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1960 DJ-3A Lynnfield, Ma **SOLD**


UPDATE:  Colin reports that he purchased this Jeep and is enjoying it a lot!  Congrats! He also reports below that the original date listed by the seller as 1956 was incorrect and that it was actually a 1960 Surrey.

“Production of the 2-wheel drive Willys DJ3A model began in 1956 and continued until 1964.  The DJ3A utilized the 4 cylinder “Go Devil” engine, T90 side-shift transmission, and a Dana 23 rear end. The DJ3A surrey was marketed to resorts and as a fun beach buggy. This dj-3a gala surrey was Owned by 20th Century Fox where it was used in a few beach movies.  Annette Funicello, Frank Sanatra etc.. Sold to Pioneer Garage in 1982 where it was totally redone. down to the frame and sat on display in the pioneer jeep showroom on Washington St. in Peabody Ma. Until purchased in 5/09 to me when the dealership closed its doors forever. It runs and drives awesome, 3 speed on the column, a true collectible. I have pictures and documentation from 20th century fox showing the vehicles history there.  Also I have pictures of the jeep with Annette and Frank in the vehicle.  Mileage is around 2000 miles, although California determined it as a undetermined value amount because the gauge glass was sun faded and not readable. When you see this vehicle you will know the mileage to be true.”




View more pics

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A Couple Videos Old & New

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Hocus_Pocus_FocusHere’s two videos I found today.  The first video is a compilation of color footage that follows the landing at D-Day.  I thought it was very good.  I believe a little of this footage also was used in the WWII in HD series that was shown on the History Channel (some great footage there).

This video also includes a jeep called Hocus Pocus Focus. I searched for the phrase Hocus Pocus Focus, thinking I might come up with some meaning for it, but the only thing I found was that a band would name themselves Hocus Pocus Focus several decades after WWII.


The second video is a nicely shot video that shows a rebuilt 1943 GPW and trailer. It’s one of the better videos I’ve seen on YouTube in terms of quality of shots and editing.

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Year? CJ-2A Swamp Racer Tarpon Springs, Fl $3500

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Hurray!  I finally have some pics of an flattie swamp racer.  I knew one of these would pop up sooner or later!

“F-Head 4 cyl jeep engine complete, T-90 transmission fresh rebuild. Dana 18 or 20 transfer case. Complete racing elctronic ignition. Spare duplicate ignition system. Autometer gauges, Autometer procomp memory 9K 5” tack. Removable steering wheel
pass and driver seats with 5 point harness. Sweet racing rack and pinion. Sway bar.  Dana 30 open knuckle ft. diff. 5:38 gears.  “44 flanged axle rear” 5:38.  1- piece tilt front end. Full roll cage.  Ldder bar coilover shocks rear. 3 gal alum. fuel cell.  Fire extinguesher. # plate.  Ar pick up box. Rear mounted alum. core radiator with all plumbing. Battery box with acc cables + hold down. Pan hard bar.  Drive shaft loops F+R. Tow hooks F+R. Smached 9000X16 military tires. Fresh blue paint. Rear mounted kill switch. Metalic clutch disc + pressure plate. 2X2 into 1 header.  New 500 holley carb (raced one time). Carb adapter. Alum. gas pedal. Also some other general spare parts.  $ 3,500 OBO CALL RICK 813-3682730 DONT E-MAIL I WONT RESPOND”


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4 15″x8″ Steel Rims Agawam, Ma $100

• CATEGORIES: Tires and Rims

I know someone can use these.

“4 Early Vintage Jeep / Willy’s New 15″x8″ Steel Wheels.  Rims Never Mounted, For Drum Brakes Only! Call Ted At 413.786.9529”


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1960 CJ-5 Waddell, Az $2500 w/OD


Some paint would really help this.

“1960 Willy’s Jeep. Has full roll cage, overdrive, and 4 cyl F Head engine. Runs good.
$2500.00 cash firm. Serious inquiries only please. Contact 623-935-4985”


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1949 CJ-3A Jericho, Vt $4500


UPDATE:  Price dropped to $4000.

(08/12/09) This looks stock as far as I can see.

“1949 Willys Jeep CJ3A. Complete, all original. Includes top and doors. Refurbished: brakes, steering, wiring, engine. Maintained, and stored inside Contact: Rob Connelly (802) 899-1969”


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1948 Willys M38-CJ-CJ2A-CJ3B Spring Lake, Mi eBay


This is that rare M38-CJ-CJ2A-CJ3B Model … Mixed parts, mixed model numbers, and an unusual VIN Number make this a bit of a puzzle.  The VIN is unusual because, according to all the records I have seen, the highest CJ-2A VIN is 224764. So, something isn’t right here.

VIN NUMBER 235064, 1948 WILLYS M38-CJ-CJ2A-CJ3B, ARMY/NAVY JEEP, VERY RARE, Older Restoration but very nice in its present condition, Full Soft Top With Matching Doors, Also Bikini Top,4 Cylinder Hurricane F-4 Engine 134 CU.IN.,3 Speed Manual, 485 Rear End, Dual PTO’S, Front Automatic Locking Hubs,New Gas Tank, New Stainless Steel Exhaust, Newer Military Tires, Rebuilt Starter-Generator, Rebuilt Radiator, New Battery-Gas Filter-Plugs, Military PTO Wench 1/4 Cable-Weight 2170 LBS., Spare Tire and Wheel, Jerry Can, Shovel and Axe, This Willys Runs and Drives Perfect! Please E-mail us at OR 1-888-842-1020 OR 616-638-4995. Happy Bidding and Good Luck 🙂 This is the correct hood registration number 20336688.”

View lots of pics on eBay





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Year? Wagon Muskegon, Mi **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1500. Later than a ’53.

This might make a good restoration project.

“i have a 1953 willys wagon for sale. it has a 4 cyl that needs to be rebuilt. the body (1960) and frame are absolutely fantastic. the hood has suface rust. i have the bumpers, radiator, original steering column, and many other parts that go with this jeep. these jeeps look really nice after they’ve been restored. this is a restoration project well worth the money.”


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1949 CJ-3A? Frenso, Ca $1500


No pics and no description.

“PH 559-579-2288

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1949 CJ-3Aish? Redding, Ca $999


Oh, I want pics of this one!!

“This is a Flat fender Willys Jeep on a 1980 Datson Pickup full boxed chasis Power brakes front disk 5 speed. Not finished. Good winter project. Call Chuck @ 530 209 5652”

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1957 FC-150 Hollister, CA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3500

I don’t see much rust.  This needs some completion.

“1st year for the rare cab-over 4×4 Willys jeep. 90% original and complete/4cyl replaced with buick v6/ original 3spd with model18 transfercase to dana axles with 5.37 gears.New brakes, hydraulic system, needs clutch, but have new parts for you. Comes with the stock wheels. Been in storage a couple of years. I’ve owned it scince ’02 and have used it to drive to work and make firewood runs. Rack on back with hand-cranck winch. Good glass and good body and bed (not flawless though). It’s always been a work truck.”


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1961 FC-170 Dually Marysvale, Ut **SOLD**

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UPDATE:  This was bought for the ‘buy it now’ price of $8000.  Thanks Dennis!

(11/24/09) I like it, in part because it looks like it still gets used.  Marysvale is deep in the middle of Utah.  I’ve never been there, but I’ve been jeeping out of Mt. Pleasant above Marysville.  I’ve also flown over that area a number of times and scoped it out pretty well (you can see a variety of trails from above) with the idea that I’d go jeeping there at some point.  Also, the San Rafael Swell is a good area to explore also and is ignored by most tourists (or used to be).

“Willys Jeep FC-170. Dually flatbed. Purchased restored & used as light duty ranch truck. Stored inside. Still in nice condition. Has stock engine & transmission, 4wd. Was previously used as a parade vehicle but now carries a Lincoln welder (not included). Interior is all redone with blue velour seats. Runs & starts good in warm weather. It is not run in the winter. There are external exhaust pipes on each rear corner of the cab – sounds great too. This truck shows 80,000 miles but seller cannot guarantee actual milage.”






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1943 MB Aubrey, Tx $3500


UPDATE: Price dropped to $3500

This appears in decent shape.

“Has new military style tires, steering gearbox, shocks, etc.. Has black vinyl top with doors. Call Charles (940) 391-5009.”


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1962 Truck Pittsfield, NH **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Willys Trucks

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1200

(12/04/09) The paint could use some … well .. more paint.  But if you need a plower, this might work great.

“This an oldie but goodie. It is a 4 speed, 6 cylinder flathead hurricane engine, 4 wheel drive. The same owner had this vehicle since 1968!!! The vehicle does run and drive, but we are selling it as parts or for restoration only. ”



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1948 CJ-2A Goodlettsville, TN **SOLD**


UPDATE:  **SOLD** Was $1800.

(12/09/09) Not much of a description  It looks pretty stock.




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1951 CJ-3A Stainless Steel Bellevue, Wa $9,500

• CATEGORIES: CJ-3A, stainless/jewels • TAGS: , , .

UPDATE:  still available.

(10/01/09) Here’s a stainless jeep from Seattle’s Eastside.  I gotta say, that back seat might be the most comfortable looking back seat I’ve ever seen in the back of a jeep.

“1951 willy jeep all stainless steel not to many made like this very rare only a few was built this jeep is in perfect condition runs drive perfect a very expensive jeep its worth $20,000 is a buty must see in person I have the title and everything dont want to explain to much so call for $12,500 all questions 425-285-8012”



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1953 CJ-3A Pacific, WA **SOLD**


UPDATE:  **SOLD** Was $7100.

(09/06/09) It’s not completely stock, but not far from it.  What’s the metal underneath the front driver’s-side fender?

“1953 Willys CJ3a, all stock, not modified, runs and drives excellent. new gas tank, new rear seat and new 6 volt battery. Items for display at car shows go with it. no top. Painted inside and out, and underneath. Many new parts. Parade and car show ready. Licensed with 1953 plate, Every thing is done. No rust! Asking $7200.00.”


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No Posts – Update


UPDATE: I should really put the day of the “no post” up to eliminate any confusion about which day I’m talking about (which was Tuesday night).

Anyway, ever had one of those days where your ex-wife calls you to tell you that (1) instead of paying her mortgage, she chose to make other decisions with her money?  And, oh by the way, (2) the bank didn’t like that she didn’t make the payments, so, after a few discussions with the bank, (3) the bank put it up for auction and sold it.  Finally, (4) she was now calling me to let me know what had happened so that I could help support the kids through this emotionally!

Now, because my 3 kids live there and because I personally have $30k in equity (and she has $220k in equity), this is no minor mistake. Despite talking with her several times, I doubt I’m getting the full story.  She’s not stupid, but this was beyond dumb.

Seriously, what was she thinking?

So, while I like a break now and then, I would have much rather not had to have a break at all  ….


Sorry, I had a late night of driving. Drop by tomorrow PM for posts.


– Dave

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1944 MB Prescott, AZ **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2900.

It’s a little rough, but looks solid.  Some paint might clean this right up.

“1944 MB Willys Jeep , GPW frame , CJ2A/3A Head . 4×4 , WWII era , axe and shovel holder , new clutch , converted to 12 volt , runs good , some rust , extra parts including soft doors , tow bar , Warn hubs , Winch , roll cage , same owner for 34 years. Have more pictures if need. Asking $2,900.”


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Craigslist Vs. eBay


barterfarmfrontWithout Craigslist or eBay I doubt eWillys would exist. Therefore, I try to keep up with news about those two companies.   Also, after being a co-founder of an early online bartering system we called BarterFarm back in 2000 (see logo to the right), I have followed eBay, Craigslist, and other online classified-based companies over the past decade.     So, I found this article today in the Guardian very interesting.  I thought maybe a few readers would be interested in this too.

I knew that eBay had managed to purchase a sizeable chunk of Craigslist back in 2004, but I didn’t know the following.

1) eBay is fighting to get a board of directors position on the Craigslist board, because they own 28% of the company.

2) To keep this from happening, Craigslist has been attempting to dilute ownership so that eBay will own less than 25% of the company, which keeps eBay from being able to demand a board seat.

3) I knew that there are only a handful of employees at Craigslist (maybe 20?), but the revenues last year for Craigslist totaled about $100m.  That’s much, much higher than I expected!  Given the size of their employee base, I suspect they are either contracting out a lot of services or raking in a lot of cash.

4) eBay launched Kijiji, a competing classified website which I have seen around, but never took very seriously.

I’m not saying one venture is better than the other, but eBay would eat their own children, while Craigslist is a community focused, egalitarian venture (hence the lack of ads, the lack of a national or international company sponsored search engine, etc).  One is public, while the other is private.  One is entrenched in the center of San Jose and Silicon Valley, while the other is situated in the heart of San Francisco.  eBay only obtained ownership by purchasing private stock from an early founder or investor (I can’t remember which); this didn’t make the other owners very happy.  Therefore, this relationship is destined for a rocky relationship of some kind.

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3 Old Wagons Fernwood, Id $1500 for all

• CATEGORIES: Willys Wagons

UPDATE:  Still Available

Here’s some old wagons.

“looking to sell some jeeps that have ben sitting for some time , ok the first jeep is a 1950 willys has no motor good parts good running gear the next jeep is a 1955 it has a motor its a 6 cylinder 4×4 the other jeep is a 1958 willys 4×4 with a 4 cylinder hercules motor in it. it also has a lift on it with 33 inch tires . if you have any questions about the jeeps need to contact david at (208)-245-7258.if you cant reach me leave message looking to get $ 1500.00 for all or $ 800.00 each thanks for looking.”


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1946 CJ-2A Whitehall, MT **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay

(11/14/09) I don’t suppose it last ran when parked on the trailer?

“this willys ran when parked. It has a 4 cld.replacement moter 4 speed and is 4×4 everything works needs battery and air in tire tire has slow leak. will sell for 3,000 or best resonable offer will concider trade for older running crew cab pickup and will look at other trade options”1946_cj2a_whitehall

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Dash Example


I found this example of a Dashboard at the Jeep 4×4 Center website.  I thought the details were really nicely exploded.  I’d like to build something like this for various jeeps.  It would certainly help me remember what is supposed to be where on various flatties.  Anyone run across diagrams like this for flatties?


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Builds: Phil’s former 1953 CJ-3A

• CATEGORIES: Builds, Features

I ran across this website, which shows pictures of Phil’s former 1953 CJ-3A.  According to his website, he has sold this jeep. It’s solid looking, nice jeep.

What I liked about some of these pics is that they show a solution for installing a taller engine into a flattie.  I figured there might be some readers out there who would find this interesting.

Here’s some pics of the transfer case/tranny undercarriage.  Note how it has been dropped with some square tubing.


Now look at how the engine has been dropped.  Solid plates and arms reach out from the engine to the frame and mount on top of something welded to the side of the frame.  It I were doing this, I’d probably beef up the metal that spans the gap from the engine to the frame.  What I can see is if there is rubber underneath the point where the engine mount meets the frame.




Note the back of the frame has been lifted by inserting a block between the shackle and the frame.  Strangely, this wasn’t done in the front.


Note the hood on this CJ-3A.  It appears to be a trimmed down CJ-3B Hood.


Here’s are some more pics of this build ….

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Builds: Mac and Jason’s CJ-2A Project

• CATEGORIES: Builds, Features, Website

Titled, the “CJ-2A 1948 Willys Overland Jeep Restoration Project“, this blog follows the rebuilding of a 1948 Willys by Mac and Jason in Houston, Tx.  It’s clear they don’t know a great deal about jeeps (neither did I when I started on my jeep many years ago), but are jumping in with both feet none-the-less.  Kudos to them; it looks like they are learning already.