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1950 Wagon-Trailer Craigmont, Id **Status Unknown**

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UPDATE:  Status Unknown. Was $550.

(08/26/09) “Up for sale is a 1950 Willy’s Jeep Station Wagon Trailer. I have used it for a vendor trailer selling auto parts at swap meets in the past and for storage to keep items out of the weather. The interior is open with one large shelf and several drawers underneath for extra storage. The glass has been replaced with plywood which I just applied a fresh coat of paint to. The rear window is the only one remaining on the trailer. The tires are in good shape and it has a spare tire.”


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1943 Ambulance Running Springs, Ca $1000

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1943_ambulance_runningspringsHere’s a 1943/44 Ambulance.  It looks like an unusual find.

“Selling a 1943 or 1944 willys ambulance. It ran a few years ago and needs towed away. You can contact me on my e-mail or call me at (909)-890-8101/ (909)-867-4448. my names Ben. The ambulance is currently in the )sanbernardino mountians (running springs is you have questions the best way to contact me is by phone. The computer is not allowing me to post pictures but i will gladly email them to you.”


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1958 Wagon Iowa $6500

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1958_wagon_iowaThis looks like a wagon out of an old photograph.  I don’t know whether this price will hold, but this looks like it would be a great restoration project that wouldn’t need much work.

“Pulled out of a barn in Iowa. Excellent condition for its age. Runs and looks very good. Has 327 motor (not original). Exterior and interior in above average shape. Interested? Call Ru at 319-651-6758 for details”


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1955 Wagon Project Yakima, Wa **Status Unknown**

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1955_panelvvan_yakimaUPDATE: **Status Unknown** Was $9000.

Here’s an interesting project in which a good chunk of money has already been invested.  I don’t know if the seller will get his money our or not.  The seller mentions this is a rare wagon model.  I’m unsure whether this is true or not.

“Start off with a little history of this rare Jeep Willy’s Panel Wagon. This is a windowless panel wagon with rear delivery doors (sometimes called ambulance doors) that was a special order forest service vechiles. Some of the rarest vehicles to come by now a days. It was once used for a top fuel car in Seattle some years ago About the only thing that’s fit’s the original jeep is the body.The rest is a ground up restoration converting it back to a 4 x 4 with a ton of labor and cash put into it.”


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1949 Wagon Brockway, Pa **SOLD**

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1949_wagon_brockwayUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2500.

Given the original, raw nature of this wagon plus the overdrive, I’d say this might be a pretty good find.

“I have a mint 1949 wagon 2×4 that is totally unmolested. No additional holes drilled anywhere and still has the insulation on the firewall, etc. Even has the original radio with it. Will make a beautiful restore. Have five absolutely mint hubcaps, and a ton of extra parts. Have spare bumpers, wrap arounds rebuilt engine and a spare engine. Have a new headliner, all new panels for entire vehicle, etc, etc.”

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1948 Station Wagon 3 door Chesterland, Oh $1600

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1948_stationwagon_3dr_chesterlandHere’s one of the rare 3 door Willys Station Wagons.  David highlights these on this his Willys Country website.

“Selling a rare three door Willys four wheel drive Station Wagon. Built to haul people and sold new in 1948 in Pennsylvania, this four wheel drive wagon was constructed on the truck frame and has a non-running f-head 134 engine. There is no tailgate on this one…they used the rear panel from a pickup to build the back of the body. Has the usual lower body rust, however, the frame and floors are solid. The front floors will need minor attention, however, they are not rotted like most. Needs completely restored, but is almost 100% complete…including keys and title. Does roll but will need winched onto your method of transport. A very rare piece of Willys history, from what I’ve learned only 2 like this were built and this is the sole survivor. Listing it here first but if it doesn’t sell, it will go to ebay with a higher reserve. I’d rather sell it locally and avoid the headaches that ebay always brings when selling a vehicle! I’m asking $1600 or very near offer, no trades, no checks, money orders, wire transfers, shares of your dead uncle’s estate…you get the idea! More pictures available…just ask.”


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1954 Willys Wagon Inland Empire, Ca **SOLD** w/OD

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1954_willyswagon_inlandempireUPDATE:  This appears to have been sold.  Asking price was $850

If you can use some of the other Wagon parts, this might be a good way to get an Overdrive.

“1954 Willys station wagon, two wheel drive with the original straight six in good running condition with 3 speed standard trans with OverDrive. Rebuilt brakes. The Willys needs restoration so please don’t ask if it can be driven across Country….car has a good California title and is currently registered non-op. It comes with all glass, spare door and parts, all 5 correct rims (not in photos)t. Everything is still on the 6 volt setup. Mostly complete, it is missing the back seat, front lower cushions and factory radio. Being relisted due to a idiot who wanted it then did not have any money ”


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Willys Hy-rail Vehicles

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Here’s a great website operated by a guy named Dave for Willys Wagon lovers called Willys Country. He wrote telling me he had a single page up for a while, but chose a few months ago to expand it into the present version.  In particular,  The Willys Hy-rail Vehicles Page of the website has some great pictures of willys designed for the railway that I’ve never seen in one location.

The site also covers normal wagons, 3 door willys wagons4 door wagons, a 3 door wagon that came with a suicide back door, a limo used at an airport, and more.  And how about the flattie with the soft half top — I haven’t seen many of those tops in that style.

If you happen to see some of the rare Willys Wagons he seeks, please contact him via his website, as he does attempt to track them.

From the website:

Willys made a variety of Hi-rail vehicles – trucks and wagons – for use on both highway and railroad tracks. These were US manufactured and titled by Fairmont and referred to as Hi-rail vehicles. Hy-rail is short for Highway-railroad.

Fairmont Railway Motors Inc, located in Fairmont, MN, developed road-rail technology in the 1940s to improve flexibility of vehicle use for railroad maintenance. Fairmont was bought by Harsco in the late 1980s. Hy-rail is still a trademark of Harsco Track Technologies and they still sell conversion kits called Hy-Rail Guide Wheel Attachments.

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An old Willys in the Afghan Desert

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I happily received an email today from the eWillys Afghan bureau (I didn’t even know I had one).  Here’s what our intrepid ‘reporter’ Lt. Buck wanted to share with all of us.  Thanks Buck!

We were out on patrol outside of Pol-e-charki Afghanistan the other day when we came across a Soviet-era junkyard behind some hills. It was full of all kinds of random things including airplanes, helicopters, motorcycles, tanks and Russian knock-offs of DUKWs and Ford SEEPs. In and amongst this was something I think you and your website viewers would love. A mid-1950s 2-door Willys 4wd Wagon with the data plates intact (which I unscrewed and put on my wall)! Not much left to save and needless to say it’s not for sale, unless you want to pay the Taliban.








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1959 Willys Bucket Loader Griswold, Ct **SOLD**

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frontloader_1Brian forwarded this to me.  I love this thing.  I bet the body was toast, so the builder decided to make due with the frame and turn it into a true utility vehicle.  The seller deleted it from Craigslist, so I dont’ know whether it sold or not.  But, I thought it was worth showing everyone.  This might have been a Willys truck?  (I’ve added an example pic at the bottom).

“1959 jeep willy s Bucket loader, Grader, Dump body. Home made but Runs great, new clutch, 36″ tires ford flat head motor Very Strong, Works great for grading roads and driveways Great for farm work to.. Not the prettiest thing but effective and does the job… I want a Bike, I hate to part with this but a bike would save me a lot on gas.. so if you have a Motorcycle that your willing to trade let me know Please send pic and description , I’m not really looking for a crotch rocket but Ill look at what you have and maybe I will like it, but would really like a cruising bike Also I have lots of fire wood so that could be included in this deal depending on the bike”



Here’s the comparison loader below that a reader sent me last June

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1960 Wagon Blanket, Texas $2799

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1960_wagon_blanketThis is one of the more unusual wagons I’ve come across.

“This is a 1960 Willys Jeep Wagon (long bed) that has been converted to a hunting machine with a solid 10 guage steel floor, PTO driven winch, lock in / lock out front hubs, a 20 gallon gas tank, fold down tailgate, and a 12 volt electrical system. Has an offroad title. Could be made highway legal, but would take some work. Battery, headlights, “KC” type lights, spotlight plug ins, and cigarette plug ins all work fine. No tail lights. Has a big 7-blade Ford fan and a toolbox with hunting seat.”


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1952 Willys Wagon Sun Valley, Ca $10,000

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1952_willyswagon_sunvalleyThere’s several of these tricked out Wagon’s for sale.  I liked this one, especially for the checkered seats.

“1952 Willys.Runs Great.All Bagged,Bumpin Stero,A True Classic. Serious Callers Only, 10.000 FIRM 818-252-0064—-Kim”


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Willys Woodies

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I wandered across this website in 2008 that showcases old woodies.  There’s a jeep section with a variety of woodies. The woodie at the bottom is made from an old MB/GPW.

“A French coachbuilder’s modification of the American Jeep into a wood-bodied fire fighting squad truck is similar to the work of Duriez.”

See some other old willys woodies here

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1952/59 Willys Wagon, Colorado Springs, Co **SOLD**

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UPDATE: *sold* .. was listed for $3500

“I’m posting this out of regret but I can’t let it sit much longer. This Overland Willys deservers a new home. It is a 1952 delivery body with a 1959 4WD frame and front end. The tranmission hump was welded in from the 59 into the 52 body (as 4WD was not available in 52 to my knowledge).

It has a 283 small block Chevy V8 as I’m told from a 62 Impalla (engine origin was word of mouth from last owner). A Carter AFB carb. Duel cherry bomb glass pack exhaust. The tranny is the original T90 that was rebuilt about 4k ago with the custom clutch. The tranfer case was not rebuilt but would take minimal work with the basics….

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1962 Wagon Medford, OR **SOLD**

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UPDATE:   **SOLD** Was $17,000

“2 Door Wagon, 6 Cylinder 230 Tornado, Power Brakes, Power Steering,4 Wheel Drive,Trailer Hitch, Winch

It’s 1962, open the passenger door, a 60/40 split! The 40 jumps completely out of the way, making it easy to load into the rear bench seats of this classic 2 door model. Whats this? Another 60/40 split, need something out of the back? No problem, just go get it! And oh by the way, there’s more leg room in the back seat of this vehicle then any modern SUV. Flip the rear seats forward, open it’s real “Tail Gate” and it’s just begging for 4 Longboards and some sleeping bags. In 1962 the Wagon was powered by a brand new 6 cylinder 230ci Tornado. A very unique engine, intended to be reliable and deliver plenty of low end torque. Some would say it was the perfect engine for a Jeep!”