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A New Twist on an old Scam — 1942 GPW $4999

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Thanks goes to Dexter for spotting this new twist on an ongoing scam by some pond scum.  The famous 1942 GPW that popped up throughout the nation now has its own youtube video.  The price has shifted from $4700 to $4999.


Here is the Ad text, which appear just before I flagged the ad as a scam.

“Rebuilt 1942 GPW Ford Military Jeep -Rebuilt Collection compact military four-wheel drive utility vehicle. 4-cyl. side valves, 134 CID (2199 cc), 60 hp (45 kW). It is an excellent choice, FLAWLESS condition, Very light use. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me on my YouTube chanel:

Here is an original pic found on an earlier ad that now is on the video:

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The Three Bantams: BRC, BRC-60 and BRC-40

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I guess I should have posted this at the beginning of the Festival, but I was pleasantly distracted all weekend. So, here is a post about the three Bantam generations. As the oral testimony shared by Gerald affirms, there were three different models of vehicles built by Bantam.  Here is more history about the Bantam vehicles.

The Original Bantam: Below are images of the original Bantam Bantam Reconnaissance Car. Here are some images from Life Magazine from Camp Holabird.  Here is a video of Duncan’s well done original BRC Replica (which also includes a BRC-40).

The Bantam BRC-60: This is the 2nd generation BRC-60.  The easiest way to identify the differences between the BRC and the BRC-60 is to look at the fenders, note the Original BRC fenders are round, and the entry point, which is a smoother slope on the BRC-40 as opposed to the bump in the original BRC.

The Bantam BRC-40: This is the 3rd generation BRC-40.  The easiest way to identify the difference between the BRC-60 and the BRC-40 is the grille.  Note how flat the grille is compared to the rounded grille of the BRC-60. The windshield is dramatically different, as the BRC-40’s appears much stronger.  Of course, there are other differences, but those are a quick way to distinguish between the two. Here is a BRC-40 that was for sale.

I guess I shouldn’t forget the Bantam ‘Checker’: Learn more about this at Bill Spear’s website.

Finally, just to show there seems to be an exception to every rule, Gerald forwarded this image.  I believe the front of this is a Bantam BRC-60, but the door area resembles the original Bantam.  The windshield has a higher ‘bridge’ across the bottom; which doesn’t resemble either the BRC or the BRC-60 in the pics above.   I believe this was a Russian Lend/Lease vehicle, but perhaps someone else could be more specific about it.

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Sunday @ the Bantam Festival

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Once again Gerald took the time to share some pictures with us.  Bob had some information about the parade. In fact, at some point Bob and Gerald managed to connect (see below pic). From both of their comments, it is safe to say the parade eclipsed the old parade record held by the Colombians. Congrats to all the participated.

Bob writes,”The word was that there were 1106 jeeps in the parade. It went on until 10:30, and there were 35,000 people lining the streets of Butler.”

Gerald writes, “After the concert and I strong storm last night. I’m done. There is always next year. I’ll be better prepared. It’s already on for August 2012. I’m sure it will be even bigger. The parade was what everyone was talking about. It was over the top. The locals lined up deep and main street was full. The official count is 1108, I think. Unofficially 1700. We got the record details will follow.”

Windyhill writes, “Great show! I stopped by the “ewillys” table and saw the brick! lol. We just got home, about a 6 hour trip. I modified my 18 trailer so I could tow two willys as one time, my 3b and my brothers stock 3A for this trip. The parade was great, loved being able to walk down the street after and be able to start at the Bantams go threw the WWII Jeeps,and then threw the 2A’s 3A, 3B’s etc by decade! Saturday we got held up with a trailer bearing so I missed most of the show and shine but we did run my brothers stock 3A and my 3B threw the playground! It rained early Saturday which made for a soggy pack up but all in all a great time and we will return!

Here is Bob’s CJ-3B


Ever see a factory set of 9.00 x 13 high floatation tires?   There was a Navy 3A with an original set.   Wow (btw,
I got alot of comments about the Mini Terras and rims on my Jeep.)

Check out this firepower.

Camp and footlocker

Have you ever seen these bezels? Are they stock? (Ed note: I don’t believe they are stock.  I’ve seen similar ones on Phillipine vehicles that seemed aftermarket.)

Now that’s a trailer.

Random Bantam,  that’s an odd statement, but true at the fest. (BRC-40)

The playground

And that’s a rap. They ran out of shirts at the parade.  Everyone was bummed about that.


ps. I’m drinking lot’s of coffee today and planning for next year.

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Saturday @ the Bantam Festival

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I’ve been busy all day … any updates will need to wait until later tomorrow.

Sebastain had a great day at the Festival.  He posted pics in two different locations:

Meanwhile, Gerald has been working hard peddling eWillys.  In his spare time he’s been enjoying the Festival.  He starts again at 6:30am.

Gerald starting off at 6:30am Saturday:

The set-up

Gerald notes h may have just become you East Coast Rep.  Little does he know that as the East Coast Rep his salary will not be much different than mine.  Did I mention it is a volunteer position Gerald?

The Jeeps

Bantam BRC 40 (not the original bantam, but the third version following the BRC-60 and BRC)

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Updates from the Bantam Festival

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Only this update tonight ….

Gerald reported in just a few minutes ago.  Much fun had by all.  There were jeeps everywhere.  He hasn’t gotten the official parade count, but he said people were rolling in for hours.  Thanks Gerald!

Gerald notes, “Things were great tonight at the BantamFest Jeep Parade.  All I can say is there were hundreds………. here’s a couple shots.  i will get an official count on Saturday.”

The staging lot with the Lost Biscuit (Thanks to Gerald, I’m attending virtually.  Rub me for good luck!)


They were coming in for hours

Late model line ups

General shot.  It was packed

Main Street in Butler

Finished off with a late night tire change from NDT’s to the Turbines with Mini Terras for Saturday.

Already met some cool people, Maine to Australia.

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Will They Break the Record?

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The Bantam Festival is about to get underway.  One of the goals of the festival is to break the world record for the longest parade of Jeeps, a record currently held by a parade held in Colombia.  With more than 500 jeeps already registered for the parade, it seems breaking the record is a real possibility.

Just some quick math … 500 jeeps at approx 10 ft is a mile if parked end to end.  That means if there is a jeep length between them, the parade will already be 2 miles long.  Other jeeps will certainly join as well.

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Flattie for Children’s Church Colorado Springs, Co

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Pam from a school in Colorado Springs is looking for relatively solid, but non running flat fender.

Pam writes, “I am looking for an old safari jeep to put in our Children’s Church because we are doing an African theme. I just need the body and actually just the front of the jeep just past the front seat because I’m going to mount it to a wall in a classroom. I have limited space so was going to have the Jeep mounted to the wall so kids could climb up in it and pretend to drive. I would also need the front tires attached as well.  I am in Colorado Springs but would even travel to the next state if we could find something nice and affordable (or free). We are a non-profit so if someone would be willing to donate, we could give them a tax write off.”

So, if you have a non running flattie in the Colorado area, Pam would love to hear from you. pflanery5 [at]

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1962 Wagon Eliot, Me $2000

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This appears in great shape for the price.

“I have 1962 willys jeep wagon with the original hurricane straight six. It runs and goes excellent its registered and on the road has new battery an brakes calls only please after 5:30 pm asking $2000 207-475-5237”

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Year? Flattie Lubbock, TX **SOLD**

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UPDATE:  Was $2000. **SOLD**

‘1949 CJ2A Jeep. Here’s your hunting or ranch jeep w hd trailer. Upgraded with F4 Hurricane engine. Good running condition. Clear Title, Current plates and inspection.
Tow bar, rebuilt trany, starter, good rubber, engine starts very reliably. Heavy duty trailer, high clearance, 4 X 9 ft bed. This trailer will go anywhere your jeep can pull it.”

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1947 CJ-2A Sandpoint, Id $3900


Not all original (engine, hubs, bumper)

“V6 cylinder, new tires, all original, 4×4 hubs, runs great. serious inquiries only no commercial advertisement period! 208-610-4383”

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1953 CJ-3B Markham, Il $1650


This runs, but needs body work. Or, maybe it just needs body.

“1953 willys jeep, cj3-b high hood, runs, front floors need repair, pannels included, good frame and running gear, good title. $1650.00 offers, cash only no trades. thanks 708-361-9328 WILL SELL FOR PARTS OR WHOLE”

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1954 CJ-3B Anthem, Az **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $6500.

Completely ‘restored’, no.  But updated, yeah.

“1954 willys cj3 b high hood- completely restored- stick a fork in her- she is done- over 10 grand in reciepts that go with it. new paint, new engine- origional 4 cyl flat head- runs like a champ- corbeau seats- must see- total head turner- total neck breaker- she sounds like your in an episode of mash. moving on to the next project so she must go-

also possible PARTIAL trade for another JEEP- cherokee, grand cherokee, wrangler- — it would be for my wife so it must be clean- you guys know what i mean-

I’m a pretty realistic guy so dont be afraid to shoot me an offer-  $6500 obo takes her home today

call e-mail or text– !!! text sometimes works best because I work a lot- but if you call please leave a message and i WILL return your call asap”

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1951 CJ-3A Blacksburg, Va $3000


The seller hasn’t started the jeep lately as radiator needs repairing.  This has a rear PTO.

“This is a one owner 1951 Willy’s Jeep CJ3A with a hard top. The engine is a 4 speed manual, 4 cylinder and has a winch on the front and a PTO on the rear. The bodywork is in good shape for its age and it has most of the original parts. I have not attempted to start the jeep lately as the radiator needs repaired. This is a 60 year old classic. The vehicle located in Botetourt.
Serious inquiries only, 353-2123”

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1954 CJ-3B Crown Point, NY **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2850.

The body has been patched, but it runs.  It needs brake work.

“Here is a 1954 CJ3B in running condition . All original with 134 F-Head. Full aluminum cab and doors, complete snow plow assembly included. Jeep starts and drives,and has good oil pressure but will need brake work to make it road worthy. Frame is very solid with very minor surface rust, even the rear crossmember is solid. Grill, hood, windshield frame, fenders, and tailgate are all solid and in good shape. Body tub has been patched with metal and some bondo, here and there. Clear title and current registration. Asking price is $2,850 or b/o. Jeep is located in Crown Point NY. Please E-mail me with any questions, if you include your phone #, I will call you back! Thanks for looking!”

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1950 Truck Munger, MN **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1800

“1950 willys jeep pickup 4 wheel drive, BODY IS EXL. has 202 hudson wasp engine dual carbs, will need a clutch, it is set up as far as it can go, & some carb work brand new 8 volt battery, it is a 6 volt system. $1800.00”

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1951 Wagon Albany, Mn **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2500.

This looks to be original and in reasonably good shape.


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Year? CJ-3A? Milton, Vt $9500


All original except for the seats and the replacement body.

“1941 Willys Jeep 39000 miles, all original, comes with hard top and doors. $9500.00 obo   call 802 893 3903, 802 310 2654”

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1948 CJ-2A St. George, UT **SOLD**


UPDATE:  **SOLD** Was $2200.

Lots of spaghetti in the engine compartment, but it runs and looks solid.

“I have a 1948 flat fender Jeep Willys for sale. It is in good shape all around, runs and drives great. The drive train is stock with the flat head four cylinder and stock transmission and axles. Asking $2,200.00”

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FC-150 & FC-170 Parts Federick, Co

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I hate it when there are bullet holes in my parts.

“I have a good cab roof for a willys fc-150 / fc-170 , no dents just 1 bullet hole !! Good dog house (all 3 pieces) For Fc-150 . Good narrow track axles for fc-150. prices neg. Chris.  photo’s at your request.”

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1954 CJ-3B Broomfield, CO **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $8000

(08/19/2010) This looks like a strong runner.

“Good. Running almost new. Chevy 350 small block with msd ignitions. Three inch rancho lift. 4-core aluminum radiator. Electric fan. 33in Mickey Thompson tires. Full roll cage. CB and radio/cd player.  It has come time for me to sell this Jeep due to a need for a newer/practical family car, with hopes that a new owner will fully enjoy this awesome vehicle. Please e-mail me your name, phone number or questions and I will be in contact with you.”

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1947 CJ-2A Locust Grove, OK **SOLD**


UPDATE:  Was $1200. **SOLD**

(07/31/2011) Runs and drives, but isn’t pretty doing it.

“This Willys jeep runs and drives. the jeep does need brakes. 4wd works good. I don’t have a title but will provide bill of sale.”




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1948 CJ-2A Shreveport, La $21,500


UPDATE:  Still Available and the price went up.

(02/01/2011) Lots of updates.

“CJ2A Jeep; 231 CID Buick V6; TH350 transmission with shift kit; Power steering; Dual brake master cylinder; Detroit locker rear end; Dana 25 front differential; Dana 18; transfer case; Heater; CD player; Padded roll bar; Rear seat; Corbeau suspension seats
Tilt and telescopic steering column; 11” large brakes; Ramsey 8000lb winch; 33×15.5×15 Toyo open country tires; Ceramic coated headers; R.J.S. racing seat belts; Trailer light hook-ups front and rear; All original steel with 1948 CJ2A Windshield; 4” Suspension Lift
Chrome Wheels; Warn locking hubs; Electric wipers included but not installed; Diamond plate rear panels and tow bar

Collier’s Custom Classics & Hot Rods
2915 Youree Dr.
Shreveport, LA 71104

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1946 CJ-2A Cottonwood, Ca **SOLD**


UPDATE: Was 3000. **SOLD**

(06/22/2011) This might be a CJ-3A.

“1946 Jeep Willies. Has been sitting, needs a little TLC”

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1946 CJ-2A Buena Vista, Co **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2200

It runs but isn’t quite ‘street-able’; I’m not sure if that is a handling issue or street-legal issue.

“This is a running driving Willys with a clean title. All the lights including blinkers work, and this vehicle is very close to being street-able. I converted this to run a chevy 4.3 v-6. It was rebuilt 5 years with new marine vortec heads and edelbrock conversion intake and carb. I used a adapter plate with a brand new input gear to use the a original Willys trans and transfer-case. I have had this in the mud once and it worked out great. Could use a lager radiator but is not needed. It comes with extra parts like windshield frame, a good hood, axles, more transmissions and transfer cases, a aluminum half cab, a custom full roll cage, and several other parts. The body has had work done to it in the past and the paint is flaking off. The jeep is overall solid and would make a good project or toy as is.”

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Unusual Shriner Flattie

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This is a Willys Jeep that was assembled from parts and pieces in the early 1960’s by Joe Ferrero and used as a Shriner’s parade vehicle through the early 1990’s. It appears to be a DJ-3A.

They acquired the Willys needing repair. With a minor ressurection – this vehicle is functioning as a parade vehicle. Features include all the bells and whistles (literally), a squirting telephone, bottle openers, and a keg that is accessible through the side of the vehicle.