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Jeep Sign Prices

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Ann and I have been taking about transforming the two rooms in the shop (one which would have been my office and the other the wood shop) into a large single room that would contain all my jeep stuff, plus an area for a pool table. Essentially, it would be more of an entertaining space where I could host visitors who might drop by for a visit.

With that in mind, I was looking around at some potential jeep-related signage, a couple things that would be focal pieces. I know prices are hefty on signage, but I wasn’t prepared for the price I found on this 94 1/2″ by 46 1/2″ late 1950s sign. It sold in February of 2020 for $20,000 (before shipping and buyers fees)!!


I guess it’s posters and banners for me! lol.

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A Creative Hardtop Made During WWII

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David M. Barlow posted this photo of a jeep top his father made while serving in the Pacific on the island of Peleliu during WWII. Now we know where George Barris got the idea for the Model “T” Buggy top, lol.

George Barris’ Model “T” Buggy:


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1954 CJ-3B Alexandria, MN $7500


Looks good. Has a government plate on the dash.

“Stored inside. Originally from Las Vegas. New fuel pump and heavy duty battery.”

1954-cj3b-alexandria-mn0 1954-cj3b-alexandria-mn1 1954-cj3b-alexandria-mn2 1954-cj3b-alexandria-mn3 1954-cj3b-alexandria-mn4

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1956 Wagon Arcadia, WI $14,850

• CATEGORIES: Willys Wagons

This has a variety of updates, yet still looks stock from the outside.

“1956 Willys Wagon, off frame restoration, 4.3 Chevy V6, 5 speed transmission and transfer case, front axle from a 1992 Jeep Wrangler YJ 4.10 ratio, rear axle 1999 Ford Explorer 4.10 ratio, power steering, power disk brakes, air conditioning, coated original frame. No rust on floors, original paint, original advertising on doors, only rust on body is showing in pictures. Modern driver, old school look”

1956-wagon-arcadia-wi0 1956-wagon-arcadia-wi1 1956-wagon-arcadia-wi2 1956-wagon-arcadia-wi3 1956-wagon-arcadia-wi4

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1950 Sedan Delivery Crofton, NE $14,500

• CATEGORIES: Willys Wagons

Looks road ready.

“14500 or best offer. New Small block Chevy 350 automatic four-wheel-drive air conditioning power assist steering electric power seats disc brakes original frame do not know gear ratio”

1950-sedan-delivery-crofton-ne0 1950-sedan-delivery-crofton-ne1 1950-sedan-delivery-crofton-ne2 1950-sedan-delivery-crofton-ne3 1950-sedan-delivery-crofton-ne4 1950-sedan-delivery-crofton-ne5

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1947 CJ-2A Hibbing, MN $4000


This could be worth a look.

“1947 jeep cj2 f flat head 4 spd.. Shackle lift with 34×9.50 super swampers… Custom soft top, and heater… Otherwise mostly stock… Clear title… Far from perfect but plenty to work with… Starts, runs, stops… Good hunting rig. Currently gas tank needs to be drained of old gas, running on remote tank… I will attempt to correct that if it doesn’t sell first… I intended to keep but a little small for me🤣 $4000 bo/trade.”

1947-cj2a-hibbing-mn0 1947-cj2a-hibbing-mn1 1947-cj2a-hibbing-mn2 1947-cj2a-hibbing-mn3 1947-cj2a-hibbing-mn4

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1948 Truck Zimmerman, MN $3300

• CATEGORIES: Features

This could be a good find.

1948-truck-zimmerman-mn2 1948-truck-zimmerman-mn3 1948-truck-zimmerman-mn4

“1948 Willys pickup with an f-head 4 cylinder engine. Not a Jeep, but Willys is not an option. I have too many vehicles and need to clear some things out. I bought the truck last winter and have only driven it around the yard. It’s cooling truck in pretty good shape for its year. It was originally a flatbed model. I have the factory flatbed but it needs new wood and some metal work. The current bed is pretty good though. The truck is not mint/concourse condition. I bought some new mud tires, wiring harness, and all new glass for it but they are not installed. I also have an alternator, 12v coil, and 6v converter so it can be run on 12v if you want.”

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1949 CJ-3A Hoodsport, WA $13,500


This refurbed 3A looks in good shape.

“1949 Jeep Willy’s completely restored. Motor , tranny and running gear all completely rebuilt in the last year. Don’t miss the opportunity to see this beauty. Lots of extra parts”

1949-cj3a-hoodsport-wa1 1949-cj3a-hoodsport-wa2 1949-cj3a-hoodsport-wa3 1949-cj3a-hoodsport-wa4

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Year? CJ-3B Leavenworth, KS $18,000


UPDATE: Still Available.

(04/01/2021) This has a replacement body, along with a variety of mods. It’s listed as a 1947, so this might have a CJ-2A chassis.

year-cj3b-leavenworth-ks1 year-cj3b-leavenworth-ks3 year-cj3b-leavenworth-ks2 year-cj3b-leavenworth-ks4 year-cj3b-leavenworth-ks5

“CJ3B Willys Jeep – the classic late 1950-1960’s era flat fender Jeep. Rebuilt 225 odd-fire V6 (with electronic ignition and Howell TBI fuel injection) transplanted from 1968 CJ-5 along with rebuilt T-14 transmission, Dana 18 transfer case and Warn Overdrive. New clutch, pilot bearing, throw out bearing, alternator, water pump, rebuilt starter. Dana 27 (front) and Dana 44 (rear) axles have 5:38s, new seals, wheel bearings, and rebuilt Selectro front hubs. Saginaw power steering, 11” drum brake conversion.

The frame is boxed in segments for strength. Warn 8472 winch that pulls hard and fast. Custom spare tire carrier with detachable cargo rack. The carrier swings out so you can access the drop-down rear tailgate. The rack has tabs to attach a hi-lift jack. The carrier does not rattle or squeak! No kidding – very heavy duty. The Jeep drives fine at 60 mph (at about 2300-2400 rpm with overdrive).
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4 Slot Rims Cuba City, WI $300

• CATEGORIES: Tires and Rims

These look like a good price.

“4 – 1981 Jeep CJ7 factory aluminum wheels 15″ x 9″ – $300 for all 4”


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1946 CJ-2A Des Moines, IA $5000


Has a rear PTO. The front clip has been modified with a 3B hood, though the grille is a 2A grille that’s been raised. I’m pretty sure we saw the “red” version (bottom pic) of this for sale, but I can’t find it now. The current owner has yet to receive the title from the former owner.

“This is a running and driving project . I was told it was a 46 when I bought it . They have been saying they are working on getting a title . My kids and I are heading a different direction for a project . Has a flathead ford 8 cylinder. Feel free to message me if interested”

1946-cj2a-desmoines-ia45 1946-cj2a-desmoines-ia46 1946-cj2a-desmoines-ia47 1946-cj2a-desmoines-ia48 1946-cj2a-desmoines-ia49

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Year? CJ-2A Carmichael, CA Make Offer


Might have some parts value?

“Jeep Willy’s
Don’t know year
Doesn’t run
For project only
Make an offer”

year-cj2a-carmichael-ca0 year-cj2a-carmichael-ca1 year-cj2a-carmichael-ca2 year-cj2a-carmichael-ca3 year-cj2a-carmichael-ca4

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4 CJ-5 Spoke Rims South Holland, IL **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Tires and Rims

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $30.

If you need some cheap rims, these ought to work. Seller has a bunch of other jeep parts, but isn’t specific about what.

“Solid wagon wheels removed from the 1983 CJ seven, i’ll do a width and backspacing addition to the listing later but they’re pretty standard,I have many jeep parts please ask and I’ll check my storage I have too much crap to even remember”


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1947 CJ-2A Harrisburg, OR $4500


This has potential. It includes a winch.

“1947 willies jeep, extra set of tires. Some tub rust. Winch, 4cyld flat head.”

1947-cj2a-harrisburg-or1 1947-cj2a-harrisburg-or2 1947-cj2a-harrisburg-or3 1947-cj2a-harrisburg-or4

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1959 FC-170 Edwall, WA $10,000

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677

This has a solid looking cab.

1959-fc170-edwall-wa41 1959-fc170-edwall-wa42 1959-fc170-edwall-wa43 1959-fc170-edwall-wa4

“I’m looking at selling my FC . It’s a running driving stopping fc . It’s not a rusty bucket like so many are . I have cleaned it up and replaced a bunch of parts to make it a good truck . Rebuilt the steering bell crank , installed new weather strip ,has middle jump seat . Shifts very good just Rebuilt shifter , installed new side glass and felts . New door panel cards . cleaned up and repaired any floor rust . Fixed some cab rust and made it a solid rig . It’s still a bit of a project , but it’s at a point most anyone can run with it . Truck still needs work but it’s a lot of truck for the money .Previous owner did all new brakes to include, drums , wheel cylinders, drums, shoes , master cylinder . New front ujoints ,transmission has has new bearings seals . Transfercase has new deals . New emergency brake cables . Lots of new parts installed over the last year . Clear matching title .I have paper work and sale receipt dating back to 1959”

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1948 CJ-2A Central Kansas **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $8000.

This looks in good shape. The engine has a later model oil filter bracket, so the engine might not be original.

“Selling my 1948 cj2a. Was running great until a couple days ago. Won’t turn over or nothing. Lights won’t come on. Just had it tuned up and all the fluids changed about a month ago. Also put a new fuel pump in.Put new tires on it. Asking 8,000 obo Located in central Kansas”

1948-cj2a-central-k1 1948-cj2a-central-k2 1948-cj2a-central-k3 1948-cj2a-central-ks4

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1946 CJ-2A Longview, WA $1800


UPDATE: Price dropped to $1800.

(05/21/2021) It’s a project.


“Motor turns freely and ran before tear down but due to carb leaking we didn’t run it long. Has lots of rust that someone doing the work themselves could fix but customer doesn’t want to dump more money than it’s worth done to fix it. Roll bar or seats are no longer available. All other still come with Jeep including data plates. Early 1946 with column shift, complete motor and drivetrain. I don’t think there’s anything else that I forgot. Floors have been patched but were done pretty crappy by just screwing metal over top of the cut out areas. It also still has fuel tank and storage box on passenger side. $2500 located in Longview Washington 98632. Edit…wheels and brakes are put back together and it is a rolling project now.”

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Creeper’s Jeep by Hardie Gramatky on eBay

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UPDATE: I found this article that highlights the inspiration behind the book Creeper’s Jeep. It was published in the Bridgeport Post on August 22, 1948:


The book is still available on eBay, but they aren’t cheap:


Originally published May 18, 2016: This book was listed on eBay.

“This listing is for a vintage book entitled “Creeper’s Jeep” by Hardie Gramatky. It is a cute story about a guy who owns this jeep that wants to share it with his family. They do not take to the idea at first but after a few incidents decide to give it a try. Great illustrations: see pictures. Former library copy with some of the usual markings.”

creepers-jeep-book-hardi-gramatky1 creepers-jeep-book-hardi-gramatky2 creepers-jeep-book-hardi-gramatky3

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Newest Toy: Sahara Recherches Petroliferes

• CATEGORIES: Features, toys

UPDATE: After Joe’s comment I examined what I believe was the dash. It was then I noticed that inside the “engine bay” was printed “Hotul”. Here’s the best pic I could get of that. My assumption is that at least part of this jeep was made from recycled material.


This well-loved toy jeep popped up on eBay. The lettering refers to a French/African oil refining company? I thought it was unique enough that I put a low bid in and one it. Anyone know more about this toy? It’s about 4″ long, so it’s not a large toy.

sahara-jeep-1 sahara-jeep-2 sahara-jeep-3 sahara-jeep-4

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Dave’s Unknown Seats … FJ-40 Seats

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UPDATE: Thanks to folks smarter than me, I believe these are FJ-40 seats, though the hand rails may have been added.

The guy who sold them to Dave claimed they came from off the wheel house of an M-38A1 (also known as the wheel well), but when Dave tried them on his M-38A1, they didn’t fit.



Here’s how well the fit (or didn’t fit) on the M-38A1:



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1947 CJ-2A Golden Valley, AZ $3800


This has potential (and some turbine rims).

“1947 Jeep Willys Complete
Needs Restoration”

1947-cj2a-goldenvalley-az1 1947-cj2a-goldenvalley-az2 1947-cj2a-goldenvalley-az3 1947-cj2a-goldenvalley-az4

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1955 M-38A1 Bemidji, MN $5000


Still has the 24 volt system.

1955-m38a1-bemidji-mn0 1955-m38a1-bemidji-mn1 1955-m38a1-bemidji-mn2 1955-m38a1-bemidji-mn3 1955-m38a1-bemidji-mn4

“Owned for over 20 years and driven very little.
Mileage 31,402
Runs very well. Very little rust.
I added one leaf spring to all 4 wheels. (The springs can easily be removed.) I put on muffler and dual exhaust. Reupholstered seats. I put 2 new 12-volt batteries in last year. Tires are in pretty good shape.
Look at pictures!
No tire kickers; serious inquiries only.
I listed the condition as “good” only because the vehicle is 66 years old, but I consider the condition as “very good””

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1948 Sedan Delivery JeepRod Walnut Creek, CA **Status Unknown**

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UPDATE: Status Unknown. Was $21,950.

This has lots of updates.

1948-cj2a-walnutcreek-ca4 1948-cj2a-walnutcreek-ca5 1948-cj2a-walnutcreek-ca6 1948-cj2a-walnutcreek-ca7

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1946 CJ-2A Elizabeth, CO $3800


This lacks a title, but runs. The seller recently bought it, so may not know much about it.

1946-cj2a-elizabeth-co-6 1946-cj2a-elizabeth-co-7 1946-cj2a-elizabeth-co-98 1946-cj2a-elizabeth-co-9

“This Jeep was setting beside the neighbors barn at a property my son purchased. I love old Jeeps so I made him an offer. He said he had owned it for 20 years, hadn’t driven it for at least 10 years and couldn’t find the title.
Got it home, put in new spark plugs and gas and it started right up.
-It is completely original
-Flathead 4 cylinder, This is the famous L4-134 flathead engine, nicknamed “Go Devil” because of its
-T90 transmission
-twin stick transfer case
-No holes cut in dash or anywhere else.
-It needs complete tune up. plug wires, points, distributor cap, etc. and a carburetor rebuild. It runs rough.
-I put on a set of roller tires. They are good to drive around on but they don’t make it look good.
– rust in the usual places, but one of the least rusty Jeeps I have owned.
-This would make an excellent hunting rig
Again, NO TITLE”

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1947 CJ-2A Burrton, KS Auction


This CJ-2A with a Sears Deluxe top will be auctioned June 5th (

1947-cj2a-burton-ks2 1947-cj2a-burton-ks3 1947-cj2a-burton-ks4

See sale bill at
1947 Willys Jeep CJ2A – runs good
4 X 4 High/Low
4 cylinder
3 speed manual transmission
39K miles
Brakes were looked at and repairs made as needed.
Aluminum Topper
Back seat
Have owned for 50 years”