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Converto Airborne Dump Trailer Jeep WW2 **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

“This WW2 trailer was originally design for the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers to be used as both a general purpose cargo trailer much like the Willys MBT/ Bantam T3 and specifically for use beyond the capability of the MBT/T3’s; for moving and dumping material. It is estimated that there were about 6500 of these trailers produced during WW2 and is ideally pulled by a Ford GPW or Willys MB jeep or a dozer.









The Dump action is controlled by the middle lever which tilts the bed. The side lever directly under the data plate controls the tailgate itself. When the side lever is pulled the tailgate swings out from the bottom. It’s also possible to pull the top pins and fold it down from the top or remove the tailgate completely. The dump levers can actually operated from the drivers seat of a jeep by pulling on the rope which the end loop rests on the base of the shifter. So the load is not accidently dumped, both the bed tilt and the tailgate mechanism have safety pins. Also the tailgate has a small gate which exposes a circular hole to pour out smaller amounts of material or can be a port for a nozzle to distribute liquids in their own container. Another unique feature of the trailer is the bed itself can be detached by pulling the two large dump pins and driving away. *Notably the trailer did not come with fenders from the factory

“This particular trailer is very complete and has all the important components typically missing: -Original tailgate -pins and chains -Thick lunette -Reinforced combat rims
-landing leg -Both cast dump latches -Dump levers”

For a 60+ year old trailer the trailer is in truly amazing condition. It is incredibly straight and solid. There are literally only 3 or 4 dents or dings in the entire trailer and no bowed panels. This trailer is one of the finest examples of these trailers I have ever seen. Unlike the few other Converto dump trailers I have seen or owned. The the panels and pieces where lined up very well for assembly from the factory; the original welds are clean and almost uniform. Considerable effort was made to make this trailer as correct as possible with attention to the smallest details Including hand brushing the blue drab USA Number. The document pouch, data plate, custom rivets, pins, and chains where created or obtained to match the original. Body filler was not used in the preservation and there are only a few small flaws. The front (not the entire) of the bed is bit pitted (this can be seen in the pictures with the manual), there are three smaller than a pencil size holes by the tailgate round hole gate, there are a few small flaws in my paint job and as mentioned there are three small dents all smaller then a quarter one in each top rail and one in the bed. Again this is one is very solid and complete.

The trailer has recently received:  -A Very hard to find NOS US ARMY Corp of Engineers document pouch with custom rivets -original pointed tread Goodyear 6.00×16 NDT tires -three wire cloth inter-vehicular cable composed of NOS components -NOS BO light switch -CB taillights -All NOS lights -reflectors
-NEW Wiring Harness from Vintage wiring of Maine – a few new pins and chains -Reinforced combat rims -TM5-9084 with supplement -Data plate from Robert de Ruyter -New Paint -hand Brushed Markings in blue drab -Trailer Dump lever rope “

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1942 MB Baton Rouge, La eBay + Trailer

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It looks good.

“I am selling this rig only because of seriously failing health. I bought it nearly three years ago so I could fiddle with it and drive it as a hobby. It gets a lot of attention wherever it goes.I can still drive it but can no longer work on it. The previous owner was a mid seventies retired MP who had restored three Willys MB’s. This 1942 was his third and he said it was time to let it go. I liked it so much I had it shipped in a covered trailer all the way from Ruffsdale, PA to Baton Rouge, LA. I was an MP myself in the mid 60’s so I had a lot of Jeep time in the M151 but always wanted a WWII version. It and the trailer have been garaged before and since my acquisition. The Jeep speaks for itself. It’s in really good condition. It was not cleaned up in any fashion prior to the pictures being taken. Didn’t even wash it. I didn’t “shiny” anything up under the hood to try to put a fresh look on it…..

The trailer is a rare Bantam. One source has it as a very early post war where the first two hundred were produced with a military style seamed axle, combat wheels, and were painted olive drab. This trailer fits. The Bantam letters on the data plate are block rather than Italic placing it wartime or immediate post war. It also has the heavy three position shoe and thick lunette for the military pintle hitch, chains and hooks. It’s also got blackout lights. Go figure ….”

View more information and pics at eBay




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1961 CJ-6 w/trailer Sacramento, Ca $11000

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There’s been some upgrades on this CJ-6, including a V-8 and an SM-420 Tranny.  Not much in the way of a description.

“RARE 1961 Jeep Willy CJ6 with Trailer”

Learn more about this jeep at Auto Trader Classics




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Builds: Josh’s WW2 US Navy Converto T6 Trailer

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Josh sent over some pics of a very rare WW2 US Navy Converto T6 Trailer.  Josh is curious to know if any other readers have or know of these trailers.  I’ll be happy to set aside some space for Converto trailer owners to gather and share information.

Also, he’s got another trailer for sale on eBay (Converto Airborne Dump Trailer — see post below this one).

Josh writes, “Here are some pictures of my WW2 US Navy Converto T6 trailer I mentioned to you a while back. I found it here in Boise, though it was never advertised for sale. It is almost identical to a more well known Bantam t3 or a Willys MBT.  During the war there were a number of companies producing nearly identical trailers for the military.  The only notable difference between my MBT or T3  and the Converto T6 are a different brake hand set up, dataplate, and, in the case of my trailer, a ball hitch that is stamped USN 1944. (My hitch is different from the two other Converto T6s I’ve heard about — They both have the standard military lunettes)   The data plate was originally riveted to my trailer but the past owner removed it to paint it grey again with spray paint. The under side of my trailer has what I believe to be the original paint and some yellow stenciling that has shipping info/load info. I plan to fully restore and hold onto this T6.

Converto also produced a T7 (same 1/4 ton trailer as the MBT/T3/T6 but with a tailgate) and a Converto Airborne Dump Trailer which is a 1/2 ton but used with the jeep. There is really little info I can find out on either the T6 orT7, but the Dump trailers do have a lot of info available including a military TM.  I have had a few Converto Airborne Dump Trailers.  They are very hard to find as it is estimated only about 6500 where produced. I’m unsure how many T6/T7 were produced. Not very many based on how few are still around. Maybe we can find a few more with your readers??”




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Jeep Trailer K-38 Phoenix, Az $400

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Jim pointed this out, suggesting it would make a nice little camping trailer.  I agree.  It could be very cool. …. After a little research I discovered I posted some of these last year.  You can view that page hereHere’s some more information from Wikipedia on the K-38.

Army jeep trailer from WW2 known as a K 38. Used by the military signal corps. This can be locked up. I have replaced the tires since these photos. Send your ph #”


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WW2 Military Field Kitchen Trailer Morton Grove, Il **SOLD**

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UPDATE:  **SOLD** Was on eBay.

Jim knows how much I loved this find.

Apart from jeeps, one of my passions is cooking.  I worked as a chef for about 5 years and have loved cooking ever since.  So, I think this trailer is really cool.  Of course, I’d need a second trailer for a grille, a broiler, a powerful wok, a place for a cooler … oh, this just sounds like trouble.  Here’s a more modern “kitchen trailer” than might work better for me.

“Very early model field kitchen, mostly original parts, perfect working order, great for reenactments, stainless steel pots, makes delicious meals.Included are four stainless steel pots: two: 18″X18″X18″deep and two: 18″X18″X12″deep, at maximum capacity it is good for 100 dinners. The pots work like pressure cookers, so delicious and healthy dinners are ready in no time. This is a wood burning kitchen, no propane necessary. Works perfectly. Originally made in Poland for the eastern front in WW2, made as an attachment to the Jeep Willys MB.”


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TC-3 Bantam Trailer Gig Harbor, Wa $650

• CATEGORIES: trailer

This looks like a great price on a Bantam Trailer.  I’ve seen them priced much higher.

“These are highly collectible. This is an excellent little Trailer. Length is 6 ft. It tows nicely.  I believe this to be a Bantam TC-3 (civilian). These are commonly called Jeep trailers. It has a clear Title. It works great as a Utility Trailer or pull it behind your Jeep for Jeeping.
Call me with questions, Fred (253) 381-4247”


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1950 CJ-3A w/ trailer Etna, Ca **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: CJ-3A, trailer

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $7000.

(12/27/2008) Here’s what appears to be a completely restored CJ-3A + trailer.  Not many specifics on what was rebuilt.



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1948 CJ-2A & 1949 Trailer Fort Collins, CO **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: CJ-2A, trailer

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3500.

I can’t tell a great deal from the pics, except that the colors match.

“1948 Willys CJ2A Jeep and 1949 Bantam Jeep trailer. Both stock. Six new military tires.”


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1950 Wagon-Trailer Craigmont, Id **Status Unknown**

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UPDATE:  Status Unknown. Was $550.

(08/26/09) “Up for sale is a 1950 Willy’s Jeep Station Wagon Trailer. I have used it for a vendor trailer selling auto parts at swap meets in the past and for storage to keep items out of the weather. The interior is open with one large shelf and several drawers underneath for extra storage. The glass has been replaced with plywood which I just applied a fresh coat of paint to. The rear window is the only one remaining on the trailer. The tires are in good shape and it has a spare tire.”


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1946 Bantam Trailer, Medford OR **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: trailer

UPDATE:   **SOLD** Was $650.

“I have a 1946 Bantam Trailer that is in fair/good condition and can be used as-is. It has an oregon title and bantam serial tag. I’m asking $650.00 or $600.00 if you have a ’46 cj2a.”




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1946 CJ-2A Phoenix, AZ **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: CJ-2A, trailer, Unusual

1946_cj2a_phoenix2UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2900.

This CJ-2A deal includes an unusual trailer.  This appears to be a good price.

“46 cj2a flatfender, 4cyl, 3spd, stock, steel removable top, matching 2a trailer, winch, engine hoist, towbar, daily driver, az title, 2900, trade, ratrod, project,”

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Art’s Bantam TC-3 Website

• CATEGORIES: Builds, trailer

Art dropped me a note about his BantamTC3 website a couple days ago.  He’s building a website to compile Bantam T3-C information to share with the community interested in these trailers.

Art writes that he has been interesting in military vehicles since he was a child and had Chevrolet/GMC 4x4s ever since getting his driver’s license.  His interest in Willys Flat Fenders grew as a more affordable alternative to lift-kits, big tires and lots of u joints of the Chevys, especially after starting a family.   He also wanted to have more comfortable, safer, reliable vehicles for his family as well.

His current pride and joy is the Emerald Green 48 you will see on Art’s other website,  The jeep (seen below) is about 99% original and driveable.  He also currently has a 1947, another 1948, and a demiled 53 M38A1 project that he needs to make more road worthy and then plans to sell.

Following his interest in jeeps, came an interest in trailers.  His Wife purchased him a M416 1/4 ton Military trailer one year for Christmas (hmmm .. does she have a sister?).  That lead him to do some 1/4 ton trailer research where he learned about the Bantam trailer.  Deciding the Bantam was more correct for the Civy Willys after the War in 45, he traded his 416 straight up a year ago for the Bantam T3-C he currently owns.  He is also working toward obtaining a second T3-C trailer.

As he did more research on Bantam T3-C trailers, he got frustrated with the lack of information; and thus, the BantamTC3 website was born.

Thanks for sharing Art!

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1951 CJ-3A + CJ-6 + Trailer Littleton, CO **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: CJ-2A, CJ-6, trailer

1963_cj6_littleton1951_cj3a_littletonUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2500

Yes, 2 vehicles and one trailer for $2500.

“1951 Willys CJ3A with plow and hard top runs but smokes needs brakes.  1963 Willys CJ6 rebuilt 4cyl runs great needs rear brake line and U-joint. Car trailer to haul them home on. I have current titles for everything.  Package deal $2,500 FIRM. “

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1945 GPW Lake County, CA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: GPW (Ford MB), trailer

1945_gpw_lakecountyUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1500

It sounds like this is a bit of a project.  Includes a trailer.

“here is a vary rare 45 ford army jeep and trailer and has been used for mostly hunting and camping from summer to summer and has been in my family since sellen it for my great aunt witch is the origianl owner.i have a clean title in hand also is curently not running do to a frozze starter and bad wireing and i need to sell asap. There are many extra parts to go with it such as the full cloth doors and top,extra hubs,seats,and misc little stuff ,and the triler is a home made job,bottom line this jeep would make a great toy or father /son project with just a little tlc.”

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Willys MBT 1/4 ton trailer Milwaukie, Or $450

• CATEGORIES: trailer

willys_mbt_milwaukieThis is pretty rough, but it’s one of the lower priced trailers I’ve seen.  I don’t know a lot about these.

“WWII military trailer built to be towed behind the Willys MB or Ford GPW jeeps. This one is just like a Bantam T3, but I believe it was built by Willys. It tows nicely, but the lights aren’t hooked up right now. The floor is pretty bad, but most are after over 60 years of our weather. It has a 2″ ball coupler and does have a tailgate.”

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Bantam Trailer Benton Harbor, MI $1300

• CATEGORIES: trailer

bantam_trailer_bentonharborI can’t say I’ve seen a bantam trailer with a top like this, though I’m no expert on Bantam Trailers.

“Bantam T3 Trailer WWII Serial number 9334. 1940’s Bantam T3 Trailer from world war two. It was recently sandblasted primed and painted 4 years ago. This was my grandfathers and it is very rare to find a Bantam trailer with a Top like this. I am in need of a larger cargo trailer. 12ft trailer needed and will trade. Please call 269-449-8900 or email for more information at The following site is a forum for these trailers. Serial number is 9334. I know this is a collectors Item to the right person and I really am not looking for it to leave unless trade or this price. Thanks for checking it out.”

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1951 CJ-3A w/ trailer Sedalia, Mo $1200

• CATEGORIES: CJ-3A, trailer

No pictures provided.  Sounds like the jeep might be rough.

“1951 willys flat fender jeep,no motor last was set up for small block chevy,stock transmision transfer case,back yoke broken off trans,suspet it was small block chevy that twisted it off, has a newer top but some but cut slashes in the back side windows of it, doors and back window still good, comes with a 1952 army trailer w/military tires, clear titles for both, also have extra pair of milatary wheels and tires, $1200.00 can see at 416 w main street in sedalia and please call 660-221-8813”

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Jeep Trailers – Signal Corp Trailer in Portland $500

• CATEGORIES: Features, trailer

One of the ewillys readers asked me about jeep trailers for sale in the northwest.  A quick search yielded a particularly interesting trailer from ww2 — a signal corp trailer.

" WW2 Jeep K38 trailer used by the U.S. army signal corps. This one looks like the one shown in a U.S.M.C manual from 1945." 

Here's some links for some other bantam or bantam-like trailers that vary in price up to $1000:

Here's two in Boise:

Here's two in Seattle area:

Here's some from Colorado: (very heavy duty trailer)

And Utah: (modern, but probably looks nice behind a CJ-5)