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1945? CJ-2Aish New Castle, Pa **SOLD**

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UPDATE:  **SOLD** Was $1000.

Assuming the data plate belongs to this jeep, I’d guess this jeep to be a late ’46 at the earliest — not that it really matters given the custom mods.


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1949 CJ-3A Rigby, ID **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2,000

(07/31/2009) The engine has a knock and is out of the jeep.

“1949 Willys Jeep, Has hard top, 1949 Jeep with L head Engine. Engine is removed to check out bearings. All are ok.t. Has very little rust, I have title, after- market seats”

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1961 Truck Loveland, Co $500

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UPDATE:  Still Available.  The seller now notes this is not road worthy.

(05/26/2010) This is an unusual willys truck.  Anyone recognize it? Is this a custom job?

“runs, trans and transfer work good, motor tired flathead 6cyl gm i think call Bruce 970-669-7985 This is basicly a parts vehicle it is not road worthy

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Sam Rewires a Flattie

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The last couple years I’ve made a major update to eWillys every September.  This September, based on the feedback I have received, I’ll be making a push to create a better how-to area and improve the ability to find content.  As a part of that effort, Sam, who operates Flat Fender Willys in Arvada, Co, has offered to share his knowledge and experience doing a variety of repairs and improvements.

In this example, Sam explains his approach to rewiring a customer’s 1960 CJ-3B.

Sam writes, “This first photo shows what I run into a lot.  Wiring that runs nowhere is a rat’s mess just looking for trouble.  Notice the quick-fix on the battery cable and length and the mess of wires next to the master cylinder.

On the dash side, we have a photo before taking the dash off. The customer wanted a brushed aluminum dash, so here it is……..nice, but reflected alot of sun and the E-Brake doesn’t work because of too much rust and fire damage.

Now we have two photos that show you what happens when you have a major short and your dash goes up in smoke.  I had to strip this 60 CJ3B of all the wiring and build a new harness.  Several different owners contributed to the dash being cut out like this, sharp edges and all.  Some of the burnt metal is from a torch and the rest is from the wiring harness burning.  This jeep had NO protection against shorts.  BTW:  ALWAYS CARRY A FIRE EXTENGUISHER.  You never know where or when or how but it is as important as a good roll cage and harness.  Cheap insurance for your (or someone elses) vehicle and piece of mind.

In this photo of the engine bay, you can see how NOT to plum your fuel lines unless you feel real brave.  The plastic fuel filter is laying on the hot manifold and rubber fuel hose runs all the way from the tank, dangerously close to the exhaust manifold on the drivers side.  Good place for a fire to start……  Also notice all the wires running everywhere on top of the engine and fenders.

In the next photo, of the jeep you’ll notice that this has real potential to be a real top-notch runner.  Body is pretty straight and sports new front and rear seats.  This is a 60CJ3B on a CJ5 chassis.

In the next photo, we see no.16 wire wrapped together and taped to no. 10 wire to the headlights and back to no.14 wire at the lights……..WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.  Also notice how close the battery cable is to the engine fan and the rubber fuel line running beside the exhaust manifold.  The fuel line is less than 1/2 inch away.

In the next photo of the engine bay, we can see how the firewall is a mess of wires running averywhere with NO rubber grommets protecting the wires coming through the firewall.  Also another good shot of the fuel line wrapped around the distributer.  Note, I moved the filter to the top of the heater hose for a moment for picture clarity. 

In the last photo, this is the fuel tank that runs the full width of the jeep.  Nice fuel capacity but very dangerous.  ALWAYS leave CRUSH space between the body and tank.  In a case of a roll over, the body WILL fold in at the dip in the body.  If you leave at least 2 inches of space between the body and the tank, you’ll have far less chance of rupturing the tank in a roll over.  You will also provide the fuel inlet to have room to bend, again less chance of rupture….DO IT RIGHT and LIVE…….SAFETY, SAFETY, SAFETY!!!!!!!!


In this first image is the finished wire harness.  Notice the battery cables are the right color, length, and size with correct ends.  I also separated the circuits and fused everything with the exception of the main power source which is on a 30 amp circuit breaker.  I have a steel fuel line running down inside the frame rail from the tank and steel from the pump to the carb with a steel filter.  ALL of the old wiring is gone and as you can see, everything is put away and secure.

In this photo, I’ve built another dash which won’t reflect light, stays cool to the touch, matches the new seats and does not look old school.  I put new guages and radio speakers (two this time) with a original JEEP radio.  To the left of the radio are two power sources (cig lighters) up and down to power cell phones etc.  I used cig lighters because they are closed and keep dust out and looks better than two holes in the dash.  Above the speedo there are two red lights for the turn signals and one for high beam.  You will also notice there is no E-Brake in the dash now.  I put it on the floor.  If the owner wants to work on anything behind the dash, the stainless bolts on top are removed and the dash folds down.  It is on a piano hinge along the bottom.

The new E-brake lowers to the floor and is easy to get to and work.  When set, this jeep won’t move……we tried grins here.  The cost?  How about one hour of work and $5.00 for the brake assembly and housing.

The owner of this jeep has asked Sam to do some additional work, so you’ll probably see this jeep pop up in additional posts.

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1959 Truck Forest Lakes, AZ **SOLD**

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UPDATE:  **SOLD** Was $5000

It’s a bit dirty, but it might be worth a look.  It appears in good shape.  I wonder if those terra tires are included.

“restored, warren bumper winch, rear rumble seat, original flat head hurricane 6 engine restored, garaged at Forest Lakes, AZ last 15 yrs. $5000 obo”

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1962 Truck United Kingdom $22,547

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Here’s a nice truck spotted by George that I believe is located in the UK.

“A few years ago, Dean [ed note:  current owner?] asked Paul Barry at Willys America in Cazadero, California, to restore the truck for use as a promotional machine for his quarry. He wanted it mostly original and usable as a daily driver.

The truck body needed quite a lot of minor restoration, but basically it was sound and in good shape. However, the bed was another story. The Spicer transfer case with two levers mounted in the floor, swings power out to a Spicer 25 front axle and a Spicer 53 rear axle. Both axles have 4.88 gearsets. Built on a conventional 118-inch wheelbase chassis with Ross steering, multileaf springs, single action tube shock absorbers, drum brakes and 16-inch steel wheels capped with LT235/85 R16 mud and snow tires, the Jeep truck was almost as simple as a Model T Ford.

The Jeep also features a matching side-mount spare on the bed. Attached to the Tornado six-cylinder engine is a T-90 three-speed floor-shifted manual transmission, which in turn uses a Warn All-Range Overdrive and a two-speed Spicer 18 transfer case. The Jeep truck was a very practical setup and its basic nature surely helped make it the do-the-job work truck it was known to be.”

Lots of pics … check them out

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1962 FC-170 Portland, Or $600

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Does this sport a camper shell design for FC’s?  I don’t see many of those.

“step dad decided to let it go.  fix it up or part it out.”

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1955 CJ-5 Detroit, Mi $2750 w/plow

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This stock looking CJ-5 with a great half cab has some cool hubcaps and some early formula desert dogs.  This might just be the last jeep you’ll see with both hubcaps & desert dogs.  This appears to have the early CJ-5 reversed front springs, too.  I like it.

“Very solid steel cab on rough body. Plow is Full Hydraulic Up-Down and Left-Right from Inside Cab and is 6 1/2 ft. wide. Engine is 232 straight six cylinder, three speed on floor. Runs like a tank, Very strong, Very low overall gear ratios. Will deliver, per mile rate. Call: two six O / four one O / six five O one.”

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1948 CJ-2A Plattekill, Ny No Price


If the front half of the body is still sound (which I doubt), this might be an interesting restoration as something unusual.

“FOR SALE; 1948 Jeep Willys; Great Restoration Project! Respond with name and number if interested.”

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1957 Truck Middletown, OH **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was auctioned.

“Chevrolet straight 6 engine; 4 wheel drive; overdrive; Warn lockout hubs; Warn; wench; Off road lights; Complete restoration in 2003; Truck originally from Oregon; Selling at Public Auction on Tuesday, Aug. 24, 5:30 P.M., 2209 Renee Dr., Middletown, OH 45042.”

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1952 M38 Golden, Co **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $13,900.

Here’s a good looking M-38.  Paul accurately notes the frame appears civilian, lacking the appropriate hinges on the grille.  Instead, it has the civilian brackets.

“1952 1/4-ton Willys M-38 jeep. Mint restoration, gov’t stenciling, tool-kit, tire jack, canvas windshield cover, ax and shovel.

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1957 CJ-3B Hillsboro, NH **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $4950

“Willys cj3 jeep. runs very well. everything works. siren is fun for parades and events, has back seat.”

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1948 Truck Chino Hills, CA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: Was $13,000. **SOLD**

(06/16/2010) Here’s a beautiful truck.  Moreover, this is the truck the previous owner used to tow his 1926 roadster to car shows.

“My father passed away last year, but he left an extensive car collection behind. Up for auction was one of his last projects, a 1948 Willy’s pickup Resto-mod. My dad purchased the pickup about 3 years ago and completed the modifications 3 months after that. He painted the truck with a Satin black finish with hand painted flames. It has 360 C.I. putting out roughly 300 HP with an automatic transmission. The interior has been re-done with new headliner, carpets and seats ( red…see photos ). The gas tank has been modified and sits in a galvanized steel bed.

I am not an expert on this vehicle, but my dad was maticulious about his cars. In the last 6 months we have had to sell most of his car collection. All paperwork and history of vehicle modifications has all been kept on this pickup. Great running daily driver, in fact my dad used to tow his 1926 Roadster to car shows with this truck.”

Continue reading

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1958 FC-170 Lake Park, Mn eBay

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677

UPDATE:  this is back on eBay

(07/30/2010) This poor FC is beat up!

“For sale is a 1958 Willys Jeep. This is a Forward Control FC170 Four Wheel Drive. Pretty unique vehicle. You don’t find these very often! There are some dents and some rust. Engine condition is unknown. Title has been applied for. It will be a clear MN title in my name. Email with any questions or call Ryan at 218-234-1866. Can help arrange reasonble shipping if needed.”

View all the pics on eBay

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Colin’s ’48 Jeepster

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As I mentioned yesterday, besides his grandkids mini-jeep, Colin has worked on several different Willys.  Here’s his Jeepster that was featured a couple times in JP Magazine, specifically the June 2007 issue and the January 2008 issue.

Colin writes, “Here are some photos of our 48 Jeepster.  We have had this car for over 33 years and when we bought it, it had a non running Studebaker Champion 6 engine in it.  Once we got it running and back in decent visual and mechanical condition, we drove it that way for many years. Around 1990, I stored it in our garage and worked on other vehicles and a house remodeling project (a happy wife makes for a happy home!).  I did our Corvette restoration from 1994 until 1998.  After I retired in 2003, I began putting ideas together about re-doing the Jeepster.  I wanted a car that looked original on the outside, which it did already, but with an improved drivetrain and suspension under it to keep up with Phoenix area traffic.  After a lot of research, I decided a Buick V6 was the way to go.  I found a freshly rebuilt (still in the plastic) 1982 Buick 231 even fire V6 for a very reasonable price.  I pulled the front sheet metal off the Jeepster and got to work.  With an updated engine going into it, I chose to put a Mustang II front end kit with tubular A-arms, Ford disc brake rotors (I wanted to use stock Jeepster wheels, hubcaps and trim rings), and rack and pinion steering into the chassis.  A buddy of mine and I did the majority of the front end work in a weekend.  I used a set of engine mounts from Novak Engineering in Utah and bolted the engine to a 1967 Muncie close ratio 4 speed that was in my parts bin.  For the rear end, I found a 1969 Ford Mustang 8 inch with 2.79 gears.  That rear end is a bolt in for any of the 46-63 Willys 2 wheel drive wagons, panel deliveries and the 48-51 Jeepsters. I also used a front sway bar and on the rear, a Willys Jeepster/station wagon sway bar. I did upgrade the Buick with a set of finned aluminum valve covers from TA Performance,  a 4 bbl Holley 390 cfm carb from a 65 AMC 327 engine and dual exhausts.  The end result is a Jeepster that runs great( 1750 rpm at 65-70 mph), gets excellent gas mileage(about 26 at 65 mph) and handles like a sports car(better than our Corvette!).  All of this work was relatively easy, even though it took me a while.”

In this first pic you see both his Jeepster and the 1960 Surrey he purchased that can be seen here.  Colin has been restoring the Surrey as well.

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Metal High Hood Jeep Toys from Colombia

• CATEGORIES: Features, toys

As I looked through Sebastian’s pictures from his trip to Colombia, I noticed the two images with toy jeeps.  It’s so shocking to see a toy made out of metal any more that they really stood out.  I asked Sebastian about them and this is what he told me.

Sebastian writes, “yes they are metal jeeps and done with such detail that is hard to believe. Even the interior (not shown on the pictures) is done exacalty as the real thing. The cars have stearing wheals and shockers. I never saw those before, the only down side was the price: $75 US Dollars, it is probably worth it because all the labor that requires, but it is still expensive specially in an economy like Colombia. They had red, pink, and olive green. On the other hand, in most cities of Colombia you can find small pottery Willys, they are probably 2 inches long, 1 to 1.5 inches tall, made with clay and decorated Colombian style as the “Yipao”, those are probably $2 US Dollars each; you can see the price contrast.”

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Classic Enterprises Restoration Website – Restoration Panels


I really haven’t done a great deal of research into the best sites for parts restoration.  However, while looking for something else today (do I use that phrase a lot?) I discovered Classic Enterprises Restoration.  Specifically, they had a nice, easy to scroll list of restoration panels for Willys and Jeeps of all types.

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1956? CJ-3A Cotopaxi, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $999.

This looks like it has a M-38 hood, with a CJ-3A body and a MB windshield.  It looks like a good price, despite the fact there is no engine.

Has no motor but set up for a chevy 350 has 4 speed manual trans no major rust has clear ca title ”

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1948 CJ-2A Coloma, Ca $1500


I can’t tell if it runs or not.

“Project vehicle. Serious inquiries only please. 530-919-4047.”

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1946 VEC CJ-2A Port Orford, Or $2500


It runs, but is rough.

“This jeep has some rust. and the seats need cushions/ upholstered. Needs to be restored. It does run! Phone calls ONLY ! NO e-mails. 541-290-1969 George.”

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1942 GPW Las Vegas, Nv $14,950


Bob forwarded this good looking GPW.

“Repainted and ready for Stars and Numbers. This Jeep has Five-Brand New Tires added to the Vehicle all on Combat Rims. Also included is Tire Pump, Shovel, Ax and Fire Extinguisher. Jeep has Ford Marked Pintle Hook. Engine runs good and was rebuilt by previous owner. Data Plates are original and number matches frame. Canvas Seats and Top are New. Ford Marked Engine and Head.  Buyer pays for shipping from Castaic California. 91384. — Wife says must go!  : (

Update – Per many requests….
The Data plates are original and they have a delivery date of 4-6-42
The SN on the Data Plate is  “GPW 11640”
The SN on the Frame is also “GPW 11640”
The SN on the Engine is 419597 — The Engine does have a Ford Head on it..

The jeep is missing the Mudflap buttons on the body, Crash pads, and Safety straps. It does not have Fire Extinguisher Bracket, but comes with the Fire Extinguisher.
Inside the Hood is a Pocket for the Lube Chart and a Bracket for a grease gun. Grease Gun is not included. Let me know if you would like additional pictures.


View all the pics on eBay

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1942 MB Weiser, ID **SOLD**


UPDATE: Was on eBay. **SOLD**

“Military Trucks and Equipment has been restoring military vehicles since 1983.  We have restored 30-40 military jeeps and a few CJ2 civilian jeeps also.  This 1942 Willys MB has been professionally restored to factory original.  A body-off frame-up process was followed.  The engine, an L134, was rebuilt with new pistons and valves, crank shaft turn oversize.  (This is not the original engine.)  The jeep has a new wiring harness, by Vintage Wiring of Maine, reproduced exactly as original.  The transmission is a rebuilt T84; transfer case is T18 rebuilt with a new emergency brake.  Gauges are all original except the temperature grade (which is reproduction).  Body tub is all original with new hat channels and floor plates.  The windshield, hood,  and fenders are all original.  The tires, 600×16, are new from Wallace Wade.  There are five combat wheels–one original and four reproduction.  The  following are rebuilt: radiator, starter, and generator.  The voltage regulator is new.  The seats in front are original; in the rear reproduction.  The canvas top and seat coverings are new from Surplus City.  The top bows are new reproduction.  The brakes and seals are all new with silicone dot 5 brake fluid.  The data plates are new as are the safety straps.  The  drive lines are rebuilt.  The headlights are new.  Blackout drive and marker lights are new and work.  The light switch is original.  This is the original hood number.  This jeep was found on a farm in Twin Falls, Idaho (high desert terrain).  The steering box is rebuilt ; it has new tie rods.  The skid plate is original.  The  differentials were checked.  This jeep has new military tail lights.  The fuel tank is original with new sealer; the sending unit is new.  It has new tandem windshield wipers.  The tool boxes were not rusted out.  Tool box lids are correct.  Call for more information or to ask questions.”

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1942 MB De Pere, WI **SOLD**


UPDATE:  **SOLD** Was $6500.

(07/22/2010) There’s a few odd details added to this MB.

“1942 Ford Military Jeep, titled as a collector. Runs real nice. Transmission, differentials, Hi-Lo 2 + 4 wheel drive, all work well and are solid. Some bodywork has been done. Needs some brake work. Miscellaneous spare parts including windshield outer frame, etc. available. Selling to make some room in the garage!”

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1953 CJ-3B Englewood, CO **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $17500

(07/06/2010) This is a nice build.  It has the Hudson steering mod.

“One of a kind 1953 Willy’s Jeep CJ3B. This is the cleanest most unique Willy’s on the road. Completely restored with Buick v6, Headers, Hudson steering, overdrive. Amazing paint job, candy apple red w metal fleck. Chrome all over, including bumpers, grill, dash, motor parts. Custom diamond plate all around, roll bar, sweet interior with leather buckets and custom carpet and pads. BFG Radial T/A’s in great shape, on classic chrome rims with dog dish in the rear. Runs great, sounds great, looks great. Always stored inside. Fresh carb rebuild, fluids and battery. Soft top with doors is still in good shape. Won show awards in the 80’s. Same owner for 39 years. Hate to sell it but it’s finally time.”

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1948 CJ-2A Blue Springs, MO **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1500.

If the body parts are as good as advertised, this might not be a bad price.

“1948 CJ2A Clear title. I bought this in May 2010 with thoughts about a project but have decided I will never get the time . Motor turns over freely and have got it to fire but have not had it running. Jeep is complete otherwise. Body, grill, hood, and passenger front fender are replacements and are in very good condition. Driver front fender, tailgate, and windsheild frame are original. Tailgate is pretty good but windshield frame is fair. Comes with 9 tires and wheels. 4 wheels are like new with execellent millitary tires. I also have a spare T-90 transmisson, head, original hood, new tailgate. Various other parts. needs brake work. ”