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Sand/Mud Bog Jeep Renton, WA $8000

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UPDATE: **Status Unknown** Was $8000.

This has been racing along time if it ran in the old Kingdome. The name is JUMP’N JACK FLASH!

“Jeep style mud bog/sand drags racer. King Dome record holder in mud bogs. 355 full roller motor. Top loader 4 speed, Dana 20, 44 rear, 30 front, spool rear, locker front. Let me fire it up for you!”

jeep-mud-bog-jumping-jack-flash1 jeep-mud-bog-jumping-jack-flash2 jeep-mud-bog-jumping-jack-flash3 jeep-mud-bog-jumping-jack-flash4

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1971 CJ-5 Sand Jeep Gilbert, AZ $7500


UPDATE: Price bump to $7500.

(09/04/2016) Looks fun.

“All the wiring is done with airplane wiring labeled
Paddle tires and rims are included.
1. 1964 Oldsmobile rear end with Henry spool and axles.
2. 1975 jeep transfer case.
3. Super T-10 4 Speed Transmission with/elite 3rd and 4th gears.
4. McCloud slipper clutch & flywheel.
5. Scatter shield bell housing.
6. 373 C.I.D small block Chevy Yencer built.
A. 400 C.I.D. Block standard bore. Block casting #3951511
B. 350 C.I.D. Billet crankshaft with Hank crank bearings.
C. Both the rod and bearings are pinned.
D. The engines been balanced.
E. Flash grounded and shotpeaned Chevy pink rods.
F. Speed pro-pistons and tapered wrist pins.
G. 14 to 1 compression W/.010 deck Clarence.
H. Chevy cast/iron turbo angle plug heads/ported and flow tested by Yancer.
I. Stainless steel 194 valves and titanium retainers.
J. SIG Errsen roler valve lifters.
K. Competition camshaft #CS-322-C-R8
L. Crane roller rockers with oversize studs.
M. The head bolts where replaced with studs.
N. Scorpion intake manifold.
O. 850 CFM dual pump Holly carburetor.
P. Mallory dual point distributor with cable tachometer.
Q. Mallory Coil and coil booster.
R. 7″ wide Mitchell aluminum rims.
S. Steel rear black rims with paddle tires. BFGoodrich trailer tires.
T. New Simpson five point harness seatbelts.
I have the original Front windshield and backseat.

I also have the pistons for 10 to 1 compression.

This Jeep does 4.6 seconds in 100 yard dash at 70 miles an hour. ”

1971-cj5-sanddragger-az2 1971-cj5-sanddragger-az3 1971-cj5-sanddragger-az4

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1947 Mud/Sand Jeep Caldwell, ID **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $4500.

Engine not included.

“1947 Willys jeep mud and sand rail. Has 9 inch rear, D30 front, Powerglide, NOS, 5000 stall converter, Paddle tires front and rear.
For and extra $5000 I will sell the motor with it.
Small block chevy, half filled, 396 Cubic inches, 620 hp at 9000 rpm.”

1947-muddrag-caldwell-1 1947-muddrag-caldwell-id2

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Saturday @ The Races

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Jeff Miller’s newly built race jeep.

Saturday morning in Ethel started with a driver’s meeting at 8:30am. This has been standard practice for decades, the intent being to let driver’s know of any changes to the schedule, heats, classes, and courses. Some folks always have a skip in their step, others, like me, not born as morning folks, view it as the crack of dawn. Eventually my caffeine kicked in and things began to make sense.

After the driver’s meeting is a parade of jeeps, something that I never remember doing. Most of the racers line up and slowly drive the obstacle course. Not only do you get to see the course first hand, but it seems like a great group activity.


The line was pretty long. If you look near the top of the photo you can see the beginning of the parade of jeeps.


The jeeps returning from their loop on the track.

Here’s a short video:

Once the parade was finished it was time to race. About that time, the drizzle began to fall, adding some extra water to the already muddy track. The kids lined up to race first. During that time Jeff Miller introduced himself to me. We’d exchanged emails not long after I started eWillys. At that time he shared his Jewel’s Stainless Jeep with readers. Jeff has been a regular reader of eWillys since.

For much of the 1990s Jeff raced a jeep, but then he put racing on hold. It wasn’t until this year that he finally assembled another racing so he could reenter the sport. Like me, he’s fond of the Bobcat and Parkette bodies, so it’s no surprise that his race uses a Parkette shell. The jeep is a little more old school, powered by a 331 Stroker connected to a Ford Toploader and Dana 20. Not much is jeep other than that Dana 20. The hood is a piece of aluminum that a shop rolled for him so the angles from the grille to the body would look correct. It’s a nifty, clean piece. Holding the hood to the fenders are some original, stamped, Jewels stainless latches. As you can imagine, my shirt was wet from my drool. It’s a beautiful rig and it’s obvious he’s proud of it.

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Drag Jeep Moreno Valley, CA **Status Unknown**

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UPDATE: **Status Unknown** Was $10,000.

“willys sand drag jeep. small block chevy with Lenko 2 speed. car is an awesome ride. it has run 3.970 at 85 mph in 100 yards. set up to run 4.20,s all day long . motor is fresh, Hate to sell need the money. car has been a winner at the finals. $12.000 firm. have at least $15.000 in motor alone. everything on this car is the best money can buy. Brodix #8 heads T&D rockers with Titanum Valves, solid roller cam. 131/2 dominator tunnel ram with bench flowed two 1150 dominators.steel crank with H beam rods. MSD 7al with multi step.crank trigger. to much to list.”

drag-jeep-morenovalley-ca1 drag-jeep-morenovalley-ca2 drag-jeep-morenovalley-ca3

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Sand Drag DJ-5 Las Vegas, NV $5000

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This certainly is different!

“Sand Drag Jeep for sale $5000
DJ Mail Jeep
350 Chevy small block
2 speed power glide transmission
Ford 9″ rear end
750 Pro-Form carb.
Brodix Heads
Brodix Intake
Hurst 2sp. Shifter/Transbrake
80″ wheel base
All Terrains and paddles”

sand-drag-dj5-lv-nv00 sand-drag-dj5-lv-nv0 sand-drag-dj5-lv-nv1 sand-drag-dj5-lv-nv2

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Mud Racer Pineville, LA $2000


It’s a project.

“Sand blasted and painted top and bottom
Roller , custom frame
Sent up for sbc
Pineville LA”

mud-racer-pineville-la2 mud-racer-pineville-la3 mud-racer-pineville-la4

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1947 Sand Jeep South Jordan, UT **Status Unknown**

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UPDATE: Was on KSL priced at $15,000

Looks like fun

sand-jeep-southjordan-ut1 sand-jeep-southjordan-ut2 sand-jeep-southjordan-ut3 sand-jeep-southjordan-ut4

“47 Willey’s Extended Flat Fender
2 Wheel Drive Sand Dune Jeep
Chevy Small Block 400
23 degree DART Aluminum Heads
Engine Compression/Specks???
Outerwear Pre-Filters Valve Cover/Breathers
Edelbrock competition manifold
Holly Performance Carburetor
K&N High performance Air Filter
MSD Pro billet distributor
MSD Blast 2 Coil Continue reading

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Race/Drag Jeep Las Vegas, NV **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $4500.

No engine.

“Drag jeep, co2 shift powerglide. Roller, no motor”

race-drag-jeep-vegas1 race-drag-jeep-vegas2 race-drag-jeep-vegas3 race-drag-jeep-vegas4

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1948 CJ-2A Sand Jeep Fresno, CA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $9000

(03/30/2016) Nice looking rig.

“Sand drag/ Street Jeep
1948 one-piece fiberglass body
327 13 to 1 compression Powerglide transmission with trans brake
narrowed Ford 9-inch with strange axles
630 gears with spool street tires and sand tires.
Call if more info needed”

1948-cj2a-sandjeep-fresno-ca00 1948-cj2a-sandjeep-fresno-ca0 1948-cj2a-sandjeep-fresno-ca1 1948-cj2a-sandjeep-fresno-ca2

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Race Jeep “Plum Crazy” Aloha, OR **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1500

(05/03/2016) Might have some value.

“Death forces sale of Plum Crazy Jeep. 9″ rear, dana 44 front axle, fuel cell, radiator and custom built shroud for radiator to be mounted behind seats. Custom hand built frame. ”

year-plum-crazy-jeep2 year-plum-crazy-jeep3 year-plum-crazy-jeep4

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1947 Sand Jeep Fremont, MI **Status Unknown**


UPDATE: **Status Unknown** Was $9000.

Looks fast.

“Willys sand toy. 406 sbc 502hp paddle tires.”

1947-cj2a-sandjeep-fremont-mi1 1947-cj2a-sandjeep-fremont-mi2 1947-cj2a-sandjeep-fremont-mi4

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Sand Jeep Yuma, AZ $6850

• CATEGORIES: M-38A1, Racing

Still needs a little work.

“Registered as a 1952 Willys. All fiberglass, Locked Ford 9in., Automatic Transmission, 427 Big Block Chevy (approx. 450hp), nitrous kit available, Full cage built for 3 people attached to the frame, New drive shafts, etc. The Jeep has not seen sand since 2008. I had a new T18 transfer case put in it in 2012 as well as having the rest of the drivetrain inspected. It does not currently run. The fuel lines, battery and driveshafts need to be installed. The seats are weathered but actually new. I have never driven it with these seats installed. The Super Swampers and Mickey Thompsons are no longer on the Jeep, It will be sold with 32×11.50×15 BFG All Terrains on aluminum wheels. I am willing to negotiate but do not come at me with some ridiculously low ball offer.”

1952-sandjeep-yuma-az1 1952-sandjeep-yuma-az2

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1957 Jeep Derby Article

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old News Articles, Racing

The Toledo Blade ran this article about 1957’s Jeep Derby on April 22 in that year.



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1972 Commando Jeepster Racer Ledyard, CT $5000


Dan’s got this racer for sale.

“This is a heavily modified and lightened 1972 Jeep Commando Racing Jeep. Full roll cage. It had an engine/transmission swap now sporting a LQ4 Chevy V8 Iron block w/ aluminum heads and a 4L80E transmission adapted to the Dana 300 transmission. Engine/transmission/wire harness/Computer came out of a running 2001 Silverado HD 2500 with 80000 miles on it. 4.10 welded differentials. Corvette radiator, fuel cell, exhaust, transmission shield, suspension seat come with the jeep. Need the electrical done, fuel line run, shocks, and tires. I am pretty sure brakes work but have not tested them yet. I was building it up for short track offroad racing (See but ran out of time and work has gotten too busy for this season and so i bought another racing jeep. Have $6500 into it so far and will finish it if no one offers a reasonable amount. I’ll settle for $5000 to give me garage space and to see it go into another racer’s hands. ”


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Sand Jeep Rochester, WA $19,000

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UPDATE: Still Available.

(10/01/2015) Lots of money into this sand jeep.

sand-jeep-rochester0 sand-jeep-rochester1 sand-jeep-rochester2 sand-jeep-rochester3 sand-jeep-rochester4

“For sale; Sand duner or dragster….your choice. 1947 Willys CJ2A fiberglass jeep body on a race chassis. 454bbc original LS7 lower, with Gen 2 Alum Bowties Heads, Engle roller, 2&5/8″ header tubes into 5″ collectors into 4″ cans. MSD ignition. 670 HP 585 torque.
Powerglide- Total rebuild by A1 Performance Race Transmissions, Dedenbear case, Hipster Transbrake, 8″ hughes converter 5900 rpm on brake, dual B&M trans coolers, will run all day at 165 degrees..
3-link Rear..14″ travel
A-Arm front..19″ travel
4-wheel disc brakes
Beadlocks on all 4 corners..

Currie 9″ rear.. 5.00 gear, 35 spline spool and axles. Have 6.50 gear diff for you racers.
25 gal alum fuel cell all new lines, pump, and regulator..

Ron davis radiator..will dune all day, never get over 170 temp
all Autometer Pro-comp Gauges
Corbeau seats.. with 5-point harness
Rugged Radios headsets
Jeep has all the good pieces
This Jeep has been a Multi-time Winner in sanctioned Sand-drags, it is a great dune jeep and will run with the Best of them in the dunes..
It is a very comfortable ride….but if you don’t like attention at the dunes, then this jeep is not for you.
You wont be disappointed!!!….and then you light the wick…guaranteed smile for days. Selling only because hobbies have changed and jeep getting used less and less. Time for somebody else to enjoy the adrenaline rush in the dunes…better have a good ticker.”


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Sand Jeep Oregon Coast $12,000

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Looks nice.

“great sand jeep or put back on the road, roller no motor, no paddles $5000– or will sell complete $12000.”


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Jeep Rodeo in the 1959 Issue of Man’s Magazine

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The February 1959 of Man’s Magazine contained photos and short report from the annual Jeep Rodeo in Yakima, Washington. Unfortunately, most of the pics aren’t a whole lot different from the March 1959 issue of Modern Man Magazine, featured in 2013.

Man’s magazine turned out to be a lot less risqué than the cover image and headlines might suggest. There was even an opinion article expressing concern over how American college football was fast becoming too professionalized.




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Ted’s Racing Jeep Storrs, CT **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Racing, Unusual

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $4000 More pics of the racing jeep here

Ted’s got this racing jeep and a plow jeep for sale. You can see closeups of Ted’s jeeps at this link. In the pics you’ll see Teds girls, who have been driving the jeeps for two years now. That’s pretty cool!”


This racing jeep is for sale. It has been in storage for quite some time ,but fired right up and will be a killer start for someone looking to get into the racing game. Back in the day it was built by a guy in Ellington CT named Mel Sherette of Mels Auto Body. At the time he was mopping up all kinds of big bad V8s with this Jeep and Im sure with a little work it still will. Built Buick 231V6 W/Turbo 400 ,Dana 44s ,Desert Dogs and a set of Paddles. Lots and lots of custom work done to this jeep . Willys pick up or wagon front tilt clip molded to a home made cj type rear body . Full cage and harnesses . Kinda old school vintage racer dual points and all but could be a real killer with a few modern updates . Would be right at home on short tracks ,courses ,sand drags ,hillclimbs , or would be a great candidate for some ice racing . I will be happy to supply detailed pics to anyone interested . $4500 OBO

ted-racing-jeep2 ted-racing-jeep3 ted-racing-jeep4

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Race Jeep Scappoose, OR **Status Unknown**

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UPDATE: **Status Unknown** Was $5000

Looks like a race ready rig.

“Pnw4wda medium class racer. Fiberglass Willys body on a 72 bronco chassis. 4 linked 9″ rear end with 16″ FOA coil overs, fox bump stops, drum brake 44 front, steer brakes, good running Ford 347 stroker motor, C-4 auto, bronco 20 t-case, aluminum radiator, ArtCarr shifter, steering quickener, full cage & harnesses, aluminum fuel cell. Very fun, fast jeep! ”

race=jeep-scappoose-or1 race=jeep-scappoose-or2 race=jeep-scappoose-or3

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Kaiser Willys Jeeping & Racing Video

• CATEGORIES: Features, Racing, videos

This video has floated around Facebook. Still worth posting as it has some vintage jeeping from the Jeep Jamboree, some mud racing from Yakima, and a rare look at desert racing from Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.

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Year? CJ-2A Kingman, AZ **Status Unknow

• CATEGORIES: Parts, Racing

UPDATE: **Status Unknown** Was No Price.

Looks like it was involved in some kind of race.

“Parting out old jeep. Have windshield, fenders, grill, radiator, hood, Tub, roll bar, tranny, differential, transfer case. NO ENGINE. Take some or take all.”


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1948 Sand Jeep Monroe, WA **Status Unknown**

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UPDATE: **Status Unknown**  Was $10,500

(01/21/2016) Looks like fun.

“I am selling my 48 willys……..built this thing and took it to the dunes one time. Fox racing front shocks,pro comp rear shocks,disc rear, shortened 9 inch,456 gears, possy,mild built 350…..202 aluminum Jim green heads….roller rockers..1000 dollar quick fuel carb…edelbrock manifold…8 inch k&n air filter…bullet aluminum msd distributer…msd 6al ignition box with revlimiter… water pump,alternated,mini starter,aluminum radiator with electric fans…tilt front end,custom made fiberglass hood scoop…..ceramic coated headers….brand new 350 tranny with shift kit and a 3000 stall…..b&m pro shifter… tack with shift light..tilt steering, grant wheel,comfortable bucket seats,5 point harness,full roll cage, fuel cell,new battery mounted in back,brand new drive line,led rear lights…rear end stabilizer bar..6 inch rear shackles…custom co-pilot grab bar….7 quart chrome oil pan….tilt front end…night lights……tires are14.5×15 front sand tire and 16.5 x15 rear paddles… steel rims…..its roughly 430 horse. This is licences for the streets. It is 2wd…….I am looking for a nice Dailey driver……Chevy truck or hot rod………..might b interested in a trade and cash some cas”

1948-sandjeep-monroe-wa1 1948-sandjeep-monroe-wa2 1948-sandjeep-monroe-wa3 1948-sandjeep-monroe-wa4

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Sand Jeep Project Visalia, CA **Status Unknown**

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UPDATE: **Status Unknown** Was $2850.

(02/03/2016) Looks like a good project.

“Willys Flat Fender Jeep sand toy project. The Jeep is in the process of being converted to two wheel drive. There is a fuel cell, Holley fuel pump, Hurst Quarter stick shifter, flat aluminum dash with oil & temp gauge, Aftermarket aluminum column, sand/race bucket seats and coil overs in the front. The front end has been pushed forward to stretch the wheel base. Front ladder bar and the rear is leaf. I’m selling the Jeep with a bill of sale. There is no motor trans or tires. I’m not sure of the year!”

sand-drag-jeep-visalia-ca2 sand-drag-jeep-visalia-ca3 sand-drag-jeep-visalia-ca4

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1973 CJ-5 Ice Racer Castle Rock, CO **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $5000.

“Built on a 1973 CJ5. This is a purpose-built ice racer that runs great and needs nothing. Buy it today and go race it this weekend.

*Small block Chevy 350 with Roller Rockers, with high performance cam, high performance ignition, headers and new carborator (recent engine work done by Western Engine with lots of receipts) Engine is worth $5,000 alone.
*Turbo 350 automatic transmission
*Roll cage/racing seats with harnesses
*Fuel cell
*Battery shut off switch
*Adjustable coil over shocks

This is a Hot Rod in a Jeep! It is a purpose-built ice racer; no title or registration. It passed tec and is stickered for the “Our Gang Ice Racing” season for 2016 on Georgetown Lake. I was planning to race this season, but my schedule has changed and I have to work weekends. My loss; your gain. ”

1973-cj5-iceracer-denver-co1 1973-cj5-iceracer-denver-co2 1973-cj5-iceracer-denver-co3 1973-cj5-iceracer-denver-co4