep has power steering, power brakes, air conditioning and an AM/FM radio. The re-creation completed here has been executed very well and complements the original Surrey Jeep design. This Jeep, with its modern drivetrain, presents itself as a perfect candidate for being used at a resort or used for a weekend adventure. Henry Kaiser bought Willis-Overland in 1953, and then went to live at a hotel that he owned in Hawaii. As a part of the hotel, he owned a car rental business that offered Surrey Jeeps as a cheap runabout vehicle that were used around the resorts. In 1959, a Gala edition, with striped upholstery and fringed top, was added to the export line; intended for resort areas like Hawaii, the Caribbean and Mexico. Later that year it was marketed domestically as the Surrey.”

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1983 Mistubishi Lake City, FL $6500

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The price seems decent.


“In the 50’s Willys sold the right to build the CJ3 Jeep to Mitsubishi and they have built them for the last 40 years. This is a 1983 with a 4 cyl Mitsubishi diesel 2700 engine. Runs very well has a few rust spots on the body. frame and floors are great. This is a work horse of a jeep 24 volt system Dana 44 rear, Dana 30 front, 4 speed high and low range 4×4. jeep is stock with no lift but will take 31’s with out a lift. It is right hand drive and has a clear Florida title. This is much cheaper than a side by side and a lot tougher and street legal. Has the very cool CJ3 high hood design and rear jump seats. These are rare in the states but parts are easily available. This is thousands less than you will find other ones.”

1983-mitsu-lakecity-fl2 1983-mitsu-lakecity-fl3 1983-mitsu-lakecity-fl4


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1965 Tucker Snow Cat Washougal, WA $10,500

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Marty shared this running (but smoking) Tucker Snow Cat. It even includes a Warn Winch.


“Rare 1965 Tucker Snow Cat. Military Jeep running gear. This is beyond cool. It will run and drive. Smokes a bit needs restoration. But it’s original and what a eye catcher. If I don’t sell it? I will rebuild it myself. But I have so many projects going I’m willing to let someone else have this fun project? I put new battery in and fresh gas 3/12/18 fired right up. Drove without issue and steered and parked as expected. This thing is ready to drive onto your trailer. Buy it before I change my mind! Calf. title ser number 1651050. Has Warn winch.”


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Replica Jeep Brooklyn, WI **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2900.

UPDATE: As Blaine pointed out, we’ve seen this exact type of vehicle before: http://www.ewillys.com/2014/03/07/mini-beep-kit-from-struck-kit/

“This is Jeop Willy’s replica that my dad and I built. It’s true 4×4 and is also amphibious. Has brackets to mount a trolling motor in the rear to take in the Lake or stream. Has high and low range gears. Kohler gas motor, fun to use around the farm or camp. Has receiver hitch as well.”

jeep-replica-brooklyn-wi0 jeep-replica-brooklyn-wi1 jeep-replica-brooklyn-wi2

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1952 Hillman Ballston Spa, NY No price

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It’s a 1952 Hillman Husky on a Willys Chassis.



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1951 Alfa Romeo Matta New Jersey on eBay

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Craig spotted this rear Matta in the US.

View all the information on eBay


“I bought this military Alfa Romeo Jeep 1.9 with an intension to finish restoration that has already been taken place. As you can see through these pictures, some gauges are missing, some need to be restored. All electrical wires are very dry and some missing parts in differential, so I have a new rear end, but i have no time to complete it. Rebuilt engine and transmission, made and rebuilt in Italy from the previous owner. the car still runs and drives. Uses front wheel drive. Great project. Something very unusual and unique. This has the same engine that they used in the 1900 GS, which is the only engine that is worth a lot of money. This jeep comes with customs forms only.”

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1968 Nissan Patrol Lavergne, TN $2500

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Needs work.


“I’m selling a 68 Nissan patrol for $2,500. This Nissan is in need of restoration. Everything is there including the right rear window not shown in the pictures. The frame and floor pans are all original and look great. If you are looking for a rare vintage 4×4 that will probably be the only one at car shows, then this is it! The car has been parked for many years. It rolls fine, engine seems to be locked up, and the right rear tire looses air. I have a bill of sale but no title.”

1968-nissan-patrol-nash-tn1 1968-nissan-patrol-nash-tn2 1968-nissan-patrol-nash-tn3 1968-nissan-patrol-nash-tn4

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1964 Wagoneer Portland, ME $9500

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Both Craig and Bill shared this vintage Wagoneer. The body and interior aren’t perfect, but it generally looks in pretty decent shape.


“Original condition driver. Need to reduce my projects. 230 Tornado, 3 speed 4×4. Body is good but not perfect, interior needs to be redone. Runs nice and brakes are good. Might consider partial trades. Serious buyers only, please don’t waste my time.”

1964-wagoneer-me12 1964-wagoneer-me2

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Power Wagons & Bantam(?) Trailer Puyallup, WA **SOLD**

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Marty spotted this collection of Power Wagons and other full size vehicles. Note the two 6x6s (they have four). Below are just four of the many pics.

bantam-trailer-tacoma1 bantam-trailer-tacoma2 bantam-trailer-tacoma3 bantam-trailer-tacoma4

“Dodge Chrysler Pontiac International Mopar vehicles from 1937 2 1971
160 Power wagon Chrysler imperial military Plymouth Dodge

if you are a military enthusiasts about mopar vehicles chrysler contact me I will help you out….
We are located in Puyallup Washington
contact me first I will give you the address then…… I am open to offers but cash only

1939 Plymouth
1965 satellite
1967 Chrysler Newport
1968 Imperial 4 door
1968 Imperial 2 door
1947 Dodge business coupé
1969 Chrysler 300
1948 Plymouth 4 door
1967 Chrysler new yorker newyorker
1967 Chrysler 300 convertible
1967 Dodge Dart
1948 Wm 300
1951 D100 200
1967 Cornet Continue reading

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Roof Palomino Mower “60” Nebraska Best Offer

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Justin’s selling this Roof Palomino. This version, the model “60”, did not come with the jeep-like hood, so it isn’t quite as jeep-looking as other’s we’ve seen. He hasn’t used it recently, but it did fire right up when he started it recently. To make an offer, email him at Fehlhaferj@gmail.com

“This came from the university of Nebraska and I bought it from the guy that bought it from there auction 19 years ago. Mowed with it for 16 of those years. Just parked it because I decided to go the safety route and bought a newer John Deere so my daughter could take over the mowing. I live on a farm and it it awesome at mowing the road side ditch because of its wide wheel base. I even entered a lawn mower race back in the day and won fastest lawn mower. Had my wife drive next to me on the road with car and was going 23 mph.”




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CJ-3A/Samurai Portland, OR $9,000

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UPDATE: Price dropped to $9000



“So this is a 1948 CJ3A, titled as such with only two parts on it that are original. Everything else is from a samurai. Basically it’s a fiberglass jeep body, bolted onto a 1994 samurai frame with all samurai running gear. It was built to be ultra light, with the bench mark of below 1800 lbs which meets the legal requirements for a side by side (class IV UTV) to go on side by side only delegated trails. It’s also a fully insured street legal registered 48 cj3a (no DEQ to meet). The fiberglass body is also made to be 8” longer than a stock CJ3A has to accommodate taller drivers. Why a samurai? Everything on a samurai is built to be lightweight. The engine is fuel injected, aluminum block and heads, fully dressed weights 175 lbs…….. If you think bolting a chevy 350 inside a CJ2A is a good idea this rig probably isn’t for you. If you recognize the biggest advantage you can have off road is lightweight, we should talk. It takes the idea of “go anywhere” to a whole new level.

The good: 5 speed transmission, fuel injection, low transfer case 5.7:1 H pattern, ARB lockers front and rear, ultra light. It’s set up for easy flat tow (4 prong trailer wired directly into the taillights). Custom made soft top to fit the extra 8″ and an island top as well. It will fit in the bed of most trucks like it’s a side by sides with the tailgate down if you don’t mind some strange looks. Gas tank fill in the rear like a samurai, not under the drivers seat like jeeps. Everything runs and works good on it.

The bad: The main reason I’m selling it is because I’m 6’4″. Even with the body 8″ longer than a stock jeep I am cramped in it and it’s uncomfortable to drive. If you are my height, you might not be happy in this rig. Currently for weight purposes it has no back seat and there is an panel in the back area cut out where the seat is supposed to go. No windshield wipers, I just haven’t hooked them up yet as I’ve never driven off road. Technically it’s not a legal side by side, law states it has to be 1) No more than 65″ wide. 2) No more than 1800 lbs dry weight. 3) 14″ wheels…………….. It meets 1 and 2 fine but I have yet to get 14″ wheels for it. I talked to the director of the Oregon OHV program about the 14″ wheels. He says he doesn’t know of that law ever being enforced and half the side by sides have 15″ wheels anyway, but if since the jeep is a technicality, they might be tecnical on enforcing such things.

The ugly: The paint. It’s an off road toy, I spent no time making it look pretty. It’s not going to win a car show for the paint job. But no dents with the fiberglass…….. Pic shows windshield folded down. $12,000 OBO, trades unlikely but I will consider them if you tell me what you have and what kind of trade deal you are looking for. Hint: I’m not stupid I know how to look things up, I know what a 1986 mini van is worth, think classic bronco, or land cruiser.”

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1985 CJ-8 Scrambler Shark River Hills, NJ **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $7000.

(12/31/2017) This has some issues, but given the price it might be worth a look.

Runs and drives great
Full doors and half hard top
Has rust and cracks in paint from bondo
I covered most with the black diamond plate. Currently doesn’t have a working gauge cluster
Also have a plow for it. FIRM AT 7k with fisher plow.
Plow this winter and make money to make it nicer!!
These are rare. Made from 81-86 only. And most are manuals. ”

1985-cj8-scrambler-nj1 1985-cj8-scrambler-nj2 1985-cj8-scrambler-nj3

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1984 Bronco Goldendale, WA $15,500

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UPDATE: Price dropped to $15,500.

(01/07/2018) Someone spent a lot of time and money building this rig. You might ask why? I certainly wonder why? Sometimes, a feller just has to follow his own path no matter where it leads ….

“Titled and lic. as a 1984 bronco 11( has bronco running gear) NEW custom hand built tub–it it 6″ wider and 6″ longer–It has taken 2 years to build–Here is a list of new parts–seats and covers–gauges–wiring harness–roll bar–paint–bed liner–flag–clutch–flywheel–windshield and rubber–wipers–fuel pump–lights–custom fuel tank–battery–filters–drive shaft–sensors==belts–shocks–exhaust–plugs and wiring–high performanc dist–starter–side steps–hubs–Many-many more parts—Also have an extra 2.8 engine with trans and transfer if a person would want them”


year-bronco-cj3a-goldendale-wa01 year-bronco-cj3a-goldendale-wa0 year-bronco-cj3a-goldendale-wa1

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1961 Land Rover Bristol, PA No Price

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It’s pretty rough, but could be an interesting project. I haven’t run across many early ones.


“Up for sale is a complete early Land Rover. It will need a full restoration and new frame. Very rough shape. I’m not very knowledgeable on these at all. Come take a look and make an offer in person. Will not ship or any of that happy bullshit. No title. Doesn’t run. Not looking for trades unless it’s an old jeep or something along those lines.”


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1947? CJ-2A? Crawler Monterey, CA $11,000

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Is there a jeep (or anything left from a ’47) under all that tubing?


1947-cj2a-crawler-monetery-ca1 1947-cj2a-crawler-monetery-ca

“1947 Willys CJ2A Have a title to make street legal, in previous owners name.
Stretched body 27″ behind the doors
116″ Wheelbase
2×4 main frame with tube front end. Cage built from 1.75″ DOM. Entire cage is removable like a normal jeep. Frame setup to mount an LS engine. Ruff stuff LS engine mounts. Roof rack is just tacked to the cage, easily removed.
3/16″ Aluminum side armor custom made for this stretched Willys.
New floor and rear wheel wells.
Toyota pickup swing pedals (clutch pedal still installed, planned to remove)
Bomber fabrication coilover shock package 2.0 King coilovers piggyback resi 14” Travel. One pair 150 over 200 springs, one pair 250 over 300 springs.

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Year? Swamp Rig Lake Placid, FL $2750

• CATEGORIES: Other 4x4s

This might be a WWII chassis. The transmission crossmember mount is early and it looks like this may have had a driver’s side spring helper.

“New transmission, full time 4 wheel drive runs good”



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1956 Dodge Rescue Truck Upland, CA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Other 4x4s

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $8900.

Not a jeep, but still pretty neat!

“1956 dodge airforce forceable entry rescue truck powerwagon. Only 300 of these trucks produced very very few left. This is a licensed California historic vehicle. Unrestored totally original truck with all the knick knacks that came with it very cool vintage 4 wheel drive truck. This truck was in the movie The Right Stuff. former movie vehicle. All lights sirens work runs and drives great fires right up.”


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Austin FX Taxi Cab w/Jeep Engine McHenry, IL $1200

• CATEGORIES: Other 4x4s

Steve shared this odd ball.

“Wow, it’s a Austin FX-3 BMC gas powered London taxi cab with title and meter,
asking $1200, yes, it’s a spare parts car for the other taxis we have,
Features auto jacking for flat tires, whoops, tyres…
Repowered by a WW2 Willys Go Devil flat head engine and trans,
you could put that in your army Jeep
when was the last time you saw a London taxi in the USA?
as featured in Basil Rathbone Sherlock Holmes movies.
cheaper if you don’t take the engine and trans”




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1985 J-20 New Hampshire $7000

• CATEGORIES: Other 4x4s

Ted shared this one. I don’t follow the prices on these close, but he felt it was the best price on one he’d seen in a while.


1985-j20-nh2 1985-j20-nh3 1985-j20-nh4

“1985 Jeep J20 Pioneer

AMC 360 V8, 3-speed automatic transmission, Dana 44 front, Full Float Dana 60 rear axle. Reliably runs and drives, title in hand

See and hear it here: https://youtu.be/MHv6ba9Oj1U

Originally a farm truck in Kansas, then transfered to new ownership in New Mexico where it sat for a number of years. I purchased and shipped the truck to NH in December 2016. The frame and body are incredibly sound with no real rust damage, only patchy surface rust. There are multiple small dents around the body, it was a utility truck but all in all the body is good and straight. The J20 starts, runs, drives, cruises, turns and stops well. I’ve put a lot of work into the Jeep to make it reliable, fun and safe to drive. I had plans to finish and fully restore it but my military obligations have changed my plans.
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VW/Audi Type 183 (aka Iltis) $8500CDN

• CATEGORIES: Other 4x4s

Glenn spotted this rare VW Type 183 built for the Canadian Military. This particular vehicle is for sale out of Montreal. You can learn more about them on Wikipedia.



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Datsun 620 with Jeep Mods

• CATEGORIES: Features, Other 4x4s

Blaine told me there used to be some companies that convert Datsun 620 trucks to 4WD using jeep parts. He provided a few examples:


And here’s another. This one is for sale:



A comment on cargurus also mentions the use of jeep parts with Datsuns:

“There were machine shops who did the conversions that individual dealer had contracts with .Datsun were built by spencer low, southbay, quadco,northwest atv. They used early jeep components dana axles and the semi tough dana 300 tease. Early models used Jeep rear end also to keep 5 on 5 1/2 matching wheels but them the datsun rears were retained with a machined front hubs to run the standard datsun 6 lug wheel.. most conversion company’s added a tag under the vin tag on the back of the driver door sil ,quadco had stamped shift knobs I’ve owned 5 datsuns 73-79 converted to 4×4 a 76 courier sasquatch 4×4 conversion.”

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1975 M-606A2? Zebulon, NC $10,000

• CATEGORIES: CJ5, M-38A1, Other 4x4s

It’s not listed as a specific model in the ad, but perhaps it is an M-606A2? The rear passenger side filler is something that wasn’t originally listed on the documentation.

“you are about to view a fully restored 1975 Army Jeep 4WD that is sure to take a trophy in every show entered. It has the optional 6 cylinder and overdrive trans making it a joy to drive highway speeds 70 MPH with ease. It has free wheeling locking hubs for long distance travel. This Jeep is very reliable and runs like a dream. It has the heavy duty dana axles and an awesome parade siren. The 4WD works perfectly. This Army Jeep is the hit of every parade runs cool never overheats on parade duty and gets standing ovations when passing by. It has a clear Title and is ready to go to a new Home. This Jeep is a lot of fun sure to bring smiles to many who see it.”


1975-cj5-zebulon-nc0 1975-cj5-zebulon-nc1 1975-cj5-zebulon-nc2 1975-cj5-zebulon-nc3 1975-cj5-zebulon-nc4

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Zamboni HD Minneapolis, MN **SOLD**

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UPDATE **SOLD** Was $3500.

This model still has some jeep parts on it. You can learn more about Zamboni Ice Resurfacers & Willys here.

“I have a model HD zamboni for sale. It is gas engine with only 2,000 hrs on the meter. Runs and looks good. Ideal for club rink, outdoor rink, city rink. Has Willy’s Jeep parts used throughout that have had very little exposure to outdoor elements. Came out of Kemper arena in Kansas City, MO.”

zamboni-HD-model-mn1 zamboni-HD-model-mn2

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MB-Samurai Kingman, AZ $5500

• CATEGORIES: MB, Other 4x4s

The perfect gift for MB & Samurai fans!






“WW2 military army Jeep that someone put on a Suzuki Samurai chassis. I picked this up in a trade and it was not running and unfinished. Everything under the sheet metal is Samurai: engine, trans, transfer case, axles, fuel tank and frame. Has WW2 jeep body, with axe and shovel holders with axe and shovel, spare tire holder, gas can holder, front seats with new cushions, new gauges (need to be hooked up). Has new top and top bows.

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