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Jeep Caravan through Utah


UPDATE: This is the MPVA Carvan. Read more about it below.

A caravan of 50 or so old flatties (mostly military) with license plates from a variety of states was spotted heading down the new Legacy Highway (the new north/south alternative to I-15) in Utah yesterday.

A reader named George pointed me to the MPVA website to answer the questions of who, what, where and why.

From the MPVA Website, “As part of its mission to honor our country’s military vehicle history, the MVPA has decided to recreate the famous 1919 Convoy in 2009 as a 90th Anniversary celebration of the achievement and in conjunction with the nation’s President Lincoln Bicentennial celebration.

This is a Convoy of historic military vehicles – of all eras, from WWI through to current-issue military vehicles. The vehicle roster currently includes WWI “FWD” cargo trucks, through to Harley Davidson WLA motorcycles, staff cars and jeeps to later model M813 5-ton cargo trucks.

Learn more about this ongoing convey from the MPVA website.  The Convoy should be arriving in San Francisco on July 8th.

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1953 CJ-3B Parts Jeep Torrington, Wy $700


1953_cj3b_torringtonUPDATE:  Still available.   More pics.

It’s a day of parts jeeps.

“53 Willys High hood Jeep.Good condition, Great project as its already apart to restore or modify. Rust in the floor but have new metal bent to rplace them. 4 cyl needs gone thru, trans and Tcase is good. Price is OBO or trade for T5 trans out of a mustang, or? Better pictures coming. Call 307 575 1285 or email Scam Scum don’t even try!”

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1948 CJ-2A Littleton, CO **SOLD**


1948_cj2a_littleton4UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $5500.

This appears to be in reasonable shape.

“Great Condition for this 48 CJ Upgraded to the 134 F Head (Overhead Valves), 3 Speed, Thor Locking Hubs, Rigged for towing with 12 Volt towing lights and Tow Bar, 6 volt system, All Gages and Light work, Tires are in Great Condition, Bikini Top, Full Top with doors in great condition.”

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A Boat named JEEP


My kids and I were visiting my Aunt in Seattle yesterday where she owns a houseboat (in this case, defined as literally a house built on floating logs or concrete blocks with trapped air) on Lake Union in Seattle.  My son wanted to go rowing, so we climbed into a row boat and checked out some of the local scenery. We hadn’t gone more than two docks of boats when I spotted this boat named JEEP tied up to a local houseboat.  How could I resist taking a picture of it?


For those movie fans who liked Sleepless in Seattle, it is a couple houseboats to the left of this picture (it is not pictured).

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Dan’s Grandfather Transports 2 Horses

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UPDATE: As I wrote to Dan, I spaced and forgot to add links to the rebuild of Dan’s Grandfather’s jeep. We’ve been following the rebuild here and here.  Too much playing with my kids, fixing my mom’s computer, pulling stumps out for dad and the dave-do list is growing …  I think you get the picture.

Dan shared this story with us hoping to encourage other readers to share those oddball stories involving jeeps.  That made me realize I still have a few to share, so I’ll write up a couple and share them as well.  Thanks for sharing Dan!

One day my grandfather decided to transport his two horses in a single axle trailer behind his Jeep. While going down the road he noticed that something was wrong. The engine rpm was increasing, but he was slowing down.

After pulling onto the side of the road and looking things over, he noticed that the horses had moved as far back in the trailer as possible and that was lifting the rear tires off the ground.

He thought about it a moment and, deciding he was already half way there, he put the jeep in 4wd and finished off the trip.

When he was done he swore he would never do that again.

If you have a story to share, please send it to me (  and I’ll likely post it.

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1954 CJ-3A Elko, Nv $750


1954_cj3a_elkoBased on the header in the pic, I’m guessing this is running a buick V6.

“Currently have a 1954 Willys jeep for sale. asking $750.00 OBO.  Information: Willys Jeep that we want off the property due to a divorce. This vehicle ran last summer- was torn down for a project rebuilt so it includes, doors, seats, roll cage, bumpers, grill, has brand new BF Goodrich tires. This Vehicle was shipped down from Alaska in 2005. -Alaska Title In Hand-”

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Year? CJ-3B Chandler, TX **SOLD**


1953_cj3b_chandlerUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1850.

“1951 or 1952 (unsure) Jeep Willys. Not much rust, runs. Good deer lease ride”

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1940s MB Richford, NY $250


1940s_mb_richfordHere’s a parts jeep out of Richford that has seen better days.

“Old Willys Millitary Jeep………….. Rough Shape……………. NO TITLE………………
What you are buying is a parts vehicle. The axles are free turning, the transmission and transfercase are all right. The motor is complete, but has set up since comming here. The body is rough, So what you are buying is the running gear. 30 years ago the hedge rows and back lots were full of these old jeeps ……. Find one today….. The Transmission Alone….. Would cost what I’m asking for the whole unit. (607) 539-6899”

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1950 CJ-3A Longview, TX **SOLD**


1950_cj3a_longviewUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $12,000

This looks nice enough, though the front springs seem to be sagging a bit.

“immaculate 1950 willys cj-3a jeep. mostly stock few parts added foor comfort and looks. around 800 miles on ground up rebuild. truly is gorgeous, i need it gone asap so $11,999 or an offer i cant refuse will take it home.. also interested in partial trade for some kinda 4 wheel drive truck or suv.”


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1944 GPW Roanoke, VA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

This GPW is for sale by Matt at Edmund Angelus Automotive (view some of his work here).  Matt has done some fabulous flattie rebuilds.

“Item up!  A  ’44 Gpw. This is an ALL NUMBERS MATCHING unit!!! This unit also has less than 26-k original miles and under the hood it is very much in tact. If you are a PUREST, or not,k and looking for a GPW to restore, it does not get much better than this. Believe it or not, i am having a bit of separation anxiety about selling this one. This one is my baby, the one i spent Two Years trying to buy from the previous owner. You Know the type, Hords of Jeep parts, yet you have to approach them with a Lunar Lunatic Shemelment on Just so you appear to be from their same dimension. The only problem is returning to the real world with the part or said jeep. The motor does run! It will move under its own power. The cons are as follows….”


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1946 CJ-2A Guilford, IN **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

This has some interesting features.  The wide rimmed fiberglass body with no tailgate is unusual.  I’ve only seen the wide rimmed fiberglass bodys with tailgates.  The exhaust feature is something I haven’t seen either.  It appears to allow the drive to automatically switch between a direct header versus a muffler.  My concern with this jeep is the roll cage attached to the rear wheel wells instead of the frame.

1946 Willys Jeep for sale. Great condition. Runs great. 2 Wheel Drive. Chevy 350 small block built by Hines Race Engines in Cleves, OH.  Automatic transmission, fiberglass body. Dual Flowmaster exhaust with electric exhaust cut-outs. New windshield, Daytona tires are like new. Edlebrock carburetor.  Moroso valve covers and air filter. 373 rear end.  Five point racing harness in the driver’s seat.  Some very small chips in the paint which are shown in the pictures.  I have pictures, drawings, and receipts from the build.  Mileage on title lists 75,000 but actual mileage is unknown.  Light weight and fast.”


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1948 CJ-2A Fallbrook, CA **SOLD**


1948_cj2a_fallbrookUPDATE:  **SOLD** Was $2400.

Here’s what might be a great price on a CJ-2A with an Overdrive. It isn’t running, but maybe it wont’ take much to make it run.

“1948 willys cj 3 super clean no rust complete with extra flathead 4, hood wheels, warn winch and overdrive, new seats, soft top, not running.”

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1959? CJ-3A? Eugene, OR **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

“This is a very fun and interesting Willys The frame is a 1959 Willys CJ3A. The body tub is a good quality reproduction. The engine is the highly desirable Buick 231CID V6 in good running condition with LOTS of power. The transmission is a manual 4 speed. The transfer case is single stick. The front axle is open Knuckle. The steering has been upgraded. Brakes are 11 inch. The gas tank is a big one under the rear floor….”


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1948 CJ-2A Coloma, Mi eBay


1948_cj2a_colomaHere’s a rough CJ-2A out of Michigan.  Not many pics.

“This 1948 Willy was bought by my husband 25 years ago as a project. He bought all the parts so he could build  it to his ideal, then he got sick and now can’t work on it. It has been in the garage all these years. He has new leaf springs, a 68 v6 cj motor( I think I got that right)  it ran when he put it up years ago, another frame  and much more. There is a little rust not much. If there is any other questions please contact me.”

View the other pics on eBay

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1947 CJ-2A Okemah, Ok **SOLD**


1947_cj2a_okemahUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2500.

“1947 Willys Jeep. Needs brake work. 4×4 works well. No top. New fuel pump, plugs, wires, etc.”

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1946 CJ-2A Canon City, CO **SOLD**


1946_cj2a_canoncityUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $10,000

This is certainly a beautiful CJ-2A.  However, it’s not fully restored to original condition.  One of the obvious issues is the CJ-3A windshield it sports.

“Fully restored to original except for 12 Volt vice original 6 Volt system. $10,000 OBO. The Willys CJ2A was the first mass-produced Jeep intended for the civilian market, began production on July 17, 1945. Civilian Jeeps evolved from the model MB of World War Two fame.”

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1958 CJ-5 Ogallala, Ne $2500


1958_cj5_ogallalaThis seems a surprising price on a nice looking CJ-5.  The tires are a little big for my tastes, but otherwise this looks great.

“chevy v8 new dana 44 diffs mini spool in the rear. top load 4 spd. 38″ tires for sale or make take a trade or partial trade. Call or text to 1-308-289-4832. Have a title for the jeep but can’t find the vin plate.”

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1971 CJ-4 Bangalore, India INR100,000

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1971_cj4_bangaloreHere’s a craigslist Ad from India located by the ewillys Michigan Bureau, which apparently operates an international bureau as well.  The current exchange rate of 0.0209337 puts the price at $2093.37.

“Selling a Mahindra CJ4 with a perkins 4 engine. The jeep is in very good condition and is ideal for someone who would like to use it for off roading. I’ve attached a few pictures also. I used it in Nilgiris, but as am now moved to Calicut, have no use for it. For more info, call me on 9496221206”

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1951 M-38 Spartanburg, SC **SOLD**


1951_m38_spartanburg2UPDATE: **SOLD**  Was $4699

“TThis is my 1951 Willys M38 military Jeep. The jeep runs great and drives great. It does not smoke, and starts right up anytime. The brakes work great as well. The body is extremely solid for the age of the Jeep. I absolutely hate to sell this Jeep. I had it for sale a while back, and after getting numerous calls I decided not to sell. I am not desperate, so please. No LOWBALLERS. These are getting very hard to find, and if you would like one to restore, or just to enjoy as is, this is the one. If you have questions give me a call or email, and I will respond ASAP. “

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Reader Builds: Simon’s Tribute to His Uncle Bill


uncle_billIn memory to his Uncle Bill,  a Brit named Simon, living in Colorado at the moment, has decided to paint his Willys 1943 MB in the marking of the unit his uncle commanded at the end of World War II.

His Uncle Bill, Lt. Colonel Charles William Arnot MC, OBE, TD, served in the Royal Army Medical Corps as a Field Surgeon in the British 50th (Tyne Tees) Division. Uncle Bill served through the dark days of 1939/1940 through to the liberation of Germany in 1945 eventually commanding 186th Field Ambulance.

His Uncle Bill died in the 1980’s when he was still young, and didn’t leave many mementos from his time in the War. So, Simon has pieced together the correct unit markings, together with history of the regiments progress through WWII from the internet, books, talking to family members and those items left by his Great Aunt.

As a result of this search, Simon has produced a PDF that documents his Uncle’s time during the war and decided to apply markings to his jeep which represent the unit his Great Uncle commanded in WWII, 186 Field Ambulance, part of the British 50th (Tyne Tees) Division.

Below is how Simon appllied the markings and below that an image of his jeep.



Thanks for sharing Simon!

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1949 Wagon Brockway, Pa $2500 w/OD

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1949_wagon_brockwayGiven the original, raw nature of this wagon plus the overdrive, I’d say this might be a pretty good find.

“I have a mint 1949 wagon 2×4 that is totally unmolested. No additional holes drilled anywhere and still has the insulation on the firewall, etc. Even has the original radio with it. Will make a beautiful restore. Have five absolutely mint hubcaps, and a ton of extra parts. Have spare bumpers, wrap arounds rebuilt engine and a spare engine. Have a new headliner, all new panels for entire vehicle, etc, etc. Not enough time for this one. Already have four other willys. Please call for a ton of pics 814-590-7732 Even the tires are still new and useable Have alot of parts that will go with this wagon.”

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1950 CJ-3A St. Paul, Mn $4800


UPDATE:  Price dropped to $4800

This jeeps sports some unusual tires.  There are some other interesting choices made on this jeep.  The body looks like it is in very good condition.

“Very nice restored 1950 willys jeep 4×4: rebuilt 1965 chevrolet 283 v-8, ps, pb, rebuilt 4bl. carb, new brakes, new rebuilt turbo 350 trans, all new suspension, dana 44’s front and rear, warn lock outs, bimini top, aluminum rims, excellent tires, electric cooling fans, everything new or rebuillt. $5800.00 or best offer, or trade for muscle car project or? Will also sell without motor and transmission for $3500.00 Call John 651-398-4660 ”

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Vote for a 1948 M-38A1? I can’t do it!


The Michigan Schools and Government Credit Union is sponsoring a 2009 Woodward Dream Cruise Calender Contest, along with the Oakland Press, The Macomb Daily and Daily Tribune.  As a part of this contest, the group has developed a website where readers can vote for the cars they want to see on the new Calendar.

A reader pointed to this contest out to me via a craigslist ad.  The Ad shows a Willys Jeep and asks people to vote for the jeep.  So far, so good.  I’m into it.

I’m ready to launch a grassroots campaign.  I’ll encourage, prod and poke people to cast their votes for the jeep.  We can do it.  We can get it on the calendar.

My hopes high, I go to the actual contest.  I view the approved list of 72 vehicles.  Cool, lots of nice vehicles.

But then, I spot the jeep.  It’s listed as a 1948 M-38A1.  It’s such a classic, that it was never produced!  How can this be?  Oh the horror!  I mean, this isn’t just some kind of incorrect listing of a jeep for sale; instead, it is supposed to be a list of classic cars.

Well, I just can’t support that.  So, until the correct model gets listed, I can’t vote for it.


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Unsual Tandem Tranny Tractor

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tandem_transmission_tractor_chicagoBrian forwarded this to me.  Here’s an odd tractor with Willys running gear and 2 inline trannys.


Brian also included an interesting discussion about dual trannys from the WillysTech board.

Continue reading

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1952 M-38 Phoenix, AZ **SOLD**


1952_cj3a_phoenix1UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1800.

This looks like a great price on a jeep ready to go.

“This is a 1952 Willy Jeep 4×4. It runs and has an 8000 lb warn wench on the front and a 4″lift and 35″tires with new rims. It also has a new gas tank and battery and new brakes put in by Big O tires. The lift, brakes and gas tank were all done by Big O tires and I have the receipts”