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The British Jago Geep (now Sandero) Kit

Pronounced “Jay-Go”, the Jago Geep was brought to my attention by Robert, who had never seen one either.  So, I warmed up my googler this weekend to learn more about them.

According to this Sandero website, British Business Partners Geoff Jago and Richard Park launched the Jago Geep Kit car in 1971, making it one of the first kit cars in the UK.  In the same way a dune buggy kit was sold in the US to be placed atop a VW Chassis, the Jago Geep Kit was initially intended to be place onto a Ford Anglia 105E and then later atop the Ford Escort MK1. There were five general variants of the Geep kit produced, but because they are all kits, it is doubtful that any are exactly alike once assembled and individual builder details were added.

In the 1980s, due to illness, Park sold the remainder of the company to Jago.  In 1985, 25 specially manufactured kits were produced to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Geep.  Sometime in the 1990s, the company changed from the Geep model to the Sandero model, but I haven’t learned why.  Most recently, and in the post below, a Series II Land Rover was used as the chassis.  You can learn more at the Jago Owners Club.

From the 1984 through 1990 Jago produced a kit car called the Samuri, a four seat utility vehicle designed to fit atop the Ford Escort.

Here’s the nicest looking Jago Geep I’ve seen (so far):

Here’s a Jago Kit used as a drag jeep:


See Dave’s Kit Car Here:

Here’s an image of the Jago Samuri:

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Jago Geep with Series II Land Rover Chassis eBay

• CATEGORIES: Other 4x4s, Unusual, VEEP (VW Jeep), Scamp, Others

Bidding has ended on this UK-based Geep has ended, but I thought it was worth posting anyway.

“I took this vehicle to Stoneliegh National Custom Kit Car show after it was first built and it was a show stopper. According to the Jago Owners club this was the first Jago Jeep built on Landrover ( Series II Lightweight ) Since then there have been others built.

Full weather gear Doors and Roof etc
Roll Cage

17Inch Modular Wheels with Good Year Eagle Tyres ( Road Legal ) Including a spare wheel and carrier.

80 x 80 and 80 x 40 Steel box section chassis custom built to accept Series II Light Weight Landrover axles and LT77 5 speed Gearboxes
Power Unit is a 2.0 Litre Frieght Rover Turbo Deisel Engine. ( requires cylinder head gasket )

Vauxhall Astra Bucket Seats with Harnesses
Folding Roll Cage bar with 4 x Spotlights
Overhead mounted 6 CD Audio Unit.
CB Radio, needs aerial and mic

Front Interior is Aluminium Chequer Plate ( Dash Gearbox Cover and Floor ) Shines when cleaned up.
Rear is Carpet

Summer is coming and this is a vehicle that attracts a lot of attention both on and off road. It requires a good clean and some TLC. I have run the vehicle since it was an original Jago Jeep based on and old Ford Escort. The time and effort that went into building the vehicle to accept and Jago Body and Land Rover running gear warrants the price. It is on Spring Leaf suspension to make it look more “Jeep” authentic.

10 Bolts hold the body to the chassis for access to the engine. If you buy this vehicle and want a really unique and jawdropping Jeep I would strip and rebuild the engine and complete the Aluminium chequer plating throughout. It would be a show stopper again. Personally I would have the chassis paintwork sandblasted off and have it galvanised. The chassis is solid without rust and has side steps, rear and front steps.

Now the vehicle is on Land Rover tons of new and used spares can be purchased from “The Paddock” at Derbyshire.

I just sold the spare prototype chassis alone for this vehicle for £1500.00 so your getting the FULL vehicle.”

View all the info here

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1/2 VW, 1/2 Dune Buggy, 1/2 Jeep Walhalla, SC **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Unusual, VEEP (VW Jeep), Scamp, Others

UPDATE: **SOLD**  Was $1750.

This sure is something unusual.

“VW dune buggy with Willys body and VW CarmanGia motor and running gear.”

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Veep Tulare, CA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: VEEP (VW Jeep), Scamp, Others • TAGS: .

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $5000

“Veepster” kit car on a 1600 VW engine. Recently replaced transmission. Runs good. Needs timing adjustment and tuneup. Comes with top, windows, doors, and misc pieces. Asking $5,000 obo. Street legal with current license and tags. Hard to find and nice contrast to Manx style dune buggy.”

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Year? Veep Marietta, GA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: VEEP (VW Jeep), Scamp, Others • TAGS: .

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $9250.

(08/26/2010) According to the seller, this is a factory built Veep.  This is one of the nicer Veeps I’ve seen.

“This is a factory built Veep. They were built from 1979 to 1981. It is an all metal CJ3 body on a really tough square tube chassis with all VW running gear. Really well done and well constructed. Drives smoothly like a VW and not like a jeep CJ3. It is the ultimate ride for street or off road. Would make a great hunting buggy. Will go most anywhere without much effort. I have owned the veep for over 20 years and it has always been stored inside. The bottom of the car is as clean as the top. It has a soft top, frame and doors. The car was appraised about a year ago for insurance purposes at $12,200.00. I am asking $9,250.00 for the car and will look at all offers. Need the storage space.”

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1948 Drivetrain with a VW body Chicago, Il $1350

• CATEGORIES: Unusual, VEEP (VW Jeep), Scamp, Others

To my surprise, the body fits on there pretty well.

“A titled 1948 Willys Jeep with a 1979 VW body. Sand tires, chrome wheels.Rebuilt drivetrain. Wife says it must go. 773-490-9747”

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Year? Veep Peachland, NC **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: VEEP (VW Jeep), Scamp, Others • TAGS: .

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $5400.

“LIKE NEW! Volkswagon frame and motor. 35 miles per gallon. Candy Apple Red. Mag rims. New soft top and doors. Bikini Top, Snap on Tow Bar. Emaculate condition. Must See! If picture doesn’t come thru, I can e-mail to you.”


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Veep Menifee, CA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: VEEP (VW Jeep), Scamp, Others

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3500

As VEEPs go, this one almost had me fooled.  It wasn’t until I saw that the seller mentioned the VW engine that I did a double take.

“1950 jeep 1776 vw engine with bus trans this jeep runs great 2 wheel drive super fun”

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VEEP Lake Elsinor, CA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: VEEP (VW Jeep), Scamp, Others

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2000

(04/07/2009) The seller has some inaccurate info here.  I can safely say this is a VEEP and that it wasn’t a 1943 model.  And while Costa Mesa (where Hadley was located) is pretty far West, it isn’t quite so far west as the Phillipines.

“1943 Model Willies Jeep Built New In The Philippines In 1980 on A Stock Volkswagen Drive Train. 1600cc Motor, with an original WW2 Utility Trailer. I also have two WW2 combat helmets that i will include. This is not a vw conversion. This is the way it came stock from the factory”

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Kubel_Lite — A VW version of the Kuebelwagon

• CATEGORIES: VEEP (VW Jeep), Scamp, Others

(I meant to publish this yesterday …)

Continuing the VW theme, David Barrett has created a prototype for a VW Kit version of the 4wd Kuebelwagon, which of course was originally developed by Volkswagen.  I think it looks pretty cool.  You can learn more over at the Samba website about David and this project.

Here’s an original Kuebelwagon:


An here’s some pics of David’s kit project:





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Hadley Engineering — The Veep

UPDATE: Additional links — The Hadley Engineering Brochure and VEEPS vs. SCAMPS and other model.

Based on a reader’s inquiry, I decided to do some research regarding the Veep.  I’ve seen a few of these for sale over the past couple of years, but it doesn’t happen often and I really knew nothing about them. So, here’s the little bit I learned.

According to the Dune Buggy Archives, the Veep was sold as both a completed jeep and as a kit by Hadley Engineering, which was based at 1778 Monrovia, Costa Mesa, CA 92627 (maybe they are still there).  The company claimed that any Beetle or Karman Ghia could be used to build a Veep in about 40 hours.

I’ve only seen two engine sizes so far, a 1600 cc or a 1800 cc VW motor.  The suspension, frame, and running gear is all VW.  Most of the veeps appear to use a replacement M-38 body, though one ad below claims a ’42 body (mb or gpw) was used.   The gas tank is mounted in the front, which simply looks odd when you open the hood.  Below is a couple brochures and some misc Veeps.  In the posts below are some additional Veeps.

I’m still hardly an expert on these, so if you have additional information, I’d love to learn more.







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Blue Veep — Was for sale a few years ago

• CATEGORIES: VEEP (VW Jeep), Scamp, Others

This veep had a good description and some interesting pics.

Here’s the original Ad

“this is a 1951 M38 body put on a custom built chassis, chassis was built by a former welding instructor, not mickey moused together…running a VW bug front axle and the rear section of a VW bus…looks like a real jeep but will do 70 mph down the highway, get 40+ miles to the gallon, and fly thru the woods like a dune buggy, it has independent suspension at all corners…It is fully street legal, titled and inspectable…it has custom vehicle title…until you look under it you would swear that it’s a real jeep  The body hasn’t been hacked or cut up at all it has normal surface rust, nothing major…the motor is in the back and a cover has been built to go over the motor, the motor sits where the back seat was…the gas tank and battery is under the hood up front…

Motor: 1800cc dual port from a bus, new carb, new alternator…runs strong
trans: deep ratio, 4 speed posi, bus tranny (stronger)

It has longer travel shocks at all four corners, brand new tiger top soft top and doors…factory roll cage…custom bumpers, the front bumper is set up with a tow bar that swings down so the vehicle can be towed very easily…”







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Veep Project Perry Hall, Maryland **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: VEEP (VW Jeep), Scamp, Others

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $450.

The tub sounds like it is in bad shape, but lots of other jeep parts there.

“Hadley Veep project for sale. More a collection of parts from an original Veep along with additional parts needed to complete the project. Original Frame, Jackman 4 bolt wheels with the original Armstrong Norseman tires, fiberglass bucket seats, two hoods, two windshield frames, windshield glass, one set of good front fenders, front grill, tailgate, front and rear bumpers, irs transmission, original gas tank, replacement front beam, two roll bars, steering column, assembly manual and magazine articles from the 70’s when the kits were being sold. I also have a tub that can be used for fitting or with a lot of welding could be utilized. I may be able to arrange delivery within 50 miles from my location.”





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1970 VW “Mule” San Antonio, TX **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: VEEP (VW Jeep), Scamp, Others

UPDATE:  **SOLD** Was $3350. Here’s another one from SAMBA

t’s not quite a VEEP, but I’ve lumped it into that category none-the-less.

“These were built for the US Forest Service out West, back in the 70’s. I understand they used them to go up in the mountains to rescue snowmobilers that ran out of gas.

All metal body, fiberglass top (not removable). Rear torsion housing on back, is mechanically a ’70 Bus. Pans (shortened) on forward is a ’70 Bug. As far as I can tell, stock 1600 DP engine. Bus tranny has ridiculous gears, top speed 50 mph. Has built in tow bar and front mounted winch that operates from inside the cab. Windows go fully up or fully down. No back seat, the whole area is taken up by an aluminum 25 gal. gas tank. New tires and wheels. Includes spare, stock 5-lug bus wheels with snow tires that hold air (4 plus spare). Everything works except the horn. Starts and runs well. Needs new ignition switch (part included with vehicle) ….. Very rare unrestored and collectible piece of VW history.  Asking $3,350 No trades, please. ”






These are images of the one shown on the Samba site.

vw-mule-1 vw-mule-2


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Builds: Electric Veep — Jazzy

• CATEGORIES: Builds, VEEP (VW Jeep), Scamp, Others • TAGS: .

I ran across this electric vehicle named Jazzy owned by Jim Stack.  It appears to be an ‘VEEP’ Kit with a fiberglass body.  It is powered by an Advanced DC FB-4001 Series Wound DC 9.  It runs in 3rd gear and never needs to be shifted, according to the owner.  The top speed is 70MPH with a total range of about 50MPH.  There are 10 Trojan T-105 now SG90’s, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, Flooded very minimal battery pack for 30 mile range. All located under center of chassis for stable road handling, great G holding on corners.  View all the information here.

“1968 Volkswagen VW chassis. 50 Jeep fiberglass body with front disk brakes carries the Veepster fiberglass 1950 Jeep body.”


Rear of jeep.  Note no Jeep rear lights (he was looking for traditional square lights).


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VW Jeep Kennewick, WA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: VEEP (VW Jeep), Scamp, Others

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1175.

No motor with this VW Jeep. I doubt this is a ’42, but rather probably several decades later.

“this 42 willys has vw runnig gear spun bearing in motor dont have motor. is fun to drive yes i have a title u just need to find a motor i just dont have time thanks open to trades or cash”


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1948 VEEP Tacoma, Wa For Trade

• CATEGORIES: VEEP (VW Jeep), Scamp, Others

1948_veep_tacomaThis doesn’t appear to be an M-38-like body, as I don’t see cutouts on the driver’s side.  This is unusual.

“I have a 1948 willys (vw powered) aka veep. I am looking to trade it for a 71′ or earlier vw bus, bug, or ghia. the veep has vw bug suspension good working brakes and good tranny. it does not have a motor in it at this time it takes a standard vw aircooled bug engine. It had a motor in it through the fall and winter i just took it out last month. thats how i know the about the tranny and brakes and all the electrical good too, also has a good top no tears. the seats need some upholstery work which i could fix if we make a deal. so if you got something you want to trade contact me. I have a clear title in hand”

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1981/71 VW Jeep Dublin, NC **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: VEEP (VW Jeep), Scamp, Others

1981_veep_dublinUPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay

This is the nicest ‘VEEP’ I’ve seen.  The seller is incorrect about the body, as that’s obviously a M-38 body.  As of this post the high bid is $3319.

“Up for auction is an extremely rare and fun Kit 2 wheel drive Veep.  I absolutely love this little Jeep.  It was built in 1981 using a 1971 Volkswagen Beetle donor car.  The body is an all steel 1948 Willys CJ-2A.  It was meticulously & professionally built by an aerospace engineer according to the information I have.  The kit was designed by the Scamp corporation.  You can tell this was done right in every way.  Most people do not realize that it’s not an actualy Willys….”

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Dune Buggies

• CATEGORIES: VEEP (VW Jeep), Scamp, Others, Website

dunebuggyGrowing up, I had a friend Tim who was my age and lived across the street. Hi father’s name was Bud and he was a machinist for Boeing.  Bud had a magical lathe and valuable skills that created a few of the valuable pieces I needed for putting together my first jeep. Bud also told me one day, near the end of building that first jeep, how he was talking to my Dad and how proud Dad was that I had built the jeep.  Of course, when Bud told me this, I just stared back, as Dad only told me what I was doing wrong … aahh, father and sons.

Anyway, one of Bud’s projects was a beautiful red, sparkly Dune Buggy he built (not the one to the right, but similar).  It was pretty much just a road machine toy.  For those who knew the Renton, Washington, area back in the 70s, Bud would drive his dune buggy down to the middle of the out door retail mall downtown (the one anchored by Sears on one end and QFC on the other) and park it in the middle of the mall (no there were no parking spots there), because he could do it and people loved to check out his Dune Buggy.

One day I was trying to find the body style (it was a flat fenderish hybrid buggy) and I ran across this amazing website called the  It includes a BODY ID Section that is very useful; there are SO many different buggy designs that the person managing this website built a database to help people navigate all the different kinds of buggys.  It also includes a history section that’s interesting.

Of course, there was even the flat fender dune buggy based on the M-38 and I have featured some of them for sale on ewillys.

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Volkswagen Jeep Kit Sun Valley, Ca eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Unusual, VEEP (VW Jeep), Scamp, Others

UPDATE:  This sold for $810 on Jan 1 2009

Maybe there are more of these VW kits than I realized.  This is the fourth I’ve seen for sale this year.  While the seller claims this is a 1942 body, all the kits, including this one, appear to me to use a version of the M-38 body (or replica body).


View all the pics on eBay

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Volkswagen Jeep Kit Leo, IN **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Unusual, VEEP (VW Jeep), Scamp, Others

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2995.

I’ve never seen pics of this jeep kit for the volkswagen.  I’ve only seen ads for two other vw jeeps, both didnt’ have pics.  An interesting collectors vehicle.

“WILLYS CJ3A-Hadley Veep Kit from Costa Mesa, Cal. 1980 with 1971 Beetle Drivetrain, Flat Fenders, Low Hood, Rides Great and Handles like a Go Kart with New Disc Brakes/System, American Racing Wheels Professionally Polished, New Fulda 195/60/15 Radial Tires,KYB-GR2-Shocks,New Front Axle- Adjustable, New Ball Joints,Tie-Rods…”

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SCAMP Jeep Batavia, OH **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Unusual, VEEP (VW Jeep), Scamp, Others

UPDATE: **SOLD* Was $5000.

“made by hadley engineering in costa mesa california it is a 48-52 cj3/m38 built on 60s vwfront beam and rear torsion.has vw swingaxle with 1200cc engine runs and street legal.titled as vw”