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Meyer Hardtop CJ-5 Parts


Someone ought to be able to use these hard-to-find hardtop parts.

“I have a lot of NOS Meyer Cab small parts that have been stored for years”


meyer-small-cab-parts1 meyer-small-cab-parts2 meyer-small-cab-parts3 meyer-small-cab-parts4

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1951 CJ-3A + Trailer Medford, OR $1000


Trailer is included. Looks like it could be a good price. Second pic is how it looks before disassembly.

1951-cj3a-medford-or2 1951-cj3a-medford-or

“Great Father-Son/Daughter Project. Jeep has been totally disassembled. (The first three pictures are before the Jeep was disassembled) Frame is perfect and has been powder coated. no cracks in wind shield glass and comes with aluminum hard top. Has everything except motor and leaf springs. All pieces and parts are loaded onto a small trailer which is included. $1000/OBO”

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Jeep Parts Vermilion, OH


Doug spotted these parts, which include a set of turbine rims on some pretty unused tires.


jeep-parts-vermillion-oh2 jeep-parts-vermillion-oh3

“-Original jeep cj3a windshield frame with glass. original with vent. has dings, little to no rust. 450.00
-Jeep cj2a, 3a, 3b tail gate. after market. never painted. in box, no script. excellent condition. $150
-jeep cj2a, 3a fiberglass hood. old and in good shape. never painted, no script. $150
-Jeep cj roll bar out of cj 2a will fit all early models. no rust, excellent condition. $250
-4-wheels and tires. tires are 98% new and look to be never used but to roll old jeep around on. 32″x 11.50″x 15″ sidewinder radial all terrains load range C, little to no dry rot. Mounted on 15″ x 10″ aluminum turbine wheels in good shape with 5 on 5.5″ bolt pattern which fits all Jeep cj’s, Ford 1/2 ton trucks, bronco’s, some Dodges, etc. Lug nuts included. Will trade for original style jeep cj2a steel wheels which are 16″ x 5.75″ wide. looking for all 5 wheels in good usable condition. other wise $550.00 for wheels and tires and will not separate.
-old jeep cj2a soft top, with doors, looks to have never been outside. some of the stitching needs redone. black in color. have bows. $100

-many other misc. parts. will trade for other cj2a parts. looking for cj2a windshield frame complete, original style 16″x 5.75″ rims that came on 1946 cj 2a.”

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WANTED: Rebuilt F-heads in NC & TX

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Don’s hoping to find a rebuilt engine in time to enter the Legion of Honor Shrine parade. He’s in Brevard, NC. Anyone know of one along the East Coast? If you do, contact Don at donsgreene84 @ (remove spaces around the @)

Robert’s rebuilding his CJ-3B and is also hoping to locate and purchase a rebuilt F-head. Anyone know of one in Texas? If you do, contact Robert at robertkinney637 @ (remove spaces around the @).

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Ford GPA Rear Axle Cokato, MN Best Offer


Steve’s got this for sale. I have no idea what these are worth.

“1943 ford gpa rear axle. Great condition. Cash/ postal money order or paypal only. Best offer”


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CJ-5 Kelly Bonanza III hardtop Wells, VT $400


No pics provided.

“Why spend over a grand for a hard top, doors, and hatch when you can scrape and paint this one for far less?

Glass is good. Metal is sound. Paint and trim…. well, you drive a CJ5 so we know you don’t mind a little labor of love.

I believe the maker was Kelley, the model is a Bonanza III. Supposed to fit CJ5, judging from the door hinges this may be for the ’72 and later year models.

Cab, both doors, and rear hatch, probably with less rust than your Jeep’s body if you drive it in NY, asking $400. Negotiable if you’re not a lowballer. Nobody likes lowballers.”


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CJ-5 Fiberglass Fenders and Hood West Granby, CT No Price


Might work for someone. Never installed or painted.

“Fiberglass Hood and front fenders, shorter nose style
Fits 72-75 CJ-5 Era or earlier
Brand new never installed.
This is the set on the left in the pictures, all white, never painted
Both need a little clean up from storage but all in excellent shape. ”


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Newfoundland 2019 (Or Rust)

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The NF Trip 2019 (Or Rust) | Day 2 Aug 3rd: Newfoundland Found, First Group Camp –>


Russ (at the wagon) and Joe Bee’s CJ-3B are filling up for their meeting with the group.

Over the last couple of days a group of intrepid explorers–tough, thoughtful, highly trained, without fear, able to withstand the worst summer conditions–have set out for the wilds of Newfoundland, Canada. Many of these brave souls participated in the 2017 Alaska Or Rust trip.

Having survived western Canada two years ago, they are ready to join forces once again to explore the wilds of eastern Canada. They are equipped only with the latest techo gadgets, GPS locators, and A/C units in their trailers, along with healthy doses of humor,  Some are in classic jeeps and others in modern ones, but all have joined to share in the goal of adventure, friendship, and camaraderie.


This is a rough estimate of the Newfoundland trip. I don’t know what the final route will be.

Together, they’ll be exploring the other worldly area of Newfoundland, places with strange names, such as the unique town of Dildo, where they might just get a photo with Captain Dildo … yes, I kid you not.


Ann and I will not be joining them on this trip, so I’ll do my best to keep folks up-to-date on their travels. In fact, I haven’t been involved in the planning process, so I’ll only be learning where they are going as they travel. I also don’t know who all the participants will be.

Naturally, a trip like this can’t begin without some last minute heroics. This year’s award goes to Joe Bee, who worked his butt off to finish up engine and brake upgrades to Russ Lawton’s Wagon.


Bill Reiss also spent time checking over his Dually CJ-5, which turned out to be a good idea, as he discovered a tire-popper in one of his tires.


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Allstate Locking Hub Rebuild

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Here’s a nicely detailed look at the rebuilding of the Allstate Locking Hubs/aka Husky Hubs.


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Baron Rudolph Von Ripper

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I was reading one of Ernie Pyle’s books and ran across his description of Baron Rudolph Von Ripper, a man who probably would have fit in with Taratino’s Inglorious Bastards. I did a little research on him. He was a well regarded artist who developed a taste for warfare.

Read about Von Ripper here: (It’s worth a read … he had a fascinating life)

Here’s one of his works that include a jeep:


When Time Magazine named Hitler Man of the Year, the magazine used Von Ripper’s gruesome illustration; Von Ripper had some up-close experience with the SS and was as anti-Nazi as anyone.


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1947 CJ-2A Auburn, NY $6000


UPDATE: Still Available. Now registered for the road. Seller has added some other items, but why the other seats were replaced isn’t clear.

(03/15/2019) This jeep was for sale last October. Not sure if it is the same seller or different.

“1947 Willys Jeep CJ 2A—Chevy V8 engine
This is now registered & inspected, on the road.
The following are all NEW this month (July) : New seats–New tires–New plugs & wires
The following were NEW in June: New gas tank–New tail lights
First 2 pics show the new tires–the one of the front and the driver’s side
The passenger side and rear photos were taken with the old tires”

1947-cj2a-auburn-newy1 1947-cj2a-auburn-newy2 1947-cj2a-auburn-newy3 1947-cj2a-auburn-newy4

Previous pics:

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1948 CJ-2A Kansas City, MO $12,500


Lots of description, but none about this specific jeep.

1948-cj2a-kc-mo96 1948-cj2a-kc-mo97 1948-cj2a-kc-mo98 1948-cj2a-kc-mo9

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Jeeps @ Work

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Bernd was busy again using his CJ-5 to haul a repaired motor in Austria, then later carried garden material to the dump, while Dan used his jeep to tow his boat to Puget Sound for a ride around the south Sound area.

Bernd’s photos

20190720_140913_low 20190720_153309_low

Dan’s photos:

dan-jeep-boat0 dan-jeep-boat2 dan-jeep-boat3

That is Mount Rainier in the background:dan-jeep-boat4


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1952 M-38A1 Chepachet, RI $10,500

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Looks solid.

“1952 Jeep M38A1, excellent condition, new clutch, carb, brakes, upholstery, top, has dummy 30 cal. Center mount machine gun with original mount, runs and drives very well, $10500”

1952-m38a1-ri-6 1952-m38a1-ri-7 1952-m38a1-ri-8 1952-m38a1-ri-9

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1957 Odd Truck Cheboygan, MI $650

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Something unusual is afoot with this oddity. It might be a truck that’s been placed on a CJ chassis. Note how the doors have been cut.

“1957 Willys jeep truck, back cut short, complete. Drive. Train still intack. It has the Willys Hurricane. 6 cylinder engine, should run with some work, if interested.”

1957-truck-odd-mi1 1957-truck-odd-mi2 1957-truck-odd-mi3 1957-truck-odd-mi4

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1949 Jeepster Akron, OH $10,500

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Is the color Indian Ceramic or Salmon or something else?

“Nice 49 jeepster 4cyl 3 on the tree. Can hop in it and drive it anywhere. I have the side curtains for it. Very solid car.”

1949-jeepster-akron-oh2 1949-jeepster-akron-oh3 1949-jeepster-akron-oh4

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1946 CJ-2A Windham, ME $10,000


UPDATE: Still Available.

(04/17/2019) The body may be in good shape.


1946-cj2a-windham-me3 1946-cj2a-windham-me4

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Year? GPW Ortonville, MI $6000


Has a variety of body ‘fixes’.

1942-gpw-orton-mi0 1942-gpw-orton-mi1 1942-gpw-orton-mi2 1942-gpw-orton-mi3 1942-gpw-orton-mi4

“My grandfather restored it back in late 90s and got it about 95 percent done. He got sick and it sat in his garage for 20 years. Not a numbers matching jeep and I am in the process of getting a title. Most everything was rebuilt engine axles and trans. Runs and stops. Steering is tight. Last year at Halloween we were pulling a hay wagon around and something in the rear end let loose. Only moves in front wheel drive. Entire jeep was taken apart and sandblasted no rust. Make me an offer.”

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1946 CJ-2A Bangor, ME $11,500


UPDATE: Price dropped to $11,500.

Has a new tub among other parts.

“Not original but a nice Jeep. Lots of new parts, new tub newly rebuilt transmission and transfer case. new Saturn Overdrive. Very solid and runs and drives very nice.”

1946-cj2a-bangor-me1 1946-cj2a-bangor-me2 1946-cj2a-bangor-me3 1946-cj2a-bangor-me4

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2 M-38A1s Pelkie, MI $3000


There seems to be value here.

“2 M38 A1 Jeeps with a lot of parts included. 1 jeep is complete has’nt run in years, that is a 1960 M38 A1. The other is a ‘ 57 (,I think) it is a shell. It is rough but very restorable . Both jeeps need work , there is alot of parts included engines 1 transmission front and rear axles body parts hoods, everything goes. Jeeps and parts have been in a barn with a cement floor for Many years. Price for all $3000.00”

2-m38a1s-pelkie-mi3 2-m38a1s-pelkie-mi4

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1953 M-38A1 Buffalo, MN $5999


The could be worth a look.

“1953 M38a1 Jeep (military) mostly original to my knowledge except tires and batteries and exhaust. Need a little work on the charging system. Runs ok. Has a front pto winch, comes with canvas top, doors and weather front. Brakes are soft. Solid jeep little to no rust.
Open to offers”

1953-m38a1-buffalo-mn1 1953-m38a1-buffalo-mn2 1953-m38a1-buffalo-mn3 1953-m38a1-buffalo-mn4

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1952 CJ-3A New Berlin, WI $10,000


The missing drain holes on this 3A body suggests this has had some body work.

“Restored Military Jeep
Includes: Tigertop with 1 piece full soft doors, Black, Complete Top”

1952-cj3a-newberlin-wi1 1952-cj3a-newberlin-wi2 1952-cj3a-newberlin-wi3 1952-cj3a-newberlin-wi4

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1951 M-38 Lockwood, IL $17,000

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Looks nice.


“1951 Willys M-38, everything gone thru, no rust anywhere, new paint, decals, 2 new front tires, gauges, brakes, exhaust, everything works. only reason i’m selling is I found slightly newer Jeep similar to one i drove in Army, don’t have room for two.”


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2 Wagons & 2 Trucks Makinen, MN $6000

• CATEGORIES: Willys Trucks, Willys Wagons

Unclear how many run.

“Selling these Willys there is two wagons and two trucks asking 6000 obo for all four call for more details”


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1949? CJ-3A? Winthrop, ME $3500


Seems to be a CJ-3A.

“Willy’s CJ2A/3A 231 Buick oddfire v6 with hei ignition conversion ,12v gm 1 wire alternator , electric fuel pump and fan runs but could use a tune up , custom headers into supertrapp mufflers, Dana twin stick transfer case, t86 3 speed brand new built by herm the over drive guy(800.00) with t90 internals, 5:38 gear ratio front and rear ( rebuilt),Ramsey pto with Braden pto winch and cable, 32” swampers look new but weather cracked . Will need some minor work to be road worthy but it is 70 years old”

1948-cj2a-winthrop-me2 1948-cj2a-winthrop-me3 1948-cj2a-winthrop-me4