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1966 Rat Rod VW Chandler, AZ **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2000

I know it’s not a 4wd vehicle, but it sure is one of the odder VWs I’ve ever seen.

“1966 volkswagen ratrod for sale OR trade.  $2000 cash obo OR Looking to trade for : pre 1966 – f100, comet, ranchero, falcon, scout, commando, jeepster, willys, spitfire, bugeye sprite, Motorcycles — ruckus, tw200, rd350/400, radian, bmw, honda cb, cl, sl, xl, vmax…..
basically, if it’s cool , let me know what you’ve got! MUST have clean/clear az title, and if it’s a bike, MUST run.”

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1948 CJ-2A Gresham, Or $2500


UPDATE:  Price dropped to $2300

This jeep looks like it’s parked in a farm shed.  It’s hard to tell whether this is running or not.  I can see some rust.  It might make a good restoration project.

“1948 Willys Jeep, 4 X 4, with PTO wench and optional hardtop. 27,000 original miles, original stock condition. Call 503-663-6629

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Art’s 1946 CJ-2A Fire Willys and Trailer

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Bruce surprised me today with some pics of a Fire Jeep.  He noted that after reading the section that includes Fire Jeeps, he thought I might be interested in seeing a couple pics of Art’s Jeep.  After reviewing the pics, I asked him for permission to publish them.  Bruce was kind enough to contact Art, who in turn has been nice enough to let me share them with you.  If you haven’t seen Art’s Jeep on the CJ-3B page or at one of the Willy’s reunions, then you are in for a treat.

One of the more interesting factoids I ran across while doing a search for Art’s Jeep on the internet was a discussion on the CJ-2A Page Forum regarding Bill’s effort to include Art’s Jeep in a Calendar of Fire Vehicles.  It turns out that Daimler Chrysler wants a piece of any Calendar pie for showing a Jeep Grille (specifically, a $500 guarantee and 12% royalties).

So, that got me thinking. What about Jeeps on pay websites?  Could Daimler, for example, begin asking for royalties from a site like the Jeep Forum, which has paying members, on which plenty of images of a Jeep Grille exist?  At this point, my opinion is they can’t, because they haven’t enforced their rights (if they even have them) to do so.  But, I’m gonna research this more.

Anyway, here’s some pics of Art’s Willys.  Thanks for sharing Art 🙂

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Dan Details the Thor “Lectro-Matic” Hub

• CATEGORIES: Builds, Features

Dan dropped this into my inbox this evening.  It’s a detailed look at the Thor “Lectro-Matic” Hub (or lectromatic hub). Dan completed this 18 page document, with disassembling the hubs and discussing each step.  You can download the PDF here Great work Dan!

Dan writes, The Thor “Lectro-Matic” hubs off of my 1955 CJ-5 were a bit of a mystery. These must have been some of the first “push button” 4WD systems to come out. There was little to no information on them so I decided to take them apart and see just how they work. Here is what I have learned.

When my Dad said that they were electric, I assumed that they had a little motor that would “spin” them in or out of engagement. What I realized was that they were more like a solenoid or electromagnet.

There is a coil of wire on the wheel side of the hub. When power is applied to the coil it becomes a magnet and draws itself to the axle side of the hub. There are little “teeth” machined into the facing sides of the hub. These teeth engage and the axle side of the hub turns the wheel or magnet side of the hub. A wire is ran through the back of the backing plate through a hole and provides the electricity to the magnetic coil. A contact mounted on a spring transmits this electric power through a slip ring inside the brake drum to the hub.

I imagine that the hubs could be engaged while the vehicle is moving, but I think this would cause the teeth to slip for a moment and lead to premature wear of the teeth. A toggle switch or a maintained push button could be used to turn the hubs on and off. One could even use a limit switch on the 4WD lever of the transfer case to automatically turn them on when the vehicle was shifted into 4WD. The hubs would only remain engaged as long as power is applied to the magnetic coil. If you left the switch on and had run power directly off of the battery to the switch, it would eventually drain your battery after the engine is shut off. If you ran power from the ignition switch to the on/off switch, your hubs would automatically disengage as soon as you shut off your engine.

If for some reason they didn’t want to work, there was a little screw on the outside face of the hub that you could turn to manually engage or disengage the hubs (as you can see below).

On the top of the hub you can see the wire that passes through the brake drum to power the magnetic coil.

Download and read the entire document here

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1946 CJ-2A Murphy, Tx $11,750


This looks sharp.  It looks like the dashboard was smoothly modified.

“This is a COMPLETELY restored Willys Jeep from 1946, the first year of the CJ (Civilian Jeep). It has a clean Texas title and is registered as an antique auto. Every part of this jeep has been reconditioned, refurbished or replaced. The original flat-head 4 cylinder engine has been totally rebuilt with new pistons, rings, bearings and seals. The 3-speed transmission and transfer case have both been rebuilt including new bearings. The front and rear axles have been rebuilt with new seals, bearings and shims. The front and rear bumpers are custom built with hitch receivers. All the wiring is new, with six AutoMeter gauges in the dash. The electrical system has been converted to 12 volts. This Jeep comes with a new Bestop folding soft top. There are a few more improvements from stock, such as a 12 volt alternator in place of the original 6 volt generator, and new, more comfortable seats and seat belts. This Jeep also comes with a big stack of receipts and technical documentation including reproduction factory owner’s and service manuals. Call Grady at 214 681-9420”

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1946 VEC CJ-2A body Delphi, IN **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $100.

This might be a good deal on a VEC body.

“Just Selling body”

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1946 CJ-2A Bay City, Mi $6000


This looks great!  I’m assuming that it’s been 4,703 miles since the rebuild?

“For sale by owner – a 1946 Willy’s CJ-2A Jeep. Manufactured by Overland Motors back in 1946. This fully restored jeep is fully functional, starts immediately and runs very smoothly. Odometer reads 4,703 original miles. This would be a great find for a collector, or a very cool vehicle to tool around with at your vacation home up north. I have lot’s of additional pictures and can answer any questions you may have pertaining to the jeep. Price is firm at $6,000.00.”

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1949 CJ-3A Pollock Pines, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE:  Was $1200. **SOLD**

(12/30/09) I’d like to see some more pics of the custom paint job on this old school build.  No tranny, tc, seats or steering column.

“This is a one of a kind Jeep Willys with custom front fenders, flared rear fenders and a full cage row bar. It comes almost complete to get it back on the road again , it has all running gear except transmission/ transfer case and a steering column. We are including a running nice Buick v-6 motor. It has been garaged for 25 years so it is in great shape. Also it has been non-op through DMV so there is no extra fees to register. We must sell and will sell for $800 without the motor or $1,200 with, trades considered”

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1950 CJ-3A Tucson, AZ **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1600.

Check out the windshield on this one.

“1950s willys jeep,orig straight 6 engine ,fair condition 1600 o.b.o”

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1964 CJ-6 & 1950 Bantam Trailer Holland, MI **SOLD**

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UPDATE:  Was $8000. **SOLD**

For sale, the SS Dutch. Finding this jeep and trailer for sale was a real treat.  First of all, Mike has created a well documented build of both the trailer and the jeep.  Second, the changes and thought processes have been documented on two separate blogs (see post below), so there’s plenty to review.  Third, he’s got the best site I have run across related to CJ-6s.

Mike writes on a recent post, “It’s not without a bit of sadness and trepidation that I post this.  After 6 years of ownership and a whole lot of blood, sweat and gears I’ve arrived at the decision to put both SSDutch—a 1964 CJ6—and my 1950 Bantam Jeep trailer up for sale.

Mostly this is due to our recent decision to go on the road for a year but I’ve also noticed that I’ve had a lack of interest in working on it for some time now.  In preparing for our trip the idea of just having the Jeep, trailer, and related piles of parts gone is more peace-inducing than the notion of having to arrange storage for all of it.”






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The MB Chapel

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I’ve seen a few pics that show the jeep as a temporary place for worship.  This is another image from Roy O. Bingham.  The Library of Congress reports that in this pic, “Members of the Tenth Mountain Division, 605th Artillery Battalion, attend a Protestant Easter religious service at Rocca Pitigliano, Italy, conducted by Chaplain William H. Bell. In the foreground, four men bow their heads together. Corporal Ralph Squires sits at a portable organ and two soldiers face the Chaplain who stands in front of his jeep draped with a white cloth in use as an altar for a small crucifix.”

Library of Congress

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1951 M-38 Dallas, TX **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $4700.

Looks pretty stock.

“FOR SALE $4700.00 or BEST OFFER. Please call 817- 475 – 2294 as opposed to e mail
1951 M38 JEEP- BUILT BY WILLYS OVERLAND.  24 VOLT. • Recent tune up  • Lock in/lock out hubs  • 5 good tires …. New: • windshield  • 2 new batteries  • Aluminum gas tank  • Exhaust
• Carburetor. Tow bar and battery charger included.”

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1951 CJ-3A? Plano, TX **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2500.

It’s a project.

“I have owned since 1974 and hate to sell, has had three restorations, currently was in the middle of 3rd and is unfinished. Has Chevrolet 350-v-8, warn overdrive, ford granny low 4 speed. Lots of fun”

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1951 Wagon Bellingham, Wa $3000

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It sure looks nice.  I can’t see any rust in the pics, as they are small, but the seller says there is some.

“This is something I promised myself I would never do, but I need to sell my pride and joy to be able to get into a place to live. She is a ’51 Willys Wagon, all stock except motor which is a mid 70’s chevelle 307, which needs a head gasket due to a freeze she endured while in the middle of a nasty divorce. The body has some rust, due to living on the Oregon coast for a time. But it all can be fixed. She has a Warn over drive, professionally tinted glass, Boyd wheels and Warn hubs that you swap for off road use or hwy use. New MagnaFlow exhaust from the manifolds back. I have all the paperwork for her that came from the man that did the restoration before I got her.She has back seats as well. Like I said, I don’t want to let her go, but I have to do something to get my family by until steady work comes along. She has never seen mud since I never wanted to hurt her. If you are interested, please email me at I am asking $3,000.”

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1946 CJ-2A Roseburg, Or **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $4,695. 

(02/01/09) “I am selling my 1946 CJ2A. Would be open to equitable trades, what do you have? Jeep is pretty much original and I drive it from time to time. I have done some work to the original motor, rebuilt the carb, new battery and cables, spark plugs and cables, fuel filter, etc… Please feel free to contact me with questions or if you would like to see it. Thanks! Nate


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Warn Overdrive Brunswick, Ga eBay

• CATEGORIES: OD Saturn/Warn

There have been 17 bids on this overdrive, pushing the price to $750.  I’m surprised it is this high. (want a better deal?  Try this one

Also, this seller has several things on auction, including this ‘Agri Gear Box’

“This is a Warn OverDrive  I planned on using for a project that will not happen. I will be listing other Willys Jeep CJ2A parts so see my other auctions. This is a complete Warn Overdrive for the Dana 18 transfercase found on most willys jeeps. This came off a CJ2A. This has everything you need to mount and run. Gears look great everything works as it shoud. My reserve is $750.00 Shipping will be around 20-30 dollars depending on location. I will combine items. ser #05795067”

View all the pics on eBay

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1946 CJ-2A Austin, TX **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3900.

(12/31/09) Here’s a militarized CJ-2A that has a slat grille according to the seller.

“1946 CJ2A Jeep $3900, runs fine, 4WD works fine, engine rebuild 2 years ago, body a bit rough (60+ years old ya know) converted to look like ’41 military jeep. Used for historical re-enacting. With canvas top, licensed, have title.


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1958 Truck Thousand Oaks, Ca $1000

• CATEGORIES: Willys Trucks

If it runs, it’s a fine price. 99% rust free seems a little bit optomistic.  But, it appears solid.

“Body 99% rust free, not running, all original condition Call 805-494-1043 or 805-494-9595”

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1953 Truck Meridian, Id $2000

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On my way to the Meridian, ID,  Post Office, I came across this Truck for sale.  I was in a hurry, so I only got a couple pics.  It looks solid.  There’s extremely minor rust on the edges of the back fenders.  The interior looked fine.  The price has already dropped once.

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1948 Wagon Oakland, Ca $1700

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UPDATE:  Now $1700

(12/17/09) This doesn’t look to bad.

2WD Bought for a family project that unfortunetly has never gotten underway…. This is the real deal, ITS ALL THERE!!! Never been taken apart, never, “restored,” and in great shape. Its been warehoused for the last ten years, and has not been on the road since the 80’s. It’s straight but has rust, Black plates, clear title – non op, 100% unmolested – Dash is untouched, roof is solid. A great candidate for restoration. This is a PROJECT….. there is rust in the normal areas, but the exterior skin is in extremely straight condition. Available to show Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. 1700 obo”


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1942 Slat Grille MB Austin, TX **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $23,000

Looks great.

“1942 WILLYS “Stat Grille” (¼ ton General Purpose Vehicle) JEEP.

This JEEP has been fully restored to the military exactness as it came off the line in Toledo, Ohio on March 5, 1942. Military Serial Number is 124833 and common features included no glove box, a round muffler, oil bath air cleaner/air filter, rubber hood bumpers, solid wheels, two hinges on the tool box lids, three bolt spare tire carrier, no blackout driving lamps, makers name on the rear panel, and a slat grill on the WILLYS.

This early Jeep comes complete with a mounted Garand carbine replica, strapped ax and shovel, and canvas top, and the frame plate for machine gun mount.

All numbers match manufacturer’s designation: model MB, serial number, 124833, build number 24832, and official government contract numbers; 303-ORD-2529 and army quartermaster corp. 398-QM-888 order forms, and hood number assigned 2042364. “W” was added at the base to distinguish Willys from Ford in later runs. Original “Go-Devil” engine.

Around 200 slat grills are estimated to have survived through 2006, according to ARMY MOTORS, the official magazine of the Military Vehicle Preservation Assoc.

From there it served in the United States Army and was eventually retired to Ft. Bliss, OK as a base transport vehicle and was sold at public auction in 1955 to become a farm vehicle. Eventually it retired from its years as an agri-jeep to a salvage yard in Enid, OK where another farmer purchased it 1992 for $1,000. The present owner purchased it at a farm auction in Tuttle, OK on March 13, 2002 for the same $1,000. Although the Jeep was originally delivered to the government for $399.68.”

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Seeps: These Sea Jeeps Get Ready to Serve

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Paul (of stainless M-38 friend) told me a couple days ago that he has a friend (whom he calls Crazy Ralphie) who has been restoring a GPA.  He’s promised to provide us with some pics once the Alaska winter subsides a bit.  In the meantime, here are some SEEP images I found at the Library of Congress.  I have seen a few of these in books, but none as crisp as below.

Ice is no barrier to this prototype Ford-built amphibian car. According to Mark Askew in his book Rare WW2 Photo Archive 1940 – 1945 which shows this image and other prototypes of the SEEP, this photo was taken in February 1941 near the Ford Plant in Dearborn, Mi.   Library of Congress

After breaking through the shore ice, the Ford-built amphibian car makes its way through ice floes and water at a good speed.  Library of Congress

The Ford-built amphibian car can handle itself on rough ground. This picture shows a test driver putting one of them through its paces.  Mark also features this image in his bookLibrary of Congress

Here’s a photo of tests on the Rogue River near the Ford Plant.  Library of Congress

Here’s another shot from the Rogue River. Library of Congress

Below is a production SEEP.   Note the ribs on the side. I believe this photo is from maneuvers held in the Detroit area, when soldiers from Fort Wayne in full combat dress manned the machines Library of Congress

The picture below shows maneuvers held in the Detroit area, when soldiers from Fort Wayne in full combat dress manned the machines. Library of Congress

The two photos below were taken by Arthur Siegel.  During WWII he worked for the Office of War Information (OWI).  These two were taken in April of 1943.  Library of Congress

Library of Congress

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1954? M-38 Kanosh, Ut $3500

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Thanks to a reader named Brett for pointing out this jeep.  The front part of the jeep appears to be a M-38, though the year is off.  On the other hand, the rear body on this jeep looks suspiciously CJ-5ish.  I’d like to see some close up pics to see how the front and rear of the body has been merged.  Perhaps it is a M-38 and 1954 M-38A1?

“1954 Jeep Military. !2 volt alt, 4 cyl flat head engine, front and rear seats,body in good condition. Brake wheel cylinders have been replaced. Body is in good condition with little or no rust. Selling Jeep and buying 4 wheeler. Come and see it at 210 North Main Street, Kanosh, Utah 84637.”

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2 1951 Wagons Las Vegas, Nv $2000

• CATEGORIES: Willys Wagons

Kevin … here’s some solid bodies …

“1 has a rebuilt motor and tilt wheel and lost of parts for more info call 702 573-5824.”

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1947 CJ-2A Rathdrum, Id $1000


I can’t tell why the fender is off …

“1947 Jepp Willys 4 cly. All sheet metal, but the windshield frame.  I rebuilt the carb and it runs and moves. no seats, has title
$1000 208-659-6180.”