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1958 FC-170 Camper Moscow, ID $15,000

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UPDATE: Still Available.

(10/17/2023) TJ shared this custom camper FC-170. The inside looks in pretty good shape.


“1958 Willy’s Jeep FC 170 1958 custom made aluminum camper 1968 302 out of a Mustang, runs Borg Warner 90 3 speed, rebuilt Spicer Dana 20 transfer case- spicer yokes Dana 53 rear end Dana 44 front end Replaced brakes-, power brakes Body is in good shape given it’s age Camper was custom made in Seattle in 1958 Princess 3 burner stove/ propane works Krefft refrig dual feed works on shore power not sure about propane Custom cabinets, new cushions 12 volt and 120 volt lights The Jeep runs and drives but best to transfer on a trailer which I can drive on for you”

1958-fc170-moscow-id1 1958-fc170-moscow-id2 1958-fc170-moscow-id3 1958-fc170-moscow-id4

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1956 CJ-5 Glade Park, CO $4000


It doesn’t run at the moment, but is supposed to have a solid body.

“Universal CJ5 Open Body is in good condition – no known rust. PTO winch and built-in tow bar on front bumper. Been stored under cover during present owner +/- 10 years. Comes with new Solex carburetor purchased through Jeepsterman recently. New 6 volt battery. Odds are good that it will run when replaced. Ran previously. Back bench seat included.”

1956-cj5-gladepark-co6 1956-cj5-gladepark-co7 1956-cj5-gladepark-co8 1956-cj5-gladepark-co9

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Year? Drag Jeep Stayton, OR $6000

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This drag jeep has a fiberglass Bobcat body.

“Nice drag car with slicks and paddles. Well built sounds awesome. There’s been alot of money and time put into this ride. Has a built 350 with th400 narrowed 9″ rear B&M shifter to much to list. If you look at it you’ll buy it. 6000 or offer.”

drag-jeep-stayton-or7 drag-jeep-stayton-or8 drag-jeep-stayton-or9

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Year? CJ-3B Ventura, CA $2900


This project includes a variety of parts. It’s a later model body (big speedo hole).

“cj3b jeep lost papers for parts or restore hard to find in this condition with ex jeep parts .
T 18a tranny and danna 20 T.C
NP 435 tranny ford
danna 20 T.C with adapter for auto tranny
bell housing jeep 6 cyl.
bell housing jeep V8
YJ grill
jeep gas cans 3 and parts”


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1953 CJ-3B Nampa, ID $4500


This needs some work, but might be worth a look.

“1953 Willys 453-GB2. Has run recently. Built by my father from a variety of mismatched parts. Needs brakes, tires and battery. I also have an extra radiator, tie rods, starter, and all the dash gauges and lights to go with it. Clean title. Located in Boise/Nampa idaho”

1953-cj3b-nampa-id6 1953-cj3b-nampa-id7 1953-cj3b-nampa-id8 1953-cj3b-nampa-id9

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1953 CJ-3A Beavercreek, OR $2500


This is a project with updates, including reverse front shackles.

1953-cj3a-beavercreek-or5 1953-cj3a-beavercreek-or6 1953-cj3a-beavercreek-or7 1953-cj3a-beavercreek-or8 1953-cj3a-beavercreek-or9

“Up for sale is this 1953 Willys CJ3A jeep.I got this in a package deal and have too many other flat fender projects going on so decided to find a new home.Yes this has a title!! Overall condition is fairly decent.The frame has some modifications as it’s been lifted and built for some off road action.Tub is also decent but will need a new front floor board as it’s been cut to allow for a small V6 motor. It has no steering column or steering box. Since I restore flat fender Jeeps for a living I added many items back on the rig. See photos for extra items or ask specifics. Again I do have the title and the first person with 2500 OBO cash is the new owner. Sorry NO trades and if you’re not serious or just a tire kicker, don’t bother or waste my time”

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1963? Wagon Kalispell, MT $1500

• CATEGORIES: Willys Wagons

There may be some value here, but hard to tell how solid the body is.

“Reduced price. Willys wagon, has adaptor for chevy motor. does not have a motor currently. no seats, body is in pretty good shape. Has glass and window garnishings”

1963-wagon-kalispell-mt6 1963-wagon-kalispell-mt7 1963-wagon-kalispell-mt 1963-wagon-kalispell-mt9

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1960 CJ-3B Rifle, CO $5500


UPDATE: Price dropped to $5500.

(07/01/2023) Needs a starter at the very least.

“Needs starter, engine has been rebuilt, will trade for dump trailer.”

1960-cj3b-rifle-co7 1960-cj3b-rifle-co8 1960-cj3b-rifle-co9

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November 1960 Jeep News

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features • TAGS: .

This 8-page edition of Jeep News showcases a wide variety of Surrey and FC stories. There’s an interesting story about a group of five adventurers from Brecksville, Ohio, who planned to drive an FC-170 with a camper around the world.


1960-11-jeep-news4 1960-11-jeep-news31960-11-jeep-news2


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Vintage CJ-2A Photos on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

This CJ-2A featured prominently in this series of family photos. You can find the photos on this seller’s ebay shop.




dark-cj2a-family-hunting0 dark-cj2a-family-hunting5 dark-cj2a-family-hunting2 dark-cj2a-family-hunting1

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Sternad Loco, built in 1917 & Sterand Loco built in 1902.

• CATEGORIES: Features

UPDATE II: You may remember that back in May we discussed Sterand vs. Sternad and the fact that a vehicle called the Sterand made in 1902 was making the rounds on the internet, but that it was actually a Sternad from 1917…..

Well, this popped up on my FB feed yesterday. Listed as a 1902 Sterand in the ad (and available for $325k), I inserted myself into the discussion with my “expertise” only to learn that the seller has a title listing his vehicle as a 1902 Sterand and that his isn’t the 1917 version. Wait, what?

Moreover, if you compare the seller’s vehicle to the one in the postcard, you can see the seller’s vehicle has at least one difference: the seller’s vehicle has a cylinder part that doesn’t exist in the postcard version. Maybe someone else can better sort out the history behind these two almost identical vehicles.



UPDATE: The correct name of this vehicle is Sternad not Sterand, built by Anton (Andrew) Frank Sternad in 1917. As Mark notes in the comments, there is more information on it here:


Originally published May 5, 2023: 

Merlin mentioned this vehicle (and article), called the Sterand Loco, in a Facebook post. Various sourced indicate it was built in 1902, but he felt it looked more like a 1920s build. I agree with him, that it is a cool car, but I am not steeped enough in early car history to know for sure when it might have been built.

After some internet searches, I found the engine was consistent with 1902 (a Rutenber 4 cylinder engine). However, after Googling and checking newspaper articles prior to 1920, I could not find what I felt was a definitive source for the date of the vehicle’s creation (no info on why it is called a Sterand or any promotion surrounding it’s inception). The most I could find was a postcard (from this website) that discussed what the article stated.

Still, it’s a cool car.

sterand-loco-postcard2 sterand-loco-postcard1


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Wanted: FC Seats

• CATEGORIES: wanted

I’m looking for a set of FC seats or even just seat frames (I’ll likely be recovering them so they match the tour jeep bench seats in back). My goal is to convert tour jeep’s seats back to the original style of seats as a part of capturing a little more of the original feel of the tour jeep.


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Free-Locks Hubs Custer, SD eBay

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This looks like the initial one-screw style of Free-Lock Hubs:

View all the info on eBay

“Working on selling parts for my dad who is 82 years old. Is a bit tough to get information because of his memory. I will do my best. He says he bought these hubs for his 1946 Willys Jeep years ago. They seem to be in fine condition. He has had his parts stored for a number of years.”

free-lock-one-screw-early-hubs6 free-lock-one-screw-early-hubs7 free-lock-one-screw-early-hubs8 free-lock-one-screw-early-hubs9

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Valentine APU CJ-3As Shipshewana, IN BaT Auction


Several folks shared this auction. Nick is selling his very rare Valentine-built CJ-3A APUs. He’s done a great job of uncovering the history of these Valentine APUs and sharing it with the jeep community.


“These Willy-Overland CJ-3A utility vehicles were converted into auxiliary power units for the US Navy in the 1950s by the Valentine Welder & Manufacturing Company for use in starting jet aircraft engines. Both vehicles are finished in yellow and equipped with a seven-slot grille, flat front fenders, a single-seat operator’s station, and power take-off equipment. The pair includes an NC-2 mobile power plant that was designed for use on aircraft carriers and modified with rear-wheel steering, front-wheel drive, and a rear equipment platform. The other truck is one of approximately 75 such units modified into an NA-4 ground-based mobile APU and is fitted with a replacement Willys F-134 inline-four paired with a three-speed manual transmission. The engine has been removed from the NC-2 and is included in the sale.”

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1948 CJ-2A Lake Arrowhead, CA $10,000


Looks in reasonable shape.

“Very cool Willys , runs like champ ! New trans, fuel pump, shocks, manifold, carburetor, wheels, tires, battery, 12 volt system.”

1948-cj2-lakearrowhead-cali5 1948-cj2-lakearrowhead-cali6 1948-cj2-lakearrowhead-cali7 1948-cj2-lakearrowhead-cali8 1948-cj2-lakearrowhead-cali9

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1953 CJ-3B Falmouth, MA $10,000


Derek posted this 3B to FB. It looks like a nice jeep.

“Frame up restoration about 15 years back.  12 volt, electronic ignition, overdrive, aftermarket heater.  Looks and runs good. Have some spare parts as well including a Fisher plow set up minus the blade.  Located in Falmouth, Massachusetts.  Titled, registered, and inspected in Massachusetts.”

1953-cj3b-falmouth-ma7 1953-cj3b-falmouth-ma8 1953-cj3b-falmouth-ma9

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1946 CJ-2A Potomac, MT $14,500


This is listed in Montana, but possibly stored in Wash State. It appears solid.




“For Sale – 1946 CJ2A Willys with clear Title. $14,500.00 It is 100% original. This has been completely disassembled, sandblasted and rebuilt. Frame was sandblasted, Por 15 Primer used before painting. Tub is original and has American Made repair parts. No Juan MD or and foreign parts are on the Willys. Transmission, Transfer Case, Front and Rear Differential have been rebuilt. Engine was rebuilt at a previous time. Engine starts right up and runs smooth and uses no oil at all. New Leaf Springs, Brakes, Brake Lines, Tires and Wheels are original and have been sandblasted and Powder Coated. New Seats and Cushions. All the gauges are reproduction American Made. The Speedometer is original but does not work (you will not break the speed limit). Much more that I cannot remember it all.

I do have a Snow Plow that is original for the Willys CJ2A. It is located in Washington State and can be easily retrieved.

This is a reliable, fun Willys to go around the mountain roads of Montana or anywhere else. I always get the High 5 or Thumbs up when I am out and about.

I do have lots of picture of when it “

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1964 CJ-3B Auburn, CA $4300


TJ shared this 3B for sale. Rather than being military, like the seller suggests, it more likely has got a replacement body.

“1964 Kaiser /Willys high cj3b hood runs good needs tires and I believe it was originally a US military vehicle ”

1964-cj3b-auburn-ca5 1964-cj3b-auburn-ca6 1964-cj3b-auburn-ca7 1964-cj3b-auburn-ca8 1964-cj3b-auburn-ca9

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1952 M-38A1 Kalispell, MT $3900


This runs and drives.

1952-m38a1-kalispell-mt6 1952-m38a1-kalispell-mt7 1952-m38a1-kalispell-mt8 1952-m38a1-kalispell-mt9

“1952 Military M38A1 Jeep runs and drives. This is a barn find in very restorable; unmolested condition.
It has surprisingly solid sheet metal with very minor rusting.
Hs correct windshield on it with new glass and rubber.
Tires and wheels seen in photos have been removed. Will have rollers on it. Can provide as set of the original correct 16”military wheels for $399.00
This jeep is 69 years old. This has value to collectors of military vehicles; because it would be a relatively easy restoration; considering its condition.
I can text or email video of the motor running.
Asking $3,900.00 “

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1969 CJ-5 Moses Lake, WA $4500


This appears worth a look.

“69 willies has chev 350 runs good no idea on mileage. Good tires great project.”





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1946 CJ-2A Hemet, CA $3500


Unclear just how much value is here, but the body seems in pretty good shape.

“1946 cj2a project. All parts I have included.”

1946-cj2a-hemet-ca96 1946-cj2a-hemet-ca9 1946-cj2a-hemet-ca98 1946-cj2a-hemet-ca99

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1949 Truck Denmark, NY **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Willys Trucks

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $600.

Mike share this truck. It seems like there’s value here.


“1949 Willys column shift Pickup with rear tank and snow plow. Timkin rear. It is located in Central Valley NY. Has good floors and sheet metal. It has an F head engine swapped in. My friend’s father died and he had it running last year. Gas tank is on the seat inside. No brakes and no tail lights. It is a 4WD vehicle. There is no registration that we can find but the serial number tag is there and he will provide a bill of sale. The tank on back goes with the Willys as does the snow plow blade. He is including a 9 hp Briggs and Stratton Industrial generator in this price. Cash only at pickup.”

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Custom Jeep Brooksville, FL $1000


Here’s an odd one.

“So, this has been in my family for quite a while. Believe my great grandpa ‘created’ this back in the 80’s and would mainly use it as a hunting vehicle. To my understanding mostly all the exterior is fiberglass, cab space is mainly sheet metal, engine and chassis are from an old jeep (willys jeep or jeep CJ) sometime in the 1940’s-60’s. Price is OBO, if you think you have any info on the chassis and engine based on the pictures let me know, I would like to learn more about it myself. Have the cylinder head and other parts but are in kind of rough shape as you could assume”
odd-jeep-brookville-fl3 odd-jeep-brookville-fl4 odd-jeep-brookville-fl5 odd-jeep-brookville-fl6


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1948 CJ-2A Dillon, MT $5500


UPDATE: Price dropped to $5500.

(10/28/2020) Lots of clearance for the F-head in this CJ-2A.

“11inch drums an f head motor. Cj2. 6000 or trade for street bike no project bikes or classic muscle car in runing driving condition”

1948-cj2a-dillon-mt2 1948-cj2a-dillon-mt3 1948-cj2a-dillon-mt4

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Year? M-422 Mighty Mite Apple Valley, CA $7500

• CATEGORIES: Mighty Mites

It’s been sitting for a while.

“original m422 shorty might mite, very few short wheel base mighty mites left. mostly there and original, ran about 25 years ago.76zero90023threethree.”

m422-mighty-mite-mohave-ca6 m422-mighty-mite-mohave-ca7 m422-mighty-mite-mohave-ca8 m422-mighty-mite-mohave-ca9