Hi All, I have sold all three of these Champs to Van Johnson. He will be parting these out, so if you need Champ Parts, contact me d@ewillys.com and I will send you his phone number.

This first one is a Royal Marines RN Champ, one of only three known to exist. This body is the worst of the three; it has some rust underneath the battery (battery still there) on the driver's side. There is also some rust in the rear where the rear bed meets the rear panel (see pic below). But, this rust isn't as bad as many older jeep bodies, so from my perspective this body will restore just fine. This doesn't have a front bumper. It does have the top bows. It also has a canvas piece of some kind, but I'm not convinced this is part of a top. This has both the windshield and the inner pieces that hold the glass. Seats are solid.

Here is another one. There is a little rust on the very lower passenger and driver sides, but it's really good (I'd love to find Willys bodies in this good of shape). The engine might be frozen OR the clutch is stuck; Either way, i couldn't spin this motor (I didn't try to hard as I didn't have quite the right sized socket). There is also a motor in the back of this Champ, but that belongs to the Gray Champ (this motor turns fine). There are lots of parts. There is a hood, but no radiator and no windshield. Seats are solid.

**SOLD*** Van plans to use this Champ for his restoration.