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Flat fender racing jeep Wesport, Or $3500

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I’m not sure if this is a PNW legal racer or not.  It may just be a sand/mud buggy.  I can’t tell for sure, but I suspect the body is fiberglass, probably a bobcat body, as the rim around the back looks wider than a standard body.  I am wondering why they dont’ have a front bumper on the thing. There about $800 is tires alone, if in decent shape.

“i have a 41 flat fender willys jeep it has a 350 and a 700r tranny and a narowed toyota rearend and five point harrnesses it comes with a set of 31” paddles and a wheelie bar askin 3500 or trade for something 4×4 and of equal value.”

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1950 CJ-3A Racer Lakewood, CO **SOLD**

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UPDATE:  **SOLD** Was $4200

“1950 Willys Jeep. Competition ice racer. VERY FAST!! Fun street cruiser and show winner too. Must see to appreciate! Chevy 350 V8, TH350 auto trans. Spicer 20 t-case. D30 front with disk brakes. D44 rear, locked. Steel body, fiberglass, one piece, liftoff front end. Nothing but the best!

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1946 CJ-2A (ex race jeep) Wallowa, OR **SOLD**

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UPDATE:  Since I was heading to Seattle, I decided to stop by and check out this old racer (Also, it was a great excuse to head east out of La Grande, Oregon; Great drive!).

This is a total old school racing jeep.  The builder took a stock jeep, threw on some desert dogs, upgraded the engine with a buick v6 (leaving the stock exhaust manifolds), threw in a roll cage, vented the carb into the cowl, and that’s about it.  The builder’s son felt that there was a dana 44 in the rear that had posi, and maybe the front too, but he didn’t know for sure. Unfortunately, the weeds kept me from being able to get a jack under the jeep to test whether it had posi or not.



racejeep_dash racejeep_desertdogs racejeep_enginev6 racejeep_front

“46 willys,231 buick v6,full cage roll bar,ex race jeep,needing alot or a wealth of parts $400”

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Wrangler Race Jeep Seattle, Wa $9000

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I haven’t seen any race jeeps with later model bodies on them.  I wouldn’t’ mind checking out a few more pics of this to see what kind of mods have been done.

“This is the ALLEY RAT pro arena truck/ short course race Jeep. Engine: Flat top 350, Edelbrock Performer RPM heads, Performer RPM AIR GAP Intake, Holly 750CFM carb. Trans: Turbo 350, B&M Shift kit, Transfer case: Dana 20 DIFFS: Front Dana 44, open diff, 373 gears, Rear Dana 44, Welded rear, 373 gears. Set of 4 desert Dogs $8200.00.  With the Paddle tires $9000.00”

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Flatfender Sand Jeep Salem, Or **Sold**

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UPDATE: Was $2500. **SOLD**

“Sb 350 Chevy, Turbo 350 tranny, built, mild cam, Edelbrock Intake Manifold, Holley carb, gear drive, Hedman headers, B&M shifter, 4-point harness, racing seats, cutstom rear gas tank. Motor has like 5 Hours on it. Went to the sand and broke the rear-end. Have New Quik-Change rear-end to go with. Brand new paddles, (used once) $2500 OBO”

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Race Jeep Rochester, WA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $4200

“This jeep is not street legal but does have a registration. Willy’s truck frame, 231 v-6, mustang top loader 4 spd transmission, one piece tilting fiberglass race body in the narrow flat fender style. Raced in pacific northwest 4 wheel drive association events (go to website to see pictures of races). Asking $4200.00 ready to race and some extra parts (drivelines, axels, tires)”

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Sand Flat Fender Jeep Tualatin, Or $3000

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UPDATE:  The price has dropped to $3000 (but only for this weekend — Nov 1st & 2nd 2008).

This CJ-2A sand jeep sports the very rare parkette fiberglass body.  Only a handful of these bodies were made (At one time I was told only about 10 of them).  It sounds like it has some good parts, but it will take some work to convert it to 4wd.

“1941 cj2a military jeep that has a a full fiberglass body so you dont have to worry about rust or dents on this 67 year old jeep! it has a stout good running 350 small block with a 700r transmission. the tread on the tires are very good and i would say have conservitivly 85% of their life left. i just put a brand new radiator on it with all new verrry expensive rad. hosing which is actually 150psi petroleum trasfer tubing so it will never break or pop from heat. 971-645-1635”

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1948 Sand Racer Myrtle Creek, OR **SOLD**

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Updated:  **SOLD** Was $4500.

“48 willys, for race or play, wont take much to turn into play mode. Has 325hp 289ford, tci streetfighter c4 tranny, 3000 stahl conv. dana 44 rear full floater and dutchman axles. Douglas wheels, 16.50 paddles. Custom frontend with spindles. Jeep weighs 2200 pds. This is a very consistent sportsman racer with lots of wins, call for details. I have owned for 12yrs looking for someone to take care of and have as much fun as I have, serious inquiries only please. Comes with extra seat for passenger, tranny, converter and parts.”

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Race Jeep Rochester, Wa **SOLD**

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This appears to be a parkette racing body.  The front of the frame looks a little twisted.

“Race Jeep for sale. $2000 OBO–This is a great jeep & a great buy… This jeep has no engine, but all running gear included and this is a great addition to any racing team. This is set up for a Buick V6 231 with a 4 speed. It has 44 axels with 538 gears and a good transfer case. We are also including 3 spare Desert Dog tires with wheels in this great price. Please email me at with your information. .”

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Wrangler Baja Race Jeep — Arizona **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $14,000

“Wrangler built to race in the desert. This Jeep has a long winning history but used very little the last 10 years.
Built to be Score legal. Race built AMC 401. Art Carr AMC 400 Turbo Automatic transmission. Dana 60 rear end, 456 gears, & Summers full floating axles. Mastercraft seats, 5 point harness. Flame-out fire ext. system. 32 gallon JAZ fuel cell. 5 brand new Pro Comp 35 X 12.50 X 15 tires.Comes with spare AMC 401 motor, spare raditator, tires & wheels, spare shocks, several sets of leaf springs, drive shafts, and another 4 boxes full of spare parts. $14000, OR TRADE FOR ??????”


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Fiberglass Race Body and Desert Dog/Coop Tires Eatonville, Wa **SOLD**

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If you are doing some PNW racing, here’s some good stuff for you.  Plenty of tread on those tires.  The body comes with fenders, hood and grille.

“Bobcat willys flat fender race body complete with seperate fenders hood and grill. Has removalable tailgate and no floor. Very good condition.$700.00

4 co-op front tires. 2 are brand new, 2 have 1 race and 1 spare. 10 desert dogs 2 are brand new and the rest are 60% and 85-90%. $1000.00 for all. Must take all tires. Will not separate.”

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Seat Belts Portland, Or $100 & $50

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Here are two ads for seat belts, both good deals.

1. “1 Racing Components Inc. (RCI) 4 point racing seatbelt. Used, out of date but great for dune buggy, sand rail, Jeep or Off road. $50.00 Call John @ 503-593-8181 for info.”

2. “2 RJS 4 Point racing seatbelts. Like New Condition. Out of Date but great for Dune Buggy, Sandrail, Jeep, Off Road. $100.00 Call John @ 503-593-8181 for more info.”

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Sand Jeep, Vancouver, Wa

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UPDATE:  Price is now $1500

This jeep sports the same seats (driver’s seat and rear passenger seat) that I have.  I could use those seat covers!

“set up for sand, 2wd dana 44 with 5.13 gears and a spool, ladder bars, 400 small block with 2.05 valve heads, screw in studs, guide plates and port work, roller rockers, aluminum intake, holley carb, th350 thrans with shift kit and 3500 stall, auto meter gauges, has been sitting for a long time and needs carb rebuilt and a few other things to run. $1500 obo or $800 with out motor and trans”

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Race Jeep Yelm, Wa $1200


UPDATE:  The price is now $1200

This is a jeep designed for PNW4WDA racing.  This jeep has Formula desert dogs on the rear, but I can’t tell what tires are on the front.  The front shackles are reversed.  The front clip is all one piece (likely fiberglass).  It looks like the body is just a partial metal shell.  This jeep should also have a scattershield bellhousing (a requirement for racing).  This also appears to have chrome tie rods and a chrome front housing cover.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the rear was either locked or welded, perhaps the front as well.  This is actually a pretty good price if you want to get started racing in the PNW.

“Race Jeep. Buick V-6. T-14 Tranny. Spicer 18 44 Rear 27 Front. Needs some work. Runs and drives. $1200.00 OBO. Contact Kris @ (253) 219-2208.”

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Fiberglass Flat Fender Racing bodies — Southern Ca $1200

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I’m not sure what the exact story is here (might be a vendor?), but these look brand new.

Flat Fender Style One piece fiberglass Jeep bodies. Call Matt for complete details. (909)239-8463

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1952 Sand Rail Yuma, AZ **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

This is a 2wd Sand Rail.  I suspect the body is fiberglass.  Looks well built.

“This is a two wheel drive, sand drag,off road dune jeep.  Here is a partial list of features it has:  a Narrowed 9 inch Posi Rear; Turbo 350 rebuilt transmission with a 3500 stall converter; 4 bolt main 400 HP Chevy 350 with Vortec angle plug heads; big hydraulic cam; 850 Holley double pumper carb; MSD ignition; 200 HP Edelbrock NO2 system.  The Jeep has been lengthened about 10 inches in the front.”

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Drag ‘Jeep’ … Archive

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This is ‘jeep’ only in look.  The rest of it is all drag.

“this is a race only jeep one piece all aluminum body center seat funny car style drag jeep INSANDITY for sale turn key or minus moter or minus moter&trans 383 alcohol injected chevy w/ air shifted 2spd lenco w/ reverser full floater ford 9 inch w/ 35 spline summers axels disc brakes, nodular 3rd daytona support pro gears. too much more to list possible trade for early streetable willys or cj5 or cash could be converted to a mud bogger w/ some suspension work …”

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1946 Sand Jeep

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Looks to be street legal. Has lights and a license plate.

“Selling my toy. 1946 Willys Jeep .The only thing on the jeep that is a 46 Willys is the Tub and Title. Motor is a Pontiac 468 with 1970 Ram Air heads 500+ HP, New narrowed 9″ 31 spline axels with limited slip,frame lengthened 12”,aluminum hood,aluminum fenders and tail gate.Turbo 400,new transfer case,new paint,custom headers. Have full canvas and doors.two sets tires sand and street. street legal, Jeep is at the dunes at Coos Bay until April then will be in Grants Pass …. “