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Noland and His CJ-2A in the Sawtooth Mountian

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Nolan and his brother Heath used a drone and camera to create this video. It sure is gorgeous country!

Camas County, Sawtooth National Forest from Heath Watte on Vimeo.

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Reviving a Dead Willys Video

• CATEGORIES: Features, videos

Steve shared this video about reviving a rusty, dead looking jeep.

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Vintage Rubicon Trail Video

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images Jeeping, videos

This vintage Rubicon video was linked to on Facebook.

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Short Video Featuring a Ford GPA

• CATEGORIES: Features, GPA (SEEP), videos

This photo was posted by Brendan Gibbons to Facebook. It shows his uncle driving a Ford GPA in 1946.

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1960 Florida Swamp Race Video

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Just a few updates tonight ….. This early video shared by David shows a few modified flatties. The film footage was taken by Frank Parks of Rockville, Maryland, in Florida in the summer of 1960.

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CJ-5 Commercial

• CATEGORIES: Features, videos

Nice vintage CJ-5 commercial shared on Facebook.

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CJ-5 Fire Jeep Video

• CATEGORIES: Features, Fire/Police/Industry Vehicles, videos

It’s not a long video, but this is a fine looking CJ-5 fire jeep.

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1940s West Point Video w/ Bantams

• CATEGORIES: Features, videos

UPDATE: Some folks have had trouble viewing this. Try going directly to youtube.

Joe in Mesa spotted a floating Bantam BRC-40 and several BRC-60s in this early 1940s West Point video. Check out 3:10 to 3:44 as the narrator points out the “Blitz Buggies”.


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Tom Smith’s 2016 FC-Roundup Video

• CATEGORIES: Features, videos

Tom Smith just published this interview with Jesse Ybarra at the 2016 FC Roundup. The 2017 FC-Roundup is March 25-26th. I’ll be there!

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Jack & Doreen’s 1958 Wagon Trip from Australia to England

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Bill shared the video below from Jack and Doreen Shakespeare. Together, the couple recount their 1958 journey in a late 40’s wagon from Australia to England. The trip took them 114 days. Fortunately for us, they filmed much of the trip. It’s a great story.

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Striper’s & A CJ-2A

• CATEGORIES: Features, videos

Brian shared this short eight minute video he saw on the TCM channel. If you like fish and CJ-2As, this is for you.

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Gary Holbrook’s & Juan Mean Jose

• CATEGORIES: Event, Features, videos

Gary Holbrook, a long time member of the Jolly Jeepers of the PNW4WDA, shared this video. Not only does he show off his fascinating build, but he also discusses one of his club’s annual summer Back to Basics Rally in Oregon.

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Brian Hainer Fixes a CJ-3B Hood

• CATEGORIES: Features, videos

Watch Brian Hainer work his magic on a CJ-3B hood with “oil canning”. There are there separate videos.

1. Part I

2. Part II


3. Part III

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Need to Remove a Rusty Bolt? Try a Candle and a Lighter

• CATEGORIES: Features, videos

Colin shared this video that demonstrates how to use a candle and a lighter to loosen lug nuts. I have never tried it.

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Brian Hainer’s Restoration of Vince’s CJ-3A

• CATEGORIES: Builds, Features, videos

Brian Hainer will be restoring Vince’s CJ-3A. In this video he is beginning the restoration. Tires are removed from their rims and a stubborn steering wheel is removed.

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Ramsey Crankshaft Pulley Winch **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Features, Parts, videos

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

Josh has listed this crankshaft pulley, a part used to power some early Ramsey winches. This video tells more about Ramsey’s crankshaft driven winches:

“You are bidding on a nearly impossible to find positive crank shaft driven winch/pto CLUTCH PULLEY. I believe this example was manufactured by Ramsey and is the key piece for a number of winches used on vintage jeeps.

The assembly appears in good shape and complete but could provably use good cleaning and some refreshing. The pulley unit is the only piece I have.”

ramsey-crankshaft-pulley-winch2 ramsey-crankshaft-pulley-winch3 ramsey-crankshaft-pulley-winch

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CJ-3A Used for B-52 Crash Memorial Project

• CATEGORIES: Features, videos

Tom shared this video he assembled. It captures a memorial project he and his son completed recently, a remembrance of nine airmen who were killed in a B-52 crash. Part of their effort required the use of Tom’s CJ-3A.


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Old Faithful, Honorable Purple Heart Winner

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images Jeeping, Old News Articles, videos

Thanks to Keith for the tip about Old Faithful.


According to this page, the Associated Press captured this photo of “Old Faithful” on the island of Bougainville in 1944.

Recently, Jeep shot a commercial highlighting a little known fact that a jeep named “Old Faithful” was awarded an honorable Purple Heart for its service in Guadalcanal and Bougainville during WWII (not to be confused with a jeep that was named “Purple Heart“). The jeep was later put on display at the Marine Corps Museum, but, according to an article in Adweek, it disappeared and its whereabouts remain unknown.

The September/October 1944 Army Ordinance reported on Old Faithful:

Old Faithful was a Willys built jeep that served four Marine generals through the Guadalcanal campaign and the Bougainville invasion. Old Faithful was officially awarded the Purple Heart for “wounds”–two shrapnel holes in its windshield received during the Jap battleship shelling of Guadalcanal on October 13, 1942.

Old Faithful, the first American vehicle ever to be so decorated, was retired from active service by official Marine Corps order on December 22, 1943. Faithful to the last, this jeep’s motor, which has never been overhauled, purrs as smoothly today as it did on the historic day of August 7, 1942, when it first rolled onto Guadalcanal’s famous Lunga Beach. During its duty in the Pacific area,

Old Faithful served as official car for many distinguished leaders, including the late Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox, Adms. Chester Nimitz and William F. Halsey, Vice Adms. A.W. Fitch, and J.S. McCain, Marine Corps Commandant Lieut. Gen. Thomas Holcomb, his successor Lieut, Gen A.A. Vandegrift, and many others. In 1944, Old Faithful, after a long journey, arrived in heaven and now reposes in the Marine Corps Museum at the Marine Corps Air Station Quantico, Va.

Also in 1944, the Marine Corps Chevron included this photo and article on “Old Faithful”:


WAR RELIC’ “Old Faithful,” retired after 18 monthsservice in the South Pacific as a command oar, was displayed in San Diego’s War Bond drive. It is being inspected by Majs. Granville Mitchell (left) and Douglas J. Preacher.

Battle-Worn Jeep Back In U. S. On Bond Tour

Old Faithful,” first Marine jeep to be landed on Guadalcanal and among the first on Bougainville, was exhibited at the Plaza War Bond center in downtown San Diego this week in connection with the Filipino Day program.

The jeep was retired on Bougainville recently after having traveled more than 11,000 miles of jungle terrain as a command car. During its 18 months’ service “Old Faithful” served four Marine generals as well as carrying every ranking Marine officer and visiting official on the two battle-torn islands.

Previously, the jeep had been awarded a “Purple Heart” for holes in its windshield, received when a Jap battleship shelled Guadalcanal. It is on its way toward becoming a museum piece at the Marine Corps Museum, Quantico.



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Amazing 1962 CJ-5 Call for Price

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UPDATE: George still has this jeep for sale.

Sell-a-Jeep TV put together this video of a mint CJ-5. The clip is narrated by George Baxter of Army Jeep Parts and filmed by Mark Smith’s son, Tom . If you are interested in buying the jeep, contact him at Check out the dual spool winch!

For pics, go here:

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Inside Army Jeep Parts Video

• CATEGORIES: Features, videos

Mark & Tom Smith just completed this video about George and his Army jeep Parts shop.

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Video from Dan’s Military FC Show

• CATEGORIES: Event, videos

Craig and Steve did a video tour in “Marilyn” (his new FC Van) of the FCs at Dan’s Military FC Show. Pretty impressive.

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More Videos From Brian Hainer

• CATEGORIES: Features, videos

UPDATE: I had the wrong link to Brian’s FC Corners videos.

The previous videos showed Brian making some FC corners. Now he’s working on a CJ-3B body. Here are a couple videos he’s done on the body. There are some others, too.. This video shows the making of the rear floor:

And this shows shaping the sides of the body:


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Overbored Racing & R.A.C.E’s End of Summer Race

• CATEGORIES: Event, Features, videos

On of the racing jeeps getting ready on Friday.

Yesterday I made my way from the warm dry eastern Washington desert to the ‘wet’ side of the State. I was not surprised when I hit light rain as I approached the western slope of the Cascades.


At the top of 4500ft White Pass. Beyond the motorhome is the White Pass Ski Area. Let the rain commence!

However, by the time I arrived at the Ethel property where Overbored Racing & R.A.C.E are holding their Labor Day Weekend race, the rain abated, replaced with some sun. Hopefully the weather holds!



My camping spot for the next couple of nights.

I’m here at the invitation of Rob Stafford, who suggested I attend, baiting me with a couple of rides in a race jeep. That’s a hard thing for me to pass up. I haven’t raced since 1986- Memorial Day 1986, not that I’m counting or anything-and I still miss it. Thanks to my mother-in-law, whose motorhome I borrowed, I could attend. Sadly, Ann isn’t with me as she had a prior engagement in Spokane. Continue reading

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Brian Hainer’s FC Corners

• CATEGORIES: Features, videos

UPDATE: Go here to see some of Brian’s 3B body videos.

Brian Hainer has begun making some videos showing how he makes body parts out of sheet metal. He’s finished a couple videos already. He’ll soon be completing a series of videos on how to fabricate a complete Willys body.

Currently he has a set of three videos showing how he produced a corner piece for an FC-170.

Here are links to the subsequent videos for the FC corner:

You can see all four of his videos and subscribe to his youtube channel at the link below:

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Jeep 75th Anniversary Videos

• CATEGORIES: videos

Guy shared this Jeep Timeline video that marks the 75th anniversary of Willys/Jeep vehicles (of course if one counts the Bantam, it’s year 76, but I won’t go there … )

And Don shared this related video: