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1943 MB Raleigh, NC **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

(11/27/09) The seller doesn ‘t mention it, but it looks like this was built on a later model frame judging by the rear suspension.  I haven’t seen many ‘woody’ mbs.

“1943 Vintage WWII Willys Overland MB Jeep 4X4 For Sale Serial Number: 213591 Mileage; 33,397 One of a kind 1943 Willis’ MILITARY JEEP MB 4×4 in great condition with custom black paint and wood grain exterior panels. This is a real head turner! The Jeep fires right up and runs great! The interior of the Jeep is just as nice as the outside with bucket seats, grey indoor/outdoor waterproof carpet, original gauges, and finished with custom wood grain, chrome accents and roll bar. The Jeep is powered by the original flathead 4 cylinder engine (gasoline), (which displaces 134.22 cubic inches (2,199 cc) with a 3.125 in (79.4 mm) bore and 4.375 in (111.1 mm) stroke. It is an L-head design, with valves parallel to the cylinders. Power output is 60 hp (46 kW) at 4000 rpm and 105 ft•lbf (142 N•m) at 2000 rpm with 6.48:1 compression.) The Jeep’s electrical system has been upgraded to a 12 volt battery. The headlights, tail lights and brake lights are in working order. The front auxiliary lighting have been installed, but not wired. The engine, transmission and transfer case have been professionally rebuilt. The Jeep’s twin-stick 4×4 and hi/lo shifters are fully functional, as are the manual locking hubs. The Jeep has documentation for it’s recently completed in-depth overhaul including: Rebuilt T84 Transmission, Rebuilt M18 Transfer Case,…”






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Swamp buggy/jeep Everglades, Fl **Status Unknown**

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UPDATE: Was $3250. **Status Unknown**

This is built on a 1948 CJ-2A foundation.

“A spare front and spare rear axle is included! $3,250 cash only. Medical bills force the immediate sale of this beautiful buggy.”

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1946 CJ-2A Sterlington, La $2000

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This needs some work, but looks pretty good.  It also looks like it has been stretched a bit in the front of the body and the front axles looks forward a bit too, suggesting this isn’t a standard frame.  Maybe it’s a truck or CJ-7 frame?

“This would be a great hunting and/or trail rig. It has a chevy 4.3 v6, power steering, duel exhaust, 31×10.50 mud tires with 95% tread, trailer hitch, 3 speed manual trans, and 2 stick transfer case. This Jeep has been put up for several years and could use some work. Here’s what I know it needs: The front diff needs new spider gears ($100.00 from 4wd.com), could use the right rear brake drum replaced, and needs a tune-up. The broken spider gears were removed and the axel was cleaned and refilled with oil, so it does drive. (318) 355-5223 if interested.


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1978 LUAZ 967 M amphibious military vehicle, Oklahoma **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $15,000

I can’t imagine there are too many Russian amphibious vehicles in the United States.  Apparently this is the 4wd version of the Luaz.

“Used,  made in USSR amphibious ,  lightweight , air-dropable ( with parachute of course  😉 helicopter-transportable military vehicle.Used as a light  medevac vehicle . 3 seats, or driver + 700 lbs cargo. Powered by air-cooled 1,2 liter gasoline  engine, Runs on unleaded gas with lead substitute.4×4 , manual transmission,locking differential, off-road gear. Front winch =300 lbs load. Speed on road 50 mph water – 5 mph.Can cross lakes, river with current up to 7 mph. Can swim up to 900 ft.Has 12 Volts  bilge pump on board  Has clean Oklahoma title, Drivable, but brakes need be fixed, Canvas in fair conditions need to be replaced. Some rust, vehicle was on storage for last 12 months.I hate to sell it, but wife says ,, Too many army cars here “This is  real deal Is  90% orginal just like army vehicle supposed to be, Used by former East -German NVA  parachute regiment . Has maintenance manual in German.”


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What Would You Do with Old Bumper Cars?

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Thanks to Tommy for forwarding me this unusual story.  The story is that Californian Tom Wright had an opportunity to save these bumper cars from the Long Beach Pike Amusement Park from going to the dump. According to the coolthings.com website, “he took out the Harley motors, replaced it with 750cc Honda and Kawasaki boxes, and redesigned them to pass city driving standards.  His fleet now consists of eight crazy-looking street bumper cars (culled from different amusement parks), all licensed to give your hottest ride a run for its money.”  The rumor is that these could theoretically hit 160mph.  Personally, I will let someone else find that out!

The below image is from the coolthings.com website and the other pics are from an email circulating around the internet.

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Jeep Tracks Paskenta, Ca **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $400.

James found these unusual tracks last night. He gave the seller a call today, only to discover that while the Tracks were $400, the steering mechanism was going to be extra. These are about 500lbs a piece, so shipping is an unlikely option. You can learn more about these Tracks here: http://www.offroaders.com/tech/jeep/Jeep-Wagner-Trac-Tank-Tracks.htm

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1957 FC-170 Custom Motor Home Idaho Falls, ID **DEAD**

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UPDATE:  Craig reports the following: “ It died a terrible death on the side of the highway sometime back. An electrical fire totally destroyed it. I believe that it was not under its own power at the time. (Being towed or trailered).

Someone put some serious work in this. It was listed at $3500

“22 foot motorhome built on a 1957 Jeep FC-170 chassis. This it a very unique and cool rig. Has Chevy 350, 4×4, 8000lb warn winch, propane furnace, A/C, duel fuel Onan 3500 watt generator that automatically starts when battery gets low, electric leveling jacks, oven, 4 burner stove, gas/electric fridge with small freezer, water heater, and a bathroom. Can sleep six.”


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The Jeep CJ-4 at Hemmings

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A few years ago, Hemmings ran a post about an article they produced the CJ-4.  In the article, they discuss how the X-151 became the prototype CJ-4, the only one of it’s class made.  It was later sold to an employee, who later resold it to someone who stored it in a garage for years.

You can read all about it a Hemmings blog

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Rare Holden-Modified Marine Ambulance

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This is an edited version of an ad for a Holden-modified ambulance for sale in 2010 (or maybe it wasn’t a Holden?). Now it contains some information on Holden-Modified Jeeps.

  1. http://yankreenactment.nl/jeep/the-holden-jeep/history/
  2. G503 link about Holdens and another


This video shows a Holden at Iwo Jima:

Here are some photos of a Holden modified jeep that was for sale in 2010.


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1955 ‘willys’ buggy Meadow Lake, AK **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3000.

Here’s a custom rig.  Does this qualify as street legal in Alaska?


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1972 Pinzgauer 710M Tucson, Az **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $10,500.

This is cool.  I know nothing about them. Learn more here.

“PINZGAUER 710M –  *Clear Title / Private Party Owner *Runs Fantastic *Currently registered as a collector vehicle – no emissions!. Super low insurance. *Original US Owner since import………… have owned it for 10 years now. *Very few mods, I have kept it pretty much original (added electronic ignition – I have the original cap, rotor, points and wires that I removed)….. I have performed all service and maintenance. I have all the service books………….. these are super easy to work on ………….. all parts are available with Web and all.  *These are basically the Swiss Army version of the Hummer………… this is the personnel carrier configuration with fold down bench seats in the back.  *Plenty of info and tecnical data on the Web on these ………… I will spare you the details.  *We have loved owning this truck ……… We hate to see it go. I’m selling it to reconfigure our transportation needs ……….. We I just don’t use it anymore and we hate to see it sit.”

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1949 CJ-3A La Center, Wa $3500

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UPDATE:  Price dropped to $2995.  More pics.

(07/08/09) Here’s one for you Pittsburgh Steelers Fans!

“Very cool driver>>>>all original drive train and still runs like new. This is a good project or keep as is and use as a slow driver. No speed demon here as this was designed as a work horse with top speed around 50 mph. This is a good 20 footer and is a lot of fun. Take to Sand Lake and you can drive to town as this is what we used it for. Give me a call and we can make a deal as I am out of room. John @ 360 600-8213. Will deliver locally. It also comes with tow bar and you can Rat Rod it or make a cool Hot Rod too!


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Truck with PTO Belt on back Pomfret, Ct **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2500.

“Excellent Willys Jeep with Rear PTO Belt Drive thing for farm work! Just the Complete PTO setup is worth $2500 So I am tossing the rest in for free!!! As you can see it has been modified over the years. Looks like a willys truck nose, a Vauxall car cab, and a custom metal bed for cord wood. The only jeep stuff that looks original: PTO stuff, Frame, axels, engine, transmission. missing radiator.  I don’t want to part it out, that way somebody can mod their jeep with these parts and convert theirs over to a AG Jeep.  Engine looks complete with distributor, starter, and carb. I haven’t tried cleaning anything or try to turn anything over (The guy from Pawn Stars told me not to). ”

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1949 Jeepster Columbia, Ca eBay

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This is a beautiful restoration / customization.

“In addition to all of that, this JEEPSTER runs like a champ.  The seats are very comfortable.  The Dodge Dakota V6 engine runs smoothly, burns no oil, and is free of undercarriage drips.  Power steering and cruise control add to the enjoyment of driving.  It is more than capable of highway speeds and climbs the Nevada mountain ranges with ease.  All of the chrome trim is without blemish.  There is no underside rust.  There are no dents, dings, or gouges.  The top and side curtains are in good condition.  The tires are nearly new.

However, there are two things that need to be done if the buyer wants to put it into show condition.  While the paint photographs well, it is not flawless.  Close inspection reveals cracks in the finish.  The Spoke wheels need to be re-chromed.

I can no longer afford to keep my Jeepster and an airplane at the same time.  I love driving the Jeepster, but I put in hundreds of hours building the airplane, and it is the one I have decided to keep.”

View all the pics on eBay

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Willys Trucks and Wagons over at Jalopy Journal

• CATEGORIES: Unusual, Website, Willys Trucks, Willys Wagons

Jalopy Journal has a short thread with a variety of pics.  The wagon that caught my eye is shown below, a creatively constructed ‘party wagon’.  I love it!  There’s a few more pics of this at the website.

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1937 Ford House Car — an early motorhome


Dave forwarded me some information about this unique Ford House Car.  A quick search revealed this website with a full collection of images by the previous owner of the vehicle (he sold it in 2001 according to the site).  I’ve included a pic below and some info below.  Thanks for sharing Dave, it’s cool!

“One of only six said to have been made per year in the mid-’30s at the Ford Plant in St. Paul, Minnesota, according to an article on this car in a 1993 “Old Cars” magazine article (see link below). Very few others–perhaps none–remain on the road, and certainly not in such amazing original condition. (The only other known example that I heard of was supposedly housed in the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan. But that turned out to be an early 1920s Model T conversion, the curator told me. He said he’d never seen anything like this ’37!).”


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Man Made rebuilds an offroad car (well, technically it’s a car/boat)

• CATEGORIES: Unusual, Website

Simon forwarded me a link to a show called Man Made. I haven’t seen an episode yet, but the video introduction below looks intriguing.

Simon reports, “I’ve only seen two episodes but its about a guy who locates barn finds and restores them for selling at auction. So far its covered an amphicar and Camero (no jeeps!) but its a great program to watch and see how a professional goes about restoring classic cars. He’s not been so successful on the profit front mind you – the amphicar didn’t sell and he lost money on the Camero”

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1959 Wagon Jeep Rod Elgin, TX **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Jeep Rods, Unusual, Willys Wagons

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1000.

Here’s the foundation for an interesting project.

“1959 willys jeep chop top, needs tlc 1.000 or best offer . no engine . 4 speed trans 4 wheel drive ..duel wheels .. very solid jeep and head turner”

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Tall Flattie Project Palmdale, Ca **SOLD**

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UPDATE:  **SOLD** Was $1500

You might have to purchase a ladder for this flattie.

“Willy jeep on 44 inch Super Swamper tires. Runs and drives, but radiator has not been moved to the rear. There’s no rooom in the front for the radiator. This is a project that needs work and is certainly not ready to be driven on road anytime soon. The Willys sits on a early 80’s Bronco frame that has been shortened. Lift is from a IFS ford. Runs good and no backyard custom suspension, this is basicly a bronco with an expensive aftermarket lift, so it will drive good too.  Swampers are in great shape with more than 3/4 tread.  I have a tilt column from a late model caprice, ready to install. I am willing to part out this thing if i get some serious offers. Or if someone wants to trade the swampers for some HUGE military tires i’d probably finish this project. Or a set of Rockwell axles ? Chevy Dana 60 ? I’d trade the whole truck for some Super Swamper Irok tires and wheels size 39.5 or 40 for a 20 inch rim, either chrome or polished, forged wheels.”

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1966 Rat Rod VW Chandler, AZ **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2000

I know it’s not a 4wd vehicle, but it sure is one of the odder VWs I’ve ever seen.

“1966 volkswagen ratrod for sale OR trade.  $2000 cash obo OR Looking to trade for : pre 1966 – f100, comet, ranchero, falcon, scout, commando, jeepster, willys, spitfire, bugeye sprite, Motorcycles — ruckus, tw200, rd350/400, radian, bmw, honda cb, cl, sl, xl, vmax…..
basically, if it’s cool , let me know what you’ve got! MUST have clean/clear az title, and if it’s a bike, MUST run.”

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1954? M-38 Kanosh, Ut $3500

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Thanks to a reader named Brett for pointing out this jeep.  The front part of the jeep appears to be a M-38, though the year is off.  On the other hand, the rear body on this jeep looks suspiciously CJ-5ish.  I’d like to see some close up pics to see how the front and rear of the body has been merged.  Perhaps it is a M-38 and 1954 M-38A1?

“1954 Jeep Military. !2 volt alt, 4 cyl flat head engine, front and rear seats,body in good condition. Brake wheel cylinders have been replaced. Body is in good condition with little or no rust. Selling Jeep and buying 4 wheeler. Come and see it at 210 North Main Street, Kanosh, Utah 84637.”


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The Three Wheeled CJ-3A APU

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UPDATE 2:  Learn More here

UPDATE:  As noted in the article below, these were developed by O. E. Szekely & Associates, who also created the modified CJ-3A for the Navy.  The APU pictured in color below is from the Miramar Marine Corps Air Museum in San Diego.

I keep thinking that I’ve seen all the different jeeps that were ever built.  But nope, here’s another one I’ve not seen before,  discussed on this Argentinian website. Both the pics below and the video are from that website.  It’s really cool!


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What is it? Langton, Norfolk, Canada **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Sedan-jeep, Unusual, Willys Trucks, Willys Wagons

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was Make Offer

As usual, the folks at the Israeli Bureau of eWillys have spotted another unusual vehicle.  I *think* this is a combination of a CJ-3A body, willys truck/wagon fenders/windshield, a cj-3a hood and grille, and some creativity.  But I could be wrong….

“Selling Willys jeep. Doesn’t run. Has a straight flat six cylinder motor. Comes with 4×4 rear PTO wench and welder generator. Frame is in good condition.”

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1954 Truck San Jose, Ca $600

• CATEGORIES: Unusual, Willys Trucks

UPDATE:  The price dropped to $600

(10/12/09) I think I saw this in the Road Warrior Movie, lol.  And yeah, it has no brakes, but, seriously, would you really be worried about hitting a tree in this?




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1950 CJ-3A Woodland, Wa $6200

• CATEGORIES: CJ-3A, Unusual

1950_cj3a_woodlandUPDATE:  Price dropped to $6200

(09/29/09) This looks well put together.  It could probably use an OD if it doesn’t have one.

“I have a 1950 Willys CJ3a. It has a ford 289 V-8, 538 running gears, with a 4 speed top loader tranny, new rebuild, new high performance camshaft, and new heavy duty clutch, new paint, and brand new tiger top. This is a great little jeep, lots of power, lots of fun for the summer. $6200.00 Call steve @ 360-600-4223”