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No updates Tuesday

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Well, I’d planned to do updates, but the weather was perfect for sanding and patching the race body’s big holes with fiberglass (and smaller holes with fiberglass putty), so that took priority. I might be able to have all the body prep done by tomorrow evening.

With the highs around 90 degrees, it’s not too hot, so this week is perfect for prepping and painting the body and front clip.


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Initial Color: Kubota Orange

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After one of the nicest April, May and June I think I’ve ever experienced, our summer highs in the 90s have finally arrived. However, work goes on when it can.

We have settled on a temporary color, Kubota Orange. It’s the rattle can color that we think looked the best. I don’t want to do a nicer paint job just yet, because I don’t want to take the time right now to get the body and front clip completely smooth (in case I want to do the mounts differently). Instead, I want to get the jeep running, so that I can test the anchor points to make sure they hold like I hope they will and that the front clip doesn’t rub on the body.

Yesterday I made four of the six front clip mounts, with the final ones to be made today. Here’s the orange on the fender (only two coats). It’s a little darker in person.


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Zombie Kittens

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When we first got the new kittens last March, we couldn’t get them fixed due to both of them having respiratory issues. Unfortunately, once better, we couldn’t book their spay appointments until July 6th. This wasn’t ideal, but what we didn’t know was how unideal it would be, because for the last month one or the other kittens has been in heat, and meowing, and wanting to go outside, and just little terrors in general.

So, we’ve been counting down the days until the spaying would occur. Finally, on Thursday, we took the girls into the vet.

At day’s end, we expected to receive weary cats ready for sleep and rest (we both have had cats in the past). According to the vet, we needed to keep the cats quiet, keep their cones on their heads (so they can lick their sutures), and limit their food. We were even optimistic when picking them up at the vets, because the techs said how loving the two cats were … hmm … yeah … right.

Instead, as soon as we arrived home and let the cats out of their travel, they became little hellions. We struggled, but successfully got the cones on their heads. Immediately, te supposedly docile and “loving” cats began writhing on the floor, which caused the cones to come off in seconds. And, as soon as they got loose, they were running around like they’d never had surgery. There was no “keeping them calm” .. their pupils were dilated, they obsessed over their food (which eventually we had to hide), they became obsessed with a milk bottle plastic ring, which for literal hours they both chewed and knocked around and carried places.

After recognizing that these two felines were high as kites and feeling no pain and obsessively focused on whatever they wanted, it became clear we needed a new plan to protect their sutures. So, I raced to the local Walmart to pick up baby onesies, which Ann then cut and roughly fitted over their bodies.

These two cats wanted nothing to do with the onesies and, moreover, it caused them to walk and fall over like their were super high. We eventually had to put a harness over one of the cats in order to keep the onesie on her body. Still, they attempted to wriggle out, so one of us at to watch them at all times.

Ann ended up sleeping with the cats in the cat room; however, the next morning she told me that the cats didn’t sleep. In fact, it wasn’t until the afternoon on Friday that they finally slept (as seen below).


‘Get cats’, they say; ‘they will be so fun to have around’ they say … hmmmph.

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Vintage Military Jeep Birthday Card on eBay

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This children’s card includes a punch out jeep and soldier.

View all the information on eBay

“Vintage Gibson Punch Out Fun Army Jeep & Men Boy Birthday Unused Card & Envelope. Card Is 4 5/8″ X 16″ Opened Up. Gibson Play Card.”

punchout-military-greeting-card1 punchout-military-greeting-card2

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1963 CJ-3B/ M-606 Perkasie, PA $7950

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This one deserves a closer look, as it *might* be an M-606. Note the ventilated windshield.

“Willys Jeep, Model; CJ3B, also known as M606 military 4×4
Runs very well, good original condition.
Has small crack in windshield and small rust in passenger side floor, otherwise very nice.”

1963-cj3b-m606-perkasie-pa7 1963-cj3b-m606-perkasie-pa8 1963-cj3b-m606-perkasie-pa9

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3 CJ-2As Fair Play, MO $3400


It appears all three are CJ-2As, based on the bodies.

“We have these 3 Willys Jeeps for sale. 47 has a title. Two of them have motors and transmissions, one is the flathead and all three are 4 wheel drive 1/4 ton. All three roll. The first one pictured turns freely, has oil and antifreeze. I think it would start with a good starter, the starter is present but does not work. Fix up or part out, there are lots of parts between the three, you could probably make two good ones out of the three.

4-jeeps-fairplay-mo6 4-jeeps-fairplay-mo7 4-jeeps-fairplay-mo8

This one looks to be a Cj-2A based on the radiator.


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1944 MB Greenville, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $10,999.

This might be a good price. No description provided.




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1945 GPW Aubrey, TX $9000


I suspect this extended bed was an owner mod, as it’s longer and more permanent than the commercial extensions that were produced.

1945-gpw-aubrey-tx8 1945-gpw-aubrey-tx9

“1945 Ford GPW Military Jeep
More hard to find than the Willys models.

Runs good and has very rare bed extension I was told was for use by MASH units. Never seen another one with this accessory

12v, Winch, runs and drives, high and low range work fine, winch, tows easily with attached towbar and new tires.
Last year made

Restore or drive or have the perfect post apocalypse rig/hunting truck
Clear title

Cash of possible trade up or down for crew cab pickup or good running 60’s era survivor (un-modified or hot rodded) sedan, nice hybrid…don’t laugh I got a long commute…or maybe something interesting. Prefer cash. No checks no payments and no bs”

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1957 FC-170 Cody, WY $22,595

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Roger shared this nice looking rebuild.

“1957 Jeep FC170 Forward Control 4×4. 226ci Super Hurricane in-line 6cyl, 3 speed manual, Dana 53 rear, Dana 44 front, 4.88 gears. New tires. One of 3816 produced in ‘57. On consignment at Stick Shift Motors in Cody, Wyoming. Asking $22,595. Serious inquiries will call 3O7.527.7O88”

1957-fc170-cody-wy3 1957-fc170-cody-wy4 1957-fc170-cody-wy6


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1947 CJ-2A Calimesa, CA $6300


UPDATE: Price dropped to $6300.

(06/22/2023) This looks to be built as a sand jeep. It is 2WD.

“1947 jeep Willy’s newly reassembled, 350/th350 two wheel drive, 9”rear end, postal front, 4wheel disc brakes, new gauges, new aluminum radiator, new starter, new battery, new headers, new mufflers, runs and drives good, if you’re interested in reminiscing glamis in the 90’s (the way it should be) then this is the jeep for you”

1947-cj2a-calimesa-ca6 1947-cj2a-calimesa-ca7 1947-cj2a-calimesa-ca8 1947-cj2a-calimesa-ca9

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Sand Drag Jeep Salem, OH $10,000

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The Grinch sounds turnkey.

“Ready to race needs nothing 358 small block Chevy With 350 Turbo transmission With a transbrake I don’t need to sell it I just have not had time to get it out The only possible trade I Would even be interested that you would be a side by side”

sand-jeep-salem-oh3 sand-jeep-salem-oh5 sand-jeep-salem-oh6 sand-jeep-salem-oh7 sand-jeep-salem-oh8 sand-jeep-salem-oh9

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1946 CJ-2A Lake Geneva, WI $1600


There seems to be value here.

“For sale is a 1946 fiberglass CJ2A fiberglass tub/body probably made in the 70s. Tub/body is removed from the jeep and ready for immediate pickup. Includes two fiberglass period correct flat fenders and a fiberglass hood..”


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Willys-Powered Irrigation System Mt. Airy, MD $2500

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Andy shared this unusual irrigation system powered by an L-head.

“Lot going on here. Pump is a Marlowe pump and pumps 720 gpm. Engine may be locked up.It is a 4 cylinder Jeep engine. The tires are off and in barn so that they don’t get weathered. There is a spare pump included. There are two pipe trailers with 5″ and 3″ pipe. Gaskets may need to be replaced. Third trailer with risers and connectors.”




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1947 CJ-2A Oklahoma City, OK $7000


I would be interested to know why the seller believes this was a MP jeep. The driver’s side frame real looks patched.

“1947 CJ-2A Willy’s Jeep. Military police”

1947-cj2a-okc-okla8 1947-cj2a-okc-okla9

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Meyer CJ-5 Doors The Dalles, OR $250


Blaine spotted these doors for sale.

“These were on a 1963 CJ5. $250. Windows do roll up and down but could use some lubrication.”


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1955? 2WD Wagon Hutto, TX $6500

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The seller notes the title indicates it is a 1955, but the body style, grille and dash suggest late 1940s.

“1955 Jeep Willys- Per Title/VIN. Small block chevy 350, 3 speed transmission not sure which one, needs wheel cylinders for the brakes and transmission linkage adjusted. Runs, 2 wheel drive”

1955-wagon-hutto-tx4 1955-wagon-hutto-tx6 1955-wagon-hutto-tx7 1955-wagon-hutto-tx8 1955-wagon-hutto-tx9

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1948 CJ-2A Texarkana, AR $3500


Unclear how much value is here.

“1948 Jeep willy Project motor 6cyl Flathead Willy’s Super hurricane not running good project $3500 ”

1948-cj2a-texarkana-ar6 1948-cj2a-texarkana-ar7 1948-cj2a-texarkana-ar8 1948-cj2a-texarkana-ar9

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1963 CJ-3B/DJ-3A Newark, OH $2500


This may be a CJ-3B with a DJ-3A body.

“1963 CJ3B excellent frame, good drive train, postal body, lifted, aluminium wheels, good tires, engine good but not running, need shop space. May trade for Honda CT 125”

1963-cj3b-dj3a-newark-oh1 1963-cj3b-dj3a-newark-oh2

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Year? DJ-3A Coopersburg, PA $750


The body is from a DJ-3A. Value unclear.

“For parts. No title. No engine.”

year-flattie-coopersburg-pa7 year-flattie-coopersburg-pa8 year-flattie-coopersburg-pa9

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1970 CJ-5 Renegade Winona, MN $17,500


Terry’s selling this nice looking Renegade CJ-5. Contact him at jpfixitguy @ (remove spaces around the @) or via landline 507 454 1364.





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Photos from the 1970 Ridge Runners Jeep Race

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UPDATE: Tom just shared this Google view of how the site looks now. The indents of the oval track can still be seen. He added, “The Pin is in the center of the Mud Race Track. The camp ground is in the trees on the right. The view is looking south



Tom shared these images from the 1970 Ridge Runners Jeep Race. There’s a couple video clips of the 1977 race just below this one.

Tom added a few historical details I didn’t know, “the Ridge runners had a camp ground on the south side of Ahtanum Creek about half way between Wiley City and Tampico. They rented the land from a guy whose last name was Herkey. The Mud races were held there every Memorial day weekend. You had to ford the creek to get there.”

The pack hits the first water hole

Notes: The pack hits the first water hole

The leaders plow through the mud and another splashes in

The leaders plow through the mud and another splashes.

Plowing through the mud

Plowing through the mud

2 jeeps drowned out

2 jeeps drowned out

Spectators on the hill sitting on their jeeps

Spectators on the hill sitting on their jeeps


Spectators on the hill

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Videos — The 1977 Yakima Mud Race Yakima, Wa

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UPDATE: I haven’t recycled this point since 2009, so many might not have seen it.


Originally posted Feb 26, 2009: This is another set of excerpts from an episode of Exploration Northwest called ‘Mud Race’. As I reported in the post about the Meeker, aka Naches, Trail post, Linda McCune from the Don McCune Library kindly has given me permission to provide some clips from the Jeeping1 DVD, a collection of 3 episodes of Exploration Northwest related to pacific northwest jeeping. To order this DVD, you can contact Linda McCune at 206 726-2650 and ask for the Jeeping1 DVD.  It costs $24.95.  I encourage you to purchase is as she has the video for a Jeeping2 DVD, but has not created it yet.

The race was sponsored by the Yakima Jeep Jockeys, a club formed in 1963. They began their 4×4 Championship Racing series in 1971.

The Mud Bowl episode was shown in 1977.  Mostly, it follows Jim Merritt as he prepares for the race, discussing a little about how they silicone various items to keep out water.  Plenty of video showing different stages of the race.  It’s a bit reminiscent of the Florida swamp races, though the water holes aren’t quite as deep or long (If you have never heard of it, you can read about the Florida swamp races at four wheeler’s online magazine and here’s a you tube video from a 1996 race).

From the Mud Race episode, I selected two clips.  Clip one shows Jim getting ready to race and shows the driver’s pre-race meeting.  The second clip shows the final race with Bill Smith from Tacoma taking the win.

Here’s Clip One:

Here’s Clip Two:

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Video Primer on the Mitsubishi Jeep

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Bill shared this video overview of the Mitsubishi jeep history.

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1953 CJ-3B Orosi, CA $6800


UPDATE: Price dropped to $6800. I’m shocked it is this low.

(06/17/2023) This has a fun paint job.

“53 CJ3 Willy’s 3 speed 4×4 4 cylinder Super fun to drive custom paint clean interior Rag top Roll cage Too much to list”

1953-cj3-orosi-ca4 1953-cj3-orosi-ca5 1953-cj3-orosi-ca6 1953-cj3-orosi-ca7

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1958 FC-150 Crooked River Ranch, OR $20,000

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Appears solid. A good drive-as-is (if it drives) or back-to-stock restoration candidate. No description provided.

1958-fc150-crr-or5 1958-fc150-crr-or6 1958-fc150-crr-or7 1958-fc150-crr-or8 1958-fc150-crr-or9