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1946 CJ-2A Gofftstown, NH $14,000


It’s VIN #34739 that has never been restored, just maintained, according to the seller.


“1946 Willys column shift CJ2A. This is a survivor and by that I mean it has never been restored, only maintained. This was purchased new by the same family who owned it for 70 years before I bought it. It was used on the families country home in upstate New York for hunting and fishing mostly and always garage kept. It has never been used to plow. Everything works as it should. It still has the generator but everything was converted to 12V long ago. Other things not stock include 2 taillights and directionals. The top is original or period correct and the jeep was apparently always used with the top on. All the original hardware for the top is there. That said the top is unique as it’s original but it has some rips and the windows are cloudy.

There were floor mats throughout that were removed prior to taking the pictures.The jeep starts, runs and sounds great. It will need a new exhaust. One picture shows the gages and the reading warmed up and at an idle. Column shift works well but going to 2nd takes a getting used too. Wooden box between the front seats is a 4 place rifle rack. The ID tags on the body, dash and frame are all present and with matching numbers. The body on this jeep while original has been “kept up on” over the years with body work as needed. Jeep is being sold with a bill of sale and a NH registration. $14,000″

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1951 M-38 Roy, WA $5600


May be worth a look. Has an f-head.

“I’ve owned this Jeep for about 20 years. Older restoration. Runs and drives..Brakes work. .you can drive it home!
Scratches and surface rust but no dents or damage. As long as I’ve owned it, its been in a barn under cover.
I don’t believe its the original engine. ITS A F HEAD
Military Directional tires
Pioneer tools
2 speed hi-lo transfer case
says 66,000 miles
doesn’t have all the dash instruments
Still 24 volt system
original seats and covers
firm on price, no trades, don’t need help selling thanks”


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1960 FC-150 Allentown, PA $16,500

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677

Has a few mods.

“Super condition Jeep… everything works 100%… restored a few years ago and never driven. Would make a super advertising vehicle! Don’t see these often. Unless they a distroyeded rotted pos…. this one is nice and ready to go have fun with!”


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1953 CJ-3B Westminster, CA $5000


UPDATE: Price dropped to $5000.

(02/10/2018) This one has an unusual color scheme. Must have been used for some type of advertising. Sell incorrectly states that this is the “civilian version of the M38 U.S. Army Jeep”?

“Fun to drive 1953 CJ-3B. The is the civilian version of the M38 U.S. Army Jeep. This jeep has a new front disc brake conversion, so it stops great. New wheels and mud tires. New carburetor and electronic ignition for reliability. Seats have new covers and the vehicle has been vinyl wrapped, so the company’s logo can easily be removed. The electrical system has been upgraded from 6 volts to 12 volts. New headlamps and headlamp switch, and dash light. 3 speed manual transmission and transfer case. The F-134 engine has had the valves recently adjusted. The roll cage and front seat belts are there for safety. If you want a weekend cruiser, this is your vehicle. The original wheels and brakes are available. However, the original wheels will not fit over the disc brakes. Asking $6,800 based on $7,000 on Hagerty value of “Good”.

1953-cj3b-organgecounty-ca1 1953-cj3b-organgecounty-ca2

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1952 M-38 Graham, WA $8500


UPDATE: Price dropped to $8500

(01/04/2018) Looks nice.

“No trades, 4.3 chev motor, 44 rear end, geared high for crawling. No hard top just the one shown in picture. Never been in mud or off road. asking 10,000.00 Some scratches on body. I drove it last year 2017 about 4 times and 2016 3 times. before that the jeep was held in a garage. It’s time for her to go to a new owner that wants to have fun with her.”

1952-m38-graham-wa1 1952-m38-graham-wa2

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1948 CJ-2A Hubbard, OH $400


Has a running engine.

“Runs. moves. needs a battery. Great for parts or trail rider. NO TITLE .what you see in the pictures is what you get.”


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1947 CJ-2A Troy, Id $4500


Has an f-head.

Selling my 1947 Willys Jeep. We have used it while riding with friends in side by sides. We don’t use it as much as we used to, and a fun ride like this deserves to see the trail more. This Jeep would also be a fun project to restore. Asking $4,500.
Title in hand
Runs great
Wench included
Solid tires
Seats moved back for a more comfortable ride
Soft top and doors removable”


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1947 CJ-2A Derry, NH $1200


UPDATE: Still Available.


“A restoration project. I have most of the Jeep engine but no head.
Bill of sale only no titles don’t even ask. Pics available.”


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Various Jeep Parts Terry, MS


Bryan’s got a variety of parts for sale. Contact him via the G503 FB page or Call or text: six 0 1 – 3 nine 8 – seven 4 three 3 …

I have many Willys Jeep parts.
( no restored jeeps for sale at this time )
Axles front 75-300
Axles rear $50-200
Restored CJ2A Frame $600
Willys CJ5, CJ3A,CJ2A frames $150-600
Willys Jeep windshields $150-300
Willys hard tops CJ5(complete) or CJ3A $100-350
Willys engines $80-1200
Willys transmissions $150-950
1950 CJ3A $1150
1940s Ford GPW mixed CJ2A mostly complete $1000
Willys extend-a-bed $400
Willys Jeep trailers $800-1200
CJ2A original hitch $100-175
Carter WO carburetor rebuilt $280 $80 core
M38A1 original rebuilt Carter YS carburetor $300
CJ5 early frame in good shape $200
CJ5 Jeep $500 missing grill and tailgate rough
Willys CJ3A body tub $150
Willys CJ2A body tubs $100-250
Jeep hoods $150-200
Jeep fenders $50-175
I may have a grill or two from a CJ2A. $175
M37 truck wheels $50ea
M38 grill $200

I have many WWII Jeep parts ford GPW and Willys MB. I may be willing to sell some, but it would have to be the right offers. I build them for a living and know their values. I’ve sold and traded 1000s of parts over the last 15 years and have gained quite a bit of knowledge on the prices and values. The prices are going to be “I Don’t want to sell it” prices for WWII stuff.

I have tons of random parts from big to small.

I also offer services: I rebuild the 134L or 134F Willys Jeep engines, the T90 transmissions, Dana 18 transfer cases, front and rear axles, full brake replacements, steering gear boxes and any parts.

I have restored many of these jeeps and have owned near 200 jeeps, meaning if you have any military truck or Jeep parts for trade I may be interested! I’m also interested in dodge Cummins trucks.

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1953 Truck Gearhart, OR $1000

• CATEGORIES: Willys Trucks

“Willow jeep” is a new one. Probably an quto-correct error.

“1953 willow jeep. Needs work.
New $200 battery,New fuel pump, New starter.”


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1948 CJ-2A Sisters, OR $3000


Strange hood damage.

“Original 1948 Willys CJ2A, Runs and drives, All original motor, trans, drivetrain, etc. Front PTO winch, Have 5 original steel wheels plus rollers, Has body damage from accident, Includes all interior parts, Roll bar and front tow bar, factory shop manual, Clean title.”


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CJ-2A Parts Ferrisburg, VT


Has body parts, hardtop parts, and others.

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Year? FC-170 Spokane, WA $1700

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677

It’s a project.

“Willys FC170…unk year between 1957-1964

This project is fairly complete although the bed is missing (hey, that just means you can go whatever direction you like). Original gauges and mfg ser# plate are gone. Everything else appears to be there. The frame and drivetrain are intact with the original 6cyl Super Hurricane motor.

Wheels have been sandblasted and painted. Brand new front windshield (difficult to source). Cab is off the frame as shown and it’s just about ready to be sandblasted.”

1964-fc170-wa1 1964-fc170-wa2

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1952 M-38A1 Plattsburgh, NY $800


May have a Koenig hardtop. Could be a parts jeep.


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Day 22 – Sunday May 20th: Hittin’ The Road

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<– Day 21 – Sat. May 19th: Mr. Infamous | Day 23 – Mon. May 21st: From Summer Santa to the Police Academy –>


Sunday’s drive from Aurora to Harrisburg

Day 22: I’m hoping to have some regular updates for Tuesday morning …

We said our goodbyes on Sunday and drove from Aurora, Ohio, to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. We’ve got a tentative schedule that depends on whether a few folks have time to meet with us. So, as always the situation is fluid.

We know for sure that we will be going to the Hershey’s Chocolate World on Tuesday morning and the Crayola Experience on Wednesday morning. Wednesday/Thursday nights we will be staying with a cousin in downtown Philadelphia. Friday we hope to be driving down through Delaware. Memorial Weekend will be in Richmond, Virginia.


Tentative schedule from Monday May 21st through Monday May 28th

This is the tentative schedule for after Memorial Day Weekend. Stops include potentially a couple readers, a couple stops at Alaska Or Rust Crew homes, Route 66 Hall of Fame, a few Route 66 places, Will Rogers museum, Dorothy’s House in Kansas, Monument Rocks. We think we’ll be back home June 6th.


From Monument Rocks, we’ll take I-70, then cut up to Salt Lake, then home.

<– Day 21 – Sat. May 19th: Mr. Infamous | Day 23 – Mon. May 21st: From Summer Santa to the Police Academy –>

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Hub Setup From Facebook

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This hub cover hubhu was posted to Facebook. It looks familiar, but I can’t place it. Anyone recognize it?


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Day 21 – Saturday May 19th: Mr. Infamous

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<– Day 20 – Friday May 18th: Reunion Day 1 | Day 22 – Sunday May 20th: Hittin’ The Road –>

NOTE: If anyone has photos of me during Saturday night’s presentation, I’d love to get some. Email me at


About half the Alaska Or Rust Crew. There were drinks and plenty of laughs on Saturday night.

Day 21: Saturday started at 5am and went to 1am Sunday morning. It was great to meet so many fans of my wife (I think she’s more popular than I am) and, of course, fans of eWillys. I appreciate everyone’s support, including the purchase of the shirts, books, stickers and posters. I nearly sold out of everything, so that helped cushion Day 1’s purse theft. Much appreciated! Here are some photos that Ann took (as I had no time):


2018-05-19-aurora-reunion-empire-tractors 2018-05-19-aurora-reunion10


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Day 20 – Friday May 18th: Reunion Day 1

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<– Day 19 – Thurs. May 17th: No Rain Yet … | Day 21 – Saturday May 19th: Mr. Infamous –>

UPDATE: Site was down for a while earlier today. The squirrels that power the state-of-the art server went on strike for more peanuts. We tossed in some salted ones and everything is back to normal.


Stacy, Russ and I chatting about Alaska Or Rust.

Day 20: Friday was the first day of the reunion. The expect rain didn’t show. It was busier than expected. It was great to meet so many readers! On Saturday, the rain is expected in the afternoon, but hopefully that stays away again. Late Friday evening, some of the Alaska Or Rust gang hung out under our awning. Naturally the conversation digressed from plutonium and radium issues to corncobs, butter and body parts. Alcohol may have played a part in that. We sure did laugh.

Here are some photos from earlier in the day:

2018-05-18-aurora-reunion15 2018-05-18-aurora-reunion14 2018-05-18-aurora-reunion13

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1962 FC-170 Ft. Worth, TX **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was listed at $10,000.

“My grandad restored this over the last 7 years. The story goes, It was a fire truck at an airport here in Fort Worth. The original owner removed all of the tanks and such and made a flat bed out of it.

Repainted, new headliner, new leather seats, custom solid oak railings and truck bed.

The only left on the restore is the dash and flooring.

We are in Fort Worth Texas.
Asking $10000, jeep runs and shifts perfectly.”




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Day 19 – Thursday May 17th: No Rain Yet ….

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<– Day 18 – Wed. May 16th: We’ve Arrived in Aurora | Day 20 – Fri.May 18th: Coming Soon –>

Day 19th: We’ve picked up some cool things along the way on our trip, some of which we’ve added to the decor of our room. We’ll add some more before this weekend is over.


Ann spent much of the day stuffing Spring Willys Reunion participant bags with various freebies with Bob’s wife Mindy.

Bob and I snuck away in his CJ-3B to go visit the local Jeep dealership. On our way this car drove past us, then thought he’d show off his muscle. His ability to outrun an-f-head power jeep with a hydraulic lift was impressive, lol.


We were going to the dealership, because Bob thought he was picking up a few give-away items for the raffle, but it turned out his contact was gone today. However, Josh and some of the other guys were excited to see a vintage dually jeep outside.

2018-05-17-bob-cj3b3 2018-05-17-bob-cj3b2

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1951 M-38 Reno, NV $10,000


Brad’s got this M-38 for sale. It appears to have a repro body. The trailer is included. Serious buyers can contact him at

“1951 Willys Jeep, M38 turned civilian, V6, warn hubs & overdrive, 12,000lbs winch, rollbar, no rust, nice rig, head turner (small oil leak and no parking brake) Trailer is titled as 1992, DEWEN, Canadian made, pintel hook, landing gear, parking brake. Both very nice condition, straight bodies, nice paint. Both for $10,000, No trades. No help selling. Located near Reno Nv. Cash sale (you give me cash and I give you 2 titles, jeep and trailer).”





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Day 18 – Wednesday May 16th: We’ve Arrived in Aurora

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<– Day 17 – Tues. May 15th: Cheese N’ Hardware | Day 19 – Thurs. May 17th: No Rain Yet … –>

Day 18: Not much to report. I spent Wednesday morning working on the presentation, then we drove to the Bertram Inn & Conference Center in Aurora, Ohio, which is larger than anticipated and very nice.


We knew we were in the right place when we spotted Bob Christy’s CJ-3B:


For the first time since we left Pasco, we unloaded much of the jeep in preparation for the Spring Willys Jeep Reunion this weekend. We enjoyed some fish tacos for dinner with Bob and Mindy Christy and caught up with them. I can’t believe it’s been five years since we’d seen each other in person!

After dinner, we finished off the evening by doing our laundry. Yep, an exciting day!

On Thursday I’ll be polishing up the presentation. We expect a lot of people to be rolling into the complex today in preparation for tomorrow.

<– Day 17 – Tues. May 15th: Cheese N’ Hardware | Day 19 – Thurs. May 17th: No Rain Yet … –>

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Roberto’s CJ-3A Illustration

• CATEGORIES: Artists/Drawings, Features

Roberto shared this CJ-3A illustration inspired by a Four Wheeler Magazine photo:


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3 MB Engines, 1 GPW Engine, 2 Bantam Trailers Waynesville, OH

• CATEGORIES: Engine, trailer

Roger Martin has some stuff he’s like to sell. It’s best to contact him via phone: 937-477-5270.

  • The red engine came out of a Chris-Craft boat and marine setup it’s an MB engine.
  • There’s a gpw engine rebuild plate with the rods in the mains are turned down, too.
  • I got a couple more civilian engines one more MB engine in there so I guess I got 3 MB engines one gpw engine.
  • I have two bantam trailers I took a picture of one of them and then I have the carry-all trailer its built in Chicago
  • I got transmissions, transfer cases, and all kinds of miscellaneous Jeep parts in that trailer.

Here are some pics. The MB Marine engine:

roger-marine-engine1 roger-marine-engine3 roger-marine-engine2

1944 MB Engine:


MB Engine:

GPW Engine:


One of the Trailers:roger-trailer

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1961 DJ-3A & Surrey Smithfield, ME $3300


UPDATE: Still Available.

(11/18/2017) Glenn’s selling this DJ package.

“Here is a Running 1961 Willys DJ3A. This is a Numbers Matching unit which only 1542 were made. Has Firewall Tag which matches Frame Number, and the Original 134 Flathead Engine it was built with. Painted Military over very poor body work by an old soldier who wanted parade use. New tires on very scarce original wheels, It’s ready to go while you make it better.

Included is an ORIGINAL Willys Pink SURREY body, like those in the Elvis beach movies. Only about 1100 ever made. Fix the Surrey body and mount it on the ’61 DJ3A chassis and you have a very special Matching Numbers Surrey Jeep. Two DJ3A units are in this deal. I found ’em, you decide where you go from here. Health issues prevents me from doing this project. Delivery and financing are available”

1961-dj3a-smithfield-me1 1961-dj3a-smithfield-me2 1961-dj3a-smithfield-me8 1961-dj3a-smithfield-me9