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A Jeep Saves the Day at a Newspaper

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This article in the October 22, 1944, issue of the Miami Herald explains how, during a hurricane-related power outage, an Army jeep was used to power a printing press, saving the news day.



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1960 Photo of “Jeep Racing Form”

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This photo and caption shares Carol McDonald’s demonstration of how to hang off a jeep as a counterbalance during the middle of a jeep race.


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1946 CJ-2A Arlington, WA $14,000


Looks in good shape.

“Restored off frame 1948 CJ2a Jeep. Has 243 miles since restoration. It also has an overdrive unit. I have a clean title.”

1948-cj2a-arlington-wash6 1948-cj2a-arlington-wash7 1948-cj2a-arlington-wash8 1948-cj2a-arlington-wash9

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1950 Jeepster Keene, NH $13,500

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Looks in good shape.

1950-jeepster-keene-nh1 1950-jeepster-keene-nh2 1950-jeepster-keene-nh3 1950-jeepster-keene-nh4

“1950 Willys Overland Jeepster
Affordable summer fun in a classic convertible starts here. The Jeepster was produced by Willys Overland for only 3 years, 1948-1950 with slightly more than 1100 produced in the final year. There were sales in 1951 but they were rebadged 1950 leftovers. This particular Jeepster is a wonderfully fun car that has been increasing in value steadily.
Apparently, someone at Willys Overland thought that the GI’s returning from the war would love to have a “Jeep” of their own that was family sized. As it turned out, most of the GI’s had their fill of Jeeps and sales went over like a lead balloon. This extremely limited production of Jeepsters makes them a rarity today.

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1959 CJ-3B Vancouver, WA $9000


Someone attached a front bumper to the rear. It’s missing the hood latches. I assume it runs?

“Willys been in family for years with new tires and working PTO winch. Resto project with tons of potential.”

1959-cj3b-vancouver-wash-4 1959-cj3b-vancouver-wash-5 1959-cj3b-vancouver-wash-6 1959-cj3b-vancouver-wash-7 1959-cj3b-vancouver-wash-8 1959-cj3b-vancouver-wash-9

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1952 Truck JeepRod Salt Lake City, UT $9500

• CATEGORIES: Jeep Rods, Willys Trucks

Not much Willys-Overland here, other than the cab.

1952-truck-jeeprod-slc-ut1 1952-truck-jeeprod-slc-ut2 1952-truck-jeeprod-slc-ut3 1952-truck-jeeprod-slc-ut4

“Custom Rat Rod
– Custom Frame
– 52 Willys Cab
– 46 Ferguson Grille
– 55 Ford Bed
– 65 Chevy 283”

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1967 M-151 Parkman, ME $3250


Looks like a good project, I don’t see much rust.

1967-m151-me1 1967-m151-me2 1967-m151-me3 1967-m151-me4

“1967 Viet Nam era U.S. Army Jeep needs work. Mamy Many extra parts. This was a project vehicle, but I just don’t have the time. Also included a never used U.S. Military vehicle tow bar, Still has the price tag on it of $1930.00
Comes with complete extra engine (carb included) Extra parts include radiator – transfer case – exhaust pipes – front differential – brake shoes – shocks – ball joints new in the boxes – lights some new in the boxes – gas tank – steering wheel with post and linkage – wheels and tires – many, many more parts. This vehicle is too old to be titled. New owner will get a bill of sale for registering purposes.”

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CJ-3B Koenig Hardtop Lewiston, ID $600


Seems in good shape.

“1955 Willies CJ3B Hardtop comes with doors and all accessories. Asking $600OBO”

cj3b-koenig-hardtop-lewiston-id1 cj3b-koenig-hardtop-lewiston-id2 cj3b-koenig-hardtop-lewiston-id3

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1975 DJ-5 Mendon, UT **Sold**


UPDATE: ** sold** was $1800.

It runs and drives.


“I bought this Jeep three years ago, did some repairs, got tires, and used it as a backup vehicle for a mail route. It hasn’t been used a whole lot, in fact I put about 200 miles on it. 6 cylinder engine has a lot of pep, engine runs smooth. Being 46 years old means that not everything works the way it should, but it can certainly function as a delivery vehicle still.
I am a retiring Postmaster. As I said I just had this as a backup vehicle just in case my carrier’s vehicle broke down we could still get the mail delivered. It served that purpose well.
Actual mileage is unknown”

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1963 DJ-3A Kapaa, HI $4250


UPDATE: Price dropped to $4250. Seller is moving so must sell.

(05/03/2021) This DJ-3A has been modified with 4WD with added seating over the rear wheel wells. Given the handles on the windshield and the footman loop on the fender, this may have been a Surrey/Gala.

1963-dj3a-kapaa-1 1963-dj3a-kapaa-2 1963-dj3a-kapaa-3 1963-dj3a-kapaa-4 1963-dj3a-kapaa-5

“Collectible 63 Jeep Willy’s, Run and drives great. New brakes wheel cylinders, fuel pump, tires and more.  Seats have been recovered and seat frames are newly epoxy coated. All interior also have been redone with fresh epoxy coating and some replacement metal has been done. Frame is very solid and has been under coated and painted, rims have been epoxy coated also. Body is not rush free but trouble areas have been addressed, parts are easily available if some wants to go all out. Seen them restored and going from 20 to 30k, Has a flat head 4 cly. Runs cherry Manuel locking hubs”

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1943 MB(?) Elyria, OH $19,000


No pics provided.

“For sale: 1943 Willy’s Jeep
“Go Devil” engine is rebuilt by Ron Fitzpatrick a Willy’s Jeep Restoration Company
Engine and body don’t have matching numbers.
Very low miles on it.
The frame is unmarked.
New Oil Line
New Carburetor
New Fuel pump
Fuel gauge doesn’t work, probably the sending unit.
Gas filler tube was previously added for convenience by the previous owner.
Transmission has had all oil seals replaced by professional rebuilder.
It is a 12 volt system.
Runs really good.”

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1941/2? MB/GPW? and Mail Jeep Forks, WA $2100


UPDATE: Still Available.

(05/28/2021) No pics provided. Unclear what’s all here. Obviously, the seller struggles with writing. Seller does not include a p# to call.

“1941 or42 willys witg willys 4 cylerndee motor. and paik jeep for parts possible. aome cancar some corrusion. welded top. think its from alaska. been setting or swveeal yeara. no pics ar thua time. call for apointment.”


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1956 CJ-6 Pepperell, MA $2800


UPDATE: Still Available.


1956-cj6-p-ma1 1956-cj6-p-ma2 1956-cj6-p-ma3 1956-cj6-p-ma4

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Barn Find Hunter Views 2 CJ-2As

• CATEGORIES: Features, videos

Mike spotted this just-release Barn Find Hunter video that shows a 1945 VEC CJ-2A that’s been rebuilt and a 1946 CJ-2A with rear PTO with 17,XXX original miles that has not been rebuilt.

The segment begins at around 11:55 and continues to 15:02.

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Blue Tank Jeep Model (Electric Motors) on eBay

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This Blue Tank model jeep is a kit that includes two electric motors. I guess it runs in a straight line, as I don’t see a remote? It’s currently priced at $23.80 (buy-it-now).

View all the information on eBay

“BLUE TANK model kit. This kit is a U.S. WILLYS JEEP. Box has been opened, parts are sealed in original factory plastic. Kit can be MOTORIZED with MOTORS included.”

willys-jeep-model-electric1 willys-jeep-model-electric2 willys-jeep-model-electric3

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1949 CJ-3A Sidney, NE $8000


The engine’s been switched to an f-head. The body’s not perfect, but looks like a sound rig. It might have the Hudson Steering mod.

“It has a 1953 Willys F Head Motor in it. Runs good, everything works great. Has the original heater that works. Everything is all 6 volt. Has a Koenig winch on the front that works. Lots of new parts, new tires and some extra parts to go with it as well. Has books and records dating back to 1961.”

1949-cj3a-sidney-ne0 1949-cj3a-sidney-ne1 1949-cj3a-sidney-ne2 1949-cj3a-sidney-ne3 1949-cj3a-sidney-ne4

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1958 CJ-5 Indian Valley, ID $3000

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This CJ-5 has an M-38a1 “arctic” top with the wood doors. It seems in reasonably good shape. The side of the body threw me a bit as it appears to lack the “JEEP” stamps on the cowl sides. However, the passenger side looks like it may have had some bondo work, so that may explain why this lacks the stamp (likely either cut and repaired OR bondoed over OR both).

The seller included pics of a text message where some anonymous expert labeled the jeep a “ch3a”[assuming they meant CJ-3A), based on the “one-piece windshield”. The texter continued, writing, “In military lingo I believe it is a m38 … My best guess it is a 47/48 is is definitely military because of the gas cap.”

Hmmm …

1958-cj5-indianvalley-id2 1958-cj5-indianvalley-id3 1958-cj5-indianvalley-id4 1958-cj5-indianvalley-id-text 1958-cj5-indianvalley-id-text2

“1958 Willys Jeep cj5 hard top project in assembly phase. Parts cleaned painted surfaced for gaskets. On most parts. Block still needs to go to machine chop. Transmission ready for assembly T case is intact. PO did axles and hubs. Before purchase so it rolls. PO also gave a manual and a kizer willys mag for parts most the stuff is outlined With some notes from PO.

Lots of work has been done to this already & lots of leg work already done lots of new parts already new brake lines new brakes new U joints diffs serviced hubs are packed I would really like to see this go to a good home to run someday. Sooner than later I just don’t have the time My loss is your gain. In the kizer willys mag I found the tub of this Jeep $4700 Let alone all the new parts. Already purchased countless man hours already done dismantling cleaning resurfacing. Somethings already reassembly I’d say it’s a steal”

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1947 CJ-2A Alma, CO $6000


Has a little bit of floor rust (and may have hat channel rust).

“1947 Willy’s Jeep. Mostly original including flathead engine. Drive-able. Located in Alma.”

1947-cj2a-fairplay-co1 1947-cj2a-fairplay-co2 1947-cj2a-fairplay-co3 1947-cj2a-fairplay-co4

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1947 CJ-2A Pocatello, ID $21,000


Seems like a good build.

“1947 Willy’s RESTOMOD $21,000 This Jeep is ready to deliver! Built by the legendary Jeep Guru Danny Grimes- Grandpa’s Garage Moab UT. This is one of a kind, has had only 2 owners. Original owner bought this Jeep brand new in a crate and had it for 52 years, Danny bought it in 2017. Pictures contain list of the work Danny has put into it, we have a video that we can email you as well. Price includes 2 tops, extra front bumper and delivery to Pocatello!!!!”

1947-cj2a-pocatello-idaho4 1947-cj2a-pocatello-idaho5 1947-cj2a-pocatello-idaho6 1947-cj2a-pocatello-idaho7 1947-cj2a-pocatello-idaho8 1947-cj2a-pocatello-idaho9

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1974 CJ-5 Newkirk, OK $2500

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Here’s a customized plow jeep.

“1,500 firm I will not go any lower 1974 Jeep cj5 conversion. 258 inline 6 bottom end knocks Hydraulics work. Only one ever made I have the email from the company that manufactured it if proof is needed. Has a hydraulic blade on the front and hydraulics on the side for a brush hog. I do not have the brush hog”

1974-cj5-newkirk-ok1 1974-cj5-newkirk-ok2 1974-cj5-newkirk-ok3 1974-cj5-newkirk-ok4

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1954 CJ-3B Fay, OK $7500


UPDATE: Still Available.

(05/23/2021) This seems a good price.

“1954 CJ3B Willys jeep. 225 V6 4×4 runs good. Full cage”

1954-cj3b-fay-ok1 1954-cj3b-fay-ok2 1954-cj3b-fay-ok3

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1955 Truck Lapoint, UT $1500

• CATEGORIES: Willys Trucks

This is a 2WD truck that appears to have a solid, pretty straight body. It could make a good project.

“Willys truck, no motor transmission is in it. Body is all there but rear passenger fender. It’s a great start for a project 1500$ obo”

1955-truck-lapoint-ut1 1955-truck-lapoint-ut2 1955-truck-lapoint-ut3 1955-truck-lapoint-ut4

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Year? M-38? Cahone, CO $9500


UPDATE: Still Available.

(05/22/2021) Has a variety of updates. It’s listed as a 1945, but has M-38 attributes.

“Willys jeep , Chevy 350 , competition cam, electronic ,ignition , Shimed gears, New gauges stainless steel Dash, Newer electric harness, New tires, Warner winch, extra fuel tank in rear, New ball joints in front, disc brakes and back.runs great”

year-m38-cahone-ca1 year-m38-cahone-ca2 year-m38-cahone-ca3 year-m38-cahone-ca4

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1951 CJ-3A Casper, WY $2500


IT’s a non-running project.

1951-cj3a-casper-wy0 1951-cj3a-casper-wy1 1951-cj3a-casper-wy2 1951-cj3a-casper-wy3 1951-cj3a-casper-wy4

“This is a 1951 Willys CJ3A project, with a clean title. I’ve wanted to complete this restoration, but life circumstances have gotten in the way. The jeep has an original L134 “go devil” engine, 6 volt system. Engine doesn’t run, but is free and turns over under starter power. Transmission and transfer case appear to be free, statically shifts into: R, 1, 2, 3, high, low; and transfer case in/out. Chasis wiring has been pulled, needs a new complete wiring harness. Original fuel tank and oil bath aircleaner were junk, have been scrapped, and need replaced. Previous owner installed new exhaust and wheel cylinders. I apologize for the sub-par pictures”

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2 CJ-2As Tuttle, OK $2200


Not sure how much value is here.

“Two willys Jeep frames, tubs hoods, fenders Grills and tailgates. One windshield frame with glass which I think one side is broken assortment of different parts to come with it. Including gear box and transfer case red l head motor does run. Have video to prove it.”