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Austin Champ Belton, TX **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was Make Offer

“this is a 1956 English jeep project
right hand drive
texas title
engine and running gear intact
I was going to pull the body and drop it on something else…it’s now being used as field art, a conversation piece while beer drinking and a photo prop for red necks”

austin-champ1 austin-champ2 austin-champ3 austin-champ4

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2 Austin Champs Miami, FL **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $8500

(08/23/2012) This might not be a bad price.  One of these looks in pretty good shape.

“Very rare Jeep, 4×4 or 2×4, Austin Champ, 24Volts, everything water proof, four independent wheels heavy duty, 4 cylinder in line Rolls Royce. I have two ready to be restore, unfortunately I have no place and time to work on it. Both are in great shape, both engines are free, and one of them did runs.”

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Austin Champ Lawrence, KS **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2000

This Austin Champ is rough.

“I have a austin champ. Very rare vehicle, only 15000 made total
They were made in the uk so there is only a handfull in the us

It has a rolls royce 4 cyl mk2
And a 5 speed transmission
5 forward gears and 5 reverse gears, goes same speed in reverse as driving

This is a pretty rough unit, but does have great potential
It has flat tires
Does not run but motor is free, it has a 24v system
Has gun holsters, shovel bracket, pick ax bracket
You wont find to many of these around here
Not in any hurry to sell, the value is going up daily on this item
Restored ones can bring up to 50k”

1954-austin-champ-lawrence-ks5 1954-austin-champ-lawrence-ks2 1954-austin-champ-lawrence-ks1

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1954 Austin Champ Birmingham, Mi **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $29000

As a former owner of three of these, I can attest to their lack of value.

“Austin was commissioned to build the Champ to replace WWII Willys Jeeps in the British Military service. It is powered by a modular Rolls-Royce engine that produces 80 horsepower. The engine is linked to a 5 speed synchromesh transmission that has no integral reverse gear, drive being taken by the propshaft to a rear transaxle which incorporated a reverse mechanism that acted on all five ratios and is controlled by a separate lever. The suspension is fully independent double wishbones with a longitudinal torsion bar and telescopic hydraulic damper at all four wheels.

Recently, over $8,000 was spent replacing all the axle seals and gaskets for the front and rear differentials. The front and rear shocks were also replaced and the entire undercarriage and suspension was cleaned, undercoated, and detailed.]”

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1963 Austin Champ Scottsdale, AZ **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

(03/03/2011) This is the nicest Champ I’ve ever seen.

“UP4AUCTION hosted by Discover Classic Cars is very pleased to offer you this 1963 AUSTIN CHAMP JEEP! This a rather rare vehicle, these were the civilian versions of the British combat vehicles. This has 12,130 ACTUAL miles and will definitely cause heads to turn wherever you show up in it. This is not a daily driver and is not built for highway driving. Normal speed is roughly 30mph and its maximum speed is 60mph at 3,700rpm.  This Champ will also ford to a depth of 1 foot 6 inches.

The temperature gauge is in-op presently, Red main indicator light is burned out and the hand brake is in need of an adjustment.

Finished in Maroon with Blue fenders, the exterior of this Austin shows well. There are a few blemishes in the paint, please view the photographs below or call us for additional details. The White vinyl removable soft top and doors are in very good condition. The Maroon vinyl seats are in good condition, there is minor wear present and a tear on the inside of the passenger seat.  The carpeting also shows minor wear just so you’re aware. Please view all of the photographs below or call us for details….”

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1967 Austin Champ Pickens, SC **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD**  Was $2500.

Well, I do have some experience buying and selling these .. lol.

“I have a 1967 Austin Champ British Military Jeep that I wanted to restore, but I can’t seem to find the time or money! It has a 4 cylinder Rolls Royce engine, and is a left hand drive 4 wheel drive. It would make a great Christmas gift to someone who could restore it. I’m asking $2500 or best offer. Call me with questions:”

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1964 Austin Champ Logansport, IN **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2000

It doesn’t have the original drive train, but still cool.



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1953 Austin Champ Lawrenceburg, KY **SOLD**


1953_austinchamp_lawrenceburgUPDATE:  **SOLD** Was $3000

As I discussed in this post, the original jeep was possibly based on the Austin 7.  Here’s a later model Austin, of which I’ve only seen one other for sale in two years.  A spare Austin Champ is also available.

“1953 Austin Champ Runs and drives. Mechanically sound and ready for cosmetic restoration this is serial #10515. Does contain the Rolls-Royce engine. For those interested please look at for more info and specs. Also available for increased $$ is parts spare that is cosmetically better but not running.”

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1953 Austin Champ (British 4×4) Midland, MI **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Features

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2000

Brian forwarded this ad to me.  I’ve never knew these existed.  According to Wikipedia, these were built from 1951 – 1956 and were excellent cross country vehicles, apparently surpassing the capabilities of the Land Rover.  However, though the Land Rover could only do 80% of what the Champ could do, the Land Rover cost much less to produce, so the Champ contract was eventually cancelled.  Interestingly, the Champ had a 5 speed synchromesh tranny with reverse adapted to the rear drive line apart from the tranny, so that the Champ could do 5 speeds backwards as well.  Finally, the Champ had no transfercase, instead the driveline went to the rear differential and then there was a takeoff to the front differential (which had a clutch to control 2wd/4wd mode).  These would make a very interesting project.”

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1974 DJ-5 Austin, TX **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was listed at $3200.

“I am selling my 1974 Right Hand Drive DJ5 Jeep. I bought it to deliver mail but never got to use it as my route assignment got changed. It drives like a champ! It is automatic transmission with manual steering. It has a brand new engine (6 cyl AMC 232) and transmission(727-TF). The body has a little surface rust but nothing is rusted through. It has a spare tire and several other extra parts that were given to me when I bought it. Like a brand new in the box set of brake shoes. It has good tires! I have a clear title. It is Texas registered and inspected thru March 2015. It has a radio and speakers. Seat is in good shape with no holes or tears and comes with a mail tray that you could remove and replace with a passenger seat.”

1974-dj5-texas1 1974-dj5-texas2 1974-dj5-texas3 1974-dj5-texas4 1974-dj5-texas5

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1958 Austin Gipsy Clemmons, NC **Status Unknown**

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UPDATE: Was listed at $800. Status Unknown.

Eric spotted this rare Austin Gipsy for sale. This was built after the Champ.

“Great car. These were made to compete with the Land Rover and were used by the British military all over the world. This beauty has some rust issues in the rocker area. The rest of the car is pretty good. The only major dent is from an old elephant hit years ago. The motor is complete and turns by hand. The carb needs to be rebuilt – I have the kit. I also have some points, etc, and a service book. No gas tank or exhaust system. It has sat for many years. One of my plans was to place the body on a Jeep chassis. The tires hold air!!! Look at the pictures. I am serious about selling and am only looking to get $800.00”


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Austin 7 — Grandfather of the Jeep?

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So, I’m doing my best to avoid going out to my parents very cold, damp garage to finish fixing my mom’s car.  Of course, the internet is one of the best avoidance tools ever invented.

On a lark, I typed in ‘Flat Fender Babes’ into google just to see if anything came up.  While most of the links were garbage, one link lead me to a list of significant production automobiles, created by Angry Stan at AngryStan’s blog.  Naturally, one of the vehicles listed was the Willys MB.  What was interesting about the MB’s inclusion was Stan’s comment that the MB was “very loosely based on the Austin 7”.

Whoa .. news to me.  What you talkin’ ’bout Stan?

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The Austin Gipsy (another British 4×4)

• CATEGORIES: Features

Expanding from the previous post about Austin Champs, and continuing our brief tour of british 4x4s, the Austin Gipsy was a chance for Austin Champ designers to start from scratch using what they had learned from the Champ.

One of the most interesting features was an independent suspension design as seen in the drawing to the right.

Austin Gipsy Links:

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August 1953 Article “Jeeps Goes International”

• CATEGORIES: Features, Magazine

I bought this August 1953 issue of Cars magazine for the jeep article, but it also has all kinds of interesting information in it. The article “The Jeep Goes International” by Evan Jones highlights how various companies in different countries were capitalizing on the demand for jeep vehicles by manufacturing jeep-like vehicles of their own. The story discusses the new Austin Champ, the Fiat Campagnola, the Land Rover, and the Delahaye V.I.R.


1953-08-cars-mag-jeep-goes-intl4-lores 1953-08-cars-mag-jeep-goes-intl5-lores

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1966 Video of the 14th Annual Jeep Jamboree

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This video demonstrates how many different types of vehicles were participating. At several points you’ll see a rare siting of an Austin Champ going offroad. Note also the nearly brand-new looking Tux Park. Great stuff!

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Day 13 – Apr 1st: From Scottsdale AJs to Seligman Sundries

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<– Day 12 – Mar. 31st: Stagecoaches and a Glass Desert | OVERVIEW | Day 14 Apr. 2nd: It is Cold, Windy and Raining . . . This is the Mohave Desert? –>


A piece of eWillys is now a part of Route 66 history at Seligman Sundries

We began our day by replenishing our food supplies. Unlike our trip to the East Coast last summer (we each gained ten pounds), we’ve been more careful about what we eat. This has meant many light dinners of good cheese, smoked meats and some crackers. Since Ann shouldn’t eat cows milk (beef protein sensitive since a baby), we’ve been shopping for goat and sheep cheese. Since AJs Fine Foods, Trader Joes, and Whole Foods are good sources of that cheese (and close together in Scottsdale), we decided we’d better stock up so we’d have dinner for the next few days.


Today we drove from Phoenix to Kingman.

After our shopping was done, we drove toward Mayer, AZ, where I’d learned about a place called Arcosanti. Below is an example photo of the place and more images here. I thought it warranted a closer look.


I wanted to drop by Arcosonti, but we accidentally passed it.

For some reason, I thought this unusual development was outside Mayer, Arizona. It turns out it is near the intersection of I-17 and Hwy 69, which we’d already passed. So, we ended up touring Mayer for a short time before resuming our trek north to Route 66.

But, it wasn’t all for naught, as we did find this collection of odd vehicles just before Mayer. There’s a couple jeeps among some vintage trucks.


A lineup of trucks overlooking the freeway.


A wagon and a truck just to the left.

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2 Dodge Command Cars Parlin, NJ **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Other 4x4s

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1700.

I always thought a Dodge Command Car would be a fun vehicle to own. I know nothing about them and they are probably as practical as Austin Champs, but they seem like they’d be fun projects.

“Offered for sale is a pair of WWII era dodge command cars…… I really do not know much about these things so I got a quick lesson and valuation from a local dodge guru…..

I am told both rigs are 1/2 ton 1941 wc-6’s.

The first rig is fairly complete with decent sheet metal and a frame with factory winch extensions on it. The motor turns over and most of the extraneous parts (fenders, windshield, winch, headlight buckets, etc.) are in the back of the bed. It has the original front seat frame. The dash on this truck has square gauge cutouts (the dodge guy told me this is an early dash but I cannot confirm that) and the data tag on the dash is intact.

The second rig is a rolling chassis (non-winch type) with a transfer case in it. This was intended as a donor rig for the first truck and the body is separated into panel sections and stacked on the frame.
The dash on this rig has round gauge cutouts.

These originally belonged to an older gentleman who had begun work on the first rig using the second as a donor. He passed several years ago and they sat until I ended up with them…..

There are no titles for these rigs — they will come with a notarized bill of sale only………

If anyone has any questions or would like to come look at them in person, please email me………The vehicles are located in Parlin, NJ……..

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National Guard Militia Museum of New Jersey

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I’ve decided to create a new category that tracks the early jeeps located in museums.

Bill Maloney has shot a variety of early jeeps, among other vehicles, that appear in eastern US Museums.  Below are some of the images he has taken at the Militia Museum of New Jersey, in Sea Girt, NJ.  One of the more unique vehicles is the Prototype Extra Light Air Drop (see other lightweight jeeps here). Bill doesn’t provide any info about this particular light weight jeep, however Mark Askew, in his book RARE WW2 JEEP, identifies the vehicle below as a later version of a light weight jeep made my chevrolet.  There is an earlier version of this vehicle that had, at the very least, a slightly different grill and different lights.

Click here to see all of Bill’s 4×4 pics.

Here’s an extended MB Transport Willys (Ok, I don’t really know what the official name for this is).  I assumed these were built special for the Coast Guard?

This is a pilot version of the CJ-2A.  Note the location of the spare tire.

Here is an example of Bantam’s BRC-40.

This is a pic of the Austin Champ: