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2 15×10 & 2 15×8 Hurricane Rims Oregon City, Or $350

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These appear in good shape.

“Western Turbines with polished fins, hub centers and outer lips. come with brand new center caps (5 of them ). The caps are American Racing brand. They are the only ones I could find to fit the center holes properly.  2 each 15×8 and 15x 10 all with Ford 2 WD pickup 5 on 5.5 bolt pattern.  No chips dings, bends, scratches, etc. These are NICE !!! Asking $350 or best REASONABLE offer. Call 503-632-6997 or email to above address. Thank you, Jeff”

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4 15×7 5 on 5.5 Aluminum Mags Becker, Mn $150

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Here are some vintage rims.

“I have a set of 4 aluminum slot mag wheels that are in very nice shape. The bolt pattern is 5 on 5.250 with a 4″ center opening. These came off of a 1960 jeep willys that I got but I think they may also fit ford or may fit some old buicks or olds, not to sure on it. The slot mags are in very nice shape. Give me a call, I’m asking $150 for the set and I will also through in a steel spare.I would trade for a set of 4, 235-75r-15 white letter tires. Thank,mike.763-263-8221”

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2 15×7 5×5.5 slot mags Camano Island, Wa $25

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Can’t beat the price on these if you want some old school slim mags.

“15” x 7″ fits Ford, Jeep, Suzuki, Dodge. 5 x 5.5 pattern. Tires hold air and are balanced, but are about 25% cxk”

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4 Desert Dogs w/ rims Mulino, OR **SOLD**

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UPDATE: Were $600. **SOLD**

These are the older style dogs and appear in good condition.

“4 Desert Dog Tires on 5 lug Ford 1/2 Ton Rims. Same pattern as Terra Tires. 90% Tread. 31×11.5 on 15″ DOT Tires good for snow, mud & sand. Great for off road racing! Tires aren’t weather checked, they either have been on the jeep or in the shop. The rims are either 15×9.5 or 15×10 wide. They came off of a 66 CJ -Jeep. Will fit 1/2 ton Ford or Jeep. 5 lug.”

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Steel Rims and Tires Phoenix, Az $160

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Here are some steel wheels.

“Stock Jeep CJ wheels 15×8 4.25 center hole.5 x 5.5. 3 32 11.50 BFG Mud Terrains Baja champions weatherchecked .2 are baby TSL SX SuperSwampers also 32 11 50 15 an are not cracking and evenly worn..rims are straight and hard to find stock 5 x5.5 .4 wheels and 5 tires.$160 or best offer. 602 535 9709”

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Alcoa 16×7 with 5×5.5 bolt pattern Cheswick, Pa $450

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Gerald spotted these.  I don’t think I’ve seen this rim style.

“Real (NOT Chinese knockoff) Alcoa forged rims with BFGoodrich 245/75-16 tires. Wheels have under 500 miles run time and are like new. The backsides are not even dirty or brake dusted. Tires are approx. half tread. No centers or lugs. Fit early Ford 1/2 ton trucks and Bronco up to 1996, Jeep CJ/Scrambler/J-series truck and large bolt pattern Dodge trucks. These wheels were special ordered from Alcoa years ago, and the sizes shown are correct as advertised. Each wheel was approx. $300 new. $450 / set including tires”

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2 Paddle Tires St. Louis, Mi $499

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Here’s a nice set of paddles.

“14.5/15 Dick Cepek paddle tires. 5/5.5 Bolt pattern fits jeep ford.  12″ Alcoa Polished Aluminum wheels.  No damage to paddles. They hold air no dry rot.  $500 obo shipping???? 314.799.6983”

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4 15×7 Hurricane Rims Fombell, Pa $200

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Gerald spotted these old school rims.

“15×7 wide 5 on 5 1/2″ bolt pattern Fit Dodge Trucks and vans,Ford and Jeep $200 for 4.”

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4 Aluminum Slot Rims Maryville, TN **SOLD**

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UPDATE:  **SOLD** Was $350.

Here’s four old school slots Gerald found.

“Aluminum Slotted wheels 5 on 5.5 bolt pattern. 15 x 8.5 wide, will fit older Ford, Dodge, Jeep, Scout, Bronco, etc.”

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Jeep Tracks Paskenta, Ca $400

• CATEGORIES: Features, Tires and Rims, Unusual

James found these unusual tracks last night. He gave the seller a call today, only to discover that while the Tracks were $400, the steering mechanism was going to be extra. These are about 500lbs a piece, so shipping is an unlikely option. You can learn more about these Tracks here:

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4 15″ x 7″ Jeep Slot Rims Memphis, TN **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $150.

The pic shows four rims, but only 3 are 5 1/2 x 5 bolt pattern.

“15” by 7″ wide Ford bolt pattern Old style slot wheels ( made by Western) like the ones on Starsky and Hutch Torino or the old time drag car Willys of the day. These wheels were bought for another project that I sold and no longer need. The good: they are not cracked anywhere or have curb rash. The bad: three are 5 1/2″ bolt pattern , one is a 5″ .. I know I know this is goofy but i bought to go on a trike project and only needed two. Maybe you only need two or maybe you got a 5 1/2 laying around and need a 5″ because somewhere there is a set of three 5″ and one 5 1/2 ” we’ll make a deal to swap. I’ll also consider a trade on almost anything else —  Old motorcycle”

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2 15×8 Hurricane Rims Clackamas County, Or $250

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Here’s a couple nice rims.

“Pair of 15×8.5 Mag Wheels.  Bolt pattern 5 lug 5 and 1/2 inch spaceing (Fit Jeeps, Dodge, and Ford, 4×4 etc).  Price $250 Cash for TWO Wheels.”

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2 Sets of 2 Rims Washougal, Wa $100

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Here’s some spare rims.

“Here are a set of wheels that came off a Willys Jeep but will fit others. They are a 15 inch wheel and about 10 inches wide. These look alot alike but are actually 2 different styles of centers. One is slotted and the other is solid – 2 of each. There is some surface rust on these but not pitted. Tires have minimal tread but may make good rollers or something. $100 for all 4 OBO 360-513-9824”


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4 Terra Tires Portland, Or $400

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terra_tires_portland3It looks like a good price.

“Have a set of five, 31×15.5×15 super terra grip tires, 2@ 90%, 2@85%, and the spare is at 75%. All mounted on 14″ wide 6 lug (6 on 5.5) black steel wheels. (these tires are for off road use only).  May be willing to trade for a set of 31, 32, 33, or 35 inch radial mud terrain tire. i.e bf goodrich, toyo mt, or similar.  e-mail or call (360) 2l3-435l”

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Paddle Tires Powell Butte, OR **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Tires and Rims

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $300



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Appliance Wheels Yukon, OK **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Tires and Rims

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $175.

Gerald has a set of these and identifies them as Appliance Wheels.




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Turbine Rims Phoenix, Az $100

• CATEGORIES: Tires and Rims

I suspect these are not 5 x 5.5 lug pattern, but if they are, they are a good price.

“Set of 4 Hot rod vintage wheels, 15 inch cast multi finned, looks great on period correct cars, Come by and take these home for your project”


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4 Hurricane Rims Strongsville, Oh $100

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I suspect these 8″ wide, but I can’t tell for sure.

“set of four hurricane wheels. nice shape. came of mide 70’s jeep> lots of other jeep parts. 216-440-1870”


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4 Newer Aluminum Rims Flowery Branch, Ga $100

• CATEGORIES: Tires and Rims

This is a good price on some unusual 5 x 5.5 rims.

“4 aluminum wheels that will fit ford, jeep or nissan, 5 on 5 and quarter, have all four in good shape, 10 in. wide, 15 in. wheels $100 770-540-6571”


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4 15″x8″ Steel Rims Agawam, Ma $100

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I know someone can use these.

“4 Early Vintage Jeep / Willy’s New 15″x8″ Steel Wheels.  Rims Never Mounted, For Drum Brakes Only! Call Ted At 413.786.9529”


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4 Terra Tires + Nice Rims Hoquiam, WA **SOLD**

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UPDATE:  **SOLD** Were $400.

“4-12″wide x 15″ Aluminum Wheels, 5 on 5.5 bolt pattern. 4-31.50 x 15.50 x 15 Terra Tires with average of 50% life. Great for Sand, Snow, and Mud. Will separate tires but not wheels.”


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Terra Tires (chevy 6 bolt rim) Chehalis, Wa $100

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Here’s a great price on a Tractor Terras.  The downside is they are mounted on 6 bolt Chevy Rims.

“tractor tires on 15″ wide steel wheels 6 lug for chevrolet and toyota $100.00 360-740-0694”


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More Retreads – These tires are sold in the UK & Canada

• CATEGORIES: Tires and Rims, Website

Here’s two offroad retreads we can’t get in the United States (to the best of my knowledge).  They are available from technopneu in Quebec (information courtesy of Felix at our new Quebec bureau!) & in the UK as shown below.

You can see the original post on retreads here.


To Top — Lots about Lifts/Wheels and more

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jeep_us41_orgTravis:  Maybe this will answer any Lift questions you have 🙂

I’m not sure who operates the website (I couldn’t find his name, but saw his picture), but he has put together a long, well written webpage on Lifts.

Here’s an excerpt from the page: Whether or not you off-road in your Jeep, you will eventually catch the Jeep bug, and you will find yourself suffering from “Lift Envy.” Lift Envy is a disease that causes Jeep owners to lust after higher lifted vehicles with bigger and bigger tires underneath them every time a “superior” Jeep drives past. But what the heck is a lift, and what is involved in going bigger? This article explains it all.

Read the whole article here

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Retreaded Offroad Tires

• CATEGORIES: Tires and Rims

JP Magazine’s review of retreads: While we’d consider their looks pretty ugly on a newer Jeep, we think the tread design fits perfectly for a resto-mod wheeler. It’s sort of an old school knobby-meets-NDT look. In truth, we were surprised to find so much performance in such an affordable package. The best part about the tires is the price. If you tear one up, you just buy another and motor on.

NOTE: I suspect I will revisit and update this post as I learn more from both readers and the internet.

I’ve been meaning to get to a post about retreaded offroad tires for a while, but really wanted to do more research on it, such as obtaining actual prices, shipping estimates, etc.

But, then Jim emailed me excited that he found retreaded tires that could be delivered to his door step at a total cost less than $400.  He said I needed to share this with readers and he is right.

I told him I already knew about the tires and was aware of sources; however, that thing called ‘time’ kept getting in the way of me posting information about it.  Also, I was about ready to purchase some retreads about which I’d planned to share with readers as a part of the post, but then Mitch made me an offer on some tires that I simply HAD to explore, so a purchase of retreads got put aside.

But, Jim’s comment made me realize it would be better to talk about what I’ve learned so far and let readers add to the discussion rather than try to figure it all out myself.  So, here it goes …..


First, let me say that I have never used retreads, so I have no personal experience with them.  My summary is based on research and some feedback from readers.

  • Retreaded tires are cheap, as low as $50 for an ‘offroad’ tire in some cases. Between expense and shipping, these can still be far less than new tires.
  • Because these are retreads, sizes and options are usually very limited.
  • A study by the Virginia Department of Transportation found that he failure rate of retreads was less than 1%.
  • A 2 1/2 year study by Virginia’s State Police found that many of the treads found on the roads were from new tires, not recapped, and that underinflation of tires appears to be the number 1 cause of tire failure.
  • ‘Keep your tires properly inflated’ was what I read over and over for both new and retreaded tires.
  • Retreads are also environmentally friendly. Tires are basically petro-chemical products. It takes approximately 22 gallons of oil to manufacture one new truck tire. Most of the oil is found in the casing, which is reused in the retreading process. As a result, it takes only approximately 7 gallons of oil to produce a retread. (note, these 22 & 7 stats appeared in a variety of places, but I cannot attest to their accuracy)
  • Retreads are not only cost effective, according to, but they are also dependable, reliable and safe. Retreads are used by truckers with scheduled delivery times, small package delivery companies with guaranteed delivery times, including the U.S. Postal Service, on commercial and military jets, by most school bus operators, taxis, and many other types of vehicles.
  • According to the Federal Safety Standards developed by the United States Department of Transportation, retreaded tires can be driven at the same speeds as new tires with no loss in safety or comfort. And with proper maintenance and care, they deliver about the same mileage as new tires.
  • Retreaders sell approximately 33 million retread or recapped tires annually.


Stone Tire (Here’s a link to a post about them)

Import Export Tire from La Trobe Pa (You can see the V-Grips on Gerald’s CJ-3B).





SOS Tire in Martin’s Ferry, Oh, sells the V-Grip (possibly by another name).  I have no link for the website, but a reader named Travis has purchased the tires for two of his vehicles and says they have worked great.

Check for more possible locations


The Tire Retread and Information Buruea at is a non-profit, member supported,  industry association dedicated to the recycling of tires through tire retreading and tire repairing. Additionally, according to the website, this association is not engaged in legislative or technical matters, which I interpret to mean they are not a lobbying body, but purely an informational resource.

According to the website, retreaded tires can “be driven at the same speeds, including highway and Interstate speeds, as new tires, with no loss in safety or comfort. Virtually all of the world’s airlines use retreads. Retreaded tires are used on school buses, racing cars, taxis, trucks, and Federal and U.S. military vehicles. These users all know that retreaded tires can be depended upon for safe and dependable performance.”


  • JP Magazine’s Review of the Tires
  • The City of Santa Monica (California) has been using retreaded tires for more than 20 years. According to the City, its entire fleet, consisting of 585 vehicles, uses retreaded tires.
  • The City of Davis (California) has purchased retreaded truck tires of 10R22.5 and larger since 1993. These tires are installed on the rear axle only, not the front axle. The city installs them on all city trucks including fire trucks. The city even attempted to utilize retreaded light truck tires for pickups and other small trucks, but had numerous failures due to retreading low quality tire casings. Therefore, the city no longer uses retreaded tires on light trucks.