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Update glitch — final update


UPDATE:  Final word

After playing with this issue for days, I kept running into similar problems; no matter what code I used to create the submenu, it wouldn’t work.  For reasons as yet unclear, users that are not logged in can’t access the code to make the menu run.

So, I have a big reminder to people that automatically pops up on all subpages when users are not logged, reminding you/them to log into the site to view the subpages.  I’ve also reinstalled some side menu widgets as well.

Please let me know if you encounter any problems ..

– D


I updated to the latest version of wordpress, which caused a couple glitches.  I’ve fixed most of them, but one strange issue is that when you aren’t logged it, you can’t see any sub pages.  Perhaps that’s been an ongoing issue about which i was unaware?

I’ll address this asap, but the front page works just fine.


– Dave

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Event: Bring your Willys Truck or Wagon to Moab

• CATEGORIES: Event, News

Here’s an event targeted primarily at Willys Truck and Wagon owners, so if you have a Wagon or Truck, read onward.   Ken and Casey are organizing it, hoping to develop a stronger network of Truck and Wagon owners. I double checked this afternoon that the event is still happening and it’s a go.


“This is going to be a great time! We are really excited about this 1st annual event. Please RSVP so Casey and I know who is going to make it. Please feel free to call or email us anytime for more details.

Kevin Mereness 208 863-1718 /
Casey Dimmitt 714-478-1867 /

Please provide some basic information when you RSVP:

Full Name:
Phone Number:
Email Address:
Rig Info: Year, Make, Model, and some basic specs

We only ask that each of you donate $10 when you arrive at the event to help us cover some of the cost of the Saturday night BBQ. And if you feel like bringing something to share, please do.  We really want this to be a relaxing time for everyone. This is a family event.

Over the next few months, we will gather up some information on hotels. We will also try to get a group rate if possible.

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Classic Men’s Magazines & a Jeep Image

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My jaw dropped as I opened the magazine.  I was in my early teens (mid 70s).  To this day, I’m unsure why my father hid a couple Playboy magazines in with my mother’s stash of old magazines (I’m guessing he never thought she would look there?).  But, sure enough, in my hands was gold, my eyes were big, and it was coooool!  And thus, that was my first introduction to Playboy.

I can’t say I’ve done much research into the history of Playboy, but during a search of vintage magazines in general, I came across a website called, which appears to be a gathering and recording of many old ‘stag’ magazines that have since gone out of publication.  It’s a reminder that Playboy had plenty of competition from day 1, but to Hef’s credit, managed to successfully carve out a successful niche, while many others failed.

Now, I only bring this up as a segway to one of two images I found on the page and which you can view below.  Hopefully that provides a little more insight into the image.


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Builds: Dan’s CJ-5 Down to the Frame


Dan continues to make steady progress on restoring his grandfather’s CJ-5.  You can see previous reports here.

He reports, “The Jeep is down to the frame and axles. I have a new rear cross member on order. The old one was all bent and rusted. The rear hitch was all bent as well. I found a vintage hitch that is actually straight that I will be using. Once the new rear cross member is on I’ll get all the frame welding completed and then coat it with some Interstate One Step Rust Killer. It is less expensive than POR15 and easier to use but still has impressive results. My goal was to get all the frame work done this winter and I just might get there.”

Here’s a couple pics:



Here’s the front of the jeep:


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CJ-3B Project Bennett, CO **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3000.

This seems a bit high for a project. It’s hard to tell what’s all included though.

“Buick V6 Motor. Very Clean Body Ready for completion.”


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3 Different Hubs Wellington, CO **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Were $10 each.

I’m not familiar with the hubs on the left.

“10 spline early Jeep/Willys hubs. $10 per set”


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1943 MB Angels Camp, Ca **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $500.

Looks like a good price on a parts jeep.  The body doesn’t look bad (from a distance).

“rolling body and frame”



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Wanted: CJ-2A Windshield Frame Knappa, Or

• CATEGORIES: wanted

Here’s a buyer for a CJ-2A windshield frame.  The buyer also has some stuff for sale or trade.

“WANTED: Windshield frame for a 1948 Willys cj 2a flat fender jeep. Just need one that is semi straight for a trail rig. may have some parts in trade. All from 72′ cj 5, 3spd tranny, Dana 20 transfercase, and drive lines. All are sitting in a shop a little greasy but staying dry. Also have 98 blaster parts. both front A-arms with shocks and hubs, fullset of white plastic and seat, fuel tank, stock swing arm with rear axle (bearing froze). Motor that has been rebuilt but ben sitting for a year or so (would suggest to go through it again. Will also sell these items cheap, tired of tripping on stuff. Thanks for reading. Will send pics on request. Serious people only”

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Wanted: CJ-3Bs or CJ-3A/3B parts Elkin, NC

• CATEGORIES: wanted

Here’s a buyer.

“I will buy Willys cj3a or cj3b jeeps in original condition. Also will buy cj3a and cj3b jeep parts. Call 336-957-3512”

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1958 CJ-3B Lenoir City, TN **SOLD**


UPDATE:  **SOLD** was $6000

(11/14/09) Lots of updates to this CJ-3B.

“1958 Willys CJ3B High Hood Flat Fender Jeep.  Set up for off-road.  NO RUST! Total frame off restoration in 1995. MerCrusier 4.3L engine, with four barrel Holly Truck Avenger Carb. T-18 granny low 4-speed transmission, model 20 transfer case. Dana 44 axles out of an International Scout, with 4.88 gears and Detroit lockers front and rear. Four wheel disc brakes. Spring over conversion. 38×12.50 Super Swamper tires with little wear. Late model power steering with 1” solid tie rods and Hyme joints, tilt steering column out of late model Jeep. Custom roll cage, racing seats. Large removable storage box in place of rear seat. Filled with spare parts including; fr/rr drive shafts, complete set of spare axles, and other various parts. Also have rear seat which can be reinstalled easily. Custom storage box mounted in rear receiver hitch. Front mounted Warn 8274 winch and on board air compressor. Two tops: Full soft top and bikini half top.  Also CB radio, battery cut-off switch, hydraulic clutch, optima battery, custom nerf bars/rock guards.”


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1951 CJ-3A Spring Glen, Ut $3500


Check out the unusual gas can carrier.

“For Sale: 1951 Willys CJ 3A, $3,500 OBO, has a rebuilt engine (approx. 4500 miles); hardened valve seats; rebuilt transmission (all new gears); new: leaf springs, non-directional tires (1000 miles) and carburetor ; rebuilt starter; boiled out radiator; converted from 6 volt to 12 volt; all new clutch, windshield, speedometer, gas tank and battery. Also included: oil filter, radiator hoses, gaskets etc. Needs master cylinder and possibly wheel cylinders (both provided new in box), exhaust pipe and muffler could be replaced (rusty), emergency brake could be adjusted.
435-472-0947 Between 9 am and 7 pm.”

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Stainless Grille Shasta Lake, CA $750

• CATEGORIES: stainless/jewels

James has his Stainless Grille for sale.  You can contact him at 530.941.4399 if you are interested.


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Builds: 1947 CJ-2A with Detailed L-Head Rebuild

• CATEGORIES: Builds, Features

Any of you Pirate 4×4 readers might have seen this thread about a 1947 CJ-2A rebuild (and I should probably spend more time on Pirate as I really haven’t spent any time at all on the site), but this is a nice detailed review of an L-head rebuild, frame restoration, disk brake installation on the original running gear, and  more.  Lots of pics and thoughtful, intelligent discussions.

Click here to see the entire build process

Here’s a few pics:  The beginning, a $2800 jeep from Port Angeles, Wa.  It’s in good condition, but will benefit from a rebuild.


Here it is partially dissassembled:


Here the engine is going back together.  BTW, did you know you can ‘borrow’ those pistron compressors through Schucks/Autozone as part of their lend a tool program:


The engine is more put together:


Here’s an updated master cylinder:


This is part of the brake discussion:


And here the jeep is back together:


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Need a more powerful Snow Blower?


Dave forwarded me this Tim-the-tool-man-Taylor version of a Snow Blower.  I’d ask why, but I already know the answer:  because he could.  Below is an excerpt of the article.  You can read it in its entirety and see more pics here.

“December 1, 2005 If you’re tired of anemic, one-lung snowblowers with their slipping drive belts, you might consider Kai Grundt’s V8 snow blower which raises the bar on the traditional snow blower in every respect. With electric start, electric block heater, antifreeze heater and eight cylinders, it has no drive belts to freeze up and you’ll never get bored with the job as the 454 cubic inch big block Chevrolet V8 produces 412 horsepower, 430 foot pounds of torque and can throw snow 50 feet at just 3500 rpm. Nor will you get cold as the machine has been ingeniously designed to route the engine coolant through the handle bars, with the rear mounted, enclosed radiator keeping the operator nice and cozy.

The first point to make is that this is not a V8 grafted on a traditional snow blower carriage but a purpose-built unit crafted around a motor of this magnitude. It functions very much like a traditional blower by way of operator input and feedback and offers effortless safe operation.

Maneuvering the massive beastie (it has a total wet weight of 912lbs) is a snack thanks to the hydraulic-drive 4WD skid steer on independent walking beams which offers a zero turning radius. It’s also as fast as you like, with an infinitely adjustable speed range on the drive wheels via dash mounted flow control. At the opposite end of the scale, it has more than enough torque to pull your car out of the ditch before the hydraulic motors stall! ….”


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Here’s an unusual tractor

• CATEGORIES: Machinery, Unusual • TAGS: .
Dave forwarded this to me, who found it here. It’s pretty cool. He’d like to replace the tractor with a CJ-3B.
(Fordson snow-motor)

<a href=”″ mce_href=”;token=568_1233111054″ target=”_blank”></a>

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DJ-3A Body Parts, Pueblo, Co **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts, DJ-3A

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $500.

Here’s some body parts from a Convertible DJ-3A.  It appears in restorable, uncut shape.  Certainly not perfect though.

“All thats there is tub, hood, fenders, grill and frame. I’m asking $500 OBO. Please give me a call at (719)9480229”


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1991 YJ + 1954 Wagon Fenders =?

• CATEGORIES: Builds, Features

The Israeli bureau (Or  Shahar) found this interesting project.  I think this build works better than I might have expected. The builder blended the truck fenders with the front clip of the YJ rather nicely.  There’s still plenty left to be done;  I look forward to seeing the final product.

“Ed started with a 1991 YJ with 4” lift, 15×10 alloys and 31×11.50 Thornbirds. While using the YJ’s hood, grill, tub and inner fenders he gained access to a 1954 Willys pickup and was able to blend the old Willys front and rear fenders to the YJ body giving the Jeep that retro “flattie” look. He said “you won’t believe how well the 2 meld together. I was going to build flat fenders (myself), but after a friend of mine who has a Willys Pickup, Wagon, and a Jeepster said he had some extra fenders (that cinched it).”

See the rest of the pics at




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1961 Wagon Rainier, Wa $4000

• CATEGORIES: Willys Wagons • TAGS: .

It’s a fine looking wagon. I suspect the price will drop until it is sold based on the circumstances.

“1961 Willys Jeep Stationwagon in good condition. There is no back seat. Tires are in good condition, 4WD works, winch works, 4spd manual, inside needs some tlc but is functional. It belonged to my husband who is deceased. I am not able to drive it but it has been started regularly . Cash only no trades.”


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1960 CJ-3B Ogden, Ut eBay or $2400


UPDATE:   The ‘buy-it-now’ price has dropped to $2400!!

(12/09/09) This looks in good condition.  I’ll be heading down to Salt Lake (ogden is right on the way) in about 10 days and could look at it if it is still available.

1960 Willys CJ3B – 35K Original miles in Excellent Condition with All Original Running Gear. Frame and body are in exceptional condition, there is very little cancer. Has New Interior & Paint. Needs a top, new tires, and a tune up.From the looks of the vehicle the mileage which shows 40K is original and I think many are miles towed. There is very little rust in the front floors but it has plates bolted in, none in the bed. There is also some in the front fender supports. I don’t thinkit was preped to well butit is a decent paint job. It hasbeen converted to 12 volt. There is no overdrive but the tans and transfercase seem tight and do stay in gear. the seats are he original frames but have been recovered (I believe). It has original warn lockout hubs. The hard top was taken upto eugene and it is an original aluminum hardtop,I maybe able to get pictures.

View the pics on eBay



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2 ’46 CJ-2As, a ’61 CJ-5 and Parts Keeseville, Ny eBay


Here’s a bunch of parts and parts jeeps.

“For sale 2 jeeps for the price of one-1st a 1946 Jeep CJ2-A complete ready to restore-great frame body is solid-needs rear floors-all orginal gauges-12 volt system-orginal windshield with perfect glass-hood-fenders-3 front grills-2 extra radiators-2-steering wheels-tailgate-1961 Jeep CJ-5 with all running gears-good frame with a 2-A flat head motor-engine was running 3 years ago when last used-needs tub has a warn spicer rear PTO. 2 complete motors. too many parts to list have an extra front & rear end. Also have for sale rebuilt tranny&transfer case with emergeny brakes and drum ready to go in storage since rebuilt-for a CJ-3A will sell for 600.00. I have been collecting for about 20 years with the intention of putting them on the road,but moving south and do not want to move these. The steering wheels are complete with column.The motor for the 1946 is in excellent running condition,purcased from orginal owner.Have over 5,000.00 in parts alone.  Buyer is responsible for pick up and removal of jeeps and parts. Payment is due in full 7 days after the sale is complete.  I reserve the right to end this sale at any time.  These items are being sold as is with no warranty.     I’am going to revise this item due to the surge of questions regarding the parts what I have for sale is 2-gas tanks $185.00 each-1-extra grill $100.00-2-radiators good condition 200.00 each -rebuilt T-90 transmission new 2nd gear &gaskets 500.00 -T-18 Transfer case rebuilt new brakes,seals,bushings rebuilt in 1995 never used has been in storage $500.00 -2-extra intake manifolds $300.00 each- 2-extra carter carbs $250.00 each. Front & rear ends complete gears-brakes-drums-lift suspension-front tirerods $300.00 each.if you want to make an offer on any part send an e-mail or buy the complete package for 2,000.00.”

View all the pics on eBay





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1947 CJ-2A Bend, OR **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1500

This has some interesting parts, including a top loader 4 speed, 4.3 liter engine, extended leaf springs, dana 30 front end.

“47 willy’s project no time for 4.3l engine dana 30 front axle with lockright 41 rear axle locked new windshield holbrook long leaf springs dana 20 transfercase and model 18 transfercase and a toploader fourspeed or a t18 transmission”


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1956 CJ-5 Cripple Creek, Co $2300


UPDATE:  Price dropped to $2300.

(11/07/09) This looks good for the price.

“Great Condition! 719-648-3012 cell”


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Builds: Jim’s brother’s Weekend Build

• CATEGORIES: Builds, Reader Stories, Website

Sometimes you have the luxury of 25 years to work on your M-38.  Other times, you only have the weekend.  Jim and his brothers show how much work can be done in only a weekend — and what a difference another body can make.

You can read all about this weekend adventure on Jim’s brother’s blog: By the Numbers.  It’s a funny bit of writing, including the addition of aliases to protect the innocent from thesungoddess perhaps? :-).  You can also catch Jim on his blog, Bus-Plunge (he’s got a cool bus & hat).  Finally, you can see all three brothers at the bottom of this list of Jeeps, courtesy of the jeepjunkie himself.

Here’s the before — a very cheaply purchased, rolling pile of rust:


And an after shot — all the body parts changed in another low budget purchase of parts … all except for the driver’s side fender.  I’d say that’s a 1000 percent improvement. Not bad for a weekend.


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The Tucker ‘Tiger’ Combat Car

• CATEGORIES: Unusual, videos

Ever since I saw the movie about Preston Tucker I always wanted to check out one of his cars in person (which I talk about here). Despite the fact I found one near my Sister’s house in Roy, Wa, I still haven’t gotten there yet! Btw, here’s the official Tucker Car Club Site.

Prior to building the Tucker cars, he lead the development of a Combat Car.  To my surprise, today I found a video of the Tucker Combat Car.  Designed for World War II, but never purchased by the Military (to the best of my knowledge), the film mentions and shows the car; strangely, I never really thought this was real until I saw it in this video.

Here is an original video press release (parts 1 & 2) that explains Tucker and his new car.

And, a video promo of the movie Tucker- The Man and His Dream

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Swamp 4×4 Lutz, Fl $12,500


It used to be a CJ-5.  Apparently, these aren’t recent pics.

“this was a 1967 jeep willy i took every thing off of it but the frame at first but when i drove it it had so much more potential so i made a frame for it and lifted it it about 14 inches it has 37 inch tall tires and there 7.50 wide custom fit with 20 inch wheels. has a 3 speed high and low tranny with a p.t.o. winch which is the sickest part about it. it has diamond plate hood/floor boards,and dash.15 gallon fuel cell and a sweet exhuast system and snorkle.everything works a larger radiator and a 15” electric fan runs at about 160 to 180 has a flat 4 cylinder engine that has a redictulous amout of bottom or text joseph.813 476 4088 12,500 obo these are not recent pics i will text some recent ones if wanted”